Friday, March 12, 2010

My blogging, redux


Per my post from two months ago, if you're paying attention, you'll have noticed that, 2+ years ago upon joining Forrester Research, I started posting all IT-focused blog entries containing original thinking exclusively to Forrester's blogs. You'll also notice that I now redirect you from this, my personal blog, to each new item I post under Forrester's blogs. Now and then I have in the past cross-posted the full text from Forrester-originated blog entries to my personal blog, with links redirecting you to the source (i.e., to me in my capacity as a Forrester analyst/blogger).

I'm continuing that personal policy, but have decided not to cross-post my Forrester blog entries to my personal blog--though I will continue to link you back to the Forrester-resident items. If I ever again decide to cross-post Forrester-originated IT-focused entries to my personal blog, each one will have the following text prepended as the lead: "Please note that this post first appeared on the Forrester Business Process blog."

All of my IT-specific original posts are now at If you follow me for IT thoughts, please update all of your feed subscriptions and bookmarks to point to that.

As for my personal blog, it will remain the go-to place to find Kobielus kommentary on the wide range of non-IT-specific topics upon which I choose to opine.

Jim “