Friday, July 23, 2010

Aweekstweets July 17-23 2010: week I tweeted 273 incl 5 nu poems + 1 Kevin Spacey link

Re Ginsberg "Howl." "Best minds"? Kerouac? Cassidy? Burroughs? Get real! If not them, who? Your generation invented early Internet. Them? 6 minutes ago via txt

HASH AT STAR AMPERSAND FUCK//Breast pocket cellphone./Crunch dials crashing into door./Displays fresh curse word. 17 minutes ago via txt

RT @nytimes: Daniel Schorr, Journalist, Dies at 93 JK--Schorr was one of most important broadcast journos of his day. about 3 hours ago via TweetDeck

@hackathorn #BBBT Multivariate statistical analysis? Yeah, that sounds like a good core tech to include in "advanced analytics." about 3 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to hackathorn

Getting closer to making the final cut on vendor inclusion in my forthcoming update to the #Forrester #EDW Wave. about 3 hours ago via TweetDeck

Listening to Jackie Brenston & his Delta Cats, " Rocket 88," from ~ 60 years ago. Jumpin' jump blues, proto rock'n'roll. Ike Turner on piano about 4 hours ago via TweetDeck

BI social marts (per most recent blog): subject-oriented analytic-info repositories fed fresh stuff by empowered collaborative human beings about 4 hours ago via TweetDeck

@Claudia_Imhoff #FAIL #BBBT Bah, humbug, "Big Data" is passe. Starbucks has already trademarked something much better: "Venti Data." about 4 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to Claudia_Imhoff

@Claudia_Imhoff #BBBT Bad idea. They misspelled "warehouse." Good idea if they're selling it to DoD, though. about 4 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to Claudia_Imhoff

New blogpost: "Social Business Intelligence: The Knowledge Management Connection" ( about 5 hours ago via TweetDeck

RT @kexpplaylist: Love In A Trashcan by The Raveonettes from the album Pretty In Black: JK--Great jam to be doing analyst in tune with. about 7 hours ago via TweetDeck

VIRT'Z'N /Query the cosmos. /No mere abstraction. A crisp/singularity. about 9 hours ago via TweetDeck

"Sentiment Analysis Goes High-Def" ( JK--OK. When can expect MSFT Word to supplement spell & grammar chek w/ tone chek? about 10 hours ago via TweetDeck

"Google Gets Semantic" ( JK--Semantic search nirvana. Search engine knows what you're truly asking for, even if U don't about 10 hours ago via TweetDeck

"Cerf Eyes Interplanetary Internet" ( JK--What'll this mean 4 #BI ? Extremely long-running suspended-animation queries about 10 hours ago via TweetDeck

"Terracotta Announces Terabyte Data Cache For Apps" ( ) JK--Before long, this tek'll be indistinguishable from nxt-gn DW about 10 hours ago via TweetDeck

Listened to NPR podcast intervu with vox-char artist Billy West ("Futurama"). Catch brilliant breakdown of Popeye vox, per Tuvan throat-sing about 10 hours ago via TweetDeck

"Sitting, even after workout, can cut lifespan" ( JK--Warning: Relaxing can kill you. Have a nice day! about 21 hours ago via web

@TonyBaer You're a man of the world, Tony. Surely you understand friends with, results. about 22 hours ago via web in reply to TonyBaer

Doing 2-hour presentation in November at DAMA chapter in Philly. Topic is adv analytics: predictve modeling + #datamining + lotsa new stuff 1,279,831,937,000.00 via txt

Nice thing about people not showing up for scheduled calls: that time stays blocked but is now free. Serendipitous quality work time! 1,279,831,615,000.00 via txt

RT @bevelson: #dmradio 2) practice hub & spoke approach 1,279,828,791,000.00 via TweetDeck

Put together and customized a #datawarehousing workshop today for a corporate client quicker than expected. On a roll. 1,279,828,762,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @msnbc_tech National Zoo to breed giant salamanders from Japan JK--Not again! This is how 50s Godzilla fiasco began! 1,279,828,662,000.00 via TweetDeck

Difference between "social skills" & "social networking skills." The former stresses respectful manners, the latter impactful mannerisms. 1,279,828,466,000.00 via TweetDeck

"The Quiet Social Networks" ( JK--Quiet? As opposed to raucous & rowdy? Better to call them "startup socials"? 1,279,820,715,000.00 via TweetDeck

@kitson LOL. And to my ear "awesome" sounds so much like "awful" and "awkward" that it should not mean "super-dee-duper." Funny ol' lingo. 1,279,820,566,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to kitson

RT @Netezza: Netezza TwinFin with a Hadoop Cluster used for queryable archive analytics? Find out how: #data #bi 1,279,813,501,000.00 via TweetDeck

What really peeves me about spam is not its unsolicited nature, nor the volume or sleaze, but the wretched spelling! Slap you with ruler! 1,279,811,739,000.00 via TweetDeck

@merv #decrepitude Better to be venerable than execrable ( 1,279,810,168,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to merv

@merv #decrepitude Venerable = worthy of non-decrepit veneration ( As in the "Venerable Bede" ( 1,279,810,073,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to merv

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Afterglow by Arthur & Yu from the album In Camera: JK--What happened to them? Every song off 2007 album was brilliant 1,279,809,205,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I'm Waiting For The Man by Velvet Underground from Velvet Underground & Nico: JK--Steady pulsation makes psychedelic. 1,279,809,140,000.00 via TweetDeck

I'm thinking of listing my byline as "Mr. James Kobielus, No.Ph.D." and see if anybody notices. Not lying. 1,279,808,567,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @asjs: LCD Someone Great on compulsive repeat. 1,279,808,400,000.00 via TweetDeck

