Sunday, November 07, 2010

Stuff I tried to give the trick-or-treaters but they refused November 1-5 2010

Microsoft Girds For Demise Of PC

Enterprise Open Source

Steve Jobs' Rant

Microsoft buys chip company Canesta

David A. Milman: Bill Gates will return to save Microsoft

Microsoft Looking Like An End-Stage Company

NASA, DARPA Plan '100-Year Starship'

7 programming languages on the rise

Steve Ballmer has gone completely insane

Who is afraid of the new IBM? Oracle is

Who is using advanced analytics?

Fools with tools, Taylorism and BPM

Coradiant, Correlsense, AppDynamics, Nastel and dynaTrace: Better Together

Will the next wireless infrastructure be humans wearing radios?

Has Steve Ballmer Gone Bonkers?

Google's 10 Best and Worst Innovations of 2010

Internet Set-Top Boxes: What Do Users Want?

Windows 8 Coming in 2012?

Microsoft's Profit Jumps 51%

Update: Microsoft Q1 results boosted by Windows, Xbox, Office

IBM Declares the Mainframe Is Back

HP And The Scary Corporate Fifth Column Concept

IBM Launches Federal Community Cloud for Government Organizations

IBM Jumps Into Government Cloud Computing

Why Cities Outlive Companies

Embarrassing Moments in Social Media

How to Make Your Ideas Bulletproof

Enterprises: We'll run Windows XP even after retirement

Wi-Fi won't kill the office LAN ... yet

Is it legal to use Firesheep at Starbucks?

Informatica To Offer Link To Hadoop-Based Systems Through Cloudera Deal

Cookies, Social Media And FireSheep

IBM Proposes Clarity Systems Buy as Financial GRC Boost

MDM Revs to top $2 billion in 2011

Kalido Eyes Growing Mid-Market, Business Data Needs

Teradata’s Analytics Pitch – Come One, Come All

New EMC Data Warehousing System ‘Cornerstone’ of Greenplum Acquisition

Hadoop and Open Source BI

Developers Hope to Push QlikView 10 into Overdrive

IBM Rolls Out New Storage Line

SAS Services Mine Customer Interactions

Informatica Partnership Promises Big Data Impact

SpotCloud aims to create online spot market for buying and selling cloud capacity

Identity services -- anywhere and anytime

Would Oracle buy EMC?

Microsoft announces Azure enhancements at PDC


Microsoft's Head Is in the Clouds

Oracle To Acquire ATG For $1 Billion

Microsoft Clarifies 'Shifted' Silverlight Strategy

Oracle lays out its cloud vision

Microsoft Insists It's Not Putting Silverlight To Bed

Oracle Adds To E-Commerce Lineup With $1 Billion Acquisition of Art Technology Group

Why Do I Need Service Portfolio Management?

Deep-Dive Assessment of Data Quality Vendors

Twitter's Promoted Tweets to Poison User Timelines

NASA wants more hypersonic spaceship research

Would Oracle buy EMC?

Ray Ozzie Warns Microsoft of a 'New Day' Beyond PCs

Microsoft Synchs Azure With SQL Server

Dealing With A Hardware Refresh In A Down Economy

Earth-Sized Planets May Be Everywhere - but How Many Are Earth-Like?

SAS Services Mine Customer Interactions

At Partners Conference, Teradata Reloads

Partner Products Come to Fore at Teradata User Conference

Analytics: The Spark That Lights the Social CRM Fire


As Goes Governance ...

Deep-Dive Assessment of Data Quality Vendors

Levels of Measurement for BI

Partitioning is important component of identity services

Log Management and SIEM: The Network's Trusty Watchdogs

Firesheep not evil, says snooping tool's maker

Open-source BI project gains momentum

Oracle revs up cloud API

Chinese Supercomputer Blazes Path to Glory

Oracle submits cloud interoperability API

Data Integration; Which application best suits my business?

Welcome back Serena!

Queplix - a different sort of data virtualisation

Microsoft Winning Hand

Agile programming 10 years on: Did it deliver?

The app store effect on BI applications and IT

Scenes From IBM's Information On Demand Conference

Cisco SocialMiner Digs Deep for BI Nuggets

Who are the Animals of Analytics-Based Performance Management?

Cisco rolls out social network monitoring software

Geoslavery: Location-awareness gone wrong?

The End of In-Flight Wi-Fi? Oh, Come On

For Microsoft to Succeed, Must Windows Die?


MicroStrategy Announces General Availability of MicroStrategy 9 Release 3

Microsoft Boosts Kinect Sales Forecast By 67%

US Bank Takes BI Beyond Employees

Data Is Not Green

Data mining, predictive analytics: trends, benefits and challenges