Sunday, November 22, 2015

Aweekstweets November 1-22 2015: the week or three whatever it be

A gray blustery day. Made me think of Winnie-the-Pooh and empathize a wee bit with Eeyore.

Oddly memorable biz trip o year. Mar 3. Cleveland. Spoke about DW @ Quicken Loans Arena. Then saw Cavs game w/LeBron

I give thanks that the year's drawing to a close. It's been a good one. But it's starting to drag. Or perhaps the darkness makes it seem so

Tadpoles don't develop into sperm whales, do they? Look like they should. 

Bryce Harper NL MVP celebratory truck at lunchtime in Crystal City was cool. Confused why Greenpeace activist chose that spot to chat me up

I wrote that entire InfoWorld column today while waiting to go up & do my presentation. The power of positive distraction. Speech went well

This was 3rd year straight I've spoken at DM Forum late-Nov event in Crystal City. Bill Inmon always opens. I always close. Call me Outmon.

Drafted new InfoWorld blog: "Data Science Fertilizes The Thousand Flowers of Cognitive Spring"

Speaker keeps calling it "Silicone Valley." If I'm not mistaken, that's Las Vegas.

Big congrats to Nats slugger Bryce Harper on winning NL MVP. Now if team could only leverage its considerable talents to take it all the way

"Human-Like Neural Networks Make Computers Better Conversationalists" ( ) JK--Please don't use HAL9000 as example.

Here's how I rehearse for my presentations: I glance at my slides & say to myself "oh yeah, that's what I'm supposed to talk about...uh, ok"

RIP PF Sloan. Wrote & produced many memorable California-inflected 60s hits--eg Turtles “You Baby” ( )

Catch me speaking tomorrow at Big Data and Enterprise Architecture Conference 2015, Arlington VA (Crystal City). 

Drafted next #Dataversity column: "Data Science to Change The World or Scratch an Itch"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Open Your Eyes by School of Seven Bells JK--2016. Slated for next year release. Recorded in 2012. RIP Ben Curtis

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Little Mule by Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs from Coulda Woulda Shoulda JK--2015. Boss jam.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Beautiful Blue Sky by Ought from Sun Coming Down JK--2015. Sounds like Lou Reed doing Edward G Robinson impersonation

Eagles of Death Metal "Complexity" ( ) JK--Good band. Tragic circumstances at Paris show gained them recent notoriety.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Kurious Oranj by The Fall from I Am Kurious Oranj JK--1988. Song is primarily MarkESmith repeatedly mewling its title

Data Scientists and the Practice of Data Science  Great wide-ranging blog by @bobehayes around #IBMInsight

"You Don’t Have to Choose Betwn ‘Big Data’ and ‘IoT’" ( ) JK--Yes you do. We here at Big Data demand absolute loyalty

"How to Present Data to People Who Are Scared of Numbers" ( ) JK--Never show them "800." It looks too much like "BOO!"

"A moment of IoT silence before we disrupt" ( ) JK--Did the late Daniel E. Noble pencil in that 'stache?

"5 Best Machine Learning APIs for Data Science" ( ) JK--Puts #IBM #Watson up top.

"AI gone wrong: Cybersecurity director warns o 'malevolent AI'" ( ) JK--Sure, in context of malevolent use of any tech

"Artificial Intelligence Gives Photos New Life Online" ( ) JK--Unlocking the rich pool of visual info otherwise hidden

Out a day is like being out a week or a month. No matter how long, when I come back my inbox seems to have stretched out beyond the horizon.

Meet One Of IBM's Secret Weapons: A 29-Year-Old 'Intrapreneur' via @forbes @jaredkleinert 
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Caught a Roma Downey-Mark Burnett production on disc yesterday. "Little Man." Spoiler alert: involved child, family, priest, & redemption

Deleting crap messages from my inboxes is like a never-ending game of whack-a-mole.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Astral Plane by Jonathan Richman & th Modern Lovers from The Beserkley Years: The Best of JK--1976. Classic dork-rock

@jameskobielus I have a first generation zune. Is it a collector's item?
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"The IoT and the return of 8-bit computing" ( ) JK--Embrace cramped quarters, make the most of hardware constraints.

"Microsoft turns off the lights on Zune services" ( ) JK--But my second generation Zune still works beautifully.

I've stopped looking at my Starbucks app since they stopped giving free new songs. All they pitch now are free apps. I couldn't care less.

People are often said to be "losing their mind." I think the issue is exaggerated. How often do they turn up in lost & found boxes?

I predict that English spelling will shift from capitalizing proper names to hashtagging them. Everybody aspires to searchable brand status

Pilatespalooza. Rock your muscle tone.