Is Leonardo DiCaprio a Leo or a Capricorn? Or neither? Are you dreaming this tweet, or is it really streaming? Did I plant it in your dream? 1,279,805,595,000.00 via TweetDeck

"Promise & peril of Social Media Director" ( JK--Big career peril is credibility. proving that their role is not a fad. 1,279,805,166,000.00 via TweetDeck

Of course #Forrester take on #SocialBI ( with thoughts from @jameskobielus @rbkarel @nyuhanna @hkisker @gleganza 1,279,804,391,000.00 via TweetDeck

Another fine piece on #SocialBI, this one from the venerable @merv "Tibco Silver Spotfire – Social BI? Why Not?" ( 1,279,804,077,000.00 via TweetDeck

@alanmstein Is "devil U know" (the big ones) better than those you don't (lil' demons-in-training)? Tweet amongst yourselves, without naming 1,279,803,916,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to alanmstein

Excellent article on #SocialBI from @SethGrimes "The Socialization of BI" ( 1,279,803,787,000.00 via TweetDeck

I adhere to a slightly adapted David Byrne school of plumbing. As the days go by, I let the water hold me up. 1,279,802,387,000.00 via TweetDeck

Has analytics been demoted to "plumbing" in your agile biz process strategy? Tweet amongst yourselves. 1,279,801,929,000.00 via TweetDeck

Some mental tasks have lo (psychic) switching costs & can be multitasked friction-free. Some have hi switching costs & take time + caffeine. 1,279,801,841,000.00 via TweetDeck

Suffering fools gladly. Have they invented a painkiller to help with the "suffering" side & hallucinogen to trick us into the "gladly" part? 1,279,801,598,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @ScienceNews24: "Most colossal star on record...has been discovered in neighbouring galaxy" JK--Size indicates possible evil. Death star? 1,279,801,468,000.00 via TweetDeck

Recurring industry obsession with whether this/that dominant vendor is "evil" is just sour grapes. Never heard a no-name startup called evil 1,279,801,337,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Tomboy by Panda Bear from the album Tomboy: JK--Somehow I fancy this animal more than the entire collective. 1,279,801,037,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @BobDylanSays: "When you hear me yellin', "Fee-fi-fo-fum."" JK--Yeah, like you invented that phrase too, Shakespeare. Show some humility. 1,279,800,983,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @ScienceNews24: New henge, a circular ditch that .... ( JK--Would be cooler if discovered buried fiber optic cable. 1,279,800,902,000.00 via TweetDeck

A sobering point in many IT professionals' careers is when the hot new tech in which you're the be-all authority gets demoted to "plumbing." 1,279,800,323,000.00 via TweetDeck

"Facebook Has Half a Billion Members but Few Real Friends" ( JK--Let me get this straight: 1 in 12 humans is on FB? 1,279,800,014,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @kexpplaylist: Love in the Great Outdoors by Richard Youngs from Beyond the Valley of Ultrahits: JK--Nice. Feels like soulful Bowie. 1,279,799,874,000.00 via TweetDeck

"Fifty: The Magic Email Number" ( JK--One message can be overwhelming if it has 50 paragraphs, forwards, or attachments 1,279,798,988,000.00 via TweetDeck

@kitson Bagus. Kami bisa berbicara di Twitter dan orang-orang lagi tidak mengerti. Tidak betul, banyak orang Indonesia senang tweet. 1,279,798,274,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to kitson

If people souring on Facebook experience & every firm pins its soc media mktg strategy on FB, what's alternative? Move it all to Twitter? 1,279,745,114,000.00 via TweetDeck

@kitson #NewWorld Jangan takut. Orang Indonesia senang teknologi informasi halus. Kalau mau, aku bisa tolong. Mereka bilang apa? 1,279,744,401,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to kitson

Dow is Down....again. Maybe that's part of problem. If its very name didn't allude 2 bear markets, we'd be richer. Change it 2 the Up Index! 1,279,743,030,000.00 via TweetDeck

@catevz I can only do a #Forrester Wave when the #SocialBI market emerges from its hive, swarms in droves, & starts producing ample honey! 1,279,742,848,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to catevz

Social BI. The concept is picking up buzzword velocity. The BI bees are buzzing all around me. 1,279,742,100,000.00 via TweetDeck

@jameskobielus That last tweet is directed at you Mike Neuenschwander. You know who you are. 1,279,741,902,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to jameskobielus

That's why always liked "IAM"--existential assertion--as ironic category acronym 4 "identity & access mgt." By contrast, IdM has no poetry. 1,279,741,854,000.00 via TweetDeck

"I Can't Believe It's Not Butter." Good virtualization phrase: "I Can't Believe It's Not..a Data Warehouse." ICBIN? Ich bin? Ich bin nicht! 1,279,741,703,000.00 via TweetDeck

Far fewer tweets today than yesterday because my work day is sliced up into a different variety & rhythm of tasks. 1,279,740,954,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @cnnbrk: Former Ill. Gov. Blagojevich won't testify in corruption trial. JK--His hairdo is self-incriminating. 1,279,735,924,000.00 via TweetDeck

@Direct_Partners I'm more brutal then. I'm coming to life in the morning and have a hot finger on the delete key for pesky marketing emails. 1,279,735,744,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to Direct_Partners

Interviewed by Herman Mehling of on business analytics market landscape. 1,279,735,101,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @brainpicker: Ah, Periodic Table of Irrational Nonsense JK--Ah, each elemnt radioactv: deton8s sum1's mshroom cloud 1,279,729,309,000.00 via TweetDeck

Interviewed by re PBBI & Portrait 1,279,728,861,000.00 via TweetDeck

Hey Technobabble, expand yr IT analyst soc media influence metric: Being King Tweeter sorta like Mayor of Farmville 1,279,725,512,000.00 via TweetDeck

