Sunday, September 25, 2016

Aweekstweets September 5-25 2016: the weeks of antelapsarian indulgence

Spent time down at the pond with the ducks. It’s also a perfect day for bananafish.

Good to see that Jane Pauley is Charles Osgood’s permanent replacement hosting “CBS Sunday Morning” Like him, she’s a class act.

"Think different"? Yeah. I think I'm going to add "ly" to that 2nd word & tag it as th adverb it truly is. Dare to be different (adjective).

Cool. I'm still getting new followers on social media accounts I've never used. That's the social power of playing hard to get!

I'm not specifically a morning person. I'm a person who feels most comfortable when it's quiet & can hear myself think. Usually that's a.m.

Caught "Trainwreck" on DVD. Moderately entertaining. I'm no big Amy Schumer fan, but she was OK. I thought Bill Hader was great serious.

I've been w/Egidia for 34 years but still don't understand a single word of Chinese. But, narcissistically, I always hear her say my name

Our first time visiting NYC was 1972. My brothers and I asked our Dad to take us to a comic-book publisher's HQ. He gladly obliged.

I prefer walking in NYC to the taxi/subway nonsense. With walking, I can glance into every storefront and at every face I pass. Absorb more.

Playing host to many invited influencers next week in New York at #IBM #DataFirst Launch Event. I'm looking forward to us on the roundtable.

Curious what Hillary will have to say to a debate opponent who has repeatedly threatened her life. Let’s not be coy here.

Cooler and lower humidity on this late September Saturday afternoon. Walking outside. Listening to Cousteau “Last Good Day of the Year.”

Fall is here. Everything has pumpkin spice added to it. That makes it Fall.

"In Men, Depression is Different" ( ) JK--They withdraw, get defensive, and grouchy as all hell.

"Chatbots: Yr Ultimate Prototyping Tool" ( ) JK--Conversational UI can help developrs plumb user experience/intentions

"The 15-Point Federal Checklist for Self-Driving Cars" ( ) JK--US DoT recommendation, not regulatory mandate.

"Majority o mathematicians hail from just 24 scientific ‘families’" ( ) JK--Teacher-student tutelage lineages, that is

"When Did Charts Become Popular?" ( ) JK--In the New York Times, that is. Precise answer? July 4, 1933.

"Companies, Users, and Surveys Agree: Spark Is Hot, Hot, Hot" ( ) JK--Gartner's Adrian cites #IBM catalytic role

"Could IoT nanoswarms be coming soon?" ( ) JK--Maybe, but the prospect makes me squirm.

"Chat Bots Aren’t a Fad. They’re a Revolution" ( ) JK--AI-powered cognitive chatbots drive "conversational commerce"

Recommending that mktrs give up campaigns in favor o ongoing cust convrsations is misguided. Campaigns drive focusd hi-priority biz outcomes

"Forrester: Mktrs need say gbye 2 campaigns, hello 2 AI-driven convos w/customers" ( ) JK--No. AI drives campaigns too

"This Camera Can Read a Book Without Opening It" ( ) JK--I'd be surprised if spy agencies don't have this tech already

"IoT in the Data Center: A Buzzword or the Real Thing?" (  ) JK--As Woz said re Jobs, it's not binary. It can be BOTH.

"Digital Today, Cognitive Tomorrow" ( ) JK-- #IBM CEO Virginia Rometty on how cognitive systems learn with use

"Predicting Future Where Th Future Is Routinely Predictd" ( ) JK--CMU comp-sci dean on ubiquitous surprise suppression

"Is Your Company Ready to Operate as a Market?" ( ) JK--Columbia biz-school prof on hierarchical flattening

"Executive Assistants for Everyone" ( ) JK--Hal Varian on how all of us will have digital versions of this exec perk

"Managing Bots That Are Managing Business" ( ) JK--Tim O'Reilly on econ structural shift to "electronic workers"

"Using Artificial Intelligence to Set Information Free" ( ) JK--LinkedIn co-founder on the power of knowledge graphs

"The Neural Network Zoo" ( ) JK--Awesomely useful visual taxonomy of neural net architectures.

