Sunday, March 28, 2010

Stuff I stuffed in my duffelbag March 22-26 2010

Database Activity Monitoring Part 5 - A Brief for Business Decision Makers

Misys First to Launch Exotic FX Options Matching for Buy Side

Twitter's @anywhere could usher in big improvements

Teradata Boosts Data Warehouse Appliance Speed

Microsoft says its testy relationship with open source is changing

Is SOA getting play in the cloud?

What is the State of Innovation in Business Intelligence?

The Facebook Imperative Cannot Be Stopped

Forrester: Uncertain Future for SAP's NetWeaver

Data to Info to Knowledge

Former MySQL CEO Lands At Cloud Startup

SQL and relational databases: They're not right for the cloud

The big data addiction

Expert Analysis: Metrics Can Lead In the Wrong Direction

Q&A: IBM's Steve Mills On Strategy, Oracle, SAP

MIX10: Microsoft Doubles Down on jQuery

IBM Launches Public Cloud Service

DEMO start-ups go for the cloud

Professors cite challenges in teaching BI in college

BI and the Customer Voice: Borge Hald Explains

James Taylor: Pattern-based strategies Gartner BPM

CRM for the SMB, Part 6: How to Get Your Sales Staff to Buy In

IBM Unveils New Predictive Analytics Lab in China

Microsoft turns 35: Best, worst and most notable moments

Microsoft Bing to Surface More Web Services

Social CRM: Yes, It’s The Real Deal, But That Hand’s Still Being Dealt

Studies in Scale: Updated Processor Can Take Analytics to New Heights

Microsoft Connects People in New Ways With Communications Server '14'

Panorama Software to Expand the Worldwide Microsoft BI Eco-System

Psychoanalyzing Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, And Larry Ellison

How Many People Use Advanced Analytics?

Forrester Sees 'Smart Computing' IT Growth

Is It Time for NoETL?

Social, Spatial & Temporal: The Coordinates of Community in the Cloud

Microsoft Releases Technical Preview of Next Generation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Twitter: Spam Reduced To 1% Of Tweets Per Day

3-D, Twitter SMS are future of phones, execs say

Sybase SQL Anywhere Gets New Spatial Data Capabilities

NoSQL Database Movement Gains Ground as Alternative

Amazon Welcomes Microsoft Windows Server Licenses To The Cloud

Microsoft Explores Microblogging App for Enterprise

Number of People Using Advanced Analytics

Data Miner Survey Shows Positive Signs

Analytics: Don't Forget The Staff

Database Activity Monitoring Part 5 - A Brief for Business Decision Makers

Novell Drops NetWare Support: What Do Millions Of Users Do?

On 'Hello World' Hacks, 'Blog Whoring' and Software Bloat

Google Weaves a Tangled Chinese Web