Sunday, November 01, 2015

Aweekstweets October 18 to November 1 2015: a fortnight full of insight

All pharm-ad disclaimers should be speed-recited in chipmunk voices. And all should be required to end with David Seville hollering “ALVIN!”

RT @JuntaeDeLane: “Content is the atomic particle of all digital marketing.” -- Rebecca Lieb 

Loving Roz Chast’s comix-format memoir o dealing with her aging parents in their final years: “Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant?”

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Stars of Track and Field by Belle and Sebastian from If U're Feeling Sinister JK--1996. Beautiful? Lean & toned

It's getting dark earlier than usual! What's up? Don't tell me it's a solar eclipse! Oh....never mind.

You don't really gain an extra hour of sleep when daylight savings time ends. Much of that bonus time is spent resetting analog clocks.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp 96 Tears by Big Maybelle JK--1967. Righteously great soul cover of ? + Mysterians' hit from 2 years previous.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I Believe to My Soul by Ray Charles from Visionary Soul JK--1959. Great example of his cool blend of gospel & blues.

I love handing out the candy to the trick-or-treating kids. It makes me feel like a grown-up.

Reading Patti Smith, listening to The Carpenters. Romantics.

Found an old CD player in a box we’d never opened. Never used. Using it now. Whipped out some John Denver discs. Seems fitting.

Thankfulness. The thankfulness that flows from reminding oneself of an accomplishment recently completed. And well done.

When somebody says they read some unspecified blog I wrote, all can think is that that narrows it down. I keep them all cached in my mind.

Nice to clear my head after that long business trip. Literally. I’m still sneezing out Vegas dust.

New jk #IBMInsight blog: "Introducing Insight Cloud Services at IBM Insight 2015" ( )

New jk #IBMInsight blog: "IBM Insight 2015, day 3: Final thoughts and transformative announcements" ( )

Spark Summit EU: IBM Keynote 

El NiƱo must be underway. I’m feeling the first raindrops I’ve ever felt in many trips to Las Vegas. Strange times indeed.

Gladly gave my floor pass to someone who’s actually into Maroon 5.

Here's all I can see of the Maroon 5 concert

Partaking of the traditional tater tots. For they are a tradition in my country.

Bob and Marissa Hayes

To put today's #IBM announcement of acquiring TWC digital assets in consumer context, I check their weather app on my iPhone very often

"Twitter Talks Up New Storytelling Tools" ( ) JK--New tools let publishers organize tweets to better tell a tale

Data storytelling. I think every data-sci project needs a clear narrative that starts with "once upon a time there was beautiful statistic"

If I'm going to be replaced by a robot, I want it to be the one from "Lost in Space." He was the only interesting character on that show.

The past 3 months has been the most insanely busy work period of my entire career. God keeps telling me to speed up & bend into new shapes

New #IBMInsight #WeatherMeansBiz blog "IBM Insight 2015 day 2: Highlights from sessions & Hack the Weather finals" ( )

Not sure if I'll check out Maroon 5 tonight at Event Center. I tend to change the station when their hits come on: 

New jk #IBMInsight #InsightEconomy listicle: "What is the role of the data scientist in the insight economy?" ( )

I’m thinking that e-commerce needs to be rebranded as the Internet of Ka-Chings.

Down in the expo being interviewed. I will come back up to the social VIP lounge now

Disruptive new concept. A public phone you drop coins in to make calls. We live in amazing times!

The weather today in Las Vegas? Desert-like conditions. Expected to persist into the indefinite future.

"IBM Plans to Acquire The Weather Company’s Product & Tech Businesses; Extends Power of Watson to IoT" ( )

IBM confirms Weather Co. deal, touts cloud/analytics synergies; shares rise $IBM 

My afternoon delivery o "Cognitive Computing in Mobile App Economy" had even smaller audience than morning. I'm cool with speaking to myself

New #IBMInsight jk blog: "IBM Insight 2015, day 1: Observations, announcements and insights" ( )

Team Weatherway wins the Hack the Weather challenge. #weathermeansbiz #ibminsight

IBM Insight 2015, day 1: Observations, announcements and insights  via IBMAnalytics

