Saturday, February 05, 2011

Stuff woven into the hyper-knotted quintuple-helix of my fasces & tendons January 31 to February 5 2011

More Rapid Innovation for SAP® StreamWork(TM) Application: Google Docs Integration, User-Requested Enhancements

New Autonomy Chaining Console Connects Inside and Outside Counsel With One View of eDiscovery Process

Autonomy Extends Market-Leading Social Media Capabilities to eDiscovery

Autonomy Unveils Cloud-Based Information Management Platform for Legal Market

New Firefox Feature Blocks Behavioral Ads

Verizon To Buy Terremark For $1.4 Billion

China Microblogs Block Chinese Word for 'Egypt'

Google's Brin Says Social Search Is Largely Untapped

'Radical Redesign' Urged for Future Computers

Who Owns Your Facebook Data?

Who in the World Needs a Data Warehouse?

The Collaborative Culture of Data Governance

IBM's Watson Challenge No Gimmick

Who's Responsible for Analytics?

10 Myths of MDM

Apple's greatest hits under Steve Jobs

Dedicated Devices Not Dead Yet

Microsoft Exec: Tablets May Be Temporary, Cloud Will Last

GigaSpaces Releases eXtreme Application Platform (XAP) 8.0 - Ensures Technology Openness and Provides Continuous Scaling

WealthEngine Raises the Technology Innovation Bar With Oracle Exadata Database Machine

Cloud Technology Partners Launches: Corporate Mission is to Transform Businesses Using Cloud Solutions

Tableau Software Doubles Revenue with 2010 Landmark Year

Companies Worldwide Gain Competitive Edge With Business Analytics Solutions From SAP

Tablets: IT's Quiet Revolution

12 Advances In Medical Robotics

11 Elements of Power

Oracle to release finance data warehouse

Database gurus tackle cloud challenges at MIT

BI, value creation key for CIOs: Gartner

Microsoft's Windows revenues plunge 30%

Oracle data modeler tool gets collaborative

Best practices for keeping BPM projects moving forward

Oracle Data Warehouse Aimed at Financial Firms

Microsoft's Cloud Revenue and Ramp-Up Speed Uncertain

Google Voice Number Portability May Not Spur Adoption

Google Buys SayNow to Boost Google Voice

Fewest Tech Layoffs in 10 Years

IBM unveils social networking connector

BMC touts first self-service interface for business workloads

The weirdest, wackiest and stupidest sci/tech stories of 2010

IBM Brings Social Business to the Cloud, Mobile Devices

Cloudscaling Builds Momentum with First Commercial OpenStack-Based Storage Cloud

EMC's Greenplum offers 'big data' tools at no charge

Universal Memory for Smarter Computing

Let Isaac help you build IRC bots

What geeky items are on your bucket list?

IBM Launches Social Business Initiative

As IPv4 disappears, transition poses hazards

What are the key services for data governance in the cloud?

Architecting SOA in the age of cloud infrastructure

DataStax Injects Scale into Real-Time Web and Enterprise Applications with Apache Cassandra(TM)

EMC Unifies eGRC Strategy To Help Organizations Transform Their Enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance Programs

Around the World: Get Internet access when your government shuts it down

Jaikumar Vijayan: Protests in Egypt challenge assumptions about social media influence

Internet 'Kill' Switch: Balancing Security And Freedom

LinkedIn IPO Filing Opens Floodgates for Facebook, Groupon

Egypt Internet Shutdown Underscores Vulnerability

'Cloud-based' Content Management Gets eZ

Internet 'Kill Switch' Bill To Be Reintroduced

Gartner Quadrant Reports BI Split

Social Media: Supply-Chain Predictor

The top BI trends and analytics technology predictions for 2011

Cisco sees 26-fold hike in mobile data traffic by 2015

EMC releases free edition of Greenplum MPP database

Pervasive pairs parallel development API with Hadoop MapReduce

Ariba, SugarCRM Unveil Plans To Link With IBM LotusLive Cloud Services

Google Touts Android 3.0 Holographic UI for Tablets

Why Tablet Market Will Evolve Rapidly

How to Achieve Balanced Business Intelligence

Oracle Exec Says Exadata Can Do It All

MicroStrategy Revs Up Mobile Computing

The Internet should not be anonymous

The forced transition to IPv6 poses hazards

Microsoft will give 1-year warning before killing or changing cloud services

IPv4 addresses: Going, going, g...

SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS: A security checklist for cloud models

EMC Unifies eGRC Strategy To Help Organizations Transform Their Enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance Programs

Web Running Out of Addresses

MDM Trends: The Good, the Bad, and the Inevitable

Evaluating the Impact of Data Visualization

BI Scorecard Blog: Deciphering the Buzz in Dashboards, Visualization, and In-memory

Q&A: 2011 Promises More Struggles with Big Data

Spansion Introduces VS-R Family for Mobile Phones and Machine to Machine Applications

SenSage 4.6 Delivers Open Security Intelligence for Enhanced Monitoring, Compliance and Risk Management Operations

Amazon to offer Oracle's database in the cloud

IPv4's funeral expected to come Thursday

Egypt restores links to Internet

How long would your business last without the Internet?


Google, Twitter Build Speak-to-Tweet for Egypt

IBM Pushes Partners, Students to Adopt Social Business Skills

Is Your Data Complete and Accurate, But Useless to Your Business?

Tech Trends No Longer Linear

OpenBI and OSBI – the Pentaho Global Partner Summit

How Modeling Helps Performance, Across the Board

Snapshot on Operational Intelligence and CEP

Health Care Data Efforts in Limbo From Ruling

Windows Azure turns 1 in 'anemic' market

Security appliance, cloud service secures e-mail, Web access and offers data-loss prevention

No Internet For You

Nirvanix gets end-to-end cloud storage

IBM to offer cloud office suite


News Corp. Unveils Daily Digital Paper

Facebook 'Instant personalization' launches: How to disable it, and why

Data-Driven Decisions - Not Hunches

Practical Analysis: Backups Are IT's Red-Headed Stepchild

Open Group conference focuses on role and impact of enterprise architecture

TIBCO joins the enterprise social software game with Tibbr

Is your company in need of a tune up? You may need some Process Intelligence…

EMC Greenplum Offers Free Open Source Tool For Building Database Apps

The MIME guys: How two Internet gurus changed e-mail forever

Five Smart Ideas for Addressing Costly Traffic Congestion

Fear of liability is putting a stranglehold on common sense

F3 Analytics Platform Expands Coverage to Enable Inflation and Volatility Trading Strategies

ShunraPredictor Accelerates Application Performance Analysis From Days to Minutes

OpenText To Acquire BPM Provider Metastorm

New Oracle SQL Data Modeler Integrates Subversion

Microsoft Claims 31,000 Customers For Azure

Leaving a job with your personal tech intact

Jaikumar Vijayan: There is no Internet 'kill-switch' --except metaphorically.

Amazon S3: 262 Billion Objects Now Stored

SenSage Opens Security Data To Off-The-Shelf Business Intelligence Tools

Securing Databases In The Cloud

Oracle Updates Data Modeling Tool with Eye to Collaboration

Oracle Data Warehouse Aimed at Financial Firms

Having Analytics May Not Be Enough

A Letter to Future Employees: Embrace Analytics

TIBCO joins the enterprise social software game with Tibbr

BMW car key prototype unlocks hotel rooms, train seats

If you could ask Vint Cerf anything, what would you ask?

And you thought Facebook was for fun

IPv4’s finale 'one of the most important days of the Internet'

Early adopter spells out Microsoft Azure’s strengths and shortcomings

No more IPv4 addresses

Internet 'Kill Switch' Efforts in US on Life Support?

Microsoft Must Fight Google's Bing Search Accusations

GigaSpaces Launches eXtreme Application Platform 8.0

OS33 Launches Latest Version of WebTop Cloud Platform

The New Productivity - Usability

The cloud-friendliest U.S. cities


Modems: 60 Years of Hooking Up

Planet Technologies Puts CRM on the Map