Only serious reconnection I had with my highschool crowd was after one of us died in WTC on 9-11. It was a bizarre circumstance. All online

11-13-15. The rising numerological cadence is reminiscent of 1st 2 terms of 9-11-01. Diff is 9-11 twisted into inverted intermediate number

Bidding some friends farewell. They’re moving on the Auto-Train to Florida. We tend to forget the terminal’s near us. Maybe someday we 2 too

"What every CEO needs to know about Big Data Analytics" ( ) JK--Please don't start its history in ancient Mesopotomia

Oh, wife bought new microbrew. Miller Lite. Says here it has micro number of calories. As if I worry about weight when all I want's the buzz

Wow! A new version of Java to download? Amazing! Been waiting for it forever. What's a Sunday night without a little fresh software action?!

Can’t think of any incredibly profound things to say right now. So I think I’ll come up with some credible profundities instead.

RIP Gene Amdahl. Pioneer in the mainframe industry. Ex-IBMer who then founded own rival company. More here: 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Tangled Memories by Gems from Kill The One You Love JK--2015. Nice misty/moody atmospheric pop from LA-based duo.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Sympathique by Pink Martini from Sympathique JK--1997. Cool swinging lounge song.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp La Vie En Rose by Edith Piaf from The Very Best Of Edith Piaf JK--1946. Gorgeous Gallic warble.

RIP Allen Toussaint. Famed NOLA R&B producer/songwriter composed "Java" & "Whipped Cream." Two-thirds of his unfinished Frappucino Trilogy

Spent the day after my return from my business trip processing the day before. Horrible terrorist tragedy fell on my birthday. Memento mori.

Got back home in time for my favorite sort of birthday celebration: quiet drinks alone with my honey.

The week I was born, Conway Twitty & Kingston Trio were contending for Billboard #1 spot. I favor “Tom Dooley” over “Its Only Make Believe”

Wrote 4 detailed blogs in 48 hours. I really squeezed all the data from that palooza. #RockYourData

New jk #Datapalooza #RockYourData blog: “The new soul of the insight economy: A Datapalooza dispatch” ( …)

Another birthday? Seems like this aging thing is getting way out of hand.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Blue Eyes by The International Submarine Band from Safe at Home JK--1968. Great country tune. Gram Parsons et al.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Devil Don't Want Me by Ashley Monroe from The Blade JK--2015. Classic-feeling twangy soulful country ballad.

Believe or not, I had one more #Datapalooza Dispatch blog inside me. "The New Soul of the Insight Economy" will post tomorrow on BD&A Hub.

So there!

New #Datapalooza #RockYourData blog: "Creatve Data Engineerng Can Drive Data Sci Insights: A Datapalooza Dispatch" ( )

New #Datapalooza #RockYourData blog: "A Community Event for Innovative Spark Apps: A Datapalooza Dispatch" ( )

New #Datapalooza #RockYourData blog: "Rocking Data Science for Sustainable Innovation: A Datapalooza Dispatch" ( )

As #KEXP moves to their brand spankin new studio, I wish to point out that their old studio is righteously cool. I always felt at home there
Here’s the secret to getting the most out of a business trip: never forget that you are a tourist.

"Why Self-Driving Cars Must Be Programmed to Kill" ( ) JK--Only 007's will be specifically licensed for that use case.

"Four Immutable Laws of Data" ( ) JK--"Man-made data-climate change is real"? Huh? What's "data climate"?

To dad, who helped make this country a safer place. Thanks for your service. To mom, who helped him make me. Thanks for your cervix.
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RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Sunburned Shirts by Car Seat Headrest from Teens of Style JK--2015. Love multi-layered guitar feedback fuzz on this

I have essentially 3 handshakes: a tentative fingers-on-fingers, a more engaging 2-hand clasp of 1-hand, and a hand/hand clasp + arm touch

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Firecracker by Frazey Ford from Live on KEXP JK--Her voice is sort of like Feist run through a Joanna Newsom filter

Big data mythmaking seems to be waning. Need I be concerned? Should I rebunk some myths? Don't want my debunking skills to atrophy.

Whew! Wrote one of my Datapalooza recap blogs. Day 1 (yesterday). I'll let U all know as soon as I post it. Not sure where yet

Apparently homeless woman profanely berating an apparently homeless man right in front of me. Might be time to find somewhere else to write

Putting earplugs in to block out the Christmas music being piped into Starbucks. It's not even my birthday yet, or Thanksgiving. Hold off!

Ach...enough with the Bear Grylls, already. If he’s such a survivalist, why doesn’t he grill a bear? Conflict of interest?

"Facebook: Our AI will give everyone 'superpowers'" ( ) JK--What's kryptonite in this analogy? Forced 2 live off-grid?

"Mapping the Internet of Things" ( ) JK--How are "vehicles," not "homes," conceptually next thing out from "people"?

