Sunday, August 30, 2015

Aweekstweets August 23-30 2015: the week the renormalization routine began to settle in

Drafted new #IBM jk #Dataversity blog "The Bogus Bogeyman of the Brainiac Robot Overlord"

Drafted new #IBM jk #ITKnowledgeExchange blog "Top-Notch Data Scientists are Grown, Not Born."

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Detroit City by Arthur Alexander JK--1965. Didn't want to go home to Hamtramck or Highland Park. Detroit city proper.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Leave My Kitten Alone by Little Willie John from Fever: The Best of LWJ JK--1959. Very cool. Sounds like early Motown

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Hospital Handshakes by Rocky Votolato from Live @ KEXP JK--2015. Good new one from Seattle indie-rock veteran

Began today’s yoga class by pointedly disobeying instructor’s request to clear floor of our water bottles. Hydration integral to my practice

Nice lazy Saturday. Almost began to doze during savasana in yoga class. The dream that almost came in fact came during subsequent nap @ home

I'm getting a bit annoyed with auto salespeople who fixate on hue & immediacy. "What color car you want? Why you no want to buy today?"

Bought & downloaded Bill Callahan's stellar "Dream River" LP from 2013. The man has a thoroughly shamanistic command of word, image, melody

Today a member of my team referred to me as an "Everready Bunny." I take that as high compliment. Beats being called a stubborn sonofabitch.

A pleasant anniversary meal with the wife in Ballston. Recalling the fact we moved to DC area 30 years ago come Labor Day. Much has changed.

"Using Deep Learning 2 Make Vid Surveillance Smarter" ( ) JK--Neural net app gives smartphone/tablt camera intelligence

"5 Signs That You Are NOT a Data Scientist" ( ) JK--Or, rather, that a wannabe NOT CUT OUT TO BE a data scientist

"Super-intellignt machines spawned by AI? Execs arent worried" ( ) JK--Wont worry till brainiac bots seek corner office

"Taboo Data" ( ) JK--Data sources you dare not touch. Data analyses U dare not undertake. Data uses U dare not attempt

"Insights-as-a-Service Grows with Focus on Real Time" ( ) JK--Good discussion by #IBM Jamie Thomas

"Data Quality Trumps Visualization" ( ) JK--Unfortunate picture suggests Donald Trump bragging about his endowment

"8 worst predictive modeling techniques" ( ) JK--Omits worst of all: CGI anim8n o Homer Simpson throwing darts @ target

"How to detect a pattern? Problem and solution" ( ) JK--Houston, we have a pattern!

"Building Human Curiosity into AI" ( ) JK--Neuro-dynamic progr: anlytx lern/anticp8 how actions contrib 2 cumltv reward

"New data uncovers surprising predictability of Android lock patterns" ( ) Jk--Impatient fingers seek familiar patterns

"Analytics: Like a Mosquito in Nudist Colony" ( ) JK--Please choose better simile--ie, one that doesn't equate w/pest

"Big Data Research Questions real origin of the US Peace Corps" ( ) JK--Reveals Marilyn cooed idea to JFK during tryst

Damn that Napoleon. Gave short intense dark-haired ambitious guys a bad name. At least Danny DeVito is funny.

For splitsecond, I thought I had light work schedule today in my online calendar. Then I realized I was looking at Sunday. Jolted from dream

"MIT Puts Pedestrians at the Center of Urban Design" ( ) JK--Sensor net to track scale/speed of pedestrians over time

Don't DMVs also ban taboo-word homophones on persnlzd plates? Saw one substituting "kh" 4 initial consonant of crude ref to female genitalia

"6-Month Update on How We’ve Been Using Data & How it Benefits All Americans" ( ) JK--DJ Patil. US Chief Data Scientist

"Open Data Can Help Fulfill Govt’s...Promise of Equality" ( ) JK--Equality not "govt promise." It's core national value

These "top 10 startups to watch" list grow tiresome if it's the same bunch in every list, month after month. Watched pots may not be boiling

"Hadoop Releases: Here's the Timeline Graph" ( ) JK--For those uber-geeks who geek out on the elephant's history.

"Some Important Streaming Algorithms You Should Know About" ( ) JK--Detailed tech discussion & visualizations of algos

"Data science without stats possible even desirable" ( ) JK--Contradicts own thesis: cites new stat apprchs in data sci

Fun fact: Hoboken was founded by a hobo named Ken. Trust me on this.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Jumping Someone Else's Train by The Cure from Boys Don't Cry JK--1979. Isn't that the very definition of "hobo"?

Data storytelling ( ). Good infographic.

"How to Become a Data Scientist for Free" ( ) JK--Assuming your time spent acquiring skills has no opportunity cost.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Rock & Roll by Led Zeppelin from Led Zep IV JK--1971. Not long time since they rocknrolled. 3 secs since "Black Dog"

Just announced! The IBM Open Platform for #Hadoop: Bringing #Spark to #POWER8 
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Read what @SAP had to say about HANA on Power! 2x the performance!  #POWER8
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More throughput, scalability, and reliability: Learn about the #HANAonPOWER advantages. 
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Is #HANAonPOWER8 the Right Platform for You? Join our webcast and find out!  #PowerSystems
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The Next Chapter in #IBM and @SAP Innovation: @DouglasBalog1 on HANA on #POWER8: 
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2x performance and fast insight and results for in-memory computing. More on the #HANAonPOWER8 GA! 
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Ah. The delicious stillness of early morning. I gladly awake each day for a little of this.