Team SmarterData #weathermeansbiz #ibminsight

Team SmarterData #weathermeansbiz #ibminsight

Team SmarterData #weathermeansbiz #ibminsight

Team SmarterData #weathermeansbiz #ibminsight

Team SmarterData #weathermeansbiz #ibminsight

Had a nice 1:1 chat with Jake Porway right before he started judging Hack the Weather finals. Seems he follows my ubiquitous commentary

Judge Claudia Imhoff grills Weatherway #weathermeansbiz #ibminsight

RT @jameskobielus: Jake Porway judging at Hack The Weather finals #weathermeansbiz #ibminsight

Team Weatherway #weathermeansbiz #ibminsight

Jake Porway judging at Hack The Weather finals #weathermeansbiz #ibminsight

What are your thoughts on the word "cognitivize?" @aspijh via @jameskobielus @tkklein #IBMInsight

Bluemix enhances Cognitive in Big Data, Mobile, Watson, Cloud Via @jameskobielus EML-1911 #IBMInsight FYI @aspijh

OMG LOL! John Furrier of @theCUBE interviewed John Cleese, who splashed him with water to still his typing fingers: 

Edd Dumbill of Silicon Valley Data Science speaking on #IBMInsight Day 2 general session. I'm an Edd fan: 

Listening to SETI Institute's Dr Jill Tarter at #ibminsight

Catch me speaking at #IBMInsight today: "One Query Drives It All: Fluid Hadoop in the Unified Data Warehouse." Palm C. 1pm PDT

Catch me speaking at #IBMInsight today: "Cognitive Computing in the Mobile Application Economy." Booth 762. 1030am PDT & then again 430pm

The outthink imperative: The many paths to cognitive illumination 

IBM Insight 2015, day 1: Business Partners and SPSS 

I love Jake Porway's vocal delivery on #IBMInsight general sessions. His youthful passion hooks you, his authoritative understanding anchors

#IBMInsight PA sez silence all electronic devices. Day 2 genl session starting. We'll cut #Watson some slack. Vocalize oh cognitive one!

One of my social-VIP influencers dated one of my fave #KEXP DJs. I learned this over drinks last night. Won't say who. Wouldn't be prudent

The ever-cool #IBM analyst relations wizard and jazz drummer-gonger extraordinaire Jeff Jones at #ibminsight

Grabbed me some freshly brewed orgasmic coffee. I’m ready. Bring on Day 2 of #IBMInsight

Catch me at #Datapalooza the week after next in San Francisco: . #RockYourData

"Spark sits at heart of #IBM reinvention" ( ) JK--Points to our investment in Spark as service 

Partied at Neon Museum, a nonprofit dedicated to preserving gaudy Las Vegas signage of yore ( ). Just north o downtown

I never understood that song. What exactly is "amore"? The act of the moon hitting your eye? Or pizza-pie/moon analogy? Or the pizza itself?

It’s nice to be followed on socials. It’s also nice to be ignored. Frees me to not feel the presence and pressure of an audience.

Inhi Cho Suh on theCUBE at #ibminsight

"TED Video: Can computers think like humans and help diagnose problems?" #CognitiveEra #TEDatIBM 

Insight Cloud Services = Your data + news, events, weather, social media for actionable insight.  #insighteconomy

IBM is teaming with @twitter & @weathercompany to take data & analytics to a new level. See how:  #insighteconomy

New today: IBM Insight Cloud Services. Now easier to explore, relate & act upon data.  #insighteconomy

Listening to live TV broadcast in a studio setting. Familiar commercials come on. Ace is indeed the place for the helpful hardware...human?

