Friday, March 19, 2010

Stuff I read in between everything else all week--mar 15-19 2010

CA To Buy Nimsoft For $350 Million

Text Mining: Will 2010 be the year when text analytics is adopted by the masses?

Microsoft to offer Web analytics for Silverlight apps

A trend? Intel releases $125 'affordable' SSD

Twitter Turns on Its Geolocation Feature, Makes It Opt-in

Database Activity Monitoring Part 4 - Compliance and Technical Architecture

TIBCO rolls out Spotfire 3.1 with spotlight on predictive analytics

Cast Iron launches integration platform to help pull hybrid cloud models together

Can Novell thrive by being a jack of all trades?

What is Social Media Management, and Why Should You Care?

Will Oracle's Open Source Efforts Die of Brain Drain?

Facebook pushing 'Suicide Machine' into an open-source afterlife

Oracle Loses XML Co-inventor to Google

Pegasystems Buys CRM Vendor Chordiant

W3C Launches Decisions and Decision-Making Incubator Group
Staff, W3C Announcement

Elastic Provisioning in the Cloud: Terracotta and Eucalyptus Integration

The Rise of Free -- and Fake -- Antivirus Software

Google Set to Close China Site

Teradata Boosts Data Warehouse Appliance Speed

Autonomy Delivers the First Meaning-Based Multichannel Customer Interaction Analytics Application

Progress Releases Real Time BPM Suite

Do SSDs Belong In Laptops?

Database Activity Monitoring Part 4 - Compliance and Technical Architecture

SAP revamp could include big acquisitions

Progress Releases Real-Time BPM Suite

Tibco Brings Analytics to Spotfire Business Users

Microsoft, PreEmptive Launch Silverlight Analytics Tools

Cast Iron Launches Cloud Integration Platform

Twitter to simplify integration of tweets into Web sites

StoredIQ and NetApp Deliver Next-Generation Enterprise-Class Information Management Solution

IBM Extends Development and Test to the IBM Cloud

Sibley Memorial Hospital Selects CareTech Solutions as Infrastructure Outsourcing Partner

Microsoft Announces Hardware-Accelerated HTML5, Pushes Boundaries on Web and Cloud Development

The Appliance Wars Drag On And On

Mitch Wagner: Twitter's confusing @anywhere announcement: An attempt at an explanation

Mitch Wagner: Why does Twitter's @anywhere have to be so cryptic?

Andre Yee: How Social Media Influence Impacts Customer Service

Ted Cuzzillo: How Lyza stole the buzz at TDWI

The Modern XML Appliance: From Acceleration to Integration and into the Cloud

Sparx to Embed Service-Oriented Modeling Framework for SOA and Cloud Computing Modeling

If 'semantic web' annoys you, read on...

Twitter Will Stream Tweets Across Popular Web Sites

The Trouble With Twitter's @anywhere Service

SXSW: Twitter Announcement a Real Yawner

Is the Data Delivery Platform a Federated Architecture?

Novell Expands SUSE Appliance Program With Ingres

Former Yahoo Data Executives Join Forces to Create nPario, a Startup that Helps Organizations Understand and Market Consumer Intent

Dataupia's Hinshaw Back in the Saddle

The Many Uses of Data Federation

Software Enables Complex Customer Searches Across Huge Database

Twitter's @anywhere could prove risky for users

Information Builders Delivers Latest Version of Performance Management Framework

Extreme Cloud Computing, CERN Style

Twitter Turns On Its Geolocation Feature

Social CRM Thrives on Powerful Dashboards and Process Analytics

Interested in How Well SAP is Addressing Your Data Management and BI Requirements?

Actuate Goes Apple and Creates Information Platform for Cloud Computing

The Economic Approach and BI

Data Services and Virtualization

Will Google Tip the Scale Toward OpenID?

SQL Server Geospatial Data

Microsoft Drives Customer Success With Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Accelerates Desktop Virtualization


Predictive analytics software next battleground for BI vendors

2010 data warehouse appliance guide and special report

IDtrust Hosts "Web of Complexity" at e-Identity conference

Novell's MonoDroid project bringing .Net development to Android

Social networking addicts updating from bed, bathroom

Database Dangers In The Cloud

Self-Service Predictive Modeling: Vendors Still Have Far To Go

Mainstream BI vs. Mainstream Predictive Analytics

Database Activity Monitoring Part 5 - A Brief for Business Decision Makers

Apple, Facebook Get Into Geolocation