Friday, January 08, 2010

Stuff I glanced at these past few weeks

Business process modeling specification set for 2010 adoption

Has Microsoft redeemed itself?

RIA development framework Qooxdoo debuts

Startups keep on-demand BI faith, but big vendors wait and see

80legs offers free version of its Web data mining tool

MySQL developers release 5.5 beta

'War of innovation' will change face of search

2009: Social networks go mainstream

Twitter gets down to business with Contributors feature

Peter Schooff: Top 5 BI Forums for 2009

James Taylor: A Predictive Enterprise

Brenda Michelson: Rise of Event Processing / Active Information Picks

IBM to Acquire Lombardi

Pentaho Dominates Open Source BI and Data Integration Adoption


Space Debris Reaching Tipping Point?

Ellison Says Oracle Will Focus Sun Servers on High End

IBM Preps for Cloud Computing War vs. Google, Microsoft

Monte Carlo, Resampling and BI – Part 2

IBM Will Find Business Process Optimization with Acquisition of Lombardi Software

Starview Advances Operational Intelligence with Analytics in Distributed CEP

The Reinvention of BI as we Know It

Distributed Data Management in the Real World

WSO2 Launches Business Activity Monitor

HP products enable hybrid cloud computing

IBM Launches Voice-of-the-Customer Analytic Service

BI and Data Warehouse Vendors Chime in on Oracle's MySQL Commitments

Unstructured Text Analytics: Real Uses May Be Hidden
10 years ago in IdM


Oracle lays out its vision for Sun: Will it work?

Google's Chrome grabs No. 3 browser spot from Safari

CEP and analytics

Confessions of a serial DQ perpetrator

Rackspace Offers FathomDB As Service

What a Data Warehouse is Not

Google Making Huge Android Announcement Tomorrow

Open-source BI going mainstream, Gartner says

'Save MySQL' campaign gains momentum

Phil Wainewright: 2010 Watchlist: People-Oriented Architecture

Cloud computing will kill these 3 technologies

Could Apple's rumored iSlate tablet be another game changer?

10 Ways the Internet Will Change in 2010


Intelligent Enterprise 2010 Event Calendar

How will MySQL fare under Oracle?

Google Reveals Nexus One 'Super Phone'

Cloud Ready For App Development In 2010

HP Extends Public, Private Cloud Portfolio

Oracle buys data quality vendor

David Linthicum: The Truth about BI and Privacy Issues

Nari Kannan: Heat Maps -- Excellent Business Intelligence Visualization

Michael Poulin: Business Architecture and IBM Component Business Model

Oracle/Sun, Azure, Office, Ubuntu, Chrome OS Will Make Big Waves

Whither Data Warehousing in the Teens?

Oracle sees a silver lining in product data

Five Predictions for Advanced Analytics in 2010

Gartner buys Burton Group in further consolidation of IT analysis market

Identity issues for 2010

Will Apple's iSlate Save the News Industry?

Come Together: BI and ECM Bleed into Each Other

BI 2010: Evolving to Meet Demands of the Changing Business Landscape

Q&A: How Agile BI Can Ease Data Access

Google offers to help run a 'white spaces' database

As Gartner expands, so does the competition

Google Has Big Plans for Google Voice, Cloud Computing

The New Decade of Advanced Analytics: Roll Over Rocket Scientists!

Open-Source BI Going Mainstream for Routine Uses

ScaleMP Delivers vSMP Foundation to 150th Customer

Gartner Acquires Burton Group

Windows Azure: Microsoft's Big Bet

The Death Throes of Free TV

11 BI/Analytics Topics for 2010

Davenport On Analytics Buzz and Bravado

Coming Soon from SAP BusinessObjects

IBM's Lombardi Buy: It was Bound to Happen

Architectural shift joins app logic to take advanced analytics into real-time

Oracle sees a silver lining in product data

Yahoo!® Brings the Internet to More Living Rooms Around the World

As Gartner expands, so does the competition

The New Decade of Advanced Analytics: Roll Over Rocket Scientists!

The Time Capsule: Looking Back at Your Job 50 Years From Now

Gartner To Acquire Burton Group

BI market trends and expert forecasts for 2010

The Great Cloud Rush of 2009

Aberdeen: Best-In-Class Data Management for BI

A Last Look At The Naughty and the Nice

Social Networking Web Sites: Build an OAuth-Enabled Desktop Twitter Client

Google's OpenSocial Fueling Atlassian's SaaS Development Shift

Vertica Leads the Next-Gen Analytic Database Pack

Microsoft Rings in 2010 with Commercial Cloud Services

Members propose Identity in the Clouds TC

Cellphone Radiation May Thwart Alzheimer's

DARPA seeks radical ocean surveillance technology

Conversation as a Complex Event

Open Geospatial Consortium Seeks Input on Next Version of CityGMLStaff, OGC Announcement

Internet Predictions: Future Imperfect

Cloud Storage On The Rise