Not classic Greek dramaturgical hyperliteral on hero stuff. Odysseus'd strangle U if U dub him Highly Empowered & Resourceful Operative 1,279,724,816,000.00 via TweetDeck

@Brett2point0 Yeah, but hero is someone who lives 2 fight another day. Martyrs tend to rely on sometimes-unreliable survivors 2 handle that. 1,279,722,687,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to Brett2point0

REVISION: A hero is any person who, in exceptional circumstances and even in humdrum everyday operations, demonstrates astonishing powers. 1,279,720,201,000.00 via TweetDeck

Technobabble: Expand your IT analyst soc media influence metric ( Being King Tweeter sorta like Mayor of Farmville 1,279,719,638,000.00 via TweetDeck

Laptops. You ever try keeping one on your actual (clothed) lap for any period of time? You're practically inviting 3rd degree burns. 1,279,718,661,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp: I Might Be Wrong by Radiohead from the album Amnesiac: JK--Title indicates Thom Yorke has humility. And amnesia. 1,279,718,308,000.00 via TweetDeck

REVISION: A hero is any person who, in exceptional circumstances and even in humdrum everyday operations, demonstrates extraordinary powers. 1,279,718,230,000.00 via TweetDeck

@samanthastone Good point! 1,279,718,145,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to samanthastone

A hero is any person who, in exceptional circumstances, demonstrates extraordinary powers. 1,279,717,840,000.00 via TweetDeck

This hero stuff isn’t as mythical and mystical as you’ve been led to believe. 1,279,717,832,000.00 via TweetDeck

Toying with this opening HERO sentence: "Forget the “Iliad,” the “Odyssey,” and all those back issues of “Superman” comic books. " 1,279,717,804,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Babelonia by School Of Seven Bells from the album Disconnect From Desire: JK--Ears definitely perk when So7B comes on 1,279,717,751,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp: Dry The Rain by The Beta Band from The Three E.P.'s: JK--Don't worry about drying the rain. Just drain the humidity! 1,279,717,375,000.00 via TweetDeck

Interviewed by @chriskanaracus of IDG on whether industries are truly tapping the potential of predictive analytics. 1,279,717,322,000.00 via TweetDeck

"Zuckerberg admits working for man claiming Facebook ownership" ( JK--Apparently, they're not "friends." 1,279,714,120,000.00 via TweetDeck

@debtfreeguy Reputation definitely NOT made in moment. It's steady accumulation of everything you ever did and/or been rumored to have done 1,279,713,571,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to debtfreeguy

Exactly one hundred tweets in one day. That tweetjam put me over the top. I feel a bit like Wilt the Stilt right now. 1,279,681,512,000.00 via TweetDeck

We often refer to the best data as the "latest & greatest." Latest? That states lo-latency is part of trustworthiness, hence data quality. 1,279,681,327,000.00 via TweetDeck

"Ten Terrible Web 2.0 Buzzwords" ( JK--Should have thrown "Web 2.0" in there. Version #? What's a version these days? 1,279,681,036,000.00 via TweetDeck

Da ya think William fancies Jennifer? 1,279,679,792,000.00 via TweetDeck

Hey everybody, please don't specifically ask me to retweet anything U put out there. No slap against ya, but I only retwt when spirit moves 1,279,679,196,000.00 via TweetDeck

Facebook Scores Below IRS, at Level of Disliked Airlines ( JK--Give 'em a break. FB never audited taxes or lost luggage 1,279,678,852,000.00 via TweetDeck

I think there needs to be a 50-year moratorium on use of "Amazing Grace" for milking sympathy during funeral scenes in Hollywood movies. 1,279,678,557,000.00 via TweetDeck

Urban legends? Bah humbug! None of them rises to the stature of a Paul Bunyan, Pecos Bill, or John Henry. No, I'm not counting Superman. 1,279,677,037,000.00 via TweetDeck

Hoobastank? Youbastink! This now concludes our lesson in rock n roll conjugation. 1,279,661,077,000.00 via txt

In #BI terms, treating James Bond as HERO like glorifying data collection job, when babe should go to analyst whose intel fingers the baddie 1,279,660,180,000.00 via txt

Gov't intel feels like bipartisan issue if anything is. But problem deepened during GOP power stint. They default 2 funding weapons & spooks 1,279,659,483,000.00 via txt

How can yr people be #CRM HEROes? Leverage #EDW #BI #Datamining to save customr relationshps, one at time or en masse. Save your ship first! 1,279,659,200,000.00 via txt

How can nat'l security intelligence analyst be real-life HERO? Find precisely one golden nugget of predictive lifesaving intelligence! 1,279,658,834,000.00 via txt

Gov't employs legions of human analysts with sophisticated analytics tools 2 sift thru endless mess we call "national security intelligence" 1,279,658,565,000.00 via txt

WashPost special section on Top Secret America. US govt has thrown billions of $ at problem with laughably little cross-gov data governance. 1,279,658,277,000.00 via txt

#dmjam #mdm Sure glad TweetDeck didn't hiccup during all that. 1,279,656,049,000.00 via TweetDeck

Gonna have to drop off. The hour's over. Great TweetJam everybody! #dmjam #mdm 1,279,655,984,000.00 via TweetDeck

@bevelson #dmjam Not true. Plenty of adoption in content analytics space. But not a lot in #BI #DW or #MDM. Ay, there's the rub. 1,279,655,945,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to bevelson

@stevesarsfield #dmjam No. #datawarehousing + #dataquality + #datagovernance + #BPM = #MDM 1,279,655,901,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to stevesarsfield

RT @rbkarel: #dmjam My blog here discussed my opinion on how to use #BPM focus to drive #MDM adoption 1,279,655,746,000.00 via TweetDeck

