Saturday, October 06, 2012

Aweekstweets September 28 to October 6 2012: the week I did the down low in SoHo

Damn busy week gone by. Gonna be another to come, Then the one after that. Then the one after that: #IOD2012. Work cut out for us all.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Set You Free by The Black Keys from Thickfreakness JK--2003. Beautifully muscular electric-guitar boogie in 70s vein

RT @tcarmody: This "worst movie death scene ever" is pretty amazing.

@TonyCarrini Silver lining, I suppose. Just be thankful your lying dog doesn't lay turds on the couch.

Luv those TV-screen-shaped "as seen on TV" stickers on some home-furnishing doodad packaging. Very 1962. I heard about it on AM radio too

Beach Boys "Shut Down" ( JK--My personal fave of their car songs. Fast, streamlined, full of forward motion

Ween "Bananas & Blow" ( JK--I just rode the association train from Velvet Underground to this funny/clever group

Beach Boys "In My Room" ( JK--Surprisingly, John Cale cites them & Four Freshmen as influence. This song

Me the IBM guy & Michael Cavaretta the Ford guy on webcast found sumthing in common. Hometown: Livonia MI. He Franklin '83, me Stevenson '76

Andrew Bird "Masterswarm" ( JK--Staff producing TechLines webcast says Bird performed in the space. He's awesome

R. B. Greaves "Take A Letter Maria" ( JK--Died this past week. Wonderful story-song. Wounded heart, promise of new luv

Isley Brothers "It's Your Thing" ( JK--1969. Totally funky groove thang.

Isley Brothers "Shout" ( JK--1959. Their 1st big hit. Even bigger 19 yrs l8r in "National Lampoon Animal House"

Isley Brothers "Harvest for the World" ( JK--1976. Great inspirational R&B with bouncy snap & handclaps.

Listening to NPR All Songs Considered podcast with guest DJ playing songs from his great new LP: "Shifty Adventures in Nookie Wood."

New #IBM jk blogpost: "Workload-optimized Systems? Integrated Management for Maximum Administrator Productivity" (

Data scientists wont be rockstars till they write statistical models up in front of stadiums & see results projectd on jumbotron behind them

Next week I'll be publishing between 7-10 #IBM #bigdata articles, blogs, quickhits, & podcasts. Deep pipeline.

NYC's Trump SoHo is a pleasant, low-key, well-managed property with courteous, conscientious customer service. Strong recommendation.

Glad I didn't watch that stupid debate. All reports indicate there was no real dicussion & neither candidate respected Jim Lehrer.

Since Jobs passed away, Apple's been groping its way thru uncharted terrain. Now, their new maps service wants us to join the experience.

"Debunk." Odd word. What's this "bunk" that it neutralizes reverses or corrects? Bunk as in "bullshit." Or as in "bed." Wake up! Be fresh!

TechLines: #BigData Debunked live stream" ( JK--Playback. We didn't debunk anything. Discussed applications

"5 things you missed at ZDNet's TechLines event on #bigdata last night" ( JK--Stuff we jawed about in SoHo.

Romney apologized 4 his offensive/condescendng "47%" remark. Raises another question: sez he's religious but does he truly believe anything?

Everybody's "hands-on" this and "hands-on" that. That's fine. I prefer hands-on massage therapists. The theoretical kind don't appeal.

Nice to be home, casually dressed, bare feet on cool floor, grounded, listening to music, working just as frenetically as ever. Clear.

Grover's own V monologue ( Child-friendly.

Finished next week's quick-hits. My nervous system needs weekend. NOW!

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns N' Roses from Appetite for Destruction JK--Best pop guitar-god stadium-rock anthem of 80s

Got grape jelly on my spacebar.Wiping it off introduced several lines of clear white nothingness into the blog I'm writing. I'l keep it. Zen

Workload-optimized systems? Integrated management for maximum administrator productivity ( Today's #IBM quick-hit

Workload-optimized systems? Integrated management for maximum administrator productivity:

Techline switched cameras yesterday between 5-shots & talking heads. Had onstage monitors on all sides. Distracting 2 see self while talking

Cabbing it to LaGuardia at 6:30am. Two espressos inside me. I still feel asleep.

