Saturday, October 13, 2012

Aweekstweets October 6-13 2012: the week I stroked where the gray chin hairs would be if I didn’t shave

European Union receives Nobel Peace Prize. Jury still out on whether it will also receive the Nobel Solvency Prize.

"School Yoga Sees Backlash, Parents Call It Religious Indoctrination" ( JK--Indeed. Toned body is devil's playground

@Tudorscribe Funny how they tried to use denial of sex to promote temperance. Did any women actually make good on that threat?

Campaign ads blanket all broadcast & many Internet channels. I haven't seen any promoted campaign tweets yet. Matter of time.

Have an ever-busier dance card at #ibmiod. Every single day. Speaking at various events and to press and others.

Test one's influence in practice? Wazzat mean? For example, is your influence instrumental in landing you cooler job at higher pay? Bingo!

Influence. Hard to assess one's own without reference to one's wishful self-deception. Probably best to test one's influence in practice.


@smartestmuffin Hi Luyba. Pleasure was mutual. I blogged my thoughts on @klout at #IBM Big Data Hub. I will send link in my next tweet.

Jim Croce "New York's Not My Home" ( JK--Done with his exquisite "tough/sensitive guy with lots of heart" touch

I stumbled upon the Flatiron Buildling in Manhattan today. "Oh, that's the Flatiron Building." NYC's first skyscraper. Still looks cool.

Simon & Garfunkel "So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright" ( JK--Wisconsin-bred architect was bastard. But American classic

Sufjan Stevens "Come On! Feel The Illinoise!" ( JK--Wonderful channeling of America's first industrial boom

Creedence Clearwater Revival "Lookin' Out My Backdoor" ( JK--Delicious nonsense, delightful country-rock twang

The Doors "The Wasp (Texas Radio & the Big Beat)" ( JK--Makes absolutely no sense, but I sense Jim didn't care

The Doors "Gloria" ( JK--Well, stone me 2 my soul, the other Morrison belted it in '69. Got im some satisfaction

Them "Gloria" ( JK--1966. Totally cool to see the young Van Morrison with group doing this classic.

The Nashville Teens "Tobacco Road" ( JK--A bit of country inflection on this garage-y stomp. Cracking good!

Jefferson Airplane "Tobacco Road" ( JK--Luv how much heart Marty throws into his lead & how Signe harmonizes him

The Blues Magoos "Tobacco Road" ( JK--Love this one's bouncebeat & tight anarchy of crazy-ass instrumentl bridge

The Magic Mushrooms "It's a Happening" ( JK--1966. Hilariously invokes the drop-acid experience.

Castaways "Liar Liar" ( JK--1965. I caught this on "Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the Original Psychedelic Era"

Michael & The Messengers "Just Like Romeo & Juliet" ( JK--Prefer this speedy-farfisa version to other band's radio hit

Ronnie And The Daytonas "Little G.T.O" ( JK--Also had a jones for this.

Jan & Dean "Dead Man's Curve" ( JK--Just had a sudden urge to hear this. No idea why.

The Bible is only a theory....with no factual corroboration.

#IBM mentees saw my face2face consult style. I diagram my analyses in real-time on single page while I talk. I'm visual. Keeps me focused

Oddly, considering how long I've lived in the DC area, I rarely cross paths with politicos.

Sitting next to James Carville & Mary Matalin on Delta Shuttle back to DC. It's crystal clear what the power couple is working on.

All 3 #IBM mentees were recent grads from excellent universities. Econ, bio-engineering, chemistry. All young women around my daughter's age

I dissected "social business" with my #IBM mentees. We discussed collaboration, knowledge discovery & multichannel conversational engagement

I congratulated each of my #IBM mentees on finding such super-awesome jobs right out of college. My early career was painful to launch.

Analytic acceleration in the cloud?:

Guy at next table over in restaurant going deep on #bigdata & data science. I can't help eavesdropping. Who is he? He's good.

Hoppin' lunchtime crowd down here, Park Ave. & 23rd. Seems like a decent Mexican restaurant. Let's see.