#dmjam #mdm To the extent that bad/non-conformed data is what's messing up biz processes, then, yes, biz proc improvements should drive #MDM 1,279,655,704,000.00 via TweetDeck

@bevelson #dmjam Metadata standards for complex content? Well, there's RDF, OWL--all those ontologies & taxonomy Semantic Web stuff 1,279,655,626,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to bevelson

@owensleslie #dmjam In some cases, yes, in which it needs to be governed under trad'l recordkeeping practices, not MDM data gov. 1,279,655,557,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to owensleslie

@rbkarel #dmjam #MDM No. #BPM focuses on better biz outcomes. MDM focuses on biz input: trustworthy data. But BPM key to data gov MDM wkflo 1,279,655,473,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to rbkarel

#dmjam #mdm Master Info Mgt a matter of converting unstructured sources (eg, product info) to struct models (e.g, 3NF) where can be governed 1,279,655,423,000.00 via TweetDeck

#dmjam #mdm Master Info Mgt mostly matter of lossless transmission & storage. Unstruct sources may not hold official records, just raw info 1,279,655,312,000.00 via TweetDeck

#dmjam #mdm Master Info Mgt presupposes there can be DETERMINISTIC GOLDEN RECORD of, say, customer sentiment. Doubtful. Probabilistic mining 1,279,655,159,000.00 via TweetDeck

#dmjam #mdm Master Information Management demands deep, agile, semantic-infused metadata layer, modeling tools, & platform. Hadoop anyone? 1,279,654,983,000.00 via TweetDeck

@rbkarel #dmjam #MDM #BI #datawarehouse #ECM Content is NOT Wild West in DW. It's St. Louis--gateway to the Wild West (e.g., social media) 1,279,654,909,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to rbkarel

@rbkarel #dmjam #MDM #ECM #MDM will become MIM when unstructured source info becomes substantial piece of enterprise #BI strategies. #dmjam 1,279,654,833,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to rbkarel

#dmjam #mdm Champion, fund, own, drive, manage. These verbs have distinct meanings in IT program/project parlance. We're confusing them. 1,279,654,792,000.00 via TweetDeck

@PhilipWPrather #dmjam Did you see my earlier tweet on exactly that? See my blog: 1,279,654,697,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to PhilipWPrather

@rbkarel #dmjam Think of MDM as highfalutin' recordkeeping. Recordkeepers (i.e., IT) own the sys. Record owners (business) own consequences 1,279,654,601,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to rbkarel

@rbkarel #dmjam #MDM #datagovernance Let's define "drive" vs. "own". "Drive" = manage; clearly it's IT. "Own" = benefit; clearly, business 1,279,654,413,000.00 via TweetDeck

@rbkarel #dmjam #MDM #datagovernance What master (business imperative) R U serving with MDM? Trustworthy decisions, which the business owns 1,279,654,307,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to rbkarel

#dmjam #MDM #datagovernance #BI users who scream loudest for trustworthy data must own #MDM. Otherwise, initiative lacks obvious biz value. 1,279,654,235,000.00 via TweetDeck

#dmjam #mdm Agile MDM? Should have agility to designate new ref data repos adhoc as SVOT for new decision ypes (e.g, social media marketing) 1,279,654,182,000.00 via TweetDeck

#dmjam #mdm MDM can be as lean as any modeling exercise, as long as you have agile tools & agile architects that rapidly evolve data models 1,279,653,957,000.00 via TweetDeck

@rbkarel #Lean #MDM #dmjam Agile MDM demands metadata-driven visual modeling of #DBMS #DW #ETL #BI--the whole ref-data ecosystem. 1,279,653,842,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to rbkarel

#dmjam #Lean #Agile #MDM Possible? Yeah. Agile means iterative incremental collab dev among cross-functional biz/IT teams. Likely? Ha! 1,279,653,738,000.00 via TweetDeck

#Lean #Agile #MDM possible w/ common metadata & modeling across #ETL #DW #BI. Lean means scrum: Tricky, though. #dmjam 1,279,653,592,000.00 via TweetDeck

#dmjam #mdm MDM is program, not project, leveraging projects such as #BI #datawarehousing #dataquality but may rely on #datafederation too. 1,279,653,498,000.00 via TweetDeck

@bevelson #dmjam Right. You still need conformed, cleansed, consistent, consolidated system-of-record regardless of whether have #DW or not 1,279,653,314,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to bevelson

@bevelson #dmjam Which of course raises issue of whether #MDM is far too bureaucratic &clumsy to keep pace w/ agile business requirements 1,279,653,199,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to bevelson

#dmjam Data virtualization efforts complicate #MDM strategies by eliminating single system of ref data. Necessitate data gov at source/OLTP. 1,279,653,131,000.00 via TweetDeck

Data virtualization often part of #DW federation—i.e, decentralization. That makes #MDM less practical. #dmjam 1,279,653,023,000.00 via TweetDeck

@WinstonChen #dmjam I disagree. The sys of record (for commit changes to master data) is OLTP app. #DW or data-fed registry is sys of ref. 1,279,652,987,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to WinstonChen

#dmjam #mdm I believe best practices are to 1) define stewardship for master data sets, 2) designate ref repos's, 3) impl gov'nance controls 1,279,652,904,000.00 via TweetDeck

#dmjam #mdm The issue of governance comes to the fore when you do #DW. Wrap strong governance controls around master & metadata in DBMS. 1,279,652,777,000.00 via TweetDeck

#dmjam #mdm #DW is not an app. It's a repository of master reference data. Not necessarily the only. 1,279,652,717,000.00 via TweetDeck

#MDM is governance of master data. #DW may be one of several repositories. OLTP federation ( may involve several. 1,279,652,661,000.00 via TweetDeck

