Saturday, April 02, 2011

Stuff that Susan Sontag would have dismissed as hopelessly bourgeois March 28 to April 1 2011

Conversational Marketing: The Next Phase of Customer Engagement

OMG! LOL: Internet Slang Added to Oxford English Dictionary

Oracle Vs. HP -- Who's Got Your Back?

Oracle Revs Overcome Sun Hardware Drag

Bing extends social search features

Big Data runs afoul of big lawyers

Oracle Exadata X2-8 and the evolution of Oracle RAC

Are Oracle Exadata and Exalogic selling as well as Oracle says?

Many Oracle customers to see support cost changes this year

The problem with row-by-row processing in Oracle Database

Paul Baran, Internet and packet switching pioneer, is mourned

Amazon Can Do IT - Why Can't You?

Dedicated hardware now available in Amazon's cloud

TIBCO Cuts Messaging Speed Inside a Machine by 40%

FinAnalytica Awarded Patent on 'Black Swan' Budgeting

EBay to Buy GSI

Changing Customer Service Channels: The Gap Between Social Media Haves and Have Nots

Itanium Dump Could Cost Oracle Billions

Data Gaps Plague Process Initiatives

Jaspersoft Announces Advanced Data Integration for BI Suite

Platform Computing Announces Support for MapReduce


Paul Baran, packet switching pioneer, is mourned


Big Data Keynote Focuses on Mining Geolocational Data for Insights

Facebook Scraper Unveils Open-Source Analysis Tool for 'Big Data'

Cisco among most acquisitive in 2010

NPR deploys Splunk for Web analytics

New Intel SSDs Boost Performance at Lower Prices

Amazon Cloud Drive and Cloud Player: A Hands-On Tour

Hotmail's Active Views Get More Active

Groupon vs. the Price of Gasoline

Why iPads Will Beat E-Readers

Amazon launches Cloud Drive: An easy to use tablet play that takes AWS consumer

Amazon Ups Cloud Ante With New Storage, Music Plays

Cellphones and the Brain: Faith, Hope and Calamity

Amazon Cloud Goes Single-Tenant With Dedicated Instances

First Cloud-Based Business Plan Dashboard Service Launches

Your Boss Stinks and He Knows IT

Oracle rumors swirl as Lawson users wait, wonder

Health provider seeks algorithm that can predict illness

SailPoint takes identity management to the cloud

Multicore coding standards aim to ease programming

Amazon Offers Consumers a Cubby in the Cloud

FUD-Bombing Intel and HP: What's Next From the Crazy Guys at Oracle?

Data Gaps Plague Process Initiatives

Social Media Rejected For Healthcare Communications

Will Office 365 get you fired?

The death of applications?

Google may soon launch Apple iTunes rival

Data Driver: So Long, SQL Server 2005

A Social Net for Plug-in Electric Vehicles

Hydrogen Pellets Could Obsolete Batteries

BI and Social Dance Together, Away from the Mosh Pits

HP’s New World Order According to Leo Apotheker

How to Validate the Data Model

Good Data Governance Finally Taking Hold

How Better Prototyping Can Improve BI

Analysts in Action: Getting Analytics Off the Test Track

From the BI Scorecard Blog: BI Licensing and Lawsuits -- A Sure Sign of Failure

Book Excerpt: Designing Parallelism into the Data Integration Models To Buy Radian6 For Social Media Monitoring

Intel Unveils Bigger, Faster SSDs

ScraperWiki, easy Web data scraping

Google Gets 20 Years of Privacy Audits for Buzz Violations

Apple Expected To Grow Bigger Than IBM and HP

Apple Expected To Grow Bigger Than IBM and HP

Amazon Cloud Drive: It's All About Android Domination, Baby

Amazon's Cloud Drive Riles Music Industry

5 Amazon Cloud Drive Alternatives

Tech's Youngest Billionaires

Google Music: iTunes Rival May Soon Launch

A Model For The Big Data Era

Social Media Is Changing CRM

Microsoft Co-Founder Hits Out at Gates

Less Passion, Less Productivity

A need for speed: Appliances improve delivery of Web-based apps

Google gets more social with its search engine

JR Raphael: Amazon Cloud Drive: 3 things to consider before you commit

Amazon, Apple, Google play 'chicken' over cloud music lockers

Preston Gralla: Paul Allen's tell-all book paints Microsoft's Gates as an ogre. Can he be believed?

Amazon EC2 Dedicated-Server Offering Addresses GRC Niche

How Open Source Really Is Changing The World

Amazon's Cloud Drive: Perfect as-is

Informatica to Deliver Rich Info to Any Web Device, Fast

Oracle rumors swirl as Lawson users wait, wonder

Google's +1: A Facebook "Like" copycat that falls short on search enhancement

Google Delays 'Honeycomb' Code Release

Data, Truth and Ethics

Radian6 to be Acquired by

IBM Launches Global Bootcamps to Help Companies Tackle Big Data Challenges

Yahoo plans to open source code for non-core technologies

Buffett warns social net investors

IBM Connects With Social Software

Flexible displays: What's the holdup?

The importance of structured data elements in EHRs

'Silos' Of Security Processes Still Not Integrated, Study Says


Analytical MDM can aid BI -- and be a springboard to enterprise
MDM Buys Facebook Filter Radian6 for $326M

A Midmarket Look at the Data Warehousing Landscape

Stop Trying to Put a Monetary Value on Data – It’s the Wrong Path

Destroyed hard drives kill off UK National ID Cards

Google Doodle honors Bunsen, chemistry class

+1 Button Lets Users Approve Google Search Links”

Erase Yourself From the Web

Google Wants You to 'Like' +1: But Will You?


Google +1 Adds Social Element To Search

Google Wants Search to Be More Social

Broken Windows at Microsoft

Bill Gates vs. Paul Allen: How Important Is the Wingman?


Business Continuity via Social Media

Paywalls Won't Save the News Industry

Radian6 To Be Acquired By

Valen Technologies Launches InsureRight

HP pushes cloud printing with Google

For women, Facebook can turn friends into frenemies

Making Space for Creative Thinking

Integrating Social Media Is Hard to Do

Does Obama Really Have an Internet Kill Switch? Acquisition Points To Marketing Ambitions

Google +1 Adds Social Element To Search

Business Intelligence Crowd Appeal

Oracle's Itanium Dump Could Spark M&A Frenzy, Radian6 Deal Validates Social Media Monitoring

Google +1 = Social Overload

Google +1 is Not a Social Network

Google Counts On a New Social Strategy by +1's