Sunday, April 12, 2015

Aweekstweets April 5-12 2015: the week of dusty pleasures

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Could not be a finer April Sunday. Have all the windows open in the house. Breathing deeply. The pollen is still moderate.

Considering all the media attention to startups there, it seems like all of America’s emotionally invested in Detroit’s return from the dead

Cooking heavy garlic. Have closed the doors to all the rooms in our house. That delicious smell must stay quarantined to the kitchen.

Cherry Blossom Festival. Big whoop. We have beautiful flowering trees out here in the DC burbs. No traffic jams to view them.

I get a geeky thrill from real-time database updates in the consumer Internet o Things. Redbox return confirmation emails buzzing my iPhone

Parade magazine’s regular “What People Earn” issue. Like always, there are no IT jobs represented here. A parade of pre-21st Century jobs.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Coat of Shellac by Ava Luna from Infinite House JK--Great bass line on this.

You have to figure that people everywhere have been coming across dinosaur bones forever. Dragon myths were never pure myth. Grounded tales.

Caught “Birdman” on DVD. Wonderful work of magical realism. Inarritu wielded the camera like he was fencing with Broadway. Spellbinding!

Stan Freberg - St. George & The Dragonet, 1953 Capitol record. 

"Juggling Data Connectivity Protocols for Industrial IoT" ( ) JK--A veritable confusion of "standards."

"Facebook’s latest deep learning tech can quickly interpret text&video" ( ) JK--U can stream the demo on, yep, Facebook

"3 Internet o Things Devices That Threatn More Than Your Data" ( ) JK--Cites security vulnerabilities o mass-market IoT

Biz proc optzn? Questioning authority o intuition & intuition of authorities p1  p2  Fri #IBM qh

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Pearly-Dewdrops' Drops by Cocteau Twins from The Pink Opaque JK--1985. CocteauTwns song titles are own special poetry

A20: The biggest impact the Industrial Internet on the world will be perfect supply-chain transparency. No surprises. #IIC24 #IoTDay

" #IBM Helps Ecosystem of Partners, Clients Build 'IoT' Solutions" ( ) JK--New solutions, consulting, & partnership

A18: The 1st project of a fully funded Industrial Internet testbed should be for Six Sigma statistical process control #IIC24 #IoTDay

Today I'm doing something unusual for me. The entire day I'm on the same LP, playing/replaying from end2end. "Dusty in Memphis" deluxe ed'n

A17: IoT ecosystem such as the IIC supports continuous closed-loop process optimization across industrial value chains #IIC24 #IoTDay

Today I'm feeling like a highly empowered and resourceful operative. Or not.

A16: For Industrial Internet, those starting out should evolve existing M2M telemetry into supply-chain IoT cloud #IIC24 #IoTDay

New #IBM jk LinkedIn Pulse blog: "The Analytics Of Quantified Candor" ( )

A15: Challenge of data integr8n in Indstrl Internet. Zillion machine-data formats. Common semantic model? That's a toughie #IIC24 #IoTDay

A15: Weather! RT @WSI_Weather: #IoTNow Sensor data on planes ...helps mitigate risk from turbulence. Reduced injuries by 50% #IIC24 #IoTDay

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A15: #IIC24 #IoTDay Challenge of linking the Industrial Internet to the consumer IoT to drive end-to-end real-time just-in-time value chain

A15: @RealTimeInnov stovepipe solutions that do not interoperate is definitely concern that many do not consider #IIC24 #IoTDay

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A15: How the Industrial Internet can absorb and adopt the rapidly changing technology landscape?  #IIC24 #IoTDay

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A15: Fragmentation, competing protocols, technologies and standards. Fora like @IIConsortium must work fast! #IIC24 #IoTDay

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A15: The challenge I see lies in integrating legacy OT / IT technologies to achieve #IIoT benefits. #IIC24 #IoTDay 

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How do you realize possibilities from #InternetofThings? Watch live stream #IoTnow now.  #IIC24, #IoTDay #startup

