Friday, July 30, 2010

Stuff I’m persisting in a big ol’ Hadoop cluster here in my hot little hand July 26-30 2010

The state of enterprise architecture: Vast promise or lost opportunity?

IBM breaks down the silos - Part 3, Systems of Systems

XML pioneer Bray pitches functional programming for concurrency

IBM Unveils Next-Generation Mainframe

Is 'go away' the best response to complaints about user-generated content?

Wikileaks Plunges Political World Into Turmoil

Vendors push social media analytics, but some question the technology's readiness

Eye on Oracle - Bad news on Oracle-Sun hardware continues

Social Business Intelligence: The Knowledge Management Connection

Drupal Gardens getting ready to bloom

XML pioneer pitches concurrency programming

Why $35 Tablet Will Never Exist

CouchDB brings peer-based data replication

SAP Reports 16% Growth in Software and Software-Related Service Revenues for the Second Quarter

The Predictive Power Of Social Media

Big Data: The Early Days Are Over

Facebook, Twitter Influence Purchases

SAP Reports Strong Growth, Completes Sybase Deal

Bump 2.0 Adds Instant FaceBook And Twitter Friending

Goodbye, Contemplation... Hello, New Digital Mind

Dealing with incompetent peers is tricky business

Next step for Wikileaks: Crowdsourcing classified data

Yahoo building new software infrastructure for media products

SAP reports revenue up 12%, earnings up 15%


SAP Reports Q2 Sales Surge, Wraps Up Sybase Acquisition

IBM's Next-Gen 'System of Systems' Mainframe

SAS Helps Companies Make Sense of Social Media Comments

Expert Analysis: A Case for Socialization of Data

IBM breaks down the silos - Part 4, Reuse, Token Licenses and Conclusion

Oracle's New Identity Management Suite Adds Sun Technology

Microsoft posts record revenue, thumbs nose at Apple

Open Geospatial Invites Comment on the MovingObjectSnapshot Standard
Staff, Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Announcement

Wolfram Alpha widgets bring computation engine to any website

Oracle Updates SOA Suite 11g

Web 2.0 Security Requires Vetting Third-Party Content

The Internet, 1,000 Faster

SAP Ranked the Leader in the Business Intelligence Tools Market, Outpaces Market Growth in Financial Performance and Strategy Management Applications

EMC releases new midrange deduplication array

Is Social BPM Really a Ground Breaking, New Phenomenon?

Global CIO: Larry Ellison Looms Large Over Put-Down Of Oracle President

The Best-Paid CEOs Of The Decade: Ellison #1

The Social Network Half a Billion Love to Hate


Decision Management, Possibly the Last Frontier in BI

Social Business Intelligence: The Knowledge Management Connection

The Vegetarian Enjoys Steak – Open Source R Meets Proprietary Spotfire

The Problem with Total Cost of Ownership

WikiLeaks & the End of Secrecy

Gartner throws some cold water on SOA-cloud link

Why Android won

Analysts define business value and imperatives for cloud-based B2B ecommerce trading communities

Amazon-Facebook Deal Could Lead To Social Shopping

Using Imprecise Location for Emergency Context Resolution

Web Services Interoperability Organization (WS-I) Transitions to OASIS
Staff, WS-I and OASIS Announcement

See also the WS-I web site:

Is the IT Pendulum Winding Down?

Is America ready for NBC's Outsourced?

Could open source tools make Facebook the next AOL?

Social Media Analytics vs. Social Network Analysis

Time to end the 'disposable geek' mentality

Roper agrees to buy Cloud SCM vendor iTradeNetwork for $525M

Kin and Android: A tale of two phones

Mitch Wagner: Blogging gets new life

Reputation, Interrupted

7 Steps to Enhance Product Data Quality

The Facebook Data Torrent Debacle: Q&A

Google Gets Playful With Facebook Rivalry

Future tech: Retro visions revisited


IBM Acquires Advanced Data Compression Technology Developer