My fave CNN crawler of the morning: "Stars come to Big Bird's defense."

Watching The Office with closed captions. The UPPERCASE DIALOGUE TEXT is best part of program. @jasonkobielus is a genius!

Chillin at some pleasant Italian restaurant near Trump SoHo. Young professionals light & casual. Ah, yes. My salmon arrives.

Greene Performance Space. Adjacent to New York Public Radio in SoHo. Live broadcasts of musicians such as Patti Smith. I want to meet her.

"Marc Andreessen: We're in the 'opposite of a bubble'" ( ) JK--Wazzat? A porous membrane incapable of inflating?

The "Mad Men Era"? Huh? I think of the early 60s as the "Flintstones Era." Pebbles' & Bamm Bamm's arrivals were the pivotal events.

When in the big city on street at midday among the throngs moving rapidly, one is always near the corner of Wherezis St & Whatchamcallit Ave

"Why #BigData matters: The experts weigh in" ( JK--Catch us at 4:30pm today. Live, from New York, it's Big Data!

NYC's SoHo. Technically, it should be NoHo. It's north (and east) of Houston TX.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen from A Night at the Opera JK--1st time I heard this on rock radio was "what the f?" moment

When a LinkedIn friend lists job title simply as "Title," either a) they're not 100% focused on self-promotion or b) they'll do whatever

Workload-optimized systems? Clean-slate design for optimal appliance performance ( Today's #IBM jk quick-hit

Workload-optimized systems? Clean-slate design for optimal appliance performance:

Listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd "Sweet Home Alabama" on radio in car taking me into Manhattan. Neil Young has disowned his song "Alabama."

Washington Nationals close out regular season with best record in Major League Baseball. DC-based press torn between 2 October campaigns.

Baseball trivia: Miguel Cabrera is the only Triple Crown winner in the past 45 years who doesn't have a Polish surname.

Interesting. Both the AL & NL batting crown winners have the same last name.

Congrats 2 Miguel Cabrera on his Triple Crown. I thought his winning the Derby was fluke but when he took the Preakness I knew he had a shot

Larry Fine at Woodstock '69 ( JK--People don't realize the profane crazy-haired Stooge inspired the "Fish Cheer"

4 Non Blondes "What's Up!" ( JK--One of my favorite over-the-top vocals of the 90s.

My LA-based son has dayjob doing closed captions 4 final season o The Office. I instructed him 2 have Dwight Schrute endorse #IBMconstantly

Sade "The Sweetest Taboo" ( JK--Not only does she sing it deliciously, song has an exquisitely tantalizing title

Donna Summer ''Heaven Knows'' ( JK--Late singer injected genuine vocal soul into disco's artificiality

Mary J. Blige & U2 "One" ( JK--The soul diva's powerful voice is exactly what completes this. Definitive version

Santigold "Disparate Youth" ( JK--Speaker today at #deast showed online mktg campaign featuring this performer

Tom Waits "16 Shells from a Thirty-Ought-Six" ( JK--The master of fractured brutalist beat/blues deconstruction

Tin Huey "Squirm You Worm" ( JK--Now THIS is the Tin Huey sound: fractured manic goofy-ass jazz-whacked pop

Tin Huey "I'm a Believer" ( JK--Unusual for them: a) not their composition, b) not goofy/artsy. Not bad. Not hit

Wall of Voodoo "Ring of Fire" ( JK--An early EP. Luv the Cramps-on-synth groove & Ridgway sideshow barker voice

"Obama Wish If Bin Laden Captured" ( JK--Darn. Hope he'd taken Larry Fine advice: "Lets pluck him & see if he's ripe"

New #IBM jk blog "Built for and Building the #BigData Cloud" (

"Data scientist jobs hiding under less sexy titles" ( JK--Not really hiding. But please dont call yrself "PigMeister."

