Saturday, October 29, 2011

Stuff that I'm divesting myself of October 24-28 2011

How Microsoft Makes Google Look Bad

10 Facts You Need to Know About Apple's iCloud

Synnex to Help VARs Capture the Cloud

Microsoft's Roslyn: Reinventing the compiler as we know it

The Case Against Orchestration

IBM's Tivoli Tries To Change With The Times

Microsoft Posts Record Quarter But Says Tablets Cannibalizing

Google Readies Google+ for Push Into the Business World

Apple TV Set was Jobs' Last Tech Frontier

Yahoo Sale Buzz Mounts as Google Said to be Interested

Social Meets Big Data: Get Ready

Hospital Rooms Get Smart

'Groupon Is A Disaster'

Really big data in the real world with Quantcast

Oracle Buys Cloud-based Customer Service Company RightNow For $1.5 Billion

Oracle Buys RightNow In Cloud Play

EHR Best Practices: Who's Winning And Why?

IBM Completes Algorithmics Buy

GE Admits Inaccuracies With EHR Reporting

Jaspersoft Announces New Hadoop-Based Big Data Analytics Solution

IBM Transforms Data At Work, Accelerates Big Data Analytics

Oracle buys RightNow for about $1.5B

Oracle launches NoSQL database

Data Mixed for Consumer Goods Business Analytics

Oracle Buys RightNow In Cloud Play

Oracle Announces Availability of Oracle NoSQL Database

Oracle Buys RightNow offers to 'unlock' SAP's core

The ins and outs of MapReduce

Oracle acquires RightNow for $1.5 billion, aims turrets at

Oracle Aims To Expand Cloud CRM Lineup With RightNow Bid

Yahoo Attracts More Potential Suitors

IBM Seeks Bigger Stake In Big-Data Analytics

Oracle to Acquire RightNow

How Yahoo Spawned Hadoop, the Future of Big Data

SAS® High-Performance Analytics: Big data answers in minutes, not hours

Spring Data Neo4J supports POJO development on NoSQL graph database

Creating an Integrated Multichannel Strategy

Google, Microsoft Consider Rival Moves To Finance Acquisition Of Yahoo: Report

Modelling market for SAP heats Up

IBM Takes Aim at Big Data Analytics

EMC Promises Further Innovation for Cloud Environments

New IBM Software Helps Analyze The World's Data For Healthcare Transformation

IBM Launches Netezza Appliance to Help Communications Services Providers Analyze Networks and Gain Consumer Insight

Social media revenue to hit $10.4B in 2011

Oracle Aims To Expand Cloud CRM Lineup With RightNow Bid

RightNow Buy Gives Oracle Extra Ammo Against


Microsoft Contributes Biology Project to Open Source

Oracle Vs. The World

IBM Beats Oracle, Microsoft With Big Data Leap

Big data prep: 5 things IT should do now

IBM's CEO hand-off: Rometty to take over for Palmisano

How Microsoft could (but probably won't) take over the world again

Bank adopts 'security data warehouse' to fight persistent security threats

IBM turns up Watson-like natural language healthcare analytics

NoSQL Ready For The Enterprise

New details emerge about Oracle's Social Network

Sword Ciboodle Leverages SAS® Analytics in New Intelligent Contact Center

IBM Business Analytics Helps Improve Customer Retention by Nearly 50 Percent at XO Communications


IBM's CEO hand-off: Rometty to take over for Palmisano

Meaningful Use Stage 2 More Doable Than Round One

Death of the PC Exaggerated

Preston Gralla: Google versus Microsoft in Yahoo buyout -- no matter what happens, Google wins

Google adds visual traffic flow graphics to Analytics

Thought-controlled computers may soon be a reality

Spammers create their own URL shortening services

IBM's new CEO, Virginia Rometty, has a plan


New IBM CEO Rometty Faces Treacherous Cloud Computing Services Transformation

Three Types Of Business Relationships: Which Should You Nurture?

Microsoft CRM App Update Adds Social Networking Features

Predictive Analytics Digs Deeper Into CRM


Why Siri Matters

Researchers Crack XML Encryption Mechanism, Propose New Standard

Radiant Sage SaaS App Integrates Image Data From Multiple Drug Trials

IBM Tackles 'Big Data' With New Software

Apps and Data: The New Clutter?

BI In The Cloud: Separating Facts From Fiction

Data Governance and the Adjacent Possible

HBR is Sunny on the Cloud

SuccessFactors Takes Learning to a New Plateau

EHR Worst Practices

SAP And Oracle: Get Real About In-Memory Analysis

6 E-Prescribing Vendors To Watch

'Big data' prep: 5 things IT should do now

IBM turns up Watson-like natural language healthcare analytics

Oracle Buys Online Customer Service Firm RightNow

A Human-like Walking Robot that Requires No Power Source

Netflix's big collapse: Do you believe in streaming, international expansion?

When A Flawed EHR Threatens Patients

Data Mixed for Consumer Goods Business Analytics

SAP Delivers Business Improvements With New Version of SAP® Business One Application

Oracle's Mark Hurd: We Know CIOs

Microsoft CRM update takes 'social' cue from

IT Blogwatch: IBM has Hadoop cloud for big, unstructured data


The Cloud as Feature

HP to keep PC division, rejects spin-off idea

SAP updates Business One application for small companies

IBM Aims to Whittle Big Data Down to Size

Virginia Rometty to Take IBM Into the Next 100 Years

Oracle's Mark Hurd: We Know CIOs

Addressing Analytics in 2012

IBM's Message is Pitch Perfect

Thinking Differently About Decision Support

Smart Grid Driving Enterprise Architecture Requirements

Tableau Version 7 Challenges Old School BI

Q&A: Blumenthal Talks EHRs, Healthcare Reform

In appreciation: C's Dennis Ritchie and Lisp's John McCarthy

Google+ finally arrives for Google Apps customers

Developers Can Test 'Denali' in Amazon Cloud

Microsoft takes 'social' cue from for its CRM

Juniper adds OpenFlow to its routers, switches

Nokia unveils first Windows phones

NASA: "Interplanetary bogeyman" comet Elenin is no more; it's an ex-comet

The Life and Times of Windows XP

The Ugliest Laptops Ever Made

Facebook to Build Massive Arctic Data Fortress

HP decides that being bigger is better

Whitman: PSG Too Intertwined In HP's Business To Sell, Spin Off

Steve Jobs Exposed: Confessions of a Tech Legend

Preston Gralla: Bill Gates -- being a billionaire isn't all it's cracked up to be

EMC has huge appetite for Big Data technology

IBM Netezza Considering a Hadoop Appliance

Oracle Must Rationalize RightNow to Battle

Google's 2011 Buying Spree Hits $1.4 Billion

Oracle Releases NoSQL Database Linked to Big Data Appliance Launch

Rometty's Past Reveals IBM's Future

Tableau Version 7 Challenges Old School BI

HP Mines Data To Predict Consumer Behavior

Steve Jobs is the modern Gutenberg

HP Keeps Making PCs: Now What?

In U-Turn, H-P Will Hold On to PCs

Google Upgrades Its TV Software

Yahoo: Center of a Global Chess Game

Apple: It's time to leave Neverland

Can Google+ Become A Biz Collaboration Tool?

Hadoop distro wars on the horizon