New #IBMWoW jk listicle: "5 reasons data engineers are attending IBM Insight at World of Watson" ( )

Catch me this coming Tuesday Sept 27, at #IBM #DataFirst Launch Event, NYC (Hudson Yards). Register here: 

Absorbing the barrage of event organizer emails saying don't see my name on their registrant lists. Might I suggest a stronger prescription?

Absorbing steady stream o pharma commercials on every medium. Note to self: must speak to Dr or druggist about every conceivable malady ASAP

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Chelsea Hotel #2 by Leonard Cohen JK--1974. "You told me you prefer handsome men, but for me you'd make an exception"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Don't Play With Guns by The Black Angels from Indigo Meadow JK--2013. Great acid-rock "Seeds" flair

Bruce Springsteen's memoir sounds great. ~500 pages? I assume that, like his 4-hour concerts, 50% of that is long-jamming encores.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Tobacco Road by John D. Loudermilk from Dim Lights Thick Smoke & Hillbillies JK--1960. This was his most-covered song

New #IBM #DataFirst #Galvanize jk blog: "Fresh Blood: The Democratization of Enterprise Data Science" ( )

I'll speak at ACT Insight Analytics & Emerging Techs Symposium, Iowa City, Nov 17. "Democratization of Data Science Skills in th Workforce."

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp We Float by PJ Harvey from Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea JK--2000. Masterpiece LP from Millennium Year

Thank you spam for sending me countless emails with only my name in the subject field. As I get older, those little reminders mean so much.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp It's Kinda Funny by Josef K from The Only Fun in Town JK--1981. Melancholic Scottish group. Proto-emo.

The current presidential campaign has created an especially nervous hair-trigger cultural environment. Counting down 6+ more weeks of this.

"Is machine learning icing on the cake for data scientists?" ( ) JK--Not sexy enough. It's the olive in their martini.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp California Dreamin' by Amason from California Airport Love JK--2016. Wow. They nailed a really good cover version.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Once In a Lifetime by Talking Heads from Remain in Light JK--1980. "How do I work this?"

"Kids eat free"? Will they accept a very childish adult? I'm famished.
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Wish to thank KDNuggets for publishing my #DataFirst columns. I also wish to thank k d lang for "Constant Craving" ( )

New #IBM #DataFirst jk KDNuggets column: "Driving Data Science Productivity Without Compromising Quality" ( )

"Gave 4 Good Pollsters Same Raw Data..4 Diff Results" ( ) JK--Diff sample adjusts 2 reflect voter demogs & likely2vote

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Up Against The Wall by Peter Bjorn & John from Writer's Block JK--2006. Love that string-plucking tension on this.

" #IBM Announces Systems for the Hybrid Cloud Era" ( ) JK--New Power & z systems for the cloud

" #IBM Power Systems& Red Hat Extend Collab 4 Next-Gen Cloud Platforms" ( ) JK--HPC & HA 4 Red Hat on nxt-gn Power sys

"Hortonworks, #IBM Collab to Offer Open Source Distribution on Power Systems" ( ) JK--HDP on POWER8

" #IBM Research & MIT Collab to Advance Frontiers of AI in Real-World A/V Comprehension Techs" ( ) JK--Machine vision

New #IBM jk #Dataversity column: "Instilling Industrial Discipline in Enterprise Analytics" ( )

New #IBM #DataFirst jk blog: "Next-generation data science: Open analytics ecosystems" ( )

I'm the roundtable moderator. 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is a Season) by The Byrds JK--1965. McGuinn was ex-Brill Building songwriter

It's Monday morning. Doing my inspirational reading. Am I expected to embrace disruption or disrupt embracing? To everything, turn turn turn

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Things We Do For Love by 10cc from Guilty Pleasures JK--1976. Song stands for all bland mid-70s soft-rock

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp No Woman by Whitney from Light Upon The Lake JK--2016. Very cool. Kermit-like vocals & splashy brass flourishes

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I Have Nothing More to Say by Teenage Fanclub from Here JK--2016. Great dreamy wistful new one from th indie veterans

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp If 6 Was 9 by The Jimi Hendrix Experience from Axis: Bold as Love JK--1968. If the 60s was the 90s.

