Friday, January 15, 2010

My blogging


If you're paying attention, you'll have noticed that, 2+ years ago upon joining Forrester Research, I started posting all IT-focused blog entries containing original thinking exclusively to Forrester's blogs. You'll also notice that I now redirect you from this, my personal blog, to each new item I post under Forrester's blogs. Now and then I have in the past cross-posted the full text from Forrester-originated blog entries to my personal blog, with links redirecting you to the source (i.e., to me in my capacity as a Forrester analyst/blogger).

I'm continuing that personal policy, but have decided not to cross-post my Forrester blog entries to my personal blog--though I will continue to link you back to the Forrester-resident items. If I ever again decide to cross-post Forrester-originated IT-focused entries to my personal blog, each one will have the following text prepended as the lead: "Please note that this post first appeared on the Forrester Business Process blog."

As for my personal blog, it will remain the go-to place to find Kobielus kommentary on the wide range of non-IT-specific topics upon which I choose to opine.