Sunday, November 21, 2010

Aweekstweets November 13-21 2010: the week Shakespeare would’ve commented on London’s full-day fog & same-day affiancing affirmation of Wills & Kate

Leaf blowers. A sinfully efficient tool for moving them into large piles. Another advantage of electricity over sweat equity. 1 minute ago via TweetDeck

Saw "Due Date." Moderately entertaining "Planes Trains & Automobiles" retread. 1,290,227,647,000.00 via txt

Saw "Morning Glory." Quality script and performances anchor a live-action cartoon. McAdams prettier than SpongeBob. Ford a crusty crustacean 1,290,219,822,000.00 via txt

Congrats to @Merv . Couldn't happen to a nicer competitor. 1,290,219,631,000.00 via txt

Follow Fridays. It's nice to be included on other people's. I don't compile one of my own. Perhaps I should. I follow so many. And shadow. 1,290,209,768,000.00 via txt

How could have I have possible acquired a dozen headsets & an equal number of earbuds, most still functional, many still in packages? 1,290,205,106,000.00 via TweetDeck

This was the week I visualized @jilldyche in the desert on a camel. Then realized it wasn't Jill. It was Samantha from Sex & The City sequel 1,290,202,519,000.00 via TweetDeck

Trying to write engaging biz/tech stuff means cycling through synonyms--biz-y vs. tech-y--for repeating concepts. To keep it jazzy. 1,290,199,004,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp: All Come Down by Steve Mason from Boys Outside JK--Great new one from unmistakeable voice of Beta Band. 1,290,198,923,000.00 via TweetDeck

@tracey_thorn That Magnetic Fields album, "Realism," messes with time: it's 2010's quiet mirror of 2008's noisy "Distortion." Both brilliant 1,290,198,648,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to tracey_thorn

Ahhhh....a few hours of blessed isolation in my home office has produced the core of a new #Forrester doc. The head & body decompress well. 1,290,197,404,000.00 via TweetDeck

@tracey_thorn Nor can I. The best I can do is glance at the pile of new CDs I bought in the past 12 months. Stuff jumps out. 1,290,197,340,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to tracey_thorn

I sense from light email volume today that lots of people throughout US are starting to ramp down in prep for Thanksgiving holiday next week 1,290,196,873,000.00 via TweetDeck

Federation. From Latin root meaning "trust." Trust is all, but not as if any two sovereigns trust each other on every level. Nor should they 1,290,196,314,000.00 via TweetDeck

Federation = trust & interop agreements among autonomous domains for the purpose of securing common objectives (security, commerce, etc.) 1,290,196,218,000.00 via TweetDeck

@NeilRaden That's just border security at a distance, in the geographic domain of a federated state. Same thing. 1,290,196,121,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to NeilRaden

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp: Resurrection Fern by Iron & Wine from The Shepherd's Dog JK--One of many stand-outs from this lush 2007 gem of an LP 1,290,195,938,000.00 via TweetDeck

@NeilRaden No. Haven't even been to the Holy Land. But I have no illusions if I ever do: border security so tight it twangs. 1,290,195,503,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to NeilRaden

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I Cut Like a Buffalo by The Dead Weather from Horehound JK--Only Jack White song where sounds totally Detroit. 1,290,195,380,000.00 via TweetDeck

Hey vendor AR/PR people, I'm not aloof and it's not that I don't like chatting w/ U, but I need scheduling airwall that respects my time. 1,290,195,179,000.00 via TweetDeck

"Pat-Downs at Airports Prompt Complaints" ( JK--Talk about invasive. One TSA person thumbed thru my wallet. Serious. 1,290,194,928,000.00 via TweetDeck

Software industry insiders pay close attention 2 litigation cuz IP-ownership issues R hi-tek "inside baseball." I only watch talent on field 1,290,194,461,000.00 via TweetDeck

When vendors litigate each other, it jumps to the top of headlines but to bottom of my radar screen. I'll only pay attention to settlements. 1,290,194,296,000.00 via TweetDeck

Hey vendor AR/PR people, don't attempt 2 get free inquiry time by DMing me. If #Forrester customer, go thru your account mgr to schedule. 1,290,189,447,000.00 via TweetDeck

Analytic solution appliance: EDW appl + tailored apps, cnnctrs, ETL/DQ, schemas, hierarchs, KPIs, rpt designs, calcs, rules, policies, etc 1,290,188,640,000.00 via TweetDeck