"America's Big Data Obesity Problem" ( ) JK--Unconvincing stretch of obesity analogy & fingering of USA as chief fatty

Can the air be more refreshing and can San Francisco be more urbane? I think not

Always make sure I get my cardio workout in the city by the bay

"The “Rules” of Data Visualization Get an Update" ( ) JK--Very cool visual preso of practical guidance.

"Can An Astrophysicist Change The Way We Watch Sports?" ( ) JK--"Flash precognition": pinpoint ballistic predictions

Data scientists range all over presentation-friendliness spectrum. Some build engaging visual narratives. Some are text-heavy plodders

"Data Analytics, Data Pros Big Winners in 2016 Budget Increases" ( ) JK--Highlighting data-scientist shortage

Often in high tech, the most radical thing you can do is remember the past. So many current debates obliviously repeat history.

"Time for Identity as Service?" ( ) JK--I recall MSFT getting flack 15 years ago re Hailstorm 

"If one of Pluto’s moons spins any faster its surface might fly off" ( ) JK--Why's this story in Network World?

Heading over to Galvanize, 44 Tehama. Day 1 o 1st #Datapalooza. Hope to see U there. I assume coffee's been brewed. Let's see. #RockYourData

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Lips Like Sugar by Echo & The Bunnymen JK--1987. "My Siamese twin"? How possible he has different ethnicity from you?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Prairie Rose by Roxy Music from Country Life JK--1974. Amazing that the jawdropping LP cover photo was ever approved.

IBM unveils matchmaking tech for finding & leveraging best APIs ... 

Heading to San Francisco for #Datapalooza. Come #RockYourData tomorrow through Thursday. Get ticket here: 

No need to grow jaded with age. You only think you've "seen it all." What you've seen is what you've seen. Don't confuse that with "all"

Seems like the "History Channel" is just pseudo-science documentaries now. How does speculation on extraterrestrials qualify as "history"?

"Could Detroit become next Silicon Valley?" ( ) JK--Locating some tech jobs there doesnt make it "next Silicon Valley"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp My Wandering Days Are Over by Belle and Sebastian from Tigermilk JK--1996. Group is sort of an arty Herman's Hermits

First World problem: trying to identify which of the exoplanets is the long-rumored Second World.

Have mentally mapped out all the blogs I plan to write this week. That doesn’t mean I know what I will say. Just that I’ll write whatever.

Spent a cool low-key rainy day inside hanging with my girl. Don't get to see her that much now that she's grown and got her own place.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Silent Rain by Keep Shelly In Athens from Now I'm Ready JK--2015. Cool squealy electronica.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Dancing In The Dark by Hot Chip JK--2015. Great Springsteen cover. Turns it a dance song. As befits the title.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Xanadu by The Ghost of a Saber-Tooth Tiger from Midnight Sun JK--2014. Sean Lennon & band.

RT @TheEconomist: A new book looks at history through the murky lens of London's fog 

Not sure how many years I've spent reading advice on adding years 2 my life. Hopefully it all nets out on th positive side of th life-ledger

"Quantum Materials & a New Paradigm for Computing" ( ) JK--Emulate brain ability to do vast computation at low energy

B-52s "Quiche Lorraine" ( ) JK--I originally misheard it as "Quiche LaPuto." Masochistic French-Italian bondage freak?

Airline ads for 1st class seats. When I recall my trips, I almost never remember the seat I occupied for several hours to get there.

I’m never quite sure what to make of it when people tell me their parents were “hippies.” Which specific alternative parenting lifestyle?

We have now passed the peak of fall season of IT industry events & announcements. A collective breath-catching. Not necessarily an idle time

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp A Pin-Light Bent by Joanna Newsom from Divers JK--2015. An affecting moonchild melody on the harp.

Nice thing about a staycation is I can give myself permission to reshuffle my domestic routine into a different arrangement. Just because

At last the GOP candidates are debating the issues that matter. Next up: Ben Carson's theory on how the Loch Ness Monster built Stonehenge.

"Rolling Stone Mag 10th Anniv Special" ( ) JK--11-25-77. Exceptionally excremental. Except Steve Martin at 29:30 mark

There are far more options for "watching TV" than ever before and I'm far less interested in exploring them. I'm not averse to potatohood.

WSJ intervu w/Ronald Isley says he & bros derived "Shout" from call-response live outro cover o Jackie Wilson "Lonely Teardrops." I hear it.

"Your Microsoft Word Skills Suck" ( ) JK--So true. And my WordPerfect skills are totally rusty. I've let myself go.

In the analytics biz, we speak of "actionable insights." Are there any "non-actionable" insights? Where's all the useless knowledge?

These presidential debates aren't working out. I suggest new format: candidates simply mock each other in high-pitched fake foreign accents

"Bob Dylan & IBM Watson on Language" ( ) JK--Fun fact: he originally went cognitive on disc 2 of "Blonde on Blonde"
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Weather With You by Crowded House from Woodface JK--1991. "57 Mt Pleasant St" is fictional: 

"Do Data Big, Or Die in 2016, Warns Big Data Veteran" ( ) JK--Isn't that the New Hampshire state motto?

