Saturday, October 01, 2011

Stuff that truly matters...ya gotta trust me on this September 26-30 2011

HP Playing Musical CEOs Again?

Agile BI: Good but Not Enough

Big Data is Scaling BI and Analytics

The Rise of Ungoverned Data

6 Highlights from the Information Management 50 List

Plato’s Data

Making Sense of Identifiers

Overheard: On Broad-Based Virtualization of Data Sources

HP Should Have Looked Inside IBM For CEO

Enterprise IT Enters the Internet of Things

Why Tracking Cloud User Behavior Is a 'Plus'

Why HP CEO Leo Apotheker Had to Go

Michael Dell: End of PC Era 'Complete Nonsense'

Internet or Food: Which Matters More to You?

John Halamka: Coping with IT decision fatigue

Quick-win CPM projects to leverage and expand use of your CPM system

Facebook Unveils Timeline, Other Services at f8

Google+ Beta Features Look to Keep Pace With Facebook

Mayor Bloomberg: NYC Will Pass Silicon Valley in Tech Startups

SSD Technology Favored by IT Departments, IBM Survey Indicates

Apotheker, Jobs, Schmidt Top List of 2011 CEO Exits

Whitman Took CEO Job Because 'HP Matters'

HP Should Have Looked Inside IBM For CEO

Why HP erred in choosing Meg Whitman as its new CEO

Is Quantum Computing real?

Internet Domain Seizure Program Rankles Free Speech Advocates

Facebook's Timeline will Help Hackers

HP Customers Seek Stability With Whitman

Google: Facebook is becoming “a closed walled garden”

HP's Whitman Era: Proceed with Caution

NSA label-based system could secure big data

Dear HP: You Bought It, Now Own It

CERN’s Experiment on Data Quality

Panorama Announces Availability of Service Pack 1 for Panorama Necto - New Topics Cloud Feature Provides Most Relevant Data Suggestions for Users

Dear HP: You Bought It, Now Own It

Exclusive Research: Why Identity Management Is Critical Right Now

ParAccel Collaborates With MicroStrategy for High Performance Cloud and Social Media Analytics

Oracle Introduces SPARC SuperCluster Servers With 'Extreme Parallelism'

DDN Brings 'Big Data' To Storage Channel

Workforce Management Gets Intelligence Boost

H-P's PC Chief Awaits Clarity

Humans first, technology second. Why Facebook will win.

HP Users Hope Whitman Can Persuade Oracle to Change Itanium Decision

Google becomes a teenager

Splunk explains it all

Jaspersoft 4.2 Delivers Industry's Most Flexible Mobile BI Offering

Attunity Introduces New Data Replication Platform with 'Click-2-Replicate' Solutions for Big Transaction Data

10 Things to Know About Meg Whitman

Darlene Storm: Federal Reserve to monitor billions of convos for 'Fed', determine mood, ID bloggers

IBM's Watson embarks on medical career



HP's Whitman Needs to Reassure, Make Hard Decisions: Analysts

Oracle With SuperCluster Looks to Keep Sun Users From IBM, HP

EMC's New Greenplum Analytics Appliance

Facebook Vs. Google+: Room For Both

EMC Tries To Unify Big Data Analytics

Teradata Upgrades Break Down Database Barriers

MySQL Moves Closer to Closed

Jaspersoft 4.2 Delivers Industry's Most Flexible Mobile BI Offering

Attunity Introduces New Data Replication Platform with 'Click-2-Replicate' Solutions for Big Transaction Data

EHRs Raise Consumer Fears of ID Theft: Survey

Dear HP: You Bought It, Now Own It

PivotLink Advances Business Analytics in the Cloud

SAP Partners Share Domain Expertise to Accelerate Customer Value from Business Analytics

MicroStrategy Announces Cloud Personal, a Free SaaS-based Business Intelligence Service

Large data sets pose huge challenges for CIOs, but boost careers too


Big Data Gets A Closer Look From Riak

IBM's Watson: Redefining systems design

HP Partners To Whitman: Please Reconsider PSG, Autonomy Moves

Borders' customers will have to opt-out after Barnes & Noble agrees to acquire database

Healthcare Needs HIPAA E-Transactions Contingency Plan

Integrated Security Reduces Health IT Data Breaches

Healthcare Costs Go Under BI Microscope

The New Social Paradigm and HP's Pain

Hurd sees long Sparc, Solaris roadmap

Data scientists dig open source tools, transaction data

Harvard-supported Harvard Grad Mitt Romney Criticizes Obama for being a Harvard-supported Harvard Grad

Whitman's Sisyphean Challenge

Speedy Neutrinos Could Turn Physics Universe Upside-Down

Marc Andreessen: Future of enterprise software reflects consumer

Autonomy Unveils Technologies to Radically Improve Social, Mobile, and Search Marketing Performance

Autonomy Unveils New Release of WorkSite

Building Babbage's Protocomputer

IBM launches city parking analytics system

How Adobe Flash lost its way

Always-On With Amazon S3

MicroStrategy launches consumer-grade cloud BI

Ig Nobel prizes: laugh first, think later

Science and religion can and do mix, mostly

Microstrategy targets Excel users with Cloud Personal BI

Will tablets soon be free? Let's start with the Kindle Fire

Microsoft and Amazon: Two browsers, two clouds and two different paths taken

WellPoint and IBM Announce Agreement to Put Watson to Work in Health Care

Appfluent Announces New Partnership with Teradata

Visual Studio 11: Microsoft Eats Its Own Agile 'Dog Food'


CIA Invests In Semantic Search, Wireless Networking

Souped-up storage: An all-SSD array debuts

Was Autonomy Shopped To Oracle? Depends On Whom You Believe

Google+ Catching Up with LinkedIn, MySpace

Chrome poised to take No. 2 browser spot from Firefox

FAQ: Oracle OpenWorld's burning questions

My collision with Andy Rooney's ethical blind spot

SCRM Bottom-Line Potential: Profits at Many Points

Oracle's Breathless Run To OpenWorld

How To Choose Between Google AdWords And Facebook Ads

Social CRM Momentum Rising

Aristotle, Data Governance and Lead Rulers

Performance Measurement 2011

Michio Kaku: Has a Speeding Neutrino Really Overturned Einstein?

Oracle's Breathless Run To OpenWorld

Facebook Vs. Google+: Room For Both

Production Data Monitoring and Metering

HP's Whitman Or Leo: It's The Strategy, Stupid

Former HP CEO Apotheker to get more than $9.6 million

10 identity management metrics that matter

Identity Federation Versus PKI

What the IT department will look like in 2015

Aristotle, Data Governance and Lead Rulers

Taking Moneyball tactics to the enterprise

Will Your EHR Land You In Court?

Oracle OpenWorld: Hardware, Fusion, big data talk, SaaS on tap

Intel to acquire location-based services company Telmap

What's In Your Facebook File? More Than You Think

Looking for Free Software? A New Directory Can Help

Google Launches Paid Premium Version of Analytics