#MDM #dmjam In customer #datawarehousing projects, trustworthy conformed data is requirement. MDM maybe not in first phase, but subsequent 1,279,652,537,000.00 via TweetDeck

#DW is core analytic DB & can be centralized repository for master data & metadata. #MDM is governance of those masters. #dmjam 1,279,652,450,000.00 via TweetDeck

Clock is ticking to #MDM #dmjam: MDM's Next Evolution...We've Only Just Begun.....beginning momentarily...wait to see @rbkarel opening tweet 1,279,652,376,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @rbkarel: #dmjam – Review "What's Next On The #MDM Horizon?" to prep for the upcoming TweetJam starting in 1 minute 1,279,652,285,000.00 via TweetDeck

12 minutes from now, 3-4pm ET #Forrester #dmjam “MDM’s Next Evolution” join me @rbkarel @bevelson @gleganza @passion4process @nyuhanna 1,279,651,736,000.00 via TweetDeck

@ScienceNews24 We need to send a moonraker back there to groom the moon back to its pre-Armstrong pristine state. Such a mess we left! 1,279,648,810,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to ScienceNews24

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Kissing Families by Silversun Pickups from Pikul: JK--"Everything done is connected & beautiful." Good sentiment. 1,279,647,821,000.00 via TweetDeck

"Your IT Guy May Be Sniffing Your Email" ( JK--Chalk it up to over-active olfactory sense? 1,279,642,865,000.00 via TweetDeck

If your mind is easily boggled by constantly toggling between tasks & contexts, are you sure you're living in the 21st century? 1,279,641,438,000.00 via TweetDeck

Not just their HERO. Each call is a tiny time investment that sharpens my viewpoint on something I'm working on at this very moment. 1,279,641,379,000.00 via TweetDeck

I try to be HERO of every IT reporter who's on severe deadline & needs some analyst to give microsecond attention 2 something analytics-edgy 1,279,641,308,000.00 via TweetDeck

Working on my #Forrester report on role of social network analysis in empowering your influentials to deliver superior customer experiences. 1,279,641,138,000.00 via TweetDeck

Interviewed by Mark Earl Long of CIO Today re upshot of Facebook lo satisfaction scores ( to social media analytics mkt 1,279,641,078,000.00 via TweetDeck

@LisaKayHawes The Beatles are Americans' "English cousins" more than, say, comic-strip working-class bloke Andy Capp ever was. 1,279,640,584,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to LisaKayHawes

Interstitial agility in #BPM: ability to flex & flex some more till you find optimal biz/process model, and then hold onto it indefinitely 1,279,640,497,000.00 via TweetDeck

@skemsley But "interstitial agility" is cool concept: ability to shift rapidly from position2position & 2 freeze indefinitely in any of 'em 1,279,640,389,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to skemsley

@skemsley Then "inertial agility" an oxymoron. No ability to change course vs. infinite ability to change course. 1,279,639,762,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to skemsley

@skemsley You mean "interstitial agility"? That's so yoga. It's also very tai chi. 1,279,638,720,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to skemsley

On a briefing with #trackvia, a cloud DB and app dev vendor 1,279,638,270,000.00 via TweetDeck

@JonnyBentwood #Splat Spoken like a seasoned analyst who does one of these things after another after a friggin' 'nother. Which Lora is. 1,279,637,859,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to JonnyBentwood

Overkill agility: ability to adopt any new strategy in seeming instant w/ available resources. Real-world agility: within tight constraints. 1,279,637,732,000.00 via TweetDeck

To paraphrase & adapt the apocryphal ancient Chinese philosopher: "May you live with interesting persons" (or persons of interest). 1,279,636,847,000.00 via TweetDeck

Taking briefing from #freedompay on their real-time data collection and analytics SaaS offering for transaction & payment processing 1,279,635,691,000.00 via TweetDeck

Today 3-4pm ET #Forrester #dmjam “MDM’s Nxt Evolution”: . When will MDM meme morph to MIM? Mum's the word till this PM. 1,279,633,303,000.00 via TweetDeck

@lmarino #supergenius Word of mouth must be promiscuous. It must hop from mouth to mind to mouth without delay/shame. In other words, viral 1,279,633,041,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to lmarino

Business process agility reminds me of a Jimmy Cliff lyric: "you gotta use what you got to get what you need." Sounds better reggae-fied. 1,279,632,918,000.00 via TweetDeck

"Blogging is dead (again!)" ( JK--Of course not. But its role in everybody's personal branding strategy has shifted. 1,279,632,744,000.00 via TweetDeck

"BP Oil Spill Sets New Standard: Video Anywhere" ( JK--Should "social BI" include everyone sharing biz-relevant videos? 1,279,631,526,000.00 via TweetDeck

Today 3-4pm ET #Forrester #dmjam “MDM’s Next Evolution” join us: . Got my thoughts queued up but tweets'll be spontaneous 1,279,630,504,000.00 via TweetDeck

@SethGrimes Of course, I won't stoop to lowfalutin''s beneath me. 1,279,630,337,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to SethGrimes

By that just-tweeted definition of "social BI," stakeholder analytics isn't social BI. It re-delivers intelligence back to source machines. 1,279,630,166,000.00 via TweetDeck

Social BI: any approach that delivers the intelligence that resides in people's heads as efficiently as what's in their cubes. 1,279,630,063,000.00 via TweetDeck

@CurtMonash Don't strive for "clean definition" of "social." Life's too messy. Great insights get sneakernet'd & telepathed hither & yon. 1,279,629,713,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to CurtMonash

RT @janovum: This is hilarious. Kevin Spacey doing impersonations (via John Gruber). 1,279,629,461,000.00 via TweetDeck