With that Facebook movie (which still haven't seen) & current "Office" story arc, Hollywood realizing this social stuff intrinsically absurd 1,290,188,167,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Linus and Lucy by Built To Spill from Sabonis Tracks JK--Excellent hardrock cover of Vince Guaraldi cartoon classic 1,290,187,685,000.00 via TweetDeck

@araffalovich What got me most about that "Office" was Novak's subtle performance. Plus foil of Dwight's ridiculous "hay place" venture. 1,290,187,259,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to araffalovich

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp: Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen JK--Took Freddie 10 minutes to compose. That's why still fresh. Not fussy. 1,290,186,701,000.00 via TweetDeck

When I flag something as week's most memorable, ya sorta know it's top candidate 4 allusion in week's end aweekstweets and/or stuff handles. 1,290,184,789,000.00 via TweetDeck

Eating own dog food. More like taste-testing own designing4humans food. No amount of frou-frou fixing-up can pass off Alpo as filet mignon. 1,290,184,156,000.00 via TweetDeck

Week's most memorable: full-fog day, lunch, nice place in Berkshire, party after us honor OBE recipient, elderly bent gentleman, I held door 1,290,183,565,000.00 via TweetDeck

Allman Bros "Whipping Post." Good music on hold. What's playing at the moment. Why doesn't music on hold give us choices? 1,290,182,491,000.00 via TweetDeck

@flabastida In other words, dropping the fancy-pants locutions, I'm anal as hell about people misspelling and/or mispronouncing my surname. 1,290,182,070,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to flabastida

@flabastida I should own my most frequent Twtr misspellings, but am too much the orthographic stickler 2 sanction anything but the canonical 1,290,181,738,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to flabastida

Karma. Cyclic nature of social life suggests comes-around-goes-around of the karmic wheel, but with limited social climbing opportunities. 1,290,181,474,000.00 via TweetDeck

"10 Most Exaggerated Tech Terms" ( JK--Not exaggerated. Just vague & slippery. Perfect hype-stoking rhetorical puffery. 1,290,176,018,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Blowin' in the Wind by Bob Dylan from Witmark Demos 1962-1964 JK--Slightly better than his studio recording of same. 1,290,175,667,000.00 via TweetDeck

"Microsoft turns Azure into cloud-based supercomputer" ( JK--Would love to see cloudbursting in their EDW strategy. 1,290,175,580,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Pink Moon by Nick Drake from the album Pink Moon JK--Shimmering song should be the official tune of late autumn. 1,290,175,428,000.00 via TweetDeck

"What Open Source Community is Healthiest?" ( JK--Disappointing. Wanted 2 read about health of communty, not developers 1,290,175,368,000.00 via TweetDeck

"Twitter generation failed The Science Guy? Nonsense" ( JK--Maybe people weren't sure if it was real or a stunt. 1,290,175,188,000.00 via TweetDeck

"Offering Up Yr (Data) Dowry: Cautionary Tale" ( JK--"Silo" metaphor too American. @jilldyche should've used "oasis." 1,290,174,665,000.00 via TweetDeck

Enjoyed "The Office" last night. This idiotic "" (woof) social net startup that BJ Novak character intrapreneuring. Great parody! 1,290,174,222,000.00 via TweetDeck

"Sybase IQ Beta Available, Supports MPP for Quicker Response Time" ( JK--IQ 15.3 enhances existing MPP tech. 1,290,174,085,000.00 via TweetDeck

"IBM Discusses Netezza Role in Info Mgt Strategy" ( JK--For hi-perf lo-cost tuning-free quick-deploy/value analytics. 1,290,173,789,000.00 via TweetDeck

Best practices caveat: With new tek we're all winging it, so bst prctc is whatevr ultimatly prevails. With old tek, bst prctc may B outmoded 1,290,173,403,000.00 via TweetDeck

"IBM/MIT Data Analytics Report" ( JK--Analytical rigor lacking in many org decision processes. Is your biz winging it? 1,290,172,803,000.00 via TweetDeck

"Made in IBM Labs: New Architecture Can Double Analytics Processing Speed" ( JK--Hey IBM, U gonna discuss at CONNECT? 1,290,171,761,000.00 via TweetDeck

One of those cold mornings where I warm my hands by the heat issuing from my laptop. 1,290,171,467,000.00 via TweetDeck

Ask me about superset ROI model 4 analytix, of which published #Forrester study is subsetted 2 IT savings in DW consolid8-2-appliance projex 1,290,118,354,000.00 via txt

