Saturday, August 01, 2015

Aweekstweets July 25 to August 1 2015: the week I declared how I’m busily preparing for nothing much

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Psycho Killer by Coneheads from LP1 aka.... JK--Punk THeads cover. Ridiculously long LP title: 

Today’s yoga teacher said some jazz about not drinking water less than an hour before class. I had half a mind to dump mine over her head.

Shelley’s “Ozymandias.” That always struck me as a big dumb pretentious poem about Irony with a capital I. Not terribly subtle. Hollywoodish

If liver is organ & mitochondrion an organelle, why isn’t the constituent DNA an organellesimal? Where do you draw the line on the spectrum?

Was there ever a time in the development of the English language when people exclaimed “whoopie doo “ in a non-sarcastic context?

Creating buyer personas with advanced predictive analytics 

"Exclusive – IBM Big Data Evangelist James Kobielus Talks Analytics & Staying Flexible" ( ) JK--The work me & the ME me

New #IBM jk LinkedIn Pulse post: "Stigmatizing, Euphemizing, and Other Patterns of Technological Life" ( )

One advantage of letting a draft rest for a week is being able to return to it as an almost-neutral editor. "What was that guy thinking?"

"Obama orders creation of exascale supercomputer" ( ) JK--Makes POTUS sound like God on Genesis day 7. And it was good!

Love IT headlines such as "NoSQL a real 'game-changer," declares database expert." The "declare some schmoe an expert" game hasn't changed

Former US Interior Sec'y wrote book with great spine: "Who Owns America? Walter J. Hickel." Our national landlord ( )

Love the URL of my recent post ( ): "defending-connected-cars-vehicular-grid-against-james-kobielus". Yes I'm the enemy

The Donald, running, is a perfect Duck, sitting, for comedians to pick off, helping the GOP lose big in 2016. Quack quack!

IBM launches Recipes community to spur IoT app development 

New #IBM jk LinkedIn Pulse post: "Humanitarian Giving and the Role of the Professional Data Scientist" ( )

17th GOP pres candidate: Jim Gilmore, sour-faced pol who did nothing & impressed no one, not even his own party, while Virginia governor

Reinventing Retail: Customer Intimacy in the Data Era 

New #IBM jk LinkedIn Pulse blog: "Defending Connected Cars & the Vehicular Grid Against Cyberthreats" ( )

Interesting intervu w/NYTimes' tech reporter John Markoff ( ). Calls Silicon Valley one-dimensional engineering culture

"AI Conspiracy: The ‘Canadian Mafia’ Behind Tech’s Latest Craze" ( ) JK--Says sorry before putting horsehead in yr bed

"Why It'll Take New Horizons 16 Months to Send Us This Week's Data" ( ) JK--Sneakernet?

"Data has a shape" ( ) JK--Or pattern, which topological data analysis helps unsupervised machine learng algos discover

"Chief Analytics Officer vs. Chief Data Officer" ( ) JK--I think this is an arbitrary distinction. 2 sides of same job.

"Infonomics key to measuring data quality" ( ) JK--Wikibon speaks with IBM's Cortnie Abercrombie & Gartner's Doug Laney

WSJ article points out 1980 comedic gem "Airplane!" essentially remake of 1957 "Zero Hour!" Scene-by-scene compare: …

Paul Simon "Rewrite" ( ) JK--2011. From his great "So Beautiful or So What" LP. His loving songcraft remains sterling.

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Bought & downloading Active Child's latest LP "Mercy." Golden mellow intensity. A mood music par excellence. I'd already streamed it twice

Listening to #KEXP Wo' Pop world-music weekly show to hear host Darek Mazzone's meticulously high-fidelity pronunciations of foreign words.

Visited the new Wegmans hypermegasuperdupermarket near Ft. Belvoir to pick up the introductory freebie. Basting oil? Ya kidding? Zat it?

Torrential summer thunderstorm swept the air of humidity the way a saturated sponge-mop sweeps the floor.

"Leading AI rschrs, scientists call for a ban on autonomous weapons" ( ) JK--Fat chance. Humans are nasty animals.

New #IBM jk blog: "Driving in-memory data warehousing into the big data cloud" ( )

New #IBM jk LInkedIn Pulse blog: "Social Sentiment and the Barometer of Backlash" ( )

Join the Live Chat August 4th: Gain deeper insights using more data with IBM Fluid Query 1.5 | IBM Data Warehousing …

"AI triumphs @ Pictionary-like sketch recog task" ( ) JK--Yeah but that's the easy part. Drunken sketching is hard

I'd like to see Seinfeld & Babu in a car getting coffee ( ). "You're a very bad man" "Could my mother have been wrong?"

"Astro is an open-source project from Huawei that adds support for HBase to Spark (1.4.0) SQL" ( ) JK--Sounds promising

"Audience Analytics With Spark and HyperLogLog" ( ) JK--May I suggest algo's next version be called "HyperHyperLogLog"?

"In data science, R language swallowing Python" ( ) JK--Because the R serpent can unhinge its jaws wider than Python's

I'm definitely wearing an editor's cap of the mind this morning. Getting pissy and picky over examples of bad writing. So much of it.

"5 Ways Big Data Disrupts Your Existing Data Warehouse (In A Good Way)" ( ) JK--OMG. Just say "improve."

"Stop Hiring Data Scientists Until You’re Ready for Data Science" ( ) JK--I disagree. You need them to get ready for it

Would semi-blow my mind if email systems used simple machine learning on my mail-using behavior 2 learn what I tend 2 delete vs file & where

Hey post-customer-engagement surveyers everywhere: my default response is "it was adequate, don't worry, now bug off." Got that? Thanks.

"BDA in a Snap" ( ) JK--What the...?: "Turing-like images of massive cloud storage centers humming away in a dessert"?

"Marketers: Using Big Data to Target In-Market Consumers [Infographic]" ( ) JK--Bad infografc. Dump pix & do as blog

"9 Python Libraries Which Can Help You In Image Processing" ( ) JK--It's, um, "that," not "which." Restrictive clause

Term "infographic" understood too vaguely. It's the visual presentation of a data/statistics-based narrative. Not a word-cluttered graphic.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I'm Alive by Kasey Chambers from Bittersweet JK--2015. Nice new one from Aussie country-western singer-songwriter

"Google helping build IoT campus" ( ) JK--"Provide reactionary features"? Like what? Advocate return to gold standard?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Peaches by Presidents of United States o America JK--1995. "In a factory downtown"? What modern city has those there?

"What Is a ‘Computer’ Anymore?" ( ) JK--"Thinking machine"? While we're on the topic, what's a "machine" anymore?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Sisters of Mercy by Leonard Cohen from Songs of LC JK--Song perfectly framed mood o Altman 1971 "McCabe & Mrs Miller"

“Women’s Health” mag cover story: “Your Best Butt.” Apparently, these are wardrobe items now. Like Imelda Marcos’ shoes.

Colony collapse reorder. WashPost reports stat that there are more commercial colonies operating in US now than before problem 1st detected

Everybody thinks "digital strategist" is sexy job title. But "analog strategist" has it beat. What's sexier than continuous curvy waveforms?

To sustain productivity as a writer, you sort of have to remember who you're doing it to please. And that's yourself. Whatever turns you on

Making note of the LInkedIn Pulse posts of mine that very few readers "liked." As it turns out, I like those the most.

Watched "While We're Young" on DVD. Noah Baumbach's latest w/Ben Stiller & Naomi Watts. Pushing-50-ish actors own up to own aging. Loved it