@CurtMonash It'd be good to meet #Exadata case studies. I'd also like firm count of customer logos & deployments, sorted by size. Dream on? 1,279,629,002,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to CurtMonash

@SethGrimes @CurtMonash "Stakeholder analytics" is repurpose & republish analytics back to value-chain source. Sounds "social" in B2B sense. 1,279,628,823,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to SethGrimes

RT @gleganza: Data management tweet jam today at 3pm ET on MDM's next evolution. Be there! #dmjam 1,279,628,422,000.00 via TweetDeck

"Open letter to Steve Jobs: Retire now!" ( JK--I'm no Jobs fan but this absurd overreaction to mundane phone/PR glitch 1,279,628,222,000.00 via TweetDeck

"Palin invents word 'refudiate,' compares self to Shakespeare" ( JK--Don't laugh. She knows plural spelling of "potato" 1,279,628,006,000.00 via TweetDeck

"Top Secret America: A Washington Post Investigation" ( JK--Obviously a Pulitzer-grade project. Excellent reportage. 1,279,627,894,000.00 via TweetDeck

"Oracle brings Coherence to data analytics" ( JK--Puzzles me why no interface to #Oracle #Exadata "OLTP machine." 1,279,627,645,000.00 via TweetDeck

Edge erosion: the inevitable consequence of status, satiation, & satisfaction with one's lot in life: don't wanna lose yr edge?: stay hungry 1,279,627,435,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @kexpplaylist: Black Gold by Foals from the album Total Life Forever: JK--Nominated 4 UK's Mercury Prize. I'm rooting for them. 1,279,627,257,000.00 via TweetDeck

"8 Myths Re Small-Biz Warehouse Mgt Systems" ( JK--My shibboleth for text analytics sys is: distinguish this from #EDW. 1,279,627,068,000.00 via TweetDeck

Diane Sawyer. She usually speaks with a pained expression. I often wonder if she's wearing comfortable shoes in the studio. 1,279,626,373,000.00 via TweetDeck

#Talend #Hadoop data integration press release: 1,279,625,926,000.00 via TweetDeck

#Pentaho #Hadoop data integration wiki: 1,279,625,887,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp "What Goes On" by The Velvet Underground: JK--Somehow I now hear Bowie's "Heroes" in this. But this came 10 yrs prior 1,279,625,747,000.00 via TweetDeck

Today 3-4pm ET #Forrester #dmjam “MDM’s Next Evolution” join me @rbkarel @bevelson @gleganza @passion4process @nyuhanna. 1,279,625,189,000.00 via TweetDeck

@LisaKayHawes Not scary at all. They started as essentially interchangeable moptops and evolved before our eyes into distinct hairdos. 1,279,625,157,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to LisaKayHawes

RT @daveman692 "If judge fish & chips competition w/ friends, what criteria would U use?" JK--Who calls them "filet-o-fish & french fries" 1,279,591,453,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @brainpicker: A history of The Beatles, in hair (HT @LenKendall): JK--Classic. Good enough 2 B framed & wallmounted. 1,279,590,277,000.00 via TweetDeck

Notice how Stewart & Colbert continue to broadcast in Age of Obama & remain funny but nobody's paying much attention. Their edges wore off. 1,279,587,399,000.00 via txt

Would like to see classical composer switch to hardcore in old age. Show Sting, Elvis C., & Sir Paul McC. how it's done. 1,279,586,606,000.00 via txt

This is damp warm dishrag humidity. It's stew & simmer humidity. It's can't bear even the feel of cotton on my bare skin humidity. 1,279,585,688,000.00 via txt

Reading WashPost article on post-9/11 top secret intel community. Text analytics is like munitions for these folks. 1,279,582,760,000.00 via txt

"The Sweet Smell of Social Media Success & the Funk of Failure" ( JK--Great alliterative headline. I'll read cuz o that 1,279,575,655,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Mary Anne with the Shaky Hand by The Who: JK--Double-entendre-rich one from "Sell Out," their 1st concept LP (1967) 1,279,575,242,000.00 via TweetDeck

Spoke with reporter Mary Hayes Weier @mhweier re HR analytics trends. Suggested she try @paulhamerman instead. 1,279,575,075,000.00 via TweetDeck

"5 stages of Facebook grief" ( JK--Experiences shape sentiment re FB. Yer SocMediated family quarrels may sour U to it 1,279,574,789,000.00 via TweetDeck

@ScienceNews24 That's highly controversial & suspect finding. Distinguish the prestige that listeners ascribe to various accents. 1,279,572,906,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to ScienceNews24

HEROes come & go. HEROism is indispensable. U exhibit it via HEROic acts, such as going extra mile & innovatng process 2 keep customer happy 1,279,572,772,000.00 via TweetDeck

@buzzmetrics_mia Happy 2 C that analysts of world feel empowered by my words. Yes, we R indispensable. DeGaulle had cool quote. Look it up! 1,279,572,471,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to buzzmetrics_mia

@TMLassandro Just to clarify: you will still need actual #FORRESTER analysts in the loop. Accept no substitutes! 1,279,571,921,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to TMLassandro

What's happening? Either everybody's on vacation, or my business email's not working. What explains empty inbox? Not complaining, mind U 1,279,571,805,000.00 via TweetDeck

@mediajunkie Touch is main social interface if you're touchy-feely like me. Touchiness is the main interface of those averse to the feely. 1,279,569,813,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to mediajunkie

New blogpost: "Findings from #Forrester Wave: Customer Service Analytics Empower the Predictive Process " ( @waband 1,279,569,742,000.00 via TweetDeck

@mgualtieri Most enterprise #BI apps are neither "compute-bound" nor "data bound." They're "server-bound" (centralized multicore SMP w/DAS). 1,279,560,626,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to mgualtieri