Picture Twittersphere as open cosmos whose only circumference is us, an everwarping multidimensional brane spinning equations 4 new branes 1,290,117,892,000.00 via txt

Picture closed DB cosmos w/ virt'zation as expandng circumf, clear horiz & vertcal axes, metadata as Z, agile analytics as singularity pivot 1,290,117,639,000.00 via txt

NoSQL fervor has abated, but database innovation continues unabated. Everybody starting to realize database architectures are not religions. 1,290,117,035,000.00 via txt

Planning to record my #Forrester podcast on ROI of DW appliances next Wednesday. Will be posted post-Thanksgiving. 1,290,114,524,000.00 via TweetDeck

Remember when the exclamation point after Yahoo seemed bold, cool, and postmodern? Now it feels as tired as Yahoo themselves. Almost a joke. 1,290,113,780,000.00 via TweetDeck

Congrats to Patti Smith. Her memoir, "Just Kids," just won 2010 National Book Award for non-fiction titles. 1,290,113,451,000.00 via TweetDeck

Working on the update to my 2008 #Forrester overview study on DW appliances. Focusing on today's solution focus. That old doc feels ancient. 1,290,109,858,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Walking With a Ghost by Tegan & Sara from So Jealous JK--Other tight-harmony sisters: School of 7 Bells, Watson Twins 1,290,109,774,000.00 via TweetDeck

@DecisionStats Who sez I want 2 preen & polish my headshot? This is me on my sofa this past March on good night with wine, family, & friends 1,290,109,545,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to DecisionStats

@DecisionStats Huh? What should I put there? A portrait of the younger Brad Pitt. 1,290,108,581,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to DecisionStats

"Twitter’s Official Analytics Product Has Arrived" ( JK--Will this stunt or boost social media analytics mkt? 1,290,108,521,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp: I Want The World To Stop by Belle & Sebastian from Write About Love JK--Great new one from Scots twee-popstars. 1,290,108,011,000.00 via TweetDeck

Puzzles me that Europe-based IT vendors sometimes feel they're at competitive disadvantage due to their nationality. Europe is no backwater. 1,290,107,954,000.00 via TweetDeck

Used the video feature on my #Forrester teleconference today. Not that it added any special value above & beyond my Twitter photo. 1,290,107,560,000.00 via TweetDeck

@donalddotfarmer He said he met Reed in Manhattan. He chatted with me on the plane leaving JFK. 1,290,100,053,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to donalddotfarmer

Wow. When reference customer feedback surfaces issues that #EDW vendors keep suppressed....powerful intelligence for my Wave scoring. 1,290,099,090,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Connection by Elastica from the album Elastica JK--Song + band names....this should be theme song of cloud computing 1,290,098,922,000.00 via TweetDeck

Ref customer feedback on #Forrester #EDW Wave is very useful. It helps me validate my research-based analyses against actual user experience 1,290,098,859,000.00 via TweetDeck

Data landing tier. Data staging tier. Data prep tier. Data cleansing tier. All the same: where U refine raw stuff into the proverbial SVOT. 1,290,098,597,000.00 via TweetDeck

@DecisionStats But when in England, I only drink English Breakfast Tea, native-grown on plantations perched on the White Cliffs of Dover. 1,290,098,345,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to DecisionStats

"Weber Shandwick Launches Social Crisis Simulator" ( JK--Can it tell also when yer soc med strategy going up in flames? 1,290,097,170,000.00 via TweetDeck

@DecisionStats I like all teas at all temperatures. I like the herbal "teas," and the heavy medicinal feeling alternative Asian "teas." 1,290,096,398,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to DecisionStats

Twitter is low maintenance on content mgt side, unlike email. If I spent any part of my day deleting & foldering tweets, I'd have no life 1,290,096,276,000.00 via TweetDeck

@DecisionStats The Sri Lankans, Chinese, Burmese, Thais, Vietnamese, Cambodians, Malays, Indonesians, etc grow it too. Good stuff, all of it 1,290,094,711,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to DecisionStats

@DecisionStats I've been drinking tea since I was a little boy, introduced to it by my mom, never at a party, never with rightwingers. 1,290,094,531,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to DecisionStats

Pricing comparisons in the #EDW market, like performance comparisons, are so fraught with confusing & slippery variables. Numbs the brain. 1,290,094,354,000.00 via TweetDeck