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Steel manufacturers use #IoT connected equip and #PredictiveAnalytics to improve production efficiency  #IoTDay #IIC24

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A15: Big challenge for Industrial Intnt will be choosing optimal big data platforms: in-mem, Spark, Hadoop, graph, etc: #IIC24 #IoTDay

A15: What worries is that industrial orgs may think M2M purely "machines." #IoT data also comes from shopfloor tablets etc #IIC24 #IoTDay

A15: Security issues in Indstrial Internet. Much machine data fed in wirelessly. Invites eavesdropping/espionage #IIC24 #IoTDay

Heard at IBM #IoTnow: 60% of data loses its value seconds after it is generated. #IIC24 #IoTDay

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Experience optimization? Many customer journeys packd in single experience p1  p2  Thurs #IBM qh

A15: Processing, storing, archiving, retention, compliance, etc. Huge issues to automate cost-effectively in Indstrl Internet #IoTDay #IIC24

See @bobpicciano speaking live on #IoTNow from NYC:  #IoTDay #IIC24

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A15: Sheer 3Vs scale of Indstrl Internet machine data also a concern. Challenge 2 do peta-scale predictive real-time insights #IIC24 #IoTDay

A15: Industrial Internet will suffer from security issues that bedevil IoT generally: immature tools, lack of standards, etc. #IIC24 #IoTDay

A15: What worries me most about Industrial Internet is the potential for sabotage thru attacks on endpoints: IoT DDoS #IIC24 #IoTDay

Hey people everywhere on socials: I'm not going to advise you personally on your big data career. Not going to happen.

Closing the Customer Experience Gap @LorenMcDonald #IBMCommerce 

New #IBM jk blog: "Predictive business: Tools for bending the future in your direction" ( )

Personalization: The Path to Customer Loyalty 

"Can high-end boutique prosper in Detroit? John Varvatos has a vision" ( ) JK--Maybe but Allen Park isn't "downriver"

Just realized something essential missing from my music collection: "Dusty in Memphis." Have bought & am downloading 25-song deluxe edition.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Willie & Laura Mae Jones by Dusty Springfield from Dusty in Memphis JK--1969. Bonus track on re-release of this LP.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp He Made a Woman Out of Me by Bobbie Gentry from Fancy JK--1970. Sultry beauty could do smoky soul as well as country

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Tulsa Turnaround by Kenny Rogers & The First Edition from Country Funk Vol II 67-74 JK--1971. Back when he was cool.

We need a "Paranoia Charades" parlor game. Pantomime fill-in-the-blank answer to "The dirty secret they don't want you to know about ____."

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Rip It Up by Orange Juice JK--1982. UK group had no US visibility. Had good song "Blue Boy" on Rough Trade import.

Walt Whitman "I Saw In Louisiana A Live Oak Growing" ( ) JK-Boring! Ya didnt see no zydeco cajun bayou boogie monsters?

Knorr-Bremse uses #ibmblu! 4 TB data/day, thousands of users, 60 #SAP systems with reports in 30 seconds! Listen: 

" #IBM a Leader in big data predictive analytics market in latest Forrester Wave" ( ) JK--Bob Reczek discusses findings

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Suffragette City by Bowie JK--1972. No TWDuke would let "mellow-thighed chick" put "spine out of place." Ziggy would

Things that go bump in the night? Not scary. Threshold is things that might bump you off in the night. Yeah, that's cause for concern.

"The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT): Challenges, Requirements and Benefits" ( ) JK--Nice overview by Ahmed Banafa

"Streamlining of stream cmptg: Simplicity agility resilience" ( ) JK--Virtual workshop Apr 15-16 

I breathe and I stretch throughout the work day. Otherwise I'd be a fiddlestring stretched and plucked too hard. Boink! Not a pretty sound.

I'm currently #36 on Onalytica's list of Internet of Things (IoT) influencers ( ). Yes, I can mentally levitate things.

