Saturday, December 18, 2010

Stuff I shoveled December 13-17 2010

Health Information Exchanges' Tech Challenges

Big Exchange, Big Challenges

SAP Unveils New Face of SME Market Success

Facebook Rejected Microsoft's Acquisition Offer

iPad Supplanting Print Newspapers

Six Steps to Stop SQL Injections

Eight GRC Time Bombs

Self-service BI catches on

dbEverywhere Empowers Web Designers to Create Data-Driven Sites Without Programming

Elgan: How spammers will poison your social graph

I'm Being Stalked By Social Media Sites Like Facebook and Twitter

Dell, EMC, and HP catch storage acquisition fever

Once “explained,” ancient “computer” unfolds new mysteries

Make social passion the cornerstone of enterprise collaboration

The Net Value of Data

Will small identity management firms thrive in 2011?

Zoho ties Quickbooks, telephony to its CRM

Oracle set to launch MySQL 5.5 GA release

5 Reasons HP Should Acquire SAP

Google's new core business: All Internet, all the time

Oracle Tightens Its Grip, Apache Slips Through Its Fingers

The state of BI tools

IBM Offers CIOs Predictive Analytics for Data Planning

Solid State Drives No Better Than Others, Survey Says

HP Denies Neoview Cut, Hires SAP Exec

Business Ingelligence Trumps Facebook

5 Reasons HP Should Acquire SAP

Creating an open source body of knowledge on process management

Where's Government Data In The Cloud?

Human Brain Has More Switches than All Computers on Earth

Interoffice communication in a flat world

'Human cloud' of skilled workers growing in importance

Oracle burnishes its Lustre

IBM to build 3 petaflop supercomputer for Germany

Goodbye Internet, we hardly knew ye?

Why IBM Rules the World of Technology Services

SAP StreamWork Eyes Enterprise After Google Wave Crash

Databases In Cloud Poised To Make Impact

WikiLeaks Imbroglio Renews Focus on Risk Management

Cookie Cutter Approach to BI Won't Cut It

Shadow DNS is in the works: Do we need a second Internet?

IBM's Innovation Strategy: Preserving the Foundation


IBM Watson computer to play $1M game against Jeopardy! champs Announces Multi-Platform Enterprise Cloud Database,_Private,_and_Trustworthy

Cloud Computing on Rich Data

Add Derived Data To Your DBMS Strategy

SAP Goes On Demand

IT Blogwatch: Toshiba launches "fastest" SSD

Bye-bye Neoview?

Storage in 2011: Virtualization Still the King

Does 'big data' equal big opportunity for storage vendors?

SAP's Hana Speeds the Database Race

The Year in Review, The Trends Ahead

That Was the Year That Was: Major Data Warehousing Events of 2010 (and Predictions for 2011)

3 "Big-Data" Predictions for 2011

From the BIScorecard Blog: Tableau 6.0 and Cool BI at TDWI

Is SQL Server's MPP Retrofit Too Little Too Late?

SAP Energizes CRM with Analytics and Interactions. But Will It Work?

Information Managers Unite

Risk Management, the Financial Crisis and Bayesian Methods

Metadata Search and Discovery for Information Alignment

Data Governance: A Chicken and Egg Problem

SAP Elevates Enterprise Software Strategy

CouchDB: The Most Widely Distributed, NoSQL Open Source DB

Will small identity management firms thrive in 2011?

Why Steve Jobs Loves Optimized Systems

Microsoft Announces Hardware for Business

SAP pushes out 'significant' patch update

IBM chooses MLC-based SSDs for its midrange, high-end arrays

Microsoft adds Facebook 'likes' to Bing search results

Red Hat buddies up with Eucalyptus

HP Inks $1.4 Billion Outsourcing Deal With German Utility E.ON

On Graphene, Nobels and Catastrophic Failure

Oracle angles MySQL for Web apps

Microsoft Parallel Data Warehouse Hits Metal This Month

Silicon Valley's worst of the worst

Resource Allocation 101

Complex event processing comes to cloud management


EMC Ships New 'Self-Service' Cloud Storage Package

As Social Media Sites Mature, New Privacy Concerns Emerge

Jaspersoft Enhances

Jive Ushers in New Era of Social Business Apps

Oracle Cloud Office Takes Aim At Microsoft, Google

The role of Data Governance in maintaining the integrity of data

Data Center Spend Shrinks As Cloud Grows

Will Google Music Be a Lock(er)?

Five Ways To Fool A Twitter Sentiment Tool

Can You Really Trust the Cloud?

Four Innovations in Information Infrastructure


Google Launches New 'Body Browser'