Friday, July 23, 2010

Stuff that is just pure brain plumbing nothing more July 19-23 2010

Facebook, Google to Battle Over Smarter Web?

Google buys Metaweb, chases more complicated search

Amazon and IBM are 'cloud champions,' report says

The Sweet Smell of Social Media Success - and the Funk of Failure

Autonomy Process Automation Helps Baird Achieve Productivity and Efficiency Gains

IBM Posts 13% Earnings Gain, Raises Guidance

Microsoft's cloud strategy: A question of 'feature parity'

Oracle brings Coherence to data analytics

Facebook Scores Below IRS, at Level of Disliked Airlines

Borders jumps into e-bookstore game

Facebook user satisfaction 'abysmal'

Birst offers concurrent user pricing for BI

Phil Wainewright: Why You Must Learn to Think Like a Polymath

Michael Poulin: Business SOA Facilitates Semantic Technologies

Collective Intellect Intros Social Media CRM

Connecting to Social Networks from Outlook

Spending Soars on Internet's Plumbing

Ten Terrible Web 2.0 Buzzwords

Dell Acquiring Ocarina Networks

Microsoft's MDM product appears

Forrester Wave Findings: Customer Service Analytics Empower Predictive Process

Does Oracle Have a Winner in Exadata V2?

Cloud BI's Perfectly Stormy Future

Q&A: Agile BI Architectures

Q&A: Zynga Stresses Visual Access to Its Vast Data Volumes

Social Media Analytics: You Will Still Need Actual Analysts in the Loop

Where Do You Draw the Lines Between Business and IT Ownership of Data and Information?

Infor24 Makes Applications Simpler to Acquire and Integrate

Apple Shrugs Off 'Antennagate'

Fifty: The Magic Email Number

Microsoft Unfurls Its Multi-Faceted Cloud Message

Antennagate Postmortem: Apple Is Nearly Unstoppable

Facebook Has Half a Billion Members but Few Real Friends

Apple Tells Congressmen It Batches, Encrypts Location Data

FarmVille on Gmail? Say it Ain't So!

Oracle steps up smart grid presence

SugarCRM CEO Larry Augustin Sets the Record Straight

The Socialization of BI

Tibco Silver Spotfire – Social BI? Why Not?

The promise and peril of the Social Media Director

Customer Service Analytics Empower Predictive Process

Agile Data Warehousing: Do You Scrum?

MicroStrategy Launches Mobile Platform

Social Media: The New Front End of CRM System

Netezza TwinFin with a Hadoop Cluster used for queryable archive analytics? Find out how:

The Quiet Social Networks


SAP-Sybase deal gets EU approval

Facebook's Zuckerberg 'quite sure' he didn't sign away the company

First true SCADA-specific malware detected

SOA Master Data Management in .NET 4.0

Google Images Reimagined

Terabyte-sized Java apps now possible

Microsoft adds Scrum capabilities to ALM server


DoD Creates Social Media Hub

Terracotta Announces Terabyte Data Cache For Apps

Vint Cerf Eyes Interplanetary Internet

Google Gets Semantic

Sentiment Analysis Goes High-Def

Social Networks Are the Borg

Siemens: Removing SCADA worm may harm industrial systems

Twitter battles fail whale with new data center

Q&A: Master Data Quality and Governance

Cloud Identity Summit 2010: Report for Day 2

Augmented Reality: A Point of Interest for the Web

Cybercrime Gets Social

SAP-Sybase: What to expect in the first 90 days

Mining the Contact Center for BI Gems

A Four-Step Approach to Selecting the Right BI Services Provider

Epic fail: Auto-deleting files based on their 'reputation'

Twitter Hopes to Retire 'Fail Whale' With Custom-Built Data Center

The Incredible, Invulnerable, Indispensable Social Network

Microsoft's New Slogan: Hey, It Could Be Worse