Eating M&Ms. Drinking bottled water. Reading Carrie Brownstein's memoir "Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl." Listening to Jimi Hendrix in stereo

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Gimme A Smile by Shakey Jake JK--1961. "Shakey Jake" Harris. Don't confuse w/Ann Arbor streetman "Shakey Jake" Woods

We occasionally put the GPS on when driving very familiar local routes. Interesting to see how often it gives insanely wrong directions.

Sampled wines at 3 stations at Wegman’s. Played along w/the connoisseur spiel. Every little white paper cup o vino suited my exacting tastes

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Stop In Time by Psychic Twin from Strange Diary JK--2016. Great layering of musical urgencies.

Hearing a familiar great song is always welcome. But hearing a new great song is a portal to fresh emotion. A small epiphany.

Feeling mellow tonight. Summer’s heat has broken. My spirit remains unbroken.

"Debunking Data Scientist Mythology" ( ) JK--Article urges focus shift frm individual data science "unicorns" to teams

"Artificial Intelligence – Why Now?" ( ) JK--Eh, I...why not now?

"Deep Neural Nets for YouTube Recommendations" ( ) JK--Smarts driving YT to recomm I view yet another indie rock video

"5 ways artificial intelligence will change enterprise IT" ( ) JK--Intention-based automated super-programming bots.

This "fast failure" paradigm is misnamed. It's all about "fast wagers" (that dont bet the business &, if fail, provide learning experiences)

A developer's take: Using Hadoop in the cloud to fail fast 

RT @kexpplaylist #KEXP Breadandbutter by El Perro Del Mar from KOKORO JK--2016. Lyric alternates title with "bellybutton" & "verybottom"

"Conan's take on Apple AirPods: Wireless. Expensive. Lost." (  ) JK--That was my first thought.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp November Spawned a Monster by Morrissey from Bona Drag JK--1990. See Moz writhe in wasteland:

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Night Life by Ray Price JK--1963. Written by Willie Nelson. Wow! Brilliant song, awesome performance.

Well, Yowzah! If it isn’t Euripides from the Antipodes! And a Zip-a-Dee-Do-Dah to you, Sir, too!

New #IBM jk #DataFirst video "Data science expert interview: Influencer roundtable" ( )

Useful seminar topic: "Reasoning With Unreasonable People: Focus on Disorders of Emotional Regulation." But I'm unreasonably booked solid.

The CIO drives data-driven productivity at all levels, especially knowledge workers and line-of-busines... #ibmcio

" #IBM Fuels Digital Marketing Transformation with THINK Marketing" ( ) JK--CMO-focused professional learning hub

Drafted latest #IBM jk #Dataversity column: "Instilling Industrial Discipline in Enterprise Analytics"

IBM InfoSphere Metadata Asset Manager: Demo on Tableau Server bridge

Simply the most powerful analytics platform on the market 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Judey On a Street by Okkervil River from Away JK--2016. New. Nice flowing episodic orchestration.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam by The Vaselines JK--1988. Great song. Atypical for them. Serious, not goofy.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp In Dreams by Roy Orbison JK--1963. Example of the Texas troubadour at his operatic best.

Don't miss our #CIO CrowdChat tomorrow with special guests! #ibmcio #ibmwow #bigdata 

Join @jameskobielus, @nancykoppdw & I for an #IBMCIO crowdchat 9/15 @ 1pm ET =>  #CIO

Streaming analytics goes mainstream 

How streaming analytics is transforming businesses 

Four reasons to adopt a data warehouse for private cloud 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Man on the Moon by R.E.M. from Automatic for the People JK--1992. Andy Kaufman specialized in deadpan put-ons

“In vino veritas”? Is that anything like intravenous verisimilitude?

Watched “Steve Jobs” with my daughter. Enjoyed how it presented him thru women’s eyes. As the arrogant selfish narcissist he was.

Build a chat bot in 10 minutes with #IBM Watson's new API:

Secret to a successful crowdchat is finding right mix of smart, passionate people and giving them a crisp scope for voicing their opinions.

@IBMbigdata IBM data group always has the best chats #datafirst

Join me et al at 11am EDT today for live #DataFirst CrowdChat: Team Driven Data Disruption

The strong adoption of streaming analytics 

"Top Algos Used by Data Scientists" ( ) JK--KDNuggets poll traces rise of data science, deep learning, & text mining

What's the deal with new LinkedIn contacts stating "my name is [THEIR NAME]"? As if they need to confirm LinkedIn profile name not bogus?