I need my hot tea. 1,290,094,260,000.00 via TweetDeck

Interviewed by Jai Vijayan of Computerworld on #Microsoft PDW pricing. My voice is hoarse today. Glad he wasn't tape-recording. 1,290,094,145,000.00 via TweetDeck

#Forrester new business process change maturity survey is live. Visit at 1,290,088,100,000.00 via TweetDeck

I do my #Forrester teleconference at 1pm (EST): "Advanced Analytics: The Automation Imperative." Look forward to your presence & questions. 1,290,086,658,000.00 via TweetDeck

In an accelerating world, the most radical move is to declare that you will not be rushed. And to hold to it. 1,290,086,129,000.00 via TweetDeck

"Future of Social Analytics" ( JK--"Listening & graphing are easy"? No way. Complexity of social nets frustrates both. 1,290,086,050,000.00 via TweetDeck

Previous tweet reminds me. Guy on plane from JFK yesterday said he bumped into Lou Reed in a public place. Reed had no interest in chatting. 1,290,085,312,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp: Losing My Edge by LCD Soundsystem JK--Song can be repurposed/rewritten for many hypercompetitive career contexts 1,290,085,007,000.00 via TweetDeck

@dougnewdick I don't like the way they want to own my friends & family. It's as if one's entire support group been lured into virtual cult. 1,290,024,806,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to dougnewdick

Empulse's ParStream also cool hybrid of columnar & row-based, and available as software-only or optimized appliance. Hope 2 talk 2 them soon 1,290,024,714,000.00 via TweetDeck

Three days without a reliable source of (North American voltage) AC or (convenient/free) Wi-Fi definitely got me cranky. 1,290,024,409,000.00 via TweetDeck

I like connecting airports, as a general rule. Great places to recharge, replenish, and realign my thoughts on the ways to/fro. 1,290,024,189,000.00 via TweetDeck

It's interesting how many contexts you can use to approach the topic of data warehousing. I've got slides to guide discussions of them all. 1,290,024,066,000.00 via TweetDeck

Do I truly want Facebook to be aggregation point for all my social media AND all my messaging? No, on both counts. Don't like Facebook GUI. 1,290,023,963,000.00 via TweetDeck

Plane flying back from London, great circle, over far southeastern Labrador coast today, gave me glimpse of intricate glacier gougings. Cool 1,290,023,754,000.00 via TweetDeck

JFK terminal is not obnoxiously packed with travelers today. Just packed. Hence, relatively sane & rational. Strawberry smoothie helps too. 1,290,023,635,000.00 via TweetDeck

"Hurd says Oracle job more attractive than other offers" ( JK--Gee, duh! Would he have accepted 2nd-best offer? 1,290,023,486,000.00 via TweetDeck

I suspect there are many potentially formidable DBMS, DW, and analytics startups in China we haven't heard of yet because they don't export 1,290,023,266,000.00 via TweetDeck

@NeilRaden Yeah, it's coming. 1,290,022,969,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to NeilRaden

That full-day fog we had in London on Tuesday is rare for them, they tell me. I thought it was trance-like. I wish I'd brought my camera. 1,290,022,955,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @nytimes: NYT NEWS ALERT: House Democrats Re-Elect Pelosi as Their Leader JK--Good. Stay the course. 1,290,022,837,000.00 via TweetDeck

A hotel without free Wi-Fi in lobby or a working Internet connection in rooms or "business center" is not a business hotel. 1,290,022,817,000.00 via TweetDeck

"SQL Server Goes Columnar, Stays Relational" ( JK--Yes, indeed-y. Key step in industry shift to hybrid column-row DBMSs 1,290,022,674,000.00 via TweetDeck

Bracknell, Berkshire, England UK. Substantial hi-tech area not too far from London Heathrow. Reminds me of Loudoun County VA (next 2 Dulles) 1,290,022,522,000.00 via TweetDeck

At my request, Roger Llewellyn of #Kognitio pronounced his surname in correct Welsh. Sounds like "Thlethlyn" w/ tongue stuck 2 upper palate. 1,290,022,162,000.00 via TweetDeck

Coming back from an excellent discussion with Kognitio. They're doing exciting things on the #DW scaling & flexibility front. 1,290,021,855,000.00 via TweetDeck

Caught terrific Tom Jones retrospective on BBC4. Current interview + plenty of archival footage of his many Beeb performances over years. 1,289,984,032,000.00 via TweetDeck

Wiliam & Kate interviewed on Sky TV. Handsome dude, cute chick. Wish 'em the best. Give 'em space. 1,289,983,904,000.00 via TweetDeck

