Friday, April 15, 2011

Stuff that I'll freely admit is way over my head April 11-15 2011

Acquisitions Reshape the Marketing Automation Landscape

Smarter Data Transfers: Point and Paste

HP updates Information Management Portfolio with holistic approach

Why GUIs suck, revisited

Tweet If You See Osama

New EMC Database Appliances Come Preloaded With SAS Business Analytics Software

HP Prescribes Cure For Information Management Malaise

An SMB Masters Business Intelligence

Internet2 turns 15. Has it delivered on its promise?

Internet2 milestones

Miserably bad advice about email

BMC supercharges IBM DB2 for mainframes

Report: Iron Mountain to shutter cloud storage service

GigaSpaces Leverages Citrix OpenCloud to Deliver Flexible and Open PaaS Solution

Microsoft Unveils Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and Vision for Cloud ERP

EMC Isilon Delivers Breakthrough Performance for Big Data

Facebook Reveals its Server Secrets

Oracle to Acquire Datanomic

Authorized biography of Apple's Steve Jobs due in 2012

Vyatta readies for virtual machine explosion

Xiotech plans to integrate storage management on blades

Six Apple Stores to Visit Before You Die

Google's recipe for a bad social strategy: Force it, rush it, compare it to others

Make Peace In The BI-Versus-Excel Battle

The Second Leg Of The Social Business Stool

Smartphones, Social Nets Remake Knowledge Management

Larry Page's first blunder

Data centers: Make mine modular

The War With Microsoft Is Over and Linux Won?

Epicor Agrees to be Acquired by Apax Partners

Internet2 turns 15. Has it delivered on its promise?

Internet2 milestones

Fuzzy Logix Unveils NVIDIA GPU-Based Analytics Appliance "The Tanay ZXnW Series"

Amazon built Top 500 supercomputer in its own cloud

Official Steve Jobs Bio Dropping Early 2012

OCZ Continues To Push The SSD Envelope

IBM Introduces Software to Help Clients Reach New Mobile and Social Networks

Make Peace In The BI-Versus-Excel Battle

Getting Real About SSD Performance

EMC Buys Security Automation Vendor NetWitness

What are the pros and cons of cloud file storage?

YouTube unveils live-streaming service

Locking Down Database Files In The Cloud

SugarCRM Delivers New Integrations with IBM Software

Facebook Opens Sources Its Cloud Blueprint

HP Fine-Tunes Its Information Management Products, Services

Is Your Data Inhibiting Customer Relationships?

IBM Adds Fresh Coat of Paint and New Tires To BPM Offering, But Still Needs To Rev Engine

Getting Real About SSD Performance

Systematic and SAP to Advance Frontline Logistics

IBM to Deliver New Optimized POWER7 Products, Inspired by Watson Technology

Revolutionary Business Intelligence Solution Introduces Real Data Relevancy Through Automated Insights

Microsoft Announces Partner Ecosystem to Lead Media and Entertainment Industry to the Cloud

Microsoft Unveils Plans To Adapt Its ERP Applications For Cloud Computing

FISMA Flap: Microsoft Cries Foul Over Google Federal Cloud Certification

IBM Introduces New Software, Services To Help Clients Transform
Their Business Processes To Fuel Growth

IBM Introduces Software To Help Clients Reach New Mobile
And Social Networks

IBM Introduces Consulting Services Practice for Business
Process Management

New IBM Software Helps Clients Accelerate Adoption and Realize
the Benefits of Cloud Computing

IBM Unveils Smarter Commerce Software and Services Offerings

CRM: Four Tough Questions to Ask

Facebook Shares Cloud, Data Center Knowledge

Ballmer Keynote Turns Cloudy

7 dirty consultant tricks (and how to avoid them)

