Saturday, December 17, 2011

Stuff I've structured into a columnar format December 12-16 2011

NetBase and SAP Join Forces to Deliver Social Media Analytics to Global Enterprises

Using Servers as Furnaces

IBM to Buy Cloud Analytics Vendor for $440M

Social BPM: When Worlds Collide

Big Data in 2012

Data Scientists in Demand

Gartner Predicts for 2012: More Information, Less Control

HP dumps WebOS on open source world

Simplifying ETL

Continuous Business Intelligence and Big Data

HP open sources WebOS: The fallout

EMC Throws Out Big-Data Lifesaver

New Tiny Circuit May Lead to Smaller, More Powerful Devices

HP Open-Sources WebOS, Kicks Off a Bright Future

Twitter, Facebook, Google+: Which Business Page Is Best?

Google's Integration of Google+ Into Gmail Is Right Touch

Video Analytics Boosts Business Intelligence

10 technologies that are just plain broken

Microsoft's Gates Returning as CEO Would Prove a Bad Move

HP Does The Right Thing In Open Sourcing WebOS

EMC Offers Big Data, Cloud Training

SAP gets into the social analytics game with NetBase partnership

Why Google+ will become Google's only product

Google further integrates Google+ into Gmail

Big data has potential but requires care

How to Create and Implement an Information Management Policy

EMC's Greenplum goes big in data analytics

The Role of CRM in Logistics Companies' IT Strategies, Part 2

Backlash Against Amazon Price Check Builds Steam

Google+ Tiptoes Into Facial Recognition Territory

The Evolution of Online Data Access: Keeping It Secure

IBM's Watson: Why Politicians Will Hate It but We May Love It

WebOS Crawls Out of Purgatory and Into Open Source

BYOD and IT: The Tail Wagging the Dog?

Microsoft Azure hosts Hadoop, other open-source apps

What's in (and missing from) Microsoft's latest batch of Azure cloud updates

'Server huggers' present obstacle to cloud adoption

Microsoft Enhances Windows Azure, Reduces Data Transfer Costs

ITIL: What goes in a Configuration Management Plan?

How Alan Turing ushered in modern computing (photos)

Windows Azure's New Options Enhance Developer Experience

IBM Unveils Cloud Drug Discovery Platform, Donates Chemical Data to NIH

Data Science or BI? – Part 1

BI, Analytic Software Supporting Educators

Will the cloud take my job?

IBM demonstrates first Racetrack Memory chip

Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 Reduces Costs While Enhancing User Productivity

SAP HANA(TM) Opens Up to Wider Industry and Partner Adoption

Internet BitTorrent Spies

Richard Stallman: Facebook does massive surveillance

Russian president uses Facebook to answer protesters

Microsoft cloud platform visualizes environmental data

Dad to Google: "Thanks for making my daughter cry"

HP's Move to Open-Source webOS: Next Steps

Microsoft, HP unveil joint cloud offering

Will Solid-State Storage Kill Tiering?

Scientists closing in on 'God particle' existence

Microsoft Dynamics Has Become Microsoft's Locus Of Innovation

Microsoft Updates Azure Cloud Platform

Study: Tablet Buyers Use Wi-Fi, Not Cellular Data

Google Doodle Celebrates the Co-Creator of the Microchip

MIT's Light Speed Camera Snaps a Trillion Frames per Second

Can WebOS Rise Above Clouds of Skepticism?

Apple Makes Rare Compromise

Microsoft Co-Founder to Build Space Jet

Siemens Buys eMeter's Smart Grid "Big Data" Software

10 Business Cliches That Must Die Now

Lowe's Social-Media Fail

The Key To A Successful SuccessFactors Acquisition For SAP

SAP Tries To Leapfrog On Social Analysis

SAP spells out vision for HANA-driven software architecture

HP Delivers Scalability, Availability, Expertise for SAP HANA

Datawatch Offers Data Mining for Businesses on a Budget

HP Does The Right Thing In Open Sourcing WebOS


Does the Best Information Worker Arrive by Nature or Nurture?

MDM and Data Governance Lead EA Trends To Watch

Some New Intel on BI

You Only Get a Return from Something You Actually Invest In

Teradata Assists in New Analytics Focus at Northwestern University


The BI Year in Review

Big Questions Simmered for Data Analysts in 2011

That Was the Year That Was: Major Data Warehousing Events of 2011 (Plus Predictions for 2012)

BI Resilient in 2011; Mobility, SMBs, Services to Highlight 2012

Data Management: The Year Past, The Year Ahead

Information Governance: Big Data and the Road Ahead

Big data has potential but requires care

SAP spells out vision for HANA-driven software architecture


Birst Places Analytics at Front of New Database

SAP: We'll Be No. 2 Database Player By 2015

Social Overload? Bottlenose Promises Intelligent Filtering

Cisco CloudVerse Provides Cloud Framework

More Companies Recruit Via Social Networks

Forrester's Computing Form Factors of the Future

Is Google's big bet on Google+ too risky?

Google Enterprise VP: Google Apps mega-deals in the pipeline

Jive Software Makes Snappy Debut

Netflix Price of Admission May Be Too Steep for Verizon

Altimeter Group's five maturity levels of social media plan success

12 EHR Vendors That Stand Out

How HP and open source can save WebOS

Twitter's 2011 redesign: The hits and misses

FATCA and data governance

SAP moves to social media analysis with NetBase partnership

Facebook named best tech company to work for

Microsoft's Steve Ballmer rated #3 worst tech company CEO ... can you guess who is at #1 and #2?

Verizon Could Invest Billions in Netflix in Streaming Video Play

Benchmarking HPC Systems for Big Data


SandForce releases SSD controller for the cloud



Twitter's 2011 redesign: The hits and misses

Microsoft opens up Messenger with XMPP access

Facebook Timeline goes live: Gives users seven-day grace

Bill Gates confirms he will not return to Microsoft full-time

IBM buys Emptoris for contract managment, supply software

Facebook pushes out Timeline of users' online lives

Cloud adviser: Where's your data?

Social CRM and the Speed of Change

What's new in Windows Azure

Build Big-Data Apps in SQL Azure with Federation

SQL Azure Gets Tune-Up

The 10 Biggest Storage Stories Of 2011

SandForce to Ship SSD Tuned for Cloud Systems

Facebook Timelines: How to Get Started

IBM to acquire Emptoris

Twitter Redesign Could Knock Out Third-Party Apps

IBM Continues To Expand Smarter Commerce Effort With Emptoris Acquisition

Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure top performers in Nasuni stress tests

Panzura embraces object-based storage partners, other storage news

Microsoft To Provide Automatic Internet Explorer Updates

Birst Launches New In-Memory Cloud Analytics Service

Talend 5 Unifies Information Management Platform

Top 10 Tech Acquisitions Of 2011

IBM Acquires Analytics Specialist Emptoris

Microsoft Introduces Social Search Project


How Amazon has proven that iTunes is totally obsolete

Microsoft Enhances Windows Azure, Reduces Data Transfer Costs

Weekly SAP Wrap-Up: December 16, 2011

Groupon, LivingSocial and the Holy Grail of Commerce