Saturday, December 11, 2010

Stuff I pickaxed off the Big Rock Candy Mountain December 6-11 2010

BMC buys GridApp for cloud database tools

Cloud, Big Data Analytics Go Mainstream

Geeks are Chic

RAID: I'm Not Dead Yet

A Guided Tour of Computing History

Google Chrome: Meet the Contender

Is Netflix Trying to Take Over Hulu Territory?

Micromobs: Inside a Social Network Startup

Chromebook: Coming Next Week?

Oracle Introduces Sparc Supercluster

NASA Discovers Arsenic-Fed Life Form

How China will eat the U.S.'s tech lunch

Oracle's Ellison Targets HP, IBM With New Supercluster And Elastic Cloud

Ellison Challenges HP, IBM with New SPARC Cluster

Oracle Introduces Sparc Supercluster

Google Acquires Phonetic Arts

FCC Chairman Outlines Net Neutrality Framework

Journalistic responsibility in the age of the Internet telephone game

With WikiLeaks, Amazon shows its power over customers

Microsoft Dynamics Introduces 'Cloud CRM for Less' Offer

New Innovations in SAP® StreamWork(TM) Support Vision for On Premise, On Demand and On Device, Bringing More Choices to Business and IT

Software engineers have high risk of unhealthy insomnia, study says

Identity services are key to new applications

Are Tablets Really Killing Netbooks?

Astera Delivers Real-Time Data Integration for Better Business Intelligence

Microsoft Dynamics Introduces 'Cloud CRM for Less' Offer

Web creator says social networks lead to Web 'islands'

The Data Explosion and the 'Now' Problem

NetSuite Offers Full-Featured, Mature Customer Service Cloud Options

MIT: Light speed now a bottleneck in fastest networks

IBM: Computers May Rival Speed of Thought Unveils Chatter Free

Introducing, the World's First Enterprise Database Built for the Cloud

Powerful Databases Change BI's Footprint

Google Apps Gets SAP StreamWork App

SAP's cloud computing offerings, though limited, show potential

Groups vow to fight gov't takedowns of Web sites

WikiLeaks furor spawns rival DDOS battles unveils

Why HP Means Business with Software

Diagnosis: Dashboredom

Don't Let BI Standardization Lead To Stagnation

New Survey - How Reliable Is Your Data Warehouse

Google Maps Update Deals Another Blow to GPS

SAP® HANA 1.0 Enables Breakthrough Data Management With In-Memory Computing Engine


The Open Cloud: There's a Right Way

Kalido Delivers Data Governance System

SAP StreamWork Lands In Google Apps Marketplace

Salesforce To Add On-Demand Database Service For Developers

Salesforce to Offer 'Cloud' Database

SAP Introduces 'Business Analytics at SAP® EcoHub'

Microsoft Rebates Oracle, Salesforce Customers To Switch CRM

Salesforce revs up the cloud data tier era with

WikiLeaks Is Just the Beginning

WikiLeaks nearly immune to takedown, says researcher

Informatica debuts pay-as-you-go data integration service

Salesforce To Add On-Demand Database Service For Developers

Wikileaks Wrangling May Be Escalating Into Cyberwar



HP Gives Up on Business Intelligence, Analytics Markets

Bayes and Risk Management – Part 2

Powerful Databases Change BI's Footprint

Red Hat working on complex event processing software

Google's Chrome OS is no Windows killer just yet, analyst says

Benioff Announces, Issues Oracle Rejoinder

What's Next And What's Missing From SAP

Tibco acquires CRM vendor Loyalty Lab for $23M

Salesforce's Benioff Takes On Microsoft's 'Evil Empire' In Cloud CRM War

WikiLeaks Supporters Attack MasterCard Website

Gesturing Like Tom Cruise

Databases In Cloud Poised To Make Impact

Cloud Adoption, Expansion Of Data Centers Among 2011 Predictions

Microsoft, Misys Collaborate In The Cloud

Cisco, BMC Form Cloud Alliance

Richi Jennings: What's the point of Google Chrome OS?

The 10 Biggest Microsoft Stories Of 2010 Unveils Enterprise Cloud Database Website

Amazon Web Services Launches New DNS Service

Why Do We Model?

HP Gives Up on Business Intelligence, Analytics Markets

10 Top Data Federation Errors

SAP Cloud Platform, App Store Set For 2011

The Open Group bridges SOA definitions gap with release of new technical standard SOA Ontology

The 20 Biggest Tech Failures of 2010

Twitter Expands Places Dataset

Myhrvold Patent Firm Sues 9 Tech Firms

What's Next And What's Missing From SAP

Protect your pre-1997 IP address

8% of Americans use Twitter, Pew study says

Mutual Creation + Context = Meaning

New Techniques for Marketing Measurement

SSD storage decisions: Form factors, workloads, adoption rates

Amazon's S3 can now store files of up to 5TB

F5 Addresses Unstructured Storage Growth

WikiLeaks: DDOS Attacks Reflect 'Public Opinion'

Fighting Real-Time Information Overload