RT @johnkwaters: "We've crossed a #bigdata threshhold," says IBM's @jameskobielus. More @Campus_Tech story

#IOD2012 #IBM #Netezza Enzee Universe Sunday Session Oct 21. Register here: . See you there!

Wonderful sessions of mentoring really smart young #IBM GBS consultants fresh out of major universities. People with brains+drive.

Analytic acceleration in the cloud?( Today's #IBMquick-hit

Analytic acceleration in the cloud?:

Now every doctor knows you personally. Let's build a #SmarterPlanet#IBM

@NeilRaden What are you saying? Scarlett Johansson isn't totally ugly! But, clearly, you my friend are one fine specimen of Judaeo-Adonis.

Both Biden and Ryan are Roman Catholics. I'm a Roman Catholic. Whoopie-doo. My people are on both sides of the partisan divide. Whatever.

Wrote all 5 quick-hits today in a burst of adrenaline. Must remember to re-read each one next week before posting.

Going to NYC tomorrow to do "Social Business Hours." Essentially, that's program of industry veterans mentoring young IBM GBS professionals

The Dandy Warhols "Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth" ( JK--Seriously great refrain: "Heroin is so passe"

Woody Allen on 2001:A Space Odysey ( JK--Hated it 1st time he saw. Warmd up 2nd. Ecstatic 3rd. My experience too

Woody Allen had his own TV show in 1967? William F. Buckley was on it? No shit? No shit! (

SCTV "Play It Again Bob" ( JK--Dave Thomas & Rick Moranis became Bob Hope & Woody Allen. Dialog funny/realistic

SCTV "The Merv Griffith Show" ( JK--Exceptionally great morph of Merv & Andy by Rick Moranis.

SCTV "Hi-Q" ( JK--1980-ish. Great "torment Alex Trebek" bit from Eugene Levy long before SNL & Will Ferrell

Nats tie their NLDS. Schweet! Deciding game tomorrow.

I guarantee you media either wouldn't give a shit if Paul Ryan did yoga rather than pump iron, or they'd portray as effeminate liberal kick

Finished those quick-hits for next week. Just about to record a promo podcast for the #IOD2012 Unconference (

@RitaJKing Thanks. And we haven't even met. Now I'll need to follow@lesamitchell and @michaelventura to see what company I'm in.

Wrote the Monday & Tuesday quick-hits. Now grabbing food. Need fresh fuel for an afternoon of isolated ideation.

@spinnakr Actually, by putting that misconception into the pointy-haired head, Dilbert's actual sentient being (Scott Adams) agrees with me

What's unlikely is that Donnie & Joe Emerson were isolated Washington State farmboys in late 70s who produced sweet fresh urban funk.

#KEXP @loserboy interviewing Donnie & Joe Emerson ( whose unlikely story is testament to power of parental love

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Same Love by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis from The Heist JK--"If you preach hate at church, those words aren't anointed."

I'm a bit tired of being asked to categorize oneself. "Quick: Are you a categorizing or non-categorizing individual? Please declare!"

I'm getting a bit sick of headlines such as "What's your flu risk?#BigData knows." It's not a conscious entity & it's not omniscient.

Ideation. Half the time, I'm just arbitrarily connecting topics in my head, playing with connections among them, not expecting much.

#Bigdata's optimal deployment model? Virtualization spans common infrastructure ( Today's #IBM quick-hit

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Last Leaves of Autumn by Beth Orton from Sugaring Season JK--Another stunner from her latest.

Join #IBM #Netezza for Enzee at #IOD2012 Sun Oct 21, Las Vegas ( Full day of sessions. I'll definitely be there.

Had gr8 chat with @RitaJKing of Science House ( Focus on creativity & imagination in science (

RIP Alex Karras. Jovial Detroit Lions lineman, announcer, and actor. Most memorable as Mongo in "Blazing Saddles."

@NeilRaden I'm as jaded on big data marketing overreach as the next person, but his opinion just felt like too far into the acid.

Unifying the #Hadoop market with true standards and

"7 Trends Uncovered w/ #BigData" ( JK--"Time matters! Mtrs know consumers respond differently bsd on when they see ad"

"What is prescriptive analytics?" ( JK--Huh? Normative considerations R outcomes 2 optimize, not dimensions o analysis

Big data's optimal deployment model? Development and operations share common infrastructure:

"The Lost and Found of #BigData Innovation" ( JK--I like ESG Evan Quinn's notion of the "Analytics Service Bus."

@elliceuffer "Go for it" is a multi-month evenings & weekends commitment. I did that twice in the distant past. I'm not relishing it again

@NeilRaden This feels uninformed: "big data has us lookin 4 better steroids 2 increase our brawn rathr thn better skills 2 dvlop our brains"

@NeilRaden I find this statement shallow: "Big data is built on the unquestioned premise that more is better." No it's not. That's fetishism

"30 #bigdata project takeaways" ( JK--Good roundup by @ldignan of TechLines webcast panel last week.

For drilldown on each of the 5 #IBM #PureData #PureSystems design principles, follow this all 5 IBM quick-hits last wk:

Drafted my next original #IBM blog: "Data Scientist: Bringing True Science into the Business Process"

#IBM Press just reached out to me. Do I want to write another book? Do I want to sacrifice evenings and weekends for...what hot topic? Hmmmm

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes from their first LP JK--Lovely little poem in a tightly choral arrangement

IBM's #BigData Developer Days come to Washington DC 11/8/2012 ( and other cities (

"#IBM takes on Oracle, SAP with new integrated data management systems" ( JK--Quotes Pete McCaffrey & yrs truly

#Bigdata 's optimal deployment model? Development and operations share common infrastructure ( Today's #IBM quick-hit

Big data's optimal deployment model? Development and operations share common infrastructure:

"#IBM expands PureSystems line for data duties " ( JK--Quotes Phil Francisco at yesterday's Boston launch event.

Foo Fighters "I'll Stick Around" ( JK--Just wanted to hear it. Springfield VA guy who worked briefly in Seattle

Enough with the Big Bird already. He's 43 years old. He can live off Sesame Street's investments till he lands another network.

The Who "Pure and Easy" ( JK--Hey folks organizing #IOD2012 musical entertainment: too late to get Pete & Roger?

Jefferson Airplane "Plastic Fantastic Lover" ( JK--Marty actually sang "#PureData control #IBM data science..."

The Beta Band "Pure For" ( JK--2004, from their last LP: "Heroes to Zeros." Please re-unite. That was superb.

Yo La Tengo "Pass the Hatchet I Think I'm Goodkind" frm "I Am Not Afraid of U &..." ( JK--I have it. 10+ mins

Here's a snapshot of #IBM 's new #IBMPureData System [PHOTO]#ibmpuresystems #bigdata #expertit2012

We look forward to discussing #IBM #PureData Systems with you all at #IOD2012, as wel as before and after, of course.

Actually, #IBM #PureData System models will all cost less than Exadata. We have the numbers.

"#IBM Answers Oracle Exadata" ( JK--Actually, we're answering our customers' needs for more scale, performance, etc

It's painful to watch myself. The hyper-self-critical side of me feels like it's being tied to the whipping post of self-flagellation.

Re-listening to last week's #bigdata TechLines video streaming panel from NYC. Writing blog on it. I don't trust my memory of the event

New jk #IBMdatamanagement article: "True #Hadoop Standards are Essential for Sustaining Industry Momentum: Part 1" (

"#IBM PureData Systems: Individual Models" ( Video overviews of each of the 3 new models.

"#IBM PureData Systems: What Clients are Saying" ( Video testimonials.

"#IBM PureData System: A Giant Leap Forward in Delivering Data Services" ( Overview by Chris Young

If data's the "new oil," there's a big difference from oil-oil. It's renewable resource. Also, gushes from every point on the#SmarterPlanet

New #IBM jk blogpost: "IBM #PureData System Incorporates Common Platform for Analytics & Transactions" (

Hey @thetroynelson , it's actually "Believe you me." Let me expand it: "believe [WHAT I TELL] you [IDIOTS AND TRUST] me [on everything]."

Whew! Spent a little while there booking 3 upcoming #IBM trips. Good to be in demand: speaking to customers & industry.

If data scientist is sexiest job o 21st century, how come Vanity Fair doesnt do photospread on these beautiful peeps in their evening dress?

Preparing tomorrow's #bigdata leaders Video interview on new stream computing course at U of Montana

Net-net on #IBM #PureData: PD 4 Transactions = DB2 on expert integ sys; PD 4 Analytics = next-gen Netezza tech; PD 4 Oper An = nxt-gn ISAS

Today #IBM looks to continue leading IT towards simplification – Follow the live #ExpertIT2012 broadcast

Analyze This: How to use social sentiment data for business #IBMIndex

#BigData beyond #Hadoop. Read this insightful paper from Evaluator Group

Another reason to attend #ibmiod – Attend a first-of-a-kind technical unconference. Learn + register: . I'll be there!

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Rope & Summit by Junip from Fields JK--One of my fave LPs of past several years. Jose Gonzales & others's e-nwsltr has ancient "Famous Slights" on long-forgottn figures. Recent insults targetd @ Dan Quayle & Spuds Mackenzie

Beck's releasing next LP only on sheet music? Essentially, he's going back to Stephen Foster era. Will he support w/blackface minstrel tour?

Saw "Darling Companion" on DVD. Lawrence Kasdan film is pleasant Diane Keaton/Kevin Kline vehicle where they look for lost dog. Predictable

"#IBM Expands PureSystems Famly W/New #PureData #BigData Box" ( JK--3 o thm: Transactions,Analytics,Operat'nl Analytics

#Bigdata optimal deploymt model? Transactions & analytics share common archit appr ( Today #IBM q-h discusses#PureData

Big data's optimal deployment model? Transactions and analytics share common architectural approach:

"#IBM Expands PureSystems Family to Help Clients Tame #BigData" ( JK--Launch events today in Boston & Singapore.

@RhondaWille When I started in IT, everybody got all excited about ISDN, voice-data integration, & T-1 multiplexing. Damn I'm old.

Got invites to mentor #IBM young professionals in NYC on Friday. I'm doing it. Invites such as this R God's way o tellin you "dude U is old"

WSJ full-page ad on #IBM PureData System, which we announced today. Catch my blog later.

WSJ article on what chemical analysis of your exhale can reveal about illnesses you might have. Gives new nastier meaning to "bad breath."

Commercial radio is annoyingly repetitive. I'm so wide awake from having that Katy Perry song hammered at me that I'm falling into a coma.

Here's the thing: a massage is simply a session. To the extent that your mind is absorbing the all-over active relaxation reflex, it stays

Massage is an active process on both ends. You relax more deeply into every touch of the masseuse. You learn your own ability to absorb pain

Listening to Velvet Underground "Sister Ray," all 17+ minutes, to chill out, get mellow. Yes, I can hit it sideways.

Found a sensational new masseuse for the missus and myself. Thai woman who pays extra-special attention to facial micro-muscles.

How is it not cynical to argue that Big Data is a scam? Ruse means scam.

"Is #BigData a Big Ruse?" ( JK--Um, no. This is a profoundly shallow, cynical, and uninformed article. You've hit on the tangled issues of liability and culpability (civil & criminal) that need to be sorted out by...

Bowties look too-precious-by-half on most men these days. But I'll make an exception for Bill Nye the Science Guy (

"GM to scale back outsourcing in 1,500 Michigan tech jobs boost" ( JK--Cool. Opportunities for Detroit-based IT pros

@TonyBaer "Hawaii" sounds like Santana on his own foot pedal. I pronounce "Huawei" as "wah-way." But I don't speak Chinese, so kill me.

Huawei. What I like about the Chinese word is that it sounds like Eric Clapton with his foot on the special-effects pedal.