My only weather-celeb encounter? I once sat next to Al Roker in 1st class on the Delta Shuttle. He was traveling to my neck of the woods

Devine and Statton "Under the Weather" ( )

10,000 Maniacs "Like the Weather" ( )

Crowded House "Weather With You" ( )

Build your collective intelligence with Cognos Analytics  #experiencecognos

#WeatherMeansBiz #IBM Glenn Finch "Weather analytics: A new dimension for business" ( )

#WeatherMeansBiz TWC Paul Walsh recent blog: "Applying weather data analytics to your business strategy" ( )

#WeatherMeansBiz TWC Paul Walsh's recent blog: "Seasonal forecasting puts weather data to work for your business" 

Live TV broadcast from #ibminsight The Weather Channel's Weather Underground. 3-5pm PDT #weathermeansbiz

New jk #InsightEconomy blog: "Listening, engaging and influencing: The power of Twitter-based social insights" ( )

New jk #AnalyticsforAll blog: "The outthink imperative: the many paths to cognitive illumination" ( )

New jk #IBMInsight #ExperienceCognos blog: "Demystify your data with the next generation of business analytics" ( )

David Kenny, CEO, The Weather Company. #IBMInsight

#IBM SVP Mike Rhodin in dialogue with "Pepper," a Watson-powered robot. #IBMInsight Day 1 general session.

#IBMInsight Day 1 General Session

#IBMInsight Jake Porway emcees Day 1 General Session. He does a great job every year.

All of the fabulous #ibminsight Social VIPs!! Your all rock stars!!
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RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Revolution Blues by Neil Young from On the Beach JK--1974. "I keep 'em hopping till my ammunition's gone."

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Lavendula by Israel Nash from Israel Nash's Silver Season JK--2015. Sounds like fresh Neil Young. Style + quality

"Getting US Govt On Board w/Citizen Science" ( ) JK--Sen C.Coons intro'd Crowdsourcing & Citizen Science Act of 2015

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Tainted Love by Gloria Jones JK--1964. Bigger hit for Soft Cell in 1981.

Still my favorite piece of analysis I produced this year: "The Matter is Settled: Big Data = [ ]" ( ). Purely abstract

People ask me the secret to my constant productivity. It's in plain sight. Music. It's an emotional lubricant. Helps the mental gears slip

Glad that Mr @louistcherian finally made it to #ibminsight in spite of airlines screwing him around. He's one of our best social strategists

Finally met the great @rashockley of IBM Institute for Business Value tonight at #IBMInsight. She didn't realize I'm a big fan of her work

RT @acoliver: So @jameskobielus was here #ibminsight JK--Spilled my wine during conversation.

I heard Ward & June totally disowned Wally. Their will clearly stipulated: “Leave it to Beaver.”

"Watch Stanford self-drivng DeLorean burn rubber in name o research" ( ) JK--Let's retrofit an Edsel while we're at it

Enduring archaic expression: "so-and-so didn't get the memo." Really? I mimeographed copies for everybody & distributed them via vacuum tube

"Why has Macaulay Culkin aged so horribly?"( ) JK--He wasnt any better looking as a kid. Don't blame that mug on aging

Enjoying #KEXP DJ Sean Nelson's Audioasis set tonight. You might know him from Harvey Danger--eg "Flagpole Sitta": 

I am now officially old. How do I know this? I'm watching a rerun of "The Lawrence Welk Show" and kind of enjoying it.

Today my Facebook “people you may know” are all suspiciously beautiful women. Are Zuckerberg & crew in cahoots with Ashley Madison?

Flying out from my DCA homebase to Las Vegas for #IBMInsight. Connecting at this moment through Midpointapolis-StPlaneChange airport.

"Getting Insights Using Data Science Skills & the Scientific Method" ( ) JK--Excellent post by @bobehayes #ibminsight

Hmm. Sunday’s “Dilbert” does #Watson. Something tells me I’ll see this strip displayed & mentioned frequently at #ibminsight this week

Going to #IBMInsight next week? Even if you're not, check out the Insight previews on #IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub: 

Wife & guests meeting Hillary & Gov. McAuliffe at a campaign rally in Old Town Alexandria. I'm working, getting ready for a business trip.

Dishwalla "Counting Blue Cars" ( ) JK--1993. "Tell me all your thoughts on God"? Don't use that as a pick-up line!

My typical day. Somebody somewhere in the world sends tweet asking "Mr James Kobielus please to tell all you know big data, thanks"

New #IBM jk #insighteconomy #weathermeansbiz blog: "Putting analytics into disaster preparedness and response" ( )

"What is Role of the Data Scientist in #InsightEconomy?" ( ) JK--Excellent observations by one of my faves: @acoliver

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Times To Die by Car Seat Headrest from Teens of Style JK--2015. 2nd song I've heard from them. Like this one too.

