Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stuff too deep for "Watson" to wrap his puny brain around February 14-18 2011

Scientists calculate total data stored to date: 295+ exabytes

CA Technologies Readies New Release Of ERwin Data Modeler

Data Warehousing Has Fiscal, Innovative Changes in Store

Jeopardy Champs Take On IBM's Watson Computer

How Much Data Can Humankind Generate?

IBM Simplifies Enterprise Software Development

SAP, Sybase Each Recognized as a Leader in Enterprise Database Warehousing Platform by Independent Research Firm

Sybase IQ Delivers Best Performance Results for Enterprise-Scale Data Warehousing and Analytics

Dataupia Brings Enterprise-Class High Availability to Real-Time Platform for Big Data Analytics

Sybase 365 Enables Global Roll Out of Next Generation LTE Networks

Inside Watson, IBM's Jeopardy Computer

The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Data Warehousing Platforms, Q1 2011
James G. Kobielus

Appliance Power: Deliver Advanced Analytics Into Customer-Facing Processes
James G. Kobielus

HP acquires Vertica

HP to Acquire Vertica: Customers Can Analyze Massive Amounts of Big Data at Speed and Scale

Next Big Thing in Data Analytics: No More Physical Cubes

SenSage Catalyzes Evolution of SIEM Market Through Creation of 'Open Security Intelligence'

'eGo' Turns The Human Body Into Its Own Wireless Network

Metadata Runs Amok

IBM's Watson Challenge No Gimmick

HP Acquiring Vertica, Ramping Steadily Back Into Enterprise Data Warehousing Market

The Internet kill switch idea is already hurting cloud computing

HP buying Vertica for analytics

Q&A: Netezza to focus on workload optimized systems, CEO says

If All Data Were a CD Stack, It Would Pass the Moon

Membase plops down on CouchDB

Neudesic Pulse Version 1.2 Released; Includes Deep Integration With Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

IBM Launches New Appliance to Extend Enterprise Security

GSMA and Neustar to Work with Twitter for Real-time Mobile Communications Delivery

HP To Acquire Analytics Specialist Vertica

Kognitio to offer virtual cube analytics

Could Google Risk Taking on the CRM Market?

RSA Announces Identity And Compliance Profiling Services For The Cloud


SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 to offer fully integrated data management

Darryl K. Taft: IBM's Watson: The Future of Computing

How IBM's Watson Churns Analytics

Oracle Exec Says Exadata Can Do It All

IBM's Watson surges to giant Jeopardy lead, retains tie against human competitors

What makes IBM Watson so smart?

HP buying Vertica for analytics

Yahoo Decides to Friend Facebook

H-P Acquires Analytics Startup in New CEO’s First Deal

Myriad Launches Text-Based Social Networking Service

What If Storage Hardware Mattered?

IBM's Watson's ability to converse is a huge advance for AI research

IBM sweetens the pot for partners

VMware's Maritz: OS, Hardware No Longer Relevant With Cloud

IBM Offers New Cloud Computing, Business Analytics Resources For Channel Partners

Innovation Transforms Data Warehousing

Slideshow: 10 Tenets Of Enterprise Data Management

HP re-enters analytic database market with Vertica acquisition

Leading Developers Dismiss Charge That Cloud Is 'Vapor'

RSA Launches Industry's First End-to-End Incident Management Solution

Securing Databases In The Cloud: Part 2

RSA Announces Identity And Compliance Profiling Services For The Cloud

Kapow Software Surpasses 500th Enterprise Customer in Q4 2010; Grows New Subscriptions by 54 Percent

CA Technologies Adds Mobility and More to its Advanced Authentication Cloud Security Service

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Released for On-Premises and Partner-Hosted Deployments

Verizon Advances Enterprise Identity Protection

How the Federal Government Can Get Ahead of the Impending Data Revolution

How Cloudera Became a Leader in BI/Hadoop

Q&A: Solid Value Proposition a Key to MDM Success

Gartner and "Good Enough" Data Integration

Microsoft Unveils SQL Server Fast Track Data Warehouse 3.0

Samsung, SAP to roll out analytics for Android devices

Intel's mini-SATA SSD packs a performance wallop

What to expect in cloud-based communications in 2020


IBM's Watson Heralds the Future of Computing

HP combining IPS and SIEM to better fight malware

Infoblox ramps up IP address management for virtual environments

The Mad Science of Google Labs

Moontoast: social network monetizing


What to expect in cloud-based communications in 2020

With Vertica Deal, HP Ramping Back Into Enterprise Data Warehousing Market

Opinion: Social media gurus who aren't

Glyn Meek: Texting -- goodbye English, we once loved you

Open office dilemma: vs. LibreOffice

Cloud Meets CRM: How to Track Who's Who

Nokia Leaps Off 'Burning Platform' Into Microsoft's Arms

IBM's Watson Takes One Small Step for a Computer

Massive Information Stockpile Guides Humanity's Course

Google's Android Roadmap: New Clues Emerge

Has Zune Finally Met Its Inevitable Demise?

Google Lets Users Block Content Farms

You've been labeled at work. What do you do now?

Google Woos Publishers With Payment Service

HP's Half Step Back Into Data Warehousing

Google Public Data Explorer Admits Public

Oracle Releases Database Firewall

Investing In Social CRM

Constant Contact Buys Social CRM Developer

Practical Analysis: HP's IaaS Cloud Misses The Enterprise Mark

Can The Jeopardy Challenge Help IBM Compete With Apple And Google?

SAP hopes to boost StreamWork sales with OpenSocial

IBM's Watson could usher new era in medicine

IBM's Watson Heralds the Future of Computing

Oracle Unveils Health Care Analytics App for Supply Chain

Trivia Pursuit: Analytics, Entertainment and IBM’s Watson Computer

Bringing Agility to Business Intelligence

Don’t Repeat Doomed Identity and Access Management History

Automating Business Process Discovery

HP has another go

VAX Notes - a DEC legacy

Jennings explains his Jeopardy loss to Watson

7 other game shows that Watson should be on

Exabytes and exabytes: Data growing 23% a year

IBM to Collaborate with Nuance to Apply IBM's 'Watson' Analytics Technology to Healthcare


CA Looks To Broaden Use of Modeling Tool to Data Integration, Cloud

Microsoft builds speedy flash bridge between RAM, hard disk

3 Human Obstacles to CRM Success

X Prize $30 million private race to the moon is on

Google Will Blend Pals' Opinions Into Search Results

HP boosts data analytics with purchase of Vertica

Commerce Dept. Unveils National Broadband Map

Social Media Marketing Up 40% Among Local Businesses

Google Makes Search Results Social

IBM's Watson Trounces Puny Humans At Jeopardy

Microsoft builds speedy flash bridge between RAM, hard disk

Microsoft Upgrades On-Premise CRM App, Offers Links To Partner Marketplace

Facebook Makes a Silent Change to Newsfeeds

Jennings Explains Jeopardy Loss to Watson

IBM Watson's next adventure: Healthcare with Nuance

Microsoft puts Facebook into Bing Bar

Open Government May Do More Harm Than Good

Terracotta Adds Search to Cached Databases

IBM's Watson could usher in new era of medicine

Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum, Project Ubertooth Detailed At ShmooCon

Seven Breakthrough Sentiment Analysis Scenarios

IBM's Watson Makes Our PCs Look Bad