"Extraordinary Link Between Deep Neural Networks & Nature of the Universe" ( ) JK--Low-order Hamiltonian polynomials

"Google’s Clever Plan to Stop Aspiring ISIS Recruits" ( ) JK-Search-driven PSYOP? This slippery slope makes me queasy

"No Sailors Needed: Robot Sailboats Scour the Oceans 4 Data" ( ) JK--I'd be shocked if there weren't military apps too

Reading l8st news on open-source bugfixes, maintenance releases & incremental feature enhancemts. Slowly, but systematically, losing my mind

"Workers of the World: To Tame the Rise of the Robots, Buy Them!" ( ) JK--Beyond today's ESOP, what do you recommend?

"Should robots have to pay taxes?" ( ) JK--Huh? Only if they're self-owning. Doubt that will happen.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Family by Joseph Arthur from The Family JK--2016. Good new one. Sounds like Pearl Jam channeling The Band

"The World Might Not Be Ready for Quantum Computers" ( ) JK--Discusses "quantum-resistant encryption"

"The Oldest AI" ( ) JK--Interesting historical discussion by Bill Vorhies.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Rock & Roll by The Velvet Underground from Loaded JK--Jenny had this radio epiphany at age 5? Some kinda prodigy!

"How algorithms rule our working lives" ( ) JK--Oh, really? Not a new phenomenon. All computer code is algorithms.

New #IBM jk #DataFirst blog: "Next-generation data science: Acceleration for team productivity" ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Under The Pressure by The War on Drugs from Lost In The Dream JK--2014. Feels like Don Henley's "Boys of Summer"

"What online news looked like on 9/11" ( ) JK--I learned on Yahoo News, then switched on my TV for the rest o the day.

Apache Spark™ 2.0: Keeping Count 

"What Tech Giant Christmas Parties R Really Like" ( ) JK--What's a "Christmas party"? Everybody's scattered & virtual.

Always roll my eyes when someone publishes "open letter" directed @ a specific person. Why not simply address them "Dear [Specific Person]"?

New #IBM jk #InfoWorld column: "Data science predicts election winner!" ( ). Predictive jitters in the vox populi

In densely packed digital workstream, we must make split-second decisions where to file incoming so we can find them in later split-seconds

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Sugar on My Tongue by Talking Heads from Once in a Lifetime JK--1977. Single was not on their debut LP.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp My Only Lover by Gregory Isaacs from More Gregory JK--1981. Great slow-dancing reggae love song.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Our Hearts Are Wrong by Jessica Lea Mayfield from Tell Me JK--2011. Love the spaghetti western feel of this.

It's pathetic when you hear of someone faking their death. But it's even more pathetic when they fake a life.

Hung out at Huntley Meadows Park with my daughter this afternoon. Eastern Fairfax County's wetland gem. Beaver lodges & dams galore!

I'm delighted that people feel honored to be interviewed by me for @ibmanalytics. I'm always honored when people actually spend time with me

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Heaven's on Fire by The Radio Dept. from Clinging to a Scheme JK--2010. Sound (and name) reminds of Style Council

“Action or Inaction: Which Will U Regret More?” ( …) JK--Trying 2 decide whethr I’ll regret decision or indecision more

This just in: FBI discovers Hillary habitually hit “reply all” on messages sent thru her private server. Unpresidential email etiquette.

Trump has remade the Republican Party in his own image. GOP now stands for Good Ol’ Putin.

New #IBMWoW jk #KDNuggets article: "Doing the Data Science That Drives Predictive Personalization" ( )

STEM cells. Magical seeds that can spawn new race of geeks genetically optimized for science, technology, engineering, & mathematics majors

Buddha was a data scientist 

Apache Spark™ 2.0: Migrating Applications 

New #IBM jk #DataFirst #StrataHadoop blog: "Collaborate to foster cognitive disruption" ( )

Drafted new #IBM #InfoWorld column: "Alleviating Predictive Jitters in the Vox Populi"

Heard most unsettling thing at th club yesterday. Some lady on an elliptical was repeatedly shouting anti-Hillary rants to herself. Jeepers!