@mgualtieri Hadoop is alternate storage & execution layer for #BI. It's next-gen #DW geared for adv analytics, cloud & complex content. 1,279,560,434,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to mgualtieri

#Pentaho near-term #Hadoop product rollout schedule is quite aggressive. 1,279,560,152,000.00 via TweetDeck

Taking #Hadoop related roadmap update from #Pentaho. 1,279,559,293,000.00 via TweetDeck

#Forrester Wave on #CRM Customer Service Wave published. Large, diverse field of enterprise solutions. Yes, customer analytics is key. 1,279,558,473,000.00 via TweetDeck

New #Forrester report published: "The Forrester Wave™: CRM Suites Customer Service Solutions, Q3 2010" ( w/ @waband 1,279,557,924,000.00 via TweetDeck

Calming down involves taking deep breath & counting to infinity, or at least imagining the endlessness of the post-10 sequence, the longview 1,279,556,597,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @JPBarlow "Language etches grooves thru which your thoughts must flow. - N. Chomsky" JK--Spoken by someone far too into linguistics. 1,279,555,011,000.00 via TweetDeck

You'd think that someone senior in US--perhaps POTUS--has something resembling #BI dashboard of current intel on US security issues. Nope. 1,279,551,498,000.00 via TweetDeck

Funny/sad in WashPost story re top-secret US intel. No single rollup view. Sr officials bombarded w/ disjoint info. No note-taking allowed. 1,279,551,428,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @kexpplaylist: blue boy by orange juice from the glasgow school (2005): JK--In fact from 1980 Rough Trade UK compilation. I have on vinyl 1,279,551,104,000.00 via TweetDeck

In social #CRM, netpromoters, brand ambassadors, & expert power-users can be HEROes. Find them. Empower them. Be them. #Forrester #empowered 1,279,549,400,000.00 via TweetDeck

Tomorrow 3-4pm ET #Forrester #dmjam “MDM’s Next Evolution” join me @rbkarel @bevelson @gleganza @passion4process @nyuhanna 1,279,549,247,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @kexpplaylist: She Said She Said by The Beatles: JK--Song has John hinting at marital discord: "she said U don't understand what I said" 1,279,548,742,000.00 via TweetDeck

An analyst's sense of self is tied up in the feeling of an analytical mill constantly churning, looking for fresh fodder. 1,279,544,947,000.00 via TweetDeck

Working on my #Forrester study on finding, incentivizing, & empowering influential employees & customers via social ntwk analysis. 1,279,544,858,000.00 via TweetDeck

Yoga in roomful of mirrors: "Don't pay attention to anybody else. Just focus on your own sensation of yourself." Twitter is web of mirrors. 1,279,544,722,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @kexpplaylist: How Do You Sleep? by John Lennon: JK--Song that shows Lennon at his petty, spiteful, backstabbing worst. 1,279,543,991,000.00 via TweetDeck

QlikTech's successful IPO last week demonstrates that #BI remains a growth market and the list of enterprise-grade vendors continues to grow 1,279,541,769,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @davidakermanis: Beyond Social: Read/Write in Era of Internet of Things JK--Cool content is the "thing." Share more 1,279,541,628,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @Kellblog: Washington Post launches multi-story "project" on the intelligence community called Top Secret America 1,279,541,474,000.00 via TweetDeck

Location-based social netwks, such as Foursquare, definitely push boundaries of oversharing. I weigh "unfollowing" these folks case by case. 1,279,541,450,000.00 via TweetDeck

Dog days. On days like this, dogs just lie around panting with tongues hanging out. We humans wag our tongues, complaining its doggone hot. 1,279,541,024,000.00 via TweetDeck

Never could understand this popular obsession with Microsoft "flops," without equivalent interest in any other vendor's unfortunate releases 1,279,540,452,000.00 via TweetDeck

Systematically unfollowing habitual "unlocked the....badge" and "I'm at ....." tweeters. I gave U chance to post actual content. U blew it! 1,279,506,158,000.00 via TweetDeck

@vgtero Gossip section in Vanity Fair? Where? Mostly, mag is one huge advertising section. Real content starts ~pg 75--mostly celeb profiles 1,279,505,840,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to vgtero

Reading "Devil's Night," Ze'ev Chafets' 1990 account of Detroit's decline. Toggles btwn stark truth & utter BS. U have 2 have been there. 1,279,502,501,000.00 via txt

We may or may not go out for those new McDonald's smoothies. Free coupons in the Sunday paper. Hot house. Sounds like good excuse to get out 1,279,494,024,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @FasTake: "Google Buys Metaweb" ( JK--Semantic search. OK, add "I'm Feeling Conceptual" to your search page & we'll see 1,279,493,902,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @rwang0: SoftwareInsider: Infor's Cloud Strategy Goes Azure With Infor24 JK--Makes ya wonder if MSFT courting Infor 1,279,493,572,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @ariegoldshlager: The Importance of 'Crazy Ideas' JK--Most important: learn how to withstand ridicule. 1,279,493,423,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @Mickeleh: How to Get Things Done When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed JK--Most important, don't overfuss your design. 1,279,493,263,000.00 via TweetDeck

Plowed through ton of old New Yorker & Atlantic Monthly issues this P.M. Massively soporific blocks of illustration-free text. That's class! 1,279,492,798,000.00 via TweetDeck

Apple AntennaGate? Kind of getting boring. Be more fun if it somehow involved Christina Applegate. 1,279,492,552,000.00 via TweetDeck

"Johann Augustin Kobelius" ( JK--Wikipedia page on Bach contemporary. I can't read a word of Deutsch. Could be related 1,279,492,179,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @jowyang: "I'm going to hang out with the Beach Boys today at the Mountain Winery." JK--Which specific Beach Boys? 1,279,491,482,000.00 via TweetDeck

