Friday, October 21, 2011

Stuff that doesn't share my musical tastes October 17-21 2011

Birth of the iPad Killer?

IBM Launches Cloud Tools for Partners

Why Android Owners Scoff at iPhone 4S

Microsoft reassures Apple, Android users of Skype

Oracle vs. SAP: The data quality battle heats up

Apple's iOS Will Combat Amazon, Netflix With Streaming Movies: Report

Business Intelligence Throws a Party

Do You Really Need the Newest, Shiniest Smartphone?

Is Your Car Tweeting? -- What's Next for Connected Devices

GPUs Play Central Role in Next-Gen Supercomputer

Table salt found to boost data storage density

Ballmer: We're Building Windows Server 8 Around Cloud

Without Dennis Ritchie, there would be no Jobs

Clay Shirky: Social networking will change business like PC, laptop, email

NYC Mayor: U.S. Needs More Foreign Tech Talent

Web 2.0 Expo: LinkedIn's Big Data Lessons Learned

Data is Not Costly. Bad Data Is.

Oracle's Stack Is Engineered For Investors, Not Customers

Jonny Evans: What's wrong with the Steve Jobs 'reality distortion' lie

Jonny Evans: Apple, Siri, and the new search

Yahoo Mail site lets visitors visualize global email flow

Opinion: Roambi Flow, a BI publishing breakthrough

Dell puts recent acquisitions to work

Facing a data apocalypse: The limitations of digital storage

How to choose a SIEM solution: An overview

Teradata: All in the Family of Appliances and Big Data

LogRhythm takes SIEM to the next level

Back to Boom Times for Data Center

Teradata: All in the Family of Appliances and Big Data

New Google Maps Shows Future Of Web Graphics

Raytheon Unveils Appsmart(TM) Marketplace and GOtab(TM) Online GEOINT Services

Competition for Netflix heats up, starting with Vdio

How Steve Jobs Inhibited Innovation

IBM Debuts Social Collaboration Cloud for Government

Really big data: The challenges of managing mountains of information

Twitter and Google 'just can't agree' on Realtime Search deal

Process modelling at the Prado

IBM Adds Predictive Analysis To BI Software Line

12 Top Big Data Analytics Players

IBM Posts Q3 Gains On Smarter Planet, Analytics Push

Jaspersoft and Red Hat Deliver Joint Data-to-Dashboards Solution

Oracle boosts enterprise search with Endeca purchase

Preston Gralla: Strange bedfellows: Mitt Romney unsuccessfuly tried to recruit Steve Ballmer 30 years ago

Putting the "BI" in Big Data

Microsoft's Windows Azure, Server Will Leverage Apache Hadoop

Red Hat Pledges Commitment to AMQP Open Messaging

Key Takeaways from Oracle OpenWorld

Performance Management: A Decade of Transformation

Meaningful Use Compliance: A Piece Of Cake?

3 Big Data Challenges: Expert Advice

Hadoop Can Find a Home in the Enterprise


HealthStar Plans Cloud-Based EHR, Practice Management

IBM announces preconfigured analytics servers

Apache Cassandra NoSQL database ready for enterprise

Weaving BI into the corporate fabric

Google Cloud Services Update Has Amazon In Its Sights

Oracle Acquires Endeca In Big Data Market Offensive

Big Data Means Big File Sharing

SAP BusinessObjects Feature Pack Ices Version 4.0 Cake

Twitter and Google 'just can't agree' on Realtime Search deal

IBM takes its BI capabilities into the data center

NSF awards researchers $3M grant to advance "secure computation"

Verizon to Share User Location Data, Browsing History With

Analytics in 40 years: Machines will kick human managers to the curb

Oracle buys Endeca, makes an unstructured data statement

The Teradata Family of Appliances and Big Data

The Agile BI Adoption Difference

Open source WineHQ database breached

Hadoop Makes For Strange Bedfellows, Open Source and Microsoft


IBM Introduces New Systems to Accelerate Smarter Computing

RIM Whiffs On Setting Smartphone Direction

HPC for Analytics: Laying the Groundwork

IBM Cluster Software, Solid-State SAN Make Splash at Storage Network World

Oracle's Top 10 Moves to Propel Java Forward

4 Healthcare CIOs Who Stand Out From The Crowd

Accountable Care Organizations Can't Survive Without Health IT

Many Patients Love EHRs, Fear Storing Data Themselves

Stallman on Steve Jobs: Tasteless or Incisive?

Ballmer: Microsoft is winning winning winning

The False Economies of the Info Security World

Data Miners Urged To Dig Carefully

FedEx CIO Carter: 'Next era of Internet is sensor-based computing'

How to choose a SIEM solution: An overview

Valassis Launches Electronic Coupon Clearing Platform

Most Useful APIs for Business

Choosing iPhone 4S, 4 or 3G

Google adds visual traffic flow graphics to Analytics

Microsoft Beefs Up Reporting, Management In Windows Intune Update

Tablets, Clouds, 'Big Data' Top Trends for 2012: Gartner

EMC reports strong Q3 revenue, profit growth

Ben Golub: Storage is a hard problem with a soft(ware) solution

Facebook is not free

Microsoft's Roslyn: Reinventing the compiler as we know it

The 10 Greatest MS-DOS Games of All Time

Ballmer touts Bing; analysts still wary about its future

Ford connecting cars to cloud-based apps


Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich: Brilliant Thievery?

What's Next For Google+

EMC Raises Performance Bar for VNX Unified Storage in Mission Critical Microsoft and Oracle Environments


When CRM Stalls: Kicking It Up a Notch

Web 2.0 Summit Preview: Meet The Data Frame

Google+, Facebook Duel On Social Media Models

What's Next For Google+

Opposition Grows To Meaningful Use Metadata

Really big data in the real world with Quantcast

MC Hammer Developing Google Search Competitor

Google's Brin Initially Thought Google+ Circles Feature Was Too Complicated

EMC Raises Performance Bar for VNX Unified Storage in Mission Critical Microsoft and Oracle Environments

Microsoft, Others Work on Yahoo Bid


Is Microsoft gunning for Yahoo again?

Social Meets Big Data: Get Ready

RIM's Death By Speculation

Meaningful Use Compliance: A Piece Of Cake?

Preston Gralla: Steve Jobs -- Bill Gates is "unimaginative," "fundamentally odd," and should have dropped acid

IBM Intros New Servers, Storage for Analytics, Cloud, Virtualization

Red Lambda Aims To Tackle Big Data Security

Steve Jobs criticizes Obama, Bill Gates, and loathes Android in newly released excerpts from upcoming biography

Steve Jobs: Android a 'stolen product'

SAP And Oracle: Get Real About In-Memory Analysis

IBM introduces new systems to accelerate smarter computing

Steve Jobs biography: 5 tidbits you need to read to 'unlock' SAP's core software for 'social enterprises'

Forrester: Tech Changes to Expect in Next 3 Years

Data Governance and the Adjacent Possible

Hospital Rooms Get Smart

Social Meets Big Data: Get Ready

15 things you need to know about the Steve Jobs bio

Google+ Traffic Plunges, Are Its Days Numbered?

Steve Jobs ranted, raged against Android as 'grand theft'

What Does Microsoft Really Want from Yahoo?

New Details Emerge About Oracle's Social Network

Scientists Have Fun With Quantum Levitation