Sunday, November 21, 2010

Stuff I raked November 15-19 2010

IBM Software-Packed Chevy Volt Hits the Road

Social networking slowly taking over e-mail, says Gartner

Here Comes a New Generation of Cloud IT Analytics

NetApp Updates, Unifies Most of Its Product Line

The coming war over the future of Java

The Next Piece of the BI Puzzle – A Market Overview

IBM, Teradata Escalate Business Intelligence, Analytics Race

New BI Release Focuses on Speed, Usability

Next Wave of Supercomputers Due in 2012

China Rocks Top 500 Supercomputer List

WS-I Closes Its Doors: What Does This Mean for WS-*?

On-Body Sensing: From Gesture-Based Input to Activity-Driven Interaction


The Enterprise's Open Storage Quandary

IPv4 Will Bleed to Death in 2011, Says ARIN

Location-Based Social Media Is Ready to Go Places

Next Analytics Offers Excel Users Complete Social Media and Google Analytics Integration

Kapow Announces 'Browser-Based Data Integration' for Radically Improved ROI on Integration of Enterprise, Web and Cloud Apps

Kapow Introduces Kapow Katalyst 8.0: The Enterprise Data Integration Platform for Rapid Delivery of Data to Any Application, Any Device

Microsoft Tops 2010 BI Survey

EMC To Acquire Isilon For $2.25 Billion

Azure's Late Infrastructure Start

New Facebook Messaging: The Anti-Email

Microsoft Unveils Next Steps For SQL Server

Post-Acquisition, EMC/Greenplum Questions Answered

Planning a PowerPivot for SharePoint Deployment

SQL Server Goes Columnar, Stays Relational

EMC Acquires Isilon for $2.25B

BridgeSTOR unveils data reduction appliance

Violin releases multi-terabyte NAS acceleration device

Hitachi launches first enterprise SSD line

Talend acquires SOA vendor Sopera

Hurd says Oracle job more attractive than other offers

Chris Poelker: IT nirvana arrives in the data services engine

Amazon Web Services takes advantage of GPUs in the cloud

Google adds offline inventory data to product search

Facebook Introduces 'Modern Day Messaging Product'

Larry Ellison's Mistress, And Security As A Blame Game

Ballmer: Splitting Microsoft Would Be Wrong Move

BI Edge Comes From Data Accuracy, Mobility

5 Problems with Social Networking in the Workplace

EMC Makes $2.25B Bid for Network Storage Provider Isilon

Talend Acquires Open Source Service Bus

Microsoft Unveils Next Steps For SQL Server

Best practices for SIEM deployments

Amazon Launches Supercomputing In The Cloud

Will Probability Management Revolutionize Risk Management?

Agility is Everything: How Application Architectures are Changing

Bots and social media engagement

Dion Hinchcliffe: The Future of Social Analytics

Microsoft Lync Arrives and Brings Communications to New Heights

Leading, Lagging And Lame BI And Data Warehousing Transformations

Web 2.0: Google CEO Sees Android Phones Replacing Credit Cards

Google Introduces In-Store Product Search

Google Rolls Hotpot Mobile Recommendation Tool

New Web-Based Media Network Launches With Focus on Identity

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2 to Feature New Business Intelligence Capabilities and Build on Customer Success

Weber Shandwick Launches Social Crisis Simulator, FireBell

New Web-Based Media Network Launches With Focus on Identity


10 Cloud Predictions For 2011

Microsoft's Cloud Crunching Big Numbers

Yahoo looks to regain past glory with location services

Microsoft's Ballmer kills call for break-up

Twitter to continue duplicating external apps

Made in IBM Labs: New Architecture Can Double Analytics Processing Speed

Teradata Alliance Targets Big Data Retention

MIT: Data Analytics in a Sorry State

Microsoft's Cloud Crunching Big Numbers

Cloud Data Protection Necessary, Attainable

Honeyd: The open source honeypot

Zuckerberg talks Facebook Messages, mistakes, social revolution

Slide Show: Extreme And Alternative Authentication Methods

The Social CRM Fallacy That Could Kill Your Business

Mitel Debuts Freedom Cloud-Ready Software Architecture

Microsoft Details SQL Server Assessment Technology 'Atlanta'

IBM Discusses Netezza Role in Information Management Strategy

Sybase IQ Beta Available, Supports MPP for Quicker Response Time

10 Reasons Why Microsoft Should Buy Facebook

Offering Up Your (Data) Dowry: A Cautionary Tale

Gaining a Competitive Edge with Real-Time Analytics

How Companies Are Using Hadoop

Twitter generation failed The Science Guy? Nonsense.

What Open Source Community is the Healthiest?

Microsoft on Lync launch: The PBX era is over

Microsoft turns Windows Azure into cloud-based supercomputer

Is free DNS a good deal for business?

10 Most Exaggerated Tech Terms

Gates Makes Plug for Microsoft Lync

Microsoft Outlines Its Cloud Security Infrastructure

Microsoft Lync: The Pros and Cons for Enterprises