#Forrester Becoming HERO? Make self influential by socializing smarts continuously. Make self needed by volunteering smarts to help others. 1,279,490,970,000.00 via TweetDeck

#Forrester. Finding HEROes? Use SNA tools to mine influence patterns among customers & employees. Encourage & empower the influentials. 1,279,490,470,000.00 via TweetDeck

#Cloudera MIke Olson objects to #Hadoop being described as "NoSQL." Obvious bone of contention w/in NoSQL community: 1,279,490,133,000.00 via TweetDeck

#Forrester "HERO Index: Finding Empowered Employees" ( @jbernoff JK--Zeroing in on HEROes. See my upcoming doc on SNA! 1,279,489,997,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @sebastiancoss: Are you a HERO? \\ Forrester doc on empowered employees Highly Empowered & Resourceful Operatives 1,279,489,721,000.00 via TweetDeck

OPEN TWEET TO PROFESSIONAL COMEDIANS ON TWITTER: Tweet something funny now & then. Don't just announce your latest gig or plug your TV show. 1,279,489,444,000.00 via TweetDeck

Sarah Palin memoir subtitle: "An American Life." What's that supposed to signify, apart from telling us what already know: her nationality? 1,279,489,309,000.00 via TweetDeck

"Facebook Will Celebrate 500 Million Users Next Wk" ( JK--How? Invite us all to virtual ice cream social in Farmville? 1,279,489,150,000.00 via TweetDeck

While watching "Inception," couldn't help remembering DiCaprio in similar "dream? real?" Grand Guignol "Shutter Island." I'm all noir'd out! 1,279,489,025,000.00 via TweetDeck

Somebody DMd to ask if I liked "Inception." Even if U didnt see my RT of @mgualtieri , did this sound like I liked it?: 1,279,488,830,000.00 via TweetDeck

Wife says A/C is on the fritz. My office is down in the basement, naturally coolest place in house. Perhaps stretch out sleeping bag tonite 1,279,488,651,000.00 via TweetDeck

Yoga instructor asked for wide berth in class this morning. That territoriality I respect: flex thru full range of motion w/o bumping others 1,279,488,570,000.00 via TweetDeck

When someone introduced as "guru," I run other way. You're expected to have faith in someone else's revelation, not arguments or evidence. 1,279,487,742,000.00 via TweetDeck

Territoriality. Usually, it's the default tactic of the declining. Defensiveness is their primary offense. Stalling for exit strategy. 1,279,487,493,000.00 via TweetDeck

Three more strings wrapped around the ball of yarns. Superstring theory. 1,279,486,719,000.00 via TweetDeck

Money can't buy you love. But a massive pile of money deployed strategically in people's faces can buy you a boatload of high-quality hate. 1,279,485,988,000.00 via TweetDeck

THE BARNES & NOBILITY OF UNIVERSAL LITERACY//When authors complain/that people don't read books, what/they mean is: Their books. 1,279,481,187,000.00 via txt

ARK HIVE//History is as/distant as your wastebasket./A living landfill. 1,279,480,665,000.00 via txt

PAMPHLETS & MANUALS//How-to & how-to/not. Self-help's cool, but must we/empower dummies? 1,279,478,948,000.00 via txt

Yoga class starts in 10 minutes. We optimize phenomenology of our mindbodies: deep feel from inside. Not the ontology. Only God's THAT deep. 1,279,464,894,000.00 via txt

Always fun to watch gen'l biz press try 2 explain #EDW in sexy mass-mkt terms. Usually fall flat, overbroad discussion of very large DBs. 1,279,464,433,000.00 via txt

Core market dynamics in #DW market have remained much the same over past 2-3 years. But now have firmer sense of who's on a long-term roll. 1,279,464,044,000.00 via txt

Worry about Internet shallowing our brains? Ask self how many actually read "Ulysses" vs. simply bought to show off or trawl 4 dirty stuff. 1,279,463,785,000.00 via txt

Writing in Twitter gives athletic thrill. U keep 1 eye trained on character counter while the other scans emerging tweet 4 sweet perfection! 1,279,463,403,000.00 via txt

Every new day has biorhythms slightly phase-shifted from the previous. You spend all day trying to nudge it into approximate sync. 1,279,463,170,000.00 via txt

Walkable neighborhoods. Urban planners rarely mention drinking water, public restrooms, shade trees, & benches. Think from pedestrian POV. 1,279,462,389,000.00 via txt

The fact that Nicholas Carr can still write coherent 276-pg book proves Internet hasn't put his brain in "The Shallows." Quit whining. 1,279,457,400,000.00 via TweetDeck

President Obama has achieved the core of the agenda for which I cast my vote for him. Bravo. Now let's see some bolder, newer ideas. 1,279,414,555,000.00 via txt

Amazing how far KISS has come without any memorable songs. That one? It's a witless mashup of Grand Funk Railroad and Alice Cooper. 1,279,393,142,000.00 via txt

There is not a single cable video channel dedicated to only playing the best new music, of any genre, be it prerecorded or live. Damn shame. 1,279,392,425,000.00 via txt

When asked "Who's YOUR #datamining vendor?," #Forrester #BI practitioner clients rarely name any but the top 2 by market share. 1,279,391,384,000.00 via txt

Over 100 #BI vendors. But, when asked "Who's YOUR BI vendor?," #Forrester IT practitioners rarely name any but the top 6-8 by market share. 1,279,391,117,000.00 via txt

Cool. Sonya just discovered I have both Vampire Weekend LPs. We're grooving on them both right now. Pure Ivy League pop! 1,279,381,694,000.00 via TweetDeck