"The Forrester Wave: Big Data Predictive Analytics Solutions, Q2 2015" ( ) JK-- Forrester ranks #IBM a Leader.

"Proximity Sensors: Revitalizing Factors for Brick-and-mortar Stores" ( ) JK--Real-time mobile personalized in-store

"Apache Spark's success: Overhyped or preordained?" ( ) JK--Andrew Brust worries about tech-push before demand-pull.

"Understanding Democracy & Development Traps Using a Data-Driven Approach" ( ) JK--Analytics with zero actionability

"A Probabilistic Theory of Deep Learning" ( ) JK--Journal article with framework for filtering out "nuisance variables"

When someone says they have "no bandwidth" for something, actually means they have "no priority." Where there's priority, there's bandwidth.

Cognitive computing? Debunking the myths around cognitive computing p1:  p2:  Wed #IBM quick-hit

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp When Youre Smiling & Astride Me by Father John Misty from I Love You Honeybear JK--2015. Made me smile. Lush/romantic

Controversy whether Angelou originated quote on her postage stamp. I’m pretty sure she said she was a drum major for something. Use that.

Another "Internal Server Error." Will it also flag external errors, like the server failing to enlist competent data center staff to fix it?

People who get into instant messaging tend to assume I'm hip to the cryptic abbreviations. I'm not. Spell it out, please.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Safeway by Gabriel Mintz from Volume One JK--2010. Not my idea of a rocking supermarket. But to each their own.

Also a time in my average morning when I turn off the music. When the volume in my head gets too loud. Listening to silence dampens that.

"Woz says world domination by robots could B thwarted by simple physics" ( ) JK--Yet another rich tech geek fever dream

Coffee heats your head. Iced tea cools it. I ease into th iced tea around 10am every workday. Just plain water is my workout drink post-work

Most stressful part of my job? Trying to follow detailed discussions when the distant party is speaking over a poor phone connection.

Recommendation engines? Personalized prescriptive analytics in action p1:  p2:  Tues #IBM qh

Last time I used over-the-air radio as a prime new-music-discovery medium? That's a toughie. Probably 1977.

Somebody please explain etymology of jargon "wheelhouse," as in "it's not in his core wheelhouse" (i.e., area of responsibility/expertise).

Delving deeply into the narrative hierarchies of computer vision analytics 

75% of companies are exploring the Internet of Things #IoTnow 

Develop a better world with Hadoop 


Future computing religions will sacramentally re-enact the holy long-bootup ceremony of Windows computing. Or not.

"When Google Maps meets the human body, here's what happens" ( ) JK--Zoomable visualization of human MRIs.

"Quantum computers could greatly accelerate machine learning" ( ) JK--Physicists in China have demonstrated it.

"How to Tell Someone’s Age When All You Know Is Her Name" ( ) JK--Don't quiz her on this at your next social gathering

"Does Hadoop Need a Reality Check?" ( ) JK--Wikibon numbers show #IBM far & away the leading big-data solution provider

Drafted new #IBM jk blog: "Machine-Milled Insights and the Limits of Algorithmic Automation in Cognitive Computing"

I've definitely turned an actuarial page when I start to refer to myself routinely as "ancient."

"Spark Turns Five Years Old!" ( ) JK--Interesting chart on growth of open-source contributions.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Memory Gospel by Moby from Play: The B Sides JK--Remember Eminem's snotty one-sided feud with Moby? Neither do I.

Analyzing the business value of analytics 

Develop a better world with Hadoop 

Thank you PBS, for teaching us far more about the foibles of the long-ago English aristocracy than is strictly necessary.

Vanity Fair declares Rosamund Pike “2015’s It Girl.” Why “It”? Is she undergoing degendering surgery?

Counting one’s blessings is key to mental balance. Prayer is power over disequilibrium.

Happy Easter. A fair number of the stores are closed today. Good. Give commercialism a rest now & again.