Saturday, December 03, 2011

Stuff I'm glad to be rid of...truth be told November 21 to December 2 2011

Top 5 MDM Must-Do Items

Don't Regulate EHRs Like Cars

Top 10 BI Predictions for 2012

How to Turn Big Data into Valuable Information

Why is Getting Rid of Data So Hard?

Data Scientist: What Skills Does It Require?

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Analytics Bridging More Federal Budget Gaps

Top Tech Failures of 2011

Getting a fast start with agile BI development

Who's In Your Database? A Look At Access Control Strategies

Big Data And Bad Security

IBM Watson's Future in Health Care, Education Is Bright

Security and location

Federated Cloud Strategies: What CIOs Need to Know

Google+ Could Grow Thanks to New Feature, Small Change in Android

Google's Search Algorithm Challenged

eBay Buys Recommendation Service Hunch To Improve Buying And Selling

Radoop presentation at RCOMM 2011

Hadoop is ready for the enterprise, IT execs say

Predictive analytics project challenge: Keeping the faith in findings

More BI Packages Add Collaboration: Who Needs It?

Solving the Netapp Open Solution for Hadoop Solutions Guide

The Fretful Future of Flash

Is Facebook's Finger on the IPO Trigger?

GE to Open New Software HQ, Eyes Big Data Developments

Bring-Your-Own Social Networks Arrive

Google rolls out music service to masses

Facebook's oversharing flap: Much ado for tech news junkies only?

Supercomputing as a Service (Cheap)

Behavioral marketing: Why Johnny can't opt-out

Analytics & the Future of Batch Reports

Will 2012 REALLY be the year of the cyberwar?

Cloud Provider Appirio To Recognize 'Cloudwashers'

New 'Anti-Social' Social Network Lets CSOs Share

Gates Tells Jury Microsoft's No Bully

Do You Truly Need Big Data?

Social Standards: Web 2.0 Vs. Enterprise 2.0

Six Degrees of Separation Now Five, Thanks To Facebook

Facebook Phone? No Thanks

Facebook's phone: Oversharing to go

Amazon's Supercomputing Service

CEP and big data

10 Ways IBM Tackles the Big Data Challenge

What Is ADV and Why Do We Need It?

Interview Tips for BI Requirements Gathering

Defined: As a Service

A Party for Vanishing Definitions

Will Facebook Jump the Shark by Leaping Into Handsets?


10 Ways IBM Addresses the Big Data Challenge

How to Spot a Smartphone Addict

Facebook Continues Its Open Hardware Push

Facebook Looks to Expand Open Hardware Push to Storage, Management

Data Decisions: Sacrificing Speed for Quality?

The Social Side of GIS

Data Scientist: Is This Really Science or Just Pretension?

The Full View of ADV

Spotfire 4.0 is Socially Collaborative and Interactive

Doctors Slow To Embrace Telemedicine, Cloud Computing

Nimbus sale to TIBCO

Governance and Hadoop

CEP and big data

Alpine Data: the first real data mining solution for the Big Data generation


Larry Page-Run Google Shutters 7 More Projects

Computer Science is the Hottest Major on Campus

Microsoft Surface: Why it Didn't Change Everything

The First Microprocessor--The 40th Anniversary of Intel's 4004

Google Health: First Failure of 2012

Why Google's Knol Failed: A Dire Lack of Peter Arno


Google's Graveyard Grows: Google Gears, Wave Jettisoned

The need for cloud identity management

Mark Hurd: The Oracle Of The Channel

How to Protect Your Online Reputation

Vectorwise – Worth a Look?

Big data strains small-business bandwidth

Nanoparticle Batteries Could Make Wind and Solar Power More Practical

Compliance as a Performance Enhancer

HP pairs Autonomy and Vertica software

Google Tweaks BigQuery Analytics Service

MicroStrategy Introduces Usher(TM), the Coolest Way to Manage Facebook Events

Heroku Launches PostgreSQL Database as a Service

Facebook's $10B IPO Could Be a Crapshoot

The Top 5 Trends in Predictive Analytics

HP Targets All of Unstructured Data with Release of IDOL 10

Mobile Device Management: What's Still Missing

Obama Orders Agencies To Move Records To Cloud

Twitter Buys Mobile Security Startup Whisper

Group Aims to Build Shadow Internet

Social Media Inside the Firewall

Technotopia Doesn't Exist

Ads With Lives of Their Own

As Clouds Expand, IT Shrinks

A 4-Phase Approach to Socializing Business Analytics

Impactful BI Remains Elusive for Many

6 Surprises On My Way from Data to Analysis

Mobile BI: 2011 Trends and 2012 Directions

Integrating Canonical Message Models and Enterprise Data Models (Part 3 of 3)

Q&A: Lack of Data Background, Quality Can Hold Back Business

Data Virtualization is Far from a Pipedream

HP pairs Autonomy and Vertica software

Android Marketplace: A Hive of Scum and Villainy?

Successful Data Collaboration: More Than Just a Happy Accident

Is Vectorwise Worth a Look?

The ROI in GIS

Talend Blends BPM into New Unified Platform

No Datum is an Island of Serendip

Social Standards: Web 2.0 Vs. Enterprise 2.0

Microsoft Cloud Services Get Major Service Updates, New Customers

BonitaSoft Selected as Strategic OEM Partner to Augment Talend's Integration Platform

Mu Dynamics Teams with Atlassian: Introducing Industry-First Continuous Performance Management Solution for App Developers

HP pairs Autonomy and Vertica software

Twitter Hardens Tweets With Android Security Acquisition

10 Silliest Tech Company Names Of 2011

Collaboration Is Overrated

10 Office Party No-Nos

Ben Golub: Why Thomas Jefferson could predict the next big thing in storage

Salesforce Puts Social Marketing In The Cloud With Radian6

The 4 Laws of Conservation in CRM

Nanoparticle Monster Batteries Could Make Wind and Solar Power More

Health Information Exchanges: Get Everyone Onboard

Why Can't Patients See Their EHR Data?

Voice Microblogging on the Rise Worldwide

Can HP Printers Be Remote-Detonated?

Big Data Can Yield Extra Profit

HP pairs Autonomy and Vertica software

Skip data tiering, go directly to all-SSD storage, Forrester says

8 Ways to Better BI

Kalido Directs Data Governance

ESJ.COM: Data Virtualization Is Far from a Pipedream

AT&T, Accenture Collaborate on Cloud Medical Imaging

Psst... The 'Whisper' Is that Twitter's Growing Up

Vendors Fall Short in Selling Analytics

Enterprises Slow to Join Voice-Recognition Surge

Apache Hadoop Goes Realtime at Facebook

IBM Releases InfoSphere BigInsights V1.3 and Streams V2.0.0.3

HP Targets All of Unstructured Data with Release of IDOL 10

Data Centers Go Modular

Internal Uses of Social Media

Solving the Wireless Signal Strength Problem

BI is Giving Back

Bayesian Data-Driven Decision Making

Lowe's: From Customer Data to Customer Loyalty

Robin Williams offers Apple advice on how to make Siri even better

NICE to Acquire Merced Systems, the Leader of Service and Sales Performance Management Solutions

Benioff's Dream: Toppling Microsoft, Oracle, And SAP

IBM Chief Scientist to Launch TV Series on Computing

Mark Hurd: The Oracle Of The Channel

The Fast Break of the Social Enterprise

SugarCRM Gets Sharper Interface, Speed Boost

Top 10 Dumb Computer Security Notions and Myths

No more Napster

'What's your handle?' to replace 'What's your number?'

Siri's Mysterious Brain Fog