Friday, December 09, 2011

Stuff that doesn't believe in transcendence December 5-9 2011

Learn How to Trust Your Gut

Protecting Your Online Reputation

Google Chrome Overtakes Firefox

Google+ struggling to remain relevant

YouTube's Big Redesign is a Letdown

Scientists Discover Strange New 'Species' of Galaxy Unlike Any
Ever Seen

First Issue of Action Comics sells for $2.1 million

Preston Gralla: Will Microsoft buy Netflix and LinkedIn?

SAP to Buy SuccessFactors for $3.4 Billion to Match Oracle

Lowe's: From Customer Data to Customer Loyalty

There is No Such Thing as a Root Cause

Here comes the big data bubble

Should SAP + SuccessFactors Worry

EBay launches Web query language

SAP faces cloud strategy questions with SuccessFactors buy

Facebook Gets Location-Based Talent With Gowalla Buy

Google Employees Get Ice Cream Sandwich

Cerf: Internet Governance Critical Issue

Microsoft Tests 'Social Analytics' Cloud

Yahoo Battles Brain Drain

SAP Co-CEO McDermott: SuccessFactors Acquisition Adds Cloud 'DNA'

Pocket-Bots Swarm Over Social Apps

Human Brain Is Limiting Global Data Growth, Say Computer Scientists

Twitter traffic volumes

Microsoft Office, Enjoy Your Retirement


'Big data' finds ally in predictive analytics, but combo requires care

Vint Cerf says Internet governance is a critical issue

NASA Spots Possible Earth 'Twin' 600 Light-Years Away

SAP Targets, Oracle With SuccessFactors Buy

Google Unleashes Arsenal of Hot New Tools

Darryl K. Taft: IBM Lists Top 12 Tech Trends for 2012

Storage Industry Predictions for 2012

IT 2012: It's All About Control of the Data

Health Care Data Breaches Increase by 32%: Ponemon

Big Data’s Big Need? Data Scientists

DARPA wants smartphone app developers for super sensor program

IDC: Storage growth slowing to normal

HP acquires Hiflex to bolster Web-based printing offerings

How BAO Platforms and an Active Model Drive the Best Next Action


Is Firefox toast?

7 Ways IT Can Improve Customer Service

Facebook's new headquarters is located at 1 Hacker Way

StumbleUpon Rolls Out New Layout

Pointless Internet Surfing: It's the American Way

Predictive Social Media Could Unite Friends

Jaspersoft Delivers Industry's First Analytics Offering for Any Flavor of (Big) Data

Darlene Storm: Sifting through petabytes: PRODIGAL monitoring for lone wolf insider threats

Big Data Analytics Skills Lacking, EMC Study Finds

A Call for Mobile Governance

An M.S. in Predictive Analytics

Verizon Blocks Google Wallet


Facebook Analytics Service Goes Beyond Likes

Doctors Get Timeline Extension For EHR Meaningful Use

Health Information Exchanges: Patients Must Be Convinced

Mythbusters accidentally set cannonball on path of destruction

Compliance by Computer

SAP to Add New Innovations in Merger Integration and Regulatory Management to Banking Services

EMC's Greenplum goes big in data analytics

Google Wallet: A brewing battle between Verizon and Google

Four industries about to be transformed by the Internet

War Over the Digital Wallet

Columnstore Indexes To Speed ETL

Why we need even more programming languages

The amazing shrinking computer

MIT touts optical computing breakthrough

Facebook disables bug used to expose Zuckerberg photos

IBM launches enterprise social collaboration apps for tablets

Are You Ready for the Era of ‘Big Data’?

Is BOA the New SOA?

HIMSS Launches Mobile Health IT Project

Search Software Indexes Social Feeds, Gmail

Jaspersoft Announces Industry's First MongoDB Big Data Analytics Connector

EMC Drives Evolution of Big Data Analytics and Business Agility with Breakthrough Greenplum Unified Analytics Platform

Big Data in 2012

Analytics and Legacy Applications – Friends or Foes?

HIMSS Launches Mobile Health IT Project

Big Data: Smaller is Better

IBM Unveils Analytics Solution to Help Clients Extract Insight from Patents and Intellectual Property

HPCC, Now Available On Public, Private And Every Cloud In Between

IBM To Buy DemandTec

Twitter unveils redesign, touts ease-of-use

IBM buys e-commerce analytics vendor Demandtec for $440M

Loyalty Programs: The Wireless Industry Could Be Onto Something Big

Continuous Business Intelligence and Big Data

Embarcadero brings self-service app store model to enterprises to target PCs

And another one is acquired!

Bill Gates to return as Microsoft's white knight?

Mythbusters' cannonball misfire still reverberating

Microsoft Details Coming Windows Store

IBM Rolls Out Social Enterprise Mobile Apps

10 Tech Wins of 2011

10 Most Powerful Cloud Companies

Windows 8: One OS to Rule Them All?

Is a Computer Science Degree Worth It?

IBM to acquire DemandTec

IBM to acquire CĂșram Software

Preston Gralla: Bill Gates to return to Microsoft? It'll never happen.

EMC Release Promises All-Purpose Big-Data Platform

10 Products That Will Decide Microsoft's Fate

For the IT World, 2012 Will Be All About the Data

2012: More Information, Less Control

Trends in Big Data

Twitter's Refresh Needs Work

Google Further Integrates Google+ Into Gmail

DemandTec Deal Adds To IBM's Cloud Services

At Le Web, Visions of Not-So-Social Future

Renault Opens Up the ‘Car as Platform’

Hewlett-Packard Makes WebOS Open Source

How 3 Companies Built Twitter Strategies

Microsoft can remove apps and data from Windows 8 devices

The Key To A Successful SuccessFactors Acquisition For SAP

Revenge of the 'stupid' user: Consumerization of IT

Verizon, Redbox May Dip Toes Into Content Streaming

Radian6: It's All About Listening to the Customer

Follow the Mythbusters' bouncing cannonball

Twitter Trades Simplicity for Sophistication