'Twas a full-day fog coddled Bracknell. My British friends apologized. I said omigod no. The shimmering mist gave way to full-night moon. 1,289,939,228,000.00 via TweetDeck

"Solar, Wind and Cow Manure Energy Power Tomorrow`s Data Centers" ( JK--No. That's powering today's marketing. 1,289,873,526,000.00 via web

Internet being flaky, I've browsed Beeb on hotel TV. Like: Graham Norton, Miranda Hart, great science programs. Don't like: newsdroners. 1,289,873,076,000.00 via web

@kexpplaylist My Affected Accent by Jonathan Richman from the album O Moon, Queen Of Night On Earth JK--Yank in Britain LOL'd at song title. 1,289,872,508,000.00 via web in reply to kexpplaylist

Know I'm in Britain when narcissistic self-search in Google Instant suggests I'm really looking for James Blunt. Yeah, I'll be blunt: no! 1,289,870,417,000.00 via web

Remember, #DW vendors: Lo price per TB gets you into the POC. Hi performance in the POC gets you the PO. It's price + performance. 1,289,846,804,000.00 via TweetDeck

@donalddotfarmer @GregRahn Here's my thinking on the matter of value-based #DW pricing, from a blog earlier this year: 1,289,846,555,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to donalddotfarmer

Walking Wokingham. A quiet but not-too-small Berkshire community with a dash of cosmopolitan style. Misty meadows. 1,289,846,050,000.00 via TweetDeck

Vendors can't justify premium #DW pricing from empty 10x assertions. Can only justify from POC-demonstrated performance. 1,289,845,911,000.00 via TweetDeck

@GregRahn #DW vendors that charge multiple of market-bearing price of $20K/TB usable need 2 justify premium. Just asserting 10x not enough. 1,289,845,729,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to GregRahn

@GregRahn Who says per-TB is a performance metric? It's price metric, gets you in door of POC. High performance gets you out door with PO. 1,289,845,421,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to GregRahn

Lack of a UK-North America electrical voltage converter will keep me from doing much tweeting or other computer stuff till Thurs. 1,289,845,272,000.00 via TweetDeck

His jet age jetsonport now feels neither airy nor soaring. Eero Saarinen's confusion in the round is non-streamlined 4 traveler foot traffic 1,289,777,033,000.00 via txt

In a time-stressed existence, just deleting distracting useless emails is an accomplishment, of sorts. 1,289,772,881,000.00 via TweetDeck

"WS-I Closes Its Doors: What Does This Mean for WS-*?" ( JK--Actually, transitions work to OASIS. 1,289,772,174,000.00 via TweetDeck

Thursday of next week is Thanksgiving in US. I'm already fasting in anticipation of the gorging. 1,289,772,067,000.00 via TweetDeck

Skyscrapers & supercomputers. Every nation wants to signal its emergence through egregious monoliths like these. We did. Others coming up. 1,289,772,009,000.00 via TweetDeck

Social networking is definitely overtaking email in time spent online. Email has become social-media-friend-notification service. 1,289,771,591,000.00 via TweetDeck

So many top-10-this-or-that-of-BI lists floating around. 10 of anything beyond easy human memorization. Boil 'em down to top 7 plus/minus 2. 1,289,771,515,000.00 via TweetDeck

Where is there good smoothie within walking (and carrying large heavy bags) distance? My kingdom (but not my boarding pass) for a smoothie. 1,289,770,889,000.00 via TweetDeck

NYC JFK. Eero Saarinen terminal. I don't think jet age architecture. I think Beatles first-landing in US. I visualize screaming teenagers. 1,289,770,063,000.00 via TweetDeck

WashPost article on Facebook suboptimal page design misses point. Experience not about friends. It's about fresh streaming stimulation. 1,289,762,462,000.00 via txt

Was joking with Cindy that should write book called "Torture Time: Extreme Yoga For Heathens & Maniacs." 1,289,756,304,000.00 via txt

Alternative medicine. Has little 2 do w/ "medicine" (aka illness fighting). I'd call it "wide world of wellness." Spirit as health incarnate 1,289,749,578,000.00 via txt

Glanced at Mayo Clinic guide to alternative medicine at CVS. Good respectful quick summary. Guidance for life lived outside clinics & worse. 1,289,749,256,000.00 via txt

Invoices & inner voices. The business of life & the busyness of thoughts drenched in the liquidity of a life ongoing. The surrendering. 1,289,748,750,000.00 via txt