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Lotus Flower by Radiohead from King of Limbs JK--2011. Great example of Thom Yorke's jittery choirboy vocals

New #IBMWoW jk #KDNuggets article: "The Acceleration of Data Science Excellence" ( )

RT @kexpplaylist#kexp Straight to Hell by The Clash frm Combat Rock JK--1982. Huh? "Ho Chi Minh" & "papa-san"? Vietnamese speaking Japanese?

Rewatched "The Martian" with daughter. I explained "gravity assist" to her, ref'd in plot: . But I'm no physicist.

New #IBMWoW jk listicle: "5 reasons data scientists are attending World of Watson" ( )

Apache Spark™ 2.0: Impressive Improvements to Spark SQL 

Apache™ Spark 2.0: Machine Learning. Under the Hood and Over the Rainbow. 

How To Design Hybrid Clouds For Innovation, Efficiency And Growth 

Never know on any given day if my schedule will grow heavier, or lighter, on the fly. I work the fly with mental barbells of various weights

Amused by this "let them know you're thinking of them" nag from FB on friends' birthdays. Nag them too. Are also they thinking of me?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Mary on a Wave by Okkervil River from Away JK--2016. Nice lazy, woozy vibe on this new one from the Austin group

Curious George turns 75. I always loved those stories. He wasn’t really mischievous, just curious. In other words, intelligent.

My Data Scientist Expert Interview video series (so far): . Two more to go, then the June influencer roundtable.

Surfing industry commentary. Always new analytics blog somewhere on "what is analytics?" Also reading automotiv blogging on "what's a car?"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Sister by Angel Olsen from My Woman JK--2016. Very nice. Brimming with passion and a soaring guitar bridge.

"End of Hadoop as We've Known It?" ( ) JK--Hardly a "bombshell" prophecy. "We've known it" to be diffuse/evolving mkt

"Is Quantum th Future o High-Performance Analytics?" ( ) JK--Discusses #IBM Quantum Experience 

"4 reasons data scientists are falling in love with bots" ( ) JK--Are we not bots?

"Pay Attention! Tesla’s Autopilot Will Lock Out Lackadaisical Drivers" ( ) JK--Person in driver seat can't fully relax

"How machine learning can help with voice disorders" ( ) JK--Biofeedback to help people with speech impediments?

"Is art next frontier in IoT revolution?" ( ) JK--Dynamically responds to & predictivly shapes installation aesthetics

"U.S. DoD needs “immediate action” to win the AI war" ( ) JK--Shows that AI's weaponization proceeds apace.

"Introducing a Graph-based Semantic Layer in Enterprises" ( ) JK--Entity- & relationship-centric views on data

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Plateau by Nirvana from MTV Unplugged in New York JK--1994. Cool slow country-oid Meat Puppets cover.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Shadows by Ryan Adams from Ryan Adams JK--2014. Nice mid-tempo moody from his recent eponymous LP

New #IBM #DataFirst jk blog: "Getting the right mix of analytics specialists in data science teams" ( )

Dear Business Spammer: Don't put quote marks around the "strategic alliance" you ostensibly seek unless you also put them around your "name"

It's good to have a prepared mind. But it's even better to be able to pull a new plan out of thin air if circumstances dictate. Chaos rules.

I always assumed Chewbacca got that name, and that look, from chewing too much of the wacky tabacca. But that's pure speculation on my part.

"Voting machines are still too easy to hack" ( ) JK--Oddly, GOP not worried about this fraud potential.

Join me et al on Crowdchat Thur Sept 8 11am EDT Predicting Revenue Growth #PredictiveEverywhere

RIP Fred Hellerman. Was the last surviving member of the Weavers. I liked his clear voice the best of the 4

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Pale Blue Eyes by Velvet Underground from Velvet Underground JK--1968. Self-titled LP. Beatles also had 1 that year

Early morning's when I'm most conscious of how the muscles of my lower back fit into contours of chair I'm in. My position for next 8+ hours

Rumor is that Apple Stores won't assign employees to Genius Bar till they've done time on the Mensa and John D./Catherine T. MacArthur Bars.