Alexandria mayor Bill Euille loses write-in re-election bid. Voters probably gave up trying to remember correct spelling of his last name.

Did mid-day Pilates down at the club here on my day off. New teacher (to us). She put us through some challenging moves. I'm feeling it.

Shopping at Wegman’s. Wish my GPS worked inside the store so I could find my way around. Not sure, but I think I’m still in Virginia.

Facebook has gr8 face-recog tech but cant manage 2 recog+block bogus friend requests ostensibly from vain young women vamping provocatively

Warm one today. Hard to tell whether it’s Indian Summer. I’ve never been to India.

Catching up on a massive stack of unread New Yorker magazines. I always start with their “Night Life” profiles of musicians playing th clubs

Election Day. I assume that people are still writing in cartoon characters, like Huckleberry Hound, Mickey Mouse, Donald Trump...

Hillary should make somebody named Ben Ghazi her running mate. Many Republicans want to see that connection. She needs to win them over.

Now I'm actually taking a few vacation days off. Staycation. It's been a year and half since I've been able to manage even that.

Today was one of those weirdly epiphanal days for me. A lot of workplans I'd been stewing for months serendipitously converged as planned.

Hey new version of every app, utility, and/or driver on all of my computers, I do indeed love downloading & installing you every other day.

New #IBM #RockYourData jk blog: "Datapalooza: Produce Your Data Application Development Concert" ( )

Here's how my name renders in wingdings.

New #IBM #RockYourData jk blog: "Datapalooza: Compose Your Data-Science Music" ( )

Leading GOP pres candidate is a neurosurgeon. I feel like the campaign so far has been too heavily focused on mass-media brain salad surgery

This could not be mistaken for any previous decade in PR: I routinely receive legit emails about startups in the "cannabis" space.

Let's see. How shall I use my vast social influence today? Such responsibility. Such awesome responsibility. Woe is me.

If you haven't already, be sure to check out our latest ads on YouTube... 

"Learn Everything U Need 2 Know...Big Data" ( ) JK--"SMACK" (Spark, Mesos, Akka, Cassandra, Kafka)? "Akka"? What dat?

"Data Scientists Should be Good Storytellers" ( ) JK--The persuasive kinds: correlations as argument fodder for cause

"What's your Sensor data and what does it mean?" ( ) JK--Good IoT taxonomy. See also my blog: 

When somebody says about something "I'm just speechless," the smart alec in me wants to say "no you're just spoke."

"I think it’s very difficult for your 1st role in politics 2 B President of th United States.” Whitman on Fiorina ( )

"Lawrence Lessig drops out of presidential race" ( ) JK--You might say he was never really in it. This the 1st I heard

Daily challenge: distinguish what's truly new in online conversation from boring old stuff being said at higher volumes velocities varieties

New #IBM jk #RockYourData blog: "Datapalooza: Harmonize your data engineering" ( )

"Pedro Domingos’ on “Five Machine Learning Tribes”" ( ) JK--Is there a Lost Tribe & a Holy Land in this analogy?

"3 Effortless Tactics 2 B Data Science Success in Business" ( ) JK--These are OK. I thought it was "tactless efforts"

"The Rise of AI in Medicine" ( ) JK--Study shows greater tolerance for human error than algorithmic screw-ups.

"Artificial intelligence can go wrong – but how will we know?" ( ) JK--Can't realistically audit every micro-decision

"How Your Device Knows Your Life through Images" ( ) JK--Deep-learning auto-narrative. New-word alert: "egography."

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp If it's Monday Morning by Lee Hazelwood from Requiem For an Almost Lady JK--1971. Love the spoken intro on this.

"Thoughts on th Grace Hopper Keynote" ( ) JK--Ah yes GraceHopper, true joy is th quest 4 autonomous intelligent robots

"Musical Taste Correlates with SAT Scores?" ( ) JK--Artist list is a bit out o date. Low-SAT scorer must have compiled

"5 Warning Signs that Turn Off Data Science Hiring Managers" ( ) JK--Forgot to mention "You don't know nothin'."

Merriam-Webster defines "boggle" as "make (the mind) unable 2 think clearly." If "mind-boggling" indistinguishable from dementia, no thanks

"Big Data: 20 Mind-Boggling Facts Everyone Must Read" ( ) JK--Very little of this is must-read or mind-boggling.

"A text-mining approach to Internet Governance Monitoring" ( ) JK--Not at all clear if any of this helps policymakers.

Bought & downloaded Siouxsie & The Banshees 1st LP "The Scream" ( ). Weird vibe was totally a piece of late 1970s.