Drives me nuts when somebody uses the colloquial "drops" to mean "launches" a new product. "Drop" also means opposite of launch: discontinue

My personal soc media publishing sweetspot? Real-time (when spirit moves), scheduled (new q-hs/blogs each day/wk), trigger-bsd (responses)

#deast12: "Do U know yr company's [soc media] publishing sweet spot?" R-t vs scheduled vs trigger-based bsd on community interaction levels

Presenter at #desast12 discussing "how will you manage SoLo (social to local)?" I feel new industry buzzword a-birthin'

I'd like to see YouTube channel dedicated to video clips of presenters at IT conferences fumbling with the clicker. I'd be on it, for sure.

Met Nicole Gillen of 3Pillar Global at #deast12 in Herndon VA. Our degree of separation is Exostar. We're in that near-Dulles neighborhood

I'm at #deast12 in Herndon VA all day. Great sessions on digital mktg, targeted ads, customer engagement. I speak on #bigdata in afternoon

"Big mainframe shops embiggen" ( JK--"Embiggen"? Did Lewis Carroll reincarnate as press release writer?

Workload-optimized systems? Built for and building the big-data cloud:

"#IBM Boosts Security, Cloud, Analytics w/New Power Systems, Storage, & MF Techs" ( JK--Plus elastic capacity on demand

Workload-optimized systems? Built for and building the #bigdatacloud ( ) Today's #IBM quick-hit

Workload-optimized systems? Built for and building the big-data cloud:

Just drafted my next original #IBM blog: "Next Best Action Driving the Fluid Modern Experience."

@s_v_g Anyway I'm not speaking on James Kobielus' behalf. I'm an#IBM spokesperson. One simply adopts different persona in that circumstance

@s_v_g My master's is in journalism. In addition to dayjobs, I spent early career in IT press freelancing, asking questions o vendors galore

@s_v_g I simply anticipate questions of all sorts. Smart or not smart? Not for me to say. Tough or powderpuff, I simply must respond re#IBM

"TechLines panelist profile: #IBM's James Kobielus on big data talent" ( JK--I do their panel on Thursday in NYC

Second press briefing of the day re #IBM #PureSystems. Interesting to be the one doing, not taking, the briefing. Getting into it.

@IBMbigdata Scale-in: increasing density of cores, CPUs, DRAM, storage, blades, etc within each workload-optimzed expert integrated system

The "self-google to find something useful from my pubs to reference" model doesn't work when it's a not-yet-published blog I wrote last wk

I write so much stuff that, half the time, I recall I published something somewhere recently that I need to reference. Easiest 2 self-google

New #IBM jk blogpost: "Workload-optimized Systems? Scale In, Out and Up for Balanced Big Data Configurations" (

Marty Robbins "Don't Worry" ( JK--1961. Guitarist Grady Martin introduced odd hardrocky electric texture into it

Wonderful music trivia: Neil Young was briefly a Motown artist in 1966 ( Not actually making this up.

Cool, cool, cool. Will do another Calgary trip immediately post-IOD. Speak to CIOs about customer engagement & #bigdata. #IBM

"#BigData: Is that your final offer?" ( JK--Pops phrase "cinematic visionography" into it without explaining.

"The Plural Of Data Is Not Analytics" ( JK--Nobody ever said it was.

My next original blog will be called "Next Best Action Driving the Fluid Experience."

Grooving again to Stuart Moxham's "The Huddle House" LP (2007), which I bought on iTunes last night. Exquisite over English breakfast tea

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp All The Young Dudes by Mott The Hoople JK--Hey, dude, I so want to relive junior high. Not.

