Saturday, January 23, 2010

Stuff I'm not even going to pretend I read in depth jan 18-22 2010

IBM Accelerates Cloud Computing With LotusLive

IBM and RIM to Fuel Enterprise Collaboration and Social Networking on the BlackBerry Platform for Mobile Business

IBM Helps Clients Adopt a Collaboration Agenda to Increase the Speed of Business

Business Intelligence in the Cloud

The Elasticity of the Cloud


Microsoft: Better Off Split Up?

Microsoft, HP link arms in $250 million cloud kumbaya

Microsoft adds version control to Azure operating systems

Sybase Continues to Assert Vertica’s Infringement of Sybase Patents

Top analyst tweeters (via TweetLevel)

Microsoft, HP Do Right by Partners

Microsoft Limits Storage Of Bing User Data To Six Months

Google's China problem unlikely to deter other technology companies

Baidu could be the big winner in Google vs. China

Novell Introduces First File Management Suite Based on Identity and Policy

SAP Announces Zions Bancorporation Has Adopted Closed-Loop Enterprise Performance Management to Increase Profitability, Operational Control

Live Long And Prosper? Lotus Unveils 'Vulcan' Integration Plan

HP-Microsoft Cloud Partnership Needs To Show Us The Goods

How Process Analytics Can Improve the Customer Experience

Mike Pascucci: Social Media Strategy - Before you Jump in

Ian Tomlin: Social Operating Systems: The Rise of Social Oriented Architecture

David Linthicum: BI continues to be a priority, but falling down the list

James Taylor: Some Decisioning and Analytic White Papers

How Much Intelligence Can You Pack Into a Tweet?

Oracle Won't Kill MySQL, Says Co-Founder

Why Firefox is doomed

Provocative predictions for cloud computing: How realistic?

Google's Loss in China is Microsoft's Gain

DARPA wants crowdsourcing applications to fly small satellites

Wozniak Uses Both Android And iPhone

France, Germany Say Stop Using Internet Explorer 6

Amazon EC2's model is a solution for shelfware, says IDC

SQL Server 2008 R2 release set for May

Cloud Computing Success Requires VARs Embrace 'The New Normal'

IBM Project Vulcan Manages Social Info Overload

Microsoft confirms SQL Server 2008 R2's May due date

The Reverse Quine: Making Web services transparent

Identity issues for 2010, Part 3

Microsoft, Google Debate Cloud Future

Pervasive BI: Still a Vision, Not Reality

How Camera Settings Help Us Understand Data Models

Q&A: Private Clouds Can Speed Data Access

SAS Revenue Jumps 2.2% to Record $2.31 Billion

Zoho Invites Open Source Projects to Use Zoho Discussions for Free

Business Intelligence in Excel and on the Web: Jedox now Provides Supported Open Source Versions for Palo

Jaspersoft Announces Partnership With Japanese Master Distributor

Oracle-Sun Layoff Prediction: Hold Analyst Accountable

Interview: Sybase CIO Jim Swartz

Microsoft confirms 17-year-old Windows bug

Oracle to provide Sun road map next week

Bill Gates launches Gates Notes to share his thoughts

Hello World: Bill Gates joins Twitter, Facebook

Rashid N Khan: Gartner's Pattern-Based Strategies and BPM

Bing's User-Data Life Span Trimmed to 6 Months

Microsoft's Bing Offers Expanded Health Care Data

Attacks on Google Deal Blow to the Cloud

Will Oracle Kill MySQL?

Oracle to provide Sun road map next week

Free Lunch: Public Algorithms Beat the Alternative

Six Strategies Database Administrators Need to Know for 2010

Microsoft Readies SQL Server 2008 R2 for May Release

Oracle wins mySQL but opponents do not admit defeat

Researchers virtualize supercomputer


Social Media Semantics Point to '(R)evolution'

Europe Lets Oracle Add Sun to Its Empire

Forrester: Information Architecture Matters

EU Clears Oracle to Buy Sun

IBM advances Social Everywhere strategy

IBM to acquire National Interest Security Company, LLC

Vertica Continues to Outperform the Analytic Database Market

Oracle's Four Biggest Challenges In Making The Sun Acquisition Work

Oracle To Reveal Sun Strategy Jan. 27

Microsoft Calls for New Cloud Computing Laws

MIT creates picture-driven programming for the masses

The Google-China Challenge: How It Came to This

The Rise of Digital Maoism