TEI study of #DB2 BLU by Forrester: ROI = 152%, Payback = within 12 months, query performance up 70% to 85% - 

Faster results and tangible benefits of IBM #DB2 with BLU Acceleration on Power Systems. Watch this Video -  #ibmblu

IDC Whitepaper: How IBM #DB2 pureScale delivers affordable, scalable,reliable OLTP in a #Cloud & #BigData world 

Plan your schedule before you arrive at Vegas for IBM Insight 2015. Check out the Session preview tool-  #ibminsight

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Skins in My Closet by Skin Yard JK--1987. Sounds like punked-up Van Halen. Not bad.

At what point, in a work environment where everybody's super-busy, can you get away with using "I'm busy" as an excuse to deflect more work?

Facebook's "see who liked yr page" notifications. If I cared to check, I'd feel like Sally Field: "you like me, you really like me." Um, no.

Concerned about terrorist exploitation o self-driving cars. At some point, they'll figure how to rig them into improvised exploding vehicles

"Sony quadcopter takes smartphone tech 2 skies" ( ) JK--Oh no! Drones acquiring bad table manners? Put that thing down!

"Vint Cerf: 'Sometimes I'm terrified' by IoT" ( ) JK--Beyond risk of Google IoT-equipped massage chairs squashing him

High-tech moves at a glacial pace. By which I mean it continues to slide forward, develop fissures, than suddenly slide right over the edge.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Square Pegs by The Waitresses from Just Desserts JK--1982. Band's most inconspicuous member was leader Chris Butler

Some loudmouth at club hot tub last night trying to argue that world'll end if stock market dips further. Didn't happen in 1929. We're safe.

Email from tech conf lists "committed speakers" only by title&company eg "Data Scientist, Facebook." Really? No name? How committed is that?

People in their 40s have a fonder memory of music in the 1980s than I, nearing 60, do. All I remember is boring radio & stupid music videos

"IBM Report Explores the Economy of Things" ( ) JK--Covers asset marketplaces, risk management, efficiency.

"MIT builds 3D printer that can use 10 materials at once" ( ) JK--I'm more impressed with fact it uses COTS components.

"Gridlock." Term originated 2 describe Manhattan traffic, but th last few times I've been there traffic seemed 2 flow well. Not like Jakarta

"Ashleymadison." A direct English translation of the German word "schadenfreude."

Discovered from my social media friends lists that I know a lot of people I don’t know. Many don’t know they don’t know me.

Some things are within mission scope. Some are within one's bandwidth. "Change the world" is the former. "Get through the day," the latter

Gone a few weeks without having written a blog. Wrote 4 blogs in one sitting this morning. Spacing publications out over the next 2 months.

Weaponized drones and public safety concerns. Will a new generation of privatized anti-aircraft artillery emerge to defend public airspaces?

RT @bigdata_bieber: #JustinBieber Veteran @JamesKobielus Explains Future  JK--Actually, I’m a Bieber rookie.

I want my email system to do more than tell me which messages are unread. Please tell me which are uninteresting. Which can I safely ignore?

I don't think our nervous systems evolved to click on abstract on-screen thingamajiggies. Be that as it may, we're evolving that way now.

Read first 15 pages of Orwell's pamphlet "Why I Write." Starts interesting. Quickly degenerates into ripping Neville Chamberlain a new one

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp One Piece at a Time by Johnny Cash from the album The Legend JK--1976. Too much trouble. Real car thieves are smarter

"Quantum cmptg renews concerns o cybersecurity apocalypse" ( ) JK--Possible 2 measure positions/momentum of 4 Horsemen?

"11 things you should know as a Data Scientist" ( ) JK--Not clear why real data scientists need all this 2 B enumerated

Those articles with "[Number] of Things You Need to Know about [Subject]" titles. Never clear why the number relevant to why I should care.

Listening to one of those pharma-commercial speed-disclaimer spiels last night. At any speed, "increased risk of suicide" clangs alarmingly

We should launch all past Next Big Things into deep space, forming a new asteroid belt to deflect future Next Big Things away from Earth.

The Trump campaign, and by extension the GOP's entire push for the 2016 presidential cycle, is a slow-moving whistlestop trainwreck.

Same algorithms trained to spot sarcasm should also be used to identify phishing lures. Same phenom. Nasty intent lurks behind clever facade

Another work week begins. Another week of caffeinating myself into a lather of frenetic activity. Another week of fun.

Not sure which wins the Insincere Listening Sweepstakes: “I’ll take what you say under advisement” or “I hear ya”?

My retired ex-schoolteacher wife still feels weird pang of duty every time beginning of new school year rolls around. But not a severe pang

Jimmy Carter. My favorite of all US presidents. The one who best illustrated the positive power of a post-presidential bully pulpit.

Ashley Madison & the debate about whether humans are hardwired for monogamy. I think we’re only hardwired to seek thrill. Wherever/whatever

WashPost full of myriad GOP presidential candidates. To point where you couldn’t really say this rag is left-leaning. It’s right-saturated.