Burned some midnight oil. Some important press briefings briefings bright & early. #IBM #PureSystems

Workload-optimized systems? Scale in, out, and up for balanced big-data configurations ( Today's #IBM quick-hit

Workload-optimized systems? Scale in, out, and up for balanced big-data configurations:

Del Shannon "Keep Searchin' (We'll Follow The Sun)" ( JK--Moment the guitar kicks in, you absolutely surrender.

Billy J Kramer & The Dakotas "Bad To Me" ( JK--Oddly, I didnt know name of this Merseybeat gem till a moment ago

Wine, woman, & song. We're listening to songs. Woman's over there happily consumed by her online game. I just poured our respective glasses.

Stuart Moxham's solo output? If you love Alexi Murdoch, Richard Hawley, Neil Halstead, Jose Gonzales, Nick Drake, Stuart Staples, ...

I don't know about you, but I absolutely love any footage of mid-60s TV rock-music shows with go-go dancers. Pretttier/sexier the better.

Just purchased/downloaded Stuart Moxham's superlative "Huddle House" LP (2007). A little personal prompting by the Original Artist himself

Clyde McPhatter "A Lover's Question" ( JK--Wonderful lilting vocal performance that just feels good all over

Grooving to The Cowsills "Indian Lake" (1968) on FIOS music channel 1823. Was always uncool to love Cowsills. Whatever.

Fun fact: Righteous Brothers were originally quintuplets. Bill & Bobby's parents got that lovin' feeling.

Teacher points to pic of current US pres: "Who is that?" Her very young students: "Barack Obama." "What's he do?" "He approves this message"

Per my standard practice, I scrape all press releases & reporter articles to doc, and read all in batch, after a lag.

Yes, indeed, as predicted, well within 24 hours all the requisite detail on Ellison announcements yesterday to parse what's really going on.

Ah, root beer. A taste that immediately sends me back to age 10, summertime, and being served by carhops at A&W or Elias Bros. Big Boy.

RT @tracey_thorn: In "Oh, the Divorces" I sang verse about Jens Lekman, and here on his new single he answers me

New #IBM blogpost: "Workload-Optimized Systems? Patterns o Expertise 4 Built-in Solution Best Practices" (

I suspect that #NoSQL is actually a contraction of "No[end to new] SQL(-like dialects]."

Re-reading Google whitepaper from 2010 on GGL Dremel aka Apache Drill ( Fast exec of analyses on MapReduce job outputs

"#BigData Fuels Rise of Containerized Data Centers" ( JK--Think o them as workload-optimized modular IT-infra buildings

Global citizens? If that's what we're becoming, should we ask astronauts to show global passports as they're re-entering earth atmosphere?

"Opinionated Infrastructure: A Google+ Hangout with James Governor@monkchips of Redmonk & #IBM #PureSystems" ( I saw every last C-level big data strategic use case/case study that I enumerated a) as an industry analyst...

"How #BigData helps bosses make better decisions" ( JK--OK. Just dont give Dilbert boss a pointy-haired #Hadoop cluster

ROI of data mining? Money does indeed grow on trees. Decision trees. Ha ha ha. OK, I'll stop.

October 1. Calendar tells me autumn has arrived. My bare feet on the floor of my basement home office tell me too. Putting on my sandals now

#IBM sponsoring ZDNet/CBSi TechLines #bigdata panel live webcast Oct 4 430pm ET ( Me, NASA, Ford, T-Mobile, Archimedes

However, if the Linux penguin started spewing non-stop obscenities, or endorsed one of the candidates, that would be newsworthy.

I'm curious why Linus Torvalds using a curse word to disparage a US presidential candidate rates a tech press headline.

I try not to trust my own self-critiques on stuff I produce. Others don't always share my POV. I just produce, let chips fall where may

Someone at #IBM Canada described reaction to one o my recent talks to customers as "rave reviews." That's cool. Better than my self-critique

@EFGoodness I don't think Obama is a natural speaker. He's essentially a sharp lawyer arