Friday, April 08, 2011

Stuff that stuffed up my sinuses April 4-8 2011

Oracle's Itanium Dump Could Spark M&A Frenzy

Google +1 = Social Overload

Augmented Reality: From Zero to Billions in No Time

Attivio Announces Active Regulatory Management for Financial Services

Making Sense of Social Media Data

Business Intelligence Trumps Facebook

Google adds search tools to App Engine cloud platform

Hadoop Hive gets production polish

Health care network offers $3M for illness-prediction algorithm

Why Google is getting into the 'Like' business

Where to start with public cloud computing

Road map to the public cloud

IT aims to harness 'big data'

Expect targeted attacks after massive Epsilon email breach, say experts

Oracle releases beta for Express Edition of 11g database

Operational intelligence + event processing = smarter, faster

The Sales Team's Automated Backbone

IBM Ruled Middleware Market in 2010: Report

BI Shakes Out

Business Intelligence Development Carries Human Touch

Oracle's journey to the cloud -- and to the bank

Every day should be World Backup Day

Mobile augmented ambulation - dealing with mobile traffic

Three modes of data deduplication: How do you decide?

Google hopes to spray patent trolls with Nortel portfolio

Android Becomes Top Smartphone Platform in U.S.

Top 10 Google Accomplishments Under Eric Schmidt

20 Game-Changing Events That Shaped the Internet, Part 1

EasyAsk Announces EasyAsk for SugarCRM Bringing IBM Watson-like Natural Language Search and Analysis to SugarCRM Users


Google kicks off the Larry Page era: 5 challenges ahead

Making Facebook Ads More Buyer-Friendly

IBM: Watson could boost confidence of financial industry

Wozniak: Tablet is the PC for 'normal people'

Why Big Data Will Need Big Gear

Novell Ships Cloud-Based Social Collaboration Platform

EMC Expands Greenplum Big Data Analytics Appliance Family

IT Poll: Do You Think Augmented Reality Could Be Useful in Your Workplace?

Teradata Completes Acquisition of Aster Data

Can Tablets Succeed In Business?

ERP Providers Epicor, Activant Bought by Equity Firm

SAS Teams With EMC And Teradata -- And Not IBM -- On High-Performance Analytics

Shoutlet Adds Twitter, YouTube To Social CRM

NOAA CIO Tackles Big Data

RDN EXPRESS: Java Pioneers Stack Up at Google


IBM discusses plans for predictive analytics and the Watson

What is social media analytics software, and what does it do?

Business Intel for Social Media

Cloud Storage: Is a Standard Needed?

Patrick Thibodeau: Tim Berners-Lee tweets for transparency

IT aims to harness 'big data'

Microsoft researchers: NoSQL needs standardization

Intel, Micron to double SSD density by summer

STEC readies longer-lasting SSDs

SugarCRM buys Lotus Notes tools, cozies up to IBM

The Public Key Infrastructure Under Seige



Oracle Data Warehousing App Streamlines Flow of Drug Trial Results

Cloud-Storage Standard Moving Toward Adoption

Stop Trying to Put a Monetary Value on Data

The Right Analysis Visualization for BI

Information Management As An Asset

Business Intelligence: Trends 2011 and Beyond

Acquisitions Reshape the Marketing Automation Landscape

IBM Connects With Social Software

HP updates Information Management Portfolio with holistic approach

Wozniak questions long-accepted date of 'Day One' at Apple

Novell, SAP team on business service management

+1 Button Lets Users Approve Google Search Links

Cisco To Acquire NewScale For Cloud Self-Provisioning

EEE Targets Cloud Interoperability Standards

EMC Expands Greenplum Big Data Analytics Appliance Family

Facebook Flops: The Social Network's 10 Biggest Mistakes

ClickFox applies analytics to map the customer experience

Road to Curation Nation a Bumpy One

Google Angers Partners Over Android Fragmentation Control

Microsoft and Toyota Announce Strategic Partnership on Next-Generation Telematics

Dish Scoops Up Blockbuster for a Pittance

The Real Social CRM: More Than Asking for 'Likes'

Long-Term Data Retention: It's More Than Media

Wozniak questions long-accepted date of 'Day One' at Apple

Microsoft "A Little Puppy", We Should All Be So Lucky

Cloud Democratizes Smart Planet Imagery

LinkedIn opens APIs to broader Web: Will you use your professional identity?

Microsoft researchers: NoSQL needs standardization

IBM bullish on Linux, but will keep DB2 proprietary

HP and Violin build Oracle Exadata killer

EMC's 'big data' efforts gain momentum

Bashing Microsoft 'like kicking a puppy,' says Linux Foundation chief

Seven Principles of Sustainable Analytics

SSDs reign at Storage Networking World

IBM shows smallest, fastest graphene processor

IT GRC, ESIM Vendors Dig In For War

YouTube to Get Some Class Acts

SugarCRM's Wandering Road Map

10 Reasons Why Apple Is Hated

The Dos and Don’ts of Effective Dashboards

The Urgent Crowds Out the Important

Mobile BI to Become the Norm

Five vendors committed to content analytics for ECM

Vyatta pits new appliances against Cisco ISR

Is the iPhone Over?

Does Google Have a Mole at Twitter?

10,000-core Linux Supercomputer Built in Amazon Cloud

SQL Sentry Partners with DBSophic: 'Power Suite + Qure Quick Start Pack' Announced


Facebook open sources its server, data center designs: Hardware fallout to follow

Gamers make good employees

Facebook Touts New Server Design

A co-Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks

Facebook Challenges With Green, Open Source Data Center

HP Says Holistic Approach Busts Information Glut

Microsoft Could Lose More Than Consumer Market To Tablets

IBM unveils next generation smart cloud platform for business

Why Windows 8 Will Shatter Windows 7

Amplidata launches object storage system; more SNW Spring 2011 news

Storage buying requires an application perspective

Essential guide to efficient data storage

Google's mole within Twitter is ... Twitter?

The Financial Roadblock to Technological Nirvana: Electric Cars and the Smart Grid

IBM taking on Amazon? Or just taking over?

Facebook's open source data center: Not necessarily enterprise reality