OpenID and Facebook Connect: Net Skeleton Keys

Winklevoss Twins v. Facebook: Case Closed

The Future of Tablets: Also Unknowable

IBM jumps into cloud, customers tip-toe behind

BMC supercharges IBM DB2 for mainframes

In-house 'app stores' ease tablet-management woes

Microsoft's cloud ERP plans get mixed reactions

Lingering Questions And (Some) Answers On SAP, HANA, & In-Memory

JackBe Presto Enables Information with Ease

BI: Written in the Tablets

IBM Needs To Rev Its BPM Engine

Cross-Validation and the Dangers of Overfitting Models

Tibco Seen As Failed Target Of HP Acquisition

Berners-Lee: Web access is a 'human right'

New Sybase Streaming Capability Conquers Challenges Facing Trade And Risk Analytics In Capital Markets

Telcordia Offers Integrators Cloud-Based Next Gen OSS

SAND Technology Announces SAND v2 for SAS

Breaking the identity mold

Epsilon: a watershed for an industry under siege

Microsoft Convergence

Jive Software Gives Companies Stronger Social Chops

Doing More With Less: The Social CRM Challenge for the Mid-Sized Biz

SugarCRM's Wandering Road Map


Microsoft's ERP Offerings Drifting to Windows Azure


Dawn of the Dingus, or the Next Big Tech Rush

HP application transformation news responds to rapid shifts in how apps are managed

Twitter killer in the works?

Facebook Goes Open Source

Microsoft's cloud ERP plans get mixed reactions

Cloudera expands Hadoop ecosystem

Facebook flops: The social network's 10 biggest mistakes

Single Sign-On for the Web Has Failed

Sybase Moves Toward Real-Time Calculation of Trading Risks

Leading app maker said to be planning Twitter competitor

Making Cities Smarter Using Location-Based Analytics

Your boss could be a sociopath. No, really.

Scientists Unveil Atlas of the Brain

Oracle's Cloud Strategy: Cover All Angles

Twitter getting a rival?

EMC Isilon releases new NAS products for big data

Wherever You Go, There You Are

Oracle cautiously pushes Fusion Applications to enterprises

In-house 'app stores' ease tablet-management woes

Java developers getting OLAP API

IBM and Sybase Harness POWER7 for New mCommerce Appliance

NIST Crowdsources Historical Artifact Identification

ESJ.COM: BI for the Masses, iPad Style

Connect The Log Data Dots

Red Hat Putting Finishing Touches on New Cloud App Platform

HP Prepping 'Intelligence Centre' for Rules on Risk

Data, Data Everywhere and Not a Drop to Think

The Data Quality Wager

Governance as a Risk Management Initiative

What Real-Time Search is Worth

Microsoft's two-front war for the future

Red Hat cache move sparks standards spat

IBM closes on acquisition of TRIRIGA, Inc.

Evaluating Facebook's 'Open Compute' Claims

10 Best Practices for Desktop Virtualization


Getting started on building a real-time BI system: issues to

Why Does CRM Training Get Short Shrift?

Pitney Bowes Business Insight: trying to put its stamp on the software world

VMware Launches Cloud Foundry as First 'Open' PaaS

Nag Screen Hall of Shame

They Don't Want You...They Want Your Data

Car Tech: Electric Vehicles Get an IT Assist

Microsoft's Two-Front War for the Future

Esri Signs Strategic Contract with GeoEye

Paul Allen: My book isn't about revenge on Bill Gates

Geeks, functional deviant behavior, and evolution

Best Buy to Shrink 'Big Box' Strategy

Battle of the Office Candy Jar

Apple Amassing Cloud Services Army?

Is Your Data Inhibiting Customer Relationships?

Why virtualized hybrid clouds won't happen soon

Lexalytics Analyzes Wikipedia To Understand How Humans Think

Centralized Social Media Control For Distributed Organizations

Five Key Trends Driving the Future of BI

It Takes Two: Microsoft's DW Market Strategy Explained

BI for the Masses, iPad Style

Q&A: Try a "Non-invasive" Approach to Data Governance

Microsoft Dynamics Makes Manufacturing A Game, Sort Of

Jonny Evans: Apple's joined-up platform plans

Why All the Nail-Biting Over Twitter?

Geek's Guide to Seattle

Re-Mapping the Cloud


SSD caching vs. primary storage for data placement