Journey on: Four must-haves for a strong master data management solution 

"MIT Machine Beats Human Intuition in Big Data Analytics" ( ) JK--But didn't do as well as #IBM #Watson

Velvet Underground "Sister Ray." Live at the Matrix, San Francisco, November 1969: . 37-minute chill/slow version.

Another morning of newsglancing, another "oh yeah, I'd forgotten that so-and-so acquired so-and-so" realization. Assimilated brands blur

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Natural One by Shearwater from Fellow Travelers JK--2013. Great cover of Folk Implosion 1995 original.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Something Soon by Car Seat Headrest from Teens of Style JK--2015. Interesting dissonant rushing wall of sound.

"Datapalooza! Real World Data Products" ( ) @JSHorwitz #rockyourdata Nov 10-12 San Fran: 

Big Data and the Internet of Things 

IBM Fellow Chieko Asakawa using cognitive tech to help the blind "see" the world around them... 

"An Algorithm Helps Robots Fall Safely" ( ) JK--"Some even toppled over with what seemed like impeccable comic timing"

"Fitness Technology That Helps the Blind Get Moving" ( ) JK--A drone that guides blind runners around a track

"How Facebook Is Using AI to Help Bring Photos to Life for the Blind" ( ) JK--Image-to-voice content/contextual cues.

"Machine Learning: How Algorithms Get You Clicking" ( ) JK--Discusses fiendish clickbait-generating online journo apps

"Hilary Mason: Use data science & machine intelligence to build a better future" ( ) JK--And touches on frivolity apps

Hillary will testify about Benghazi. I'm sure the questions will also touch on Whitewater, Vince Foster, & how she felt about Monica+Bill

"Are you smart enough to work at Google?" ( ) JK--And are you smart enough to realize smarts get U only so far in life

"Age of Data Innocence is Over" ( ) JK--What's with th "scattered bones" analogy? Did innocence end at slaughter time?

When I hear about data "silos," I can't help but think of server "farms" and wonder where Old McDonald fits into the analogy.

"Take Advantage of Existing Linked Data Networks" ( ) JK--Article has visualization that suggests dandelion. And API

I won't believe something's a so-called "killer app" until it's required to be registered as a lethal weapon in a majority of the states.

"Predicting Daily Activities from Egocentric Images Using Deep Learnng" ( ) JK--Really? Do mine predict my wisecracks?

"You are your algorithms, says Gartner" ( ) JK--That seriously understates prevalence of non-algorithmic decisions

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Planet Claire by The B-52's JK--1979. Brilliantly built a punk/surf/"Peter Gunn"/sci-fi beat you can't not dance to.

"5 Unbelievable Ways You Can Be Better Data Scientist in Business" ( ) JK--"Unbelievable"? Then why should I believe?

"Setting the Stage for Gender-Personalized Customer Experience" ( ) JK--Just always call me "Da Man." Got that?

"Is Game Theory important for Data Scientists?" ( ) JK--Discusses case studies. Here's my blog 

"How the USGS Detects Earthquakes Using Twitter" ( ) JK--People immediately tweet short sharp shocked concrete reports

"Deep-Learning Robot Takes 10 Days to Teach Itself to Grasp" ( ) JK--Grasp physical objects, not the concept o objects

"Data Scientists: Skills Mix, Team Makeup" ( ) JK--The visualizations are as cool as the stats in this one.

"Spark Lighting a Big Data Fire, Survey Says" ( ) JK--Interesting adoption stats in that study.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Hey Now by London Grammar from If You Wait JK--2013. English group with a smoky soul.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Woodpile by Frightened Rabbit from Pedestrian Verse JK--2013. Love this Scottish indie band's very Scottish vibe

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp You And Whose Army? by Radiohead from Amnesiac JK--2001. Thom Yorke forgot to taunt the horses that army rode in on.

It's useless to try to understand it all. Better to stand under it all, let the choicest nuggets pelt your noggin like acorns in autumn.

"Five principles for applying data science for social good" ( ) JK--Catch Jake Porway next week at #IBMInsight

"6 Ways to Tell Stories with Data Throughout the Customer Lifecycle" ( ) JK--HBR cites #IBM success.

"This Car Knows Your Next Misstep Before U Make It" ( ) JK--Too much in-car gadget/app distraction invite U 2 make it

"White House Explores How 'Citizen Science' Can Help Society" ( ) JK--The new cliche is "citizen [whatever]"

"Why Didn’t Government Invent Uber?" ( ) JK--Umm, perhaps because it shouldn't be competing with the private sector.

New #IBM jk blog: "The Internet of Things and the evolving role of big data analytics in the insight economy" ( )

#SparkInsight POV: Spark Streaming  Join #IBM at Spark Summit Europe  . 27-29 Oct

#SparkInsight POV: cache  Join #IBM at Spark Summit Europe  . 27-29 Oct

#SparkInsight POV: interactive apps  Join #IBM at Spark Summit Europe  . 27-29 Oct

#SparkInsight POV: microservices  Join #IBM at Spark Summit Europe  . 27-29 Oct

#SparkInsight POV: S-RDDs  Join #IBM at Spark Summit Europe  . 27-29 Oct

#SparkInsight POV: from config to code  Join #IBM at Spark Summit Europe  . 27-29 Oct

#SparkInsight POV: Spark SQL with Parquets  Join #IBM at Spark Summit Europe  . 27-29 Oct

#SparkInsight POV: power of openness  Join #IBM at Spark Summit Europe  . 27-29 Oct

#SparkInsight POV: how to get started  Join #IBM at Spark Summit Europe  . 27-29 Oct

#SparkInsight POV: 10 things to know  Join #IBM at Spark Summit Europe  . 27-29 Oct

#SparkInsight POV: practical apps  Join #IBM at Spark Summit Europe  . 27-29 Oct

#SparkInsight POV: true elasticity  Join #IBM at Spark Summit Europe  . 27-29 Oct
#SparkInsight POV: avoiding code bloat  Join #IBM at Spark Summit Europe  . 27-29 Oct

#SparkInsight POV: innovative applications  Join #IBM at Spark Summit Europe  . 27-29 Oct

#SparkInsight POV: machine learning  Join #IBM at Spark Summit Europe  . 27-29 Oct

#SparkInsight POV: delivering value  Join #IBM at Spark Summit Europe  . 27-29 Oct

#SparkInsight POV: industry ecosystem  Join #IBM at Spark Summit Europe  . 27-29 Oct

#SparkInsight POV: insight economy  Join #IBM at Spark Summit Europe  . 27-29 Oct

#SparkInsight POV: data proc revolution  Join #IBM at Spark Summit Europe  . 27-29 Oct

#SparkInsight POV: data and design  Join #IBM at Spark Summit Europe  . 27-29 Oct

#SparkInsight POV: developer adoption  Join #IBM at Spark Summit Europe  . 27-29 Oct

#SparkInsight POV: investment  Join #IBM at Spark Summit Europe  . 27-29 Oct

#SparkInsight POV: next-level big data  Join #IBM at Spark Summit Europe  . 27-29 Oct

#SparkInsight POV: smarter apps  Join #IBM at Spark Summit Europe  . 27-29 Oct

#SparkInsight POV: predictive analytics  Join #IBM at Spark Summit Europe  . 27-29 Oct

#SparkInsight POV: who uses and why  Join #IBM at Spark Summit Europe  . 27-29 Oct

#SparkInsight POV: global adoption  Join #IBM at Spark Summit Europe  . 27-29 Oct

"Alan Turing: The man behind the myth" ( ) JK--Nephew finds more pleasant human being than we've been led to believe

"IBM Research & Carnegie Mellon Create Open Platform to Help Blind Navigate Surroundings" ( ) JK--Dev smartphone apps

New workweek starts. The usual ponderings over how I'm going to get it all done. The usual self-reminders that previous weeks all got "done"

Fantasy football. My fantasy is a Sunday in autumn on which the TV channels are NOT wall-to-wall football coverage.

The relaxation benefits of deep-tissue massage are transient. But memory o what a totally relaxed body feels like can last. Retrain yourself