Friday, December 03, 2010

Stuff I thought I'd lost in that Connecticut windstorm November 29 to December 3 2010

Television, Everywhere

Brief Interview with James G Kobielus

What's on HP's Software Shopping List?

Windows Oddities: 25 Years of Microsoft Weirdness

12 Tech Turkeys of 2010

Kyoto Prize Winner Revolutionizing IT Network Design

Netflix Launches Streaming Only Service In U.S.

Twitter's challenge: Personalization, co-founder Williams says

Inside the labs at Microsoft, HP and IBM

Next-gen 911 will accept text, MMS

Holograms could give videoconferences a 3D look

Getting started with social BPM

2011: The Year of the Tablet Wars

Why Organize When You Can Search?

Three Guidelines For Implementing MDM

comScore's Big Data Deployment In Detail

Microsoft pioneers tactile display technology

What a Google Buy of Groupon Could Mean for You

SAP Delivers on Road Map to Build On-Demand Ecosystem, Signs on First Solution Resellers for SAP® Business ByDesign

Jeni Tennison on Priorities for RDF

OGC Calls for Participation in Major Geo Standards Testbed

Report: Google Acquires Deal-a-Day Hub Groupon

SAP Launches HANA for In-memory Analytics

Crunching the Numbers on Big Data

Letters to the Editor: The BI Platform Wars are Not Over

Third-Party DI Tools Make Mapping Easier

Case Study: IBM, Predictive Analytics, and Grevy's Zebra

Why Data Virtualization Trumps Data Federation Alone

Micro Strategies Simplifies Storage Management With Latest IBM Midrange Innovation

Where's Your Old Data?

Welcome to Browser War III

Q&A: Data mining & predictive analytics: trends, benefits and

Red Hat acquires cloud software provider Makara

Advance Your Analytics Strategies

SAP® HANA 1.0 Enables Breakthrough Data Management With In-Memory Computing Engine

Rise Of The Appliance

Red Hat Acquires Makara To Build Cloud Platform Services

Google Updates Android Market

Enterprise 2.0 Rife with 'Social Business' Annos


SAP's HANA will speed real-time data analytics

4 CRM Questions to Ask Yourself During the Holidays

Cloud Gives Wikileaks Elastic DDoS Armor

How Cable Television Can Stop Losing Customers

Derek Jeter, Performance Management And ... Data Management?

Bayes and Risk Management

Advance Your Analytics Strategies

BI Edge Comes From Data Accuracy, Mobility

10 Cloud Predictions For 2011

Oracle to Buy CRM Firm ATG for $1 Billion

Data Management in the Clean Up Spot

Amazon Ousts WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks launches Web War III

The Internet at risk: A return to the Ma Bell era

Apple quietly joins ranks of Hadoop users

WikiLeaks Saga Underscores Need for Data Controls

Is 'Quadroid' the new 'Wintel'?

Can Analytics Help Resolve The Jeter Contract Flap?

The Value Of Virtual Appliances

Wolfe's Den: Why Oracle's Sun Servers Are Sinking (And Why That's A Good Thing)

HP Launches Agile Accelerator

SQL Azure Federation: Is It "NoSQL" Azure Too?

Redmond Review: Whither BizTalk

Red Hat Acquires Makara to Build Cloud Platform Services

Making sense of Database as a Service and cloud database

IBM Delivers New Software to Advance Security Analysis

Rogers Declares Tablets "Dashboards of Tomorrow" at Rogers TabLife TO

With WikiLeaks, Amazon shows its power over customers

WikiLeaks rebounds as new hosting provider seeks protection downed by domain hosting service

Amazon says government pressure didn't lead to WikiLeaks ban

Google's Algorithmic Fix Sends Bad Merchants to the Boonies

Has Linux Reached the End of the Line?

Oracle's open source missteps continue with Hudson project

Bruce Schneier: 'Cyberwar hotlines' needed

Forrester lists objections to object storage

Data-Miners to Reveal What They Know

Exaflop computing: Moore's Law isn't dead, It's Moved to Warp Speed