"Grad schools add #bigdata degrees" ( JK--Discusses#IBM program to assist universities in establishing those programs

Good industry-analyst integrity discussion by @marksmithvr Best IT vdrs value unbiased research & respect analysts

"The real power of Facebook lies in controlling connected identity" ( JK--In other words, MSFT's ancient Web SSO dream

Simplified big-data experience? Wrapping your mind around it ( Today's #IBM quick-hit

Simplified big-data experience? Wrapping your mind around

The Toys "A Lover's Concerto" ( JK--I doubt Bach's estate's receiving royalties from this. But they should.

Paul and Paula "Hey Paula" ( JK--Song that Velvet Underground "I'm Sticking with You" reminds me of.

Velvet Underground "I'm Sticking with You" ( JK--The only Maureen Tucker vocal of the Velvet years.

Velvet Underground "Sister Ray" ( JK--The most abrasive Lou Reed vocal of the Velvet years.

Velvet Underground "Pale Blue Eyes" ( JK--From album #3. The most beautiful Lou Reed vocal of the Velvet years

Listening to Deliliah, the BFF advice to the lovelorn social worker request-player of the airwaves. Does she get compassion fatigue?

@fdgwhite Yes, the Beatles could be a little more acid behind the scenes. They were also known to drop it behind the scenes.

Ockham's Razor ( I suspect it's human rule 4 our computational convenience. God wants entities 2 B fruitful&multiply

2001: A Space Odyssey docking sequence - Blue Danube ( JK--1968. Prepared global consciousness for moon landing

Opening "bone to satellite" sequence from "2001: A Space Odyssey" ( JK--You notice their quiet arid landscape

Near-final scene (white hotel suite) frm "2001:A Space Odyssey" ( JK--Stunningly beautiful cinematic composition

Bah, enough of this puny computing machinery. Be gone, smartphone! Scram, tablet! Gonna whip out the heavy artillery. Come to papa, laptop!

Happy birthday, Niels Bohr. Hope you're having a good one, in spite of the fact that you're currently dead.

Good to finally have a decent local baseball team to root for in clear conscience. Been living in DC area for 27 years. Orioles not local.

Nationals win game 1 of their NLDS: 3-2. A tense defensive battle all the way.

Halle-freakin-lujah! Nats jump to 3-2 lead in 8th!

I love to sit cross-legged on the sofa contemplating my tablet. Meditations upon its magnificent tabletitude.

I am loath to download new apps to any of my portables. Few add value beyond the browser.

Religion can really mess people up! #HugeUnderstatements

Fios should offer DC sportsfan splitscreen channel today so we don't need to channel-toggle between Skins & Nats games.

Some say modern era began w/Europe adoption o coffee. Before then, theory goes everybody consumed alcohol 24x7, spent days in drunken stupor

My fave condescending oldschool journo statement in late 60s re rock musicians: "One doesn't speak with Grace Slick. One raps" -- Rex Reed

Election campaign has reached nadir of ridiculousness. Now the candidates have positions on whether Big Bird should live or die.

Saw "Hysteria" on DVD. Entertaining history of invention of vibrator in Victorian England to stimulate, um, "paroxysm," in frustrated wives

Thinking of calling next original #IBM blog: "Data Scientist: Role within Institutionalized Applied Scientific Process."

WashPost cleared up something that has long puzzled me. Till mid-50s, Washington called its MLB team both Nationals AND Senators. Schizoid

Cold rainy raw October day today. Going out to do usual weekend chores. Wife tends to make a big deal of foul weather. I don't care, really

Alec Baldwin's Jack Donaghy on "30 Rock." Funniest corporate exec on sitcom since Raymond Bailey's Milburn Drysdale on "Beverly Hillbillies"

People who say baseball is about tradition tend to forget that it's a sport, hence about athleticism, and an entertainment, about spectacle

Sun WashPost has excellent 2-page-spread visualization of Congress members' net worth, arranged by wealth & aggressive invstmt strategies

Beatles witty comebacks to press during interviews on their tours ( All 4 of them were funny, fast, and smart.

Website on human sexuality repeatedly undermines its authority by referring to pivotal researcher as "Robert Kinsey." It's Alfred, dummies!

"25 Ailments That Can Be Cured By Having Sex" ( JK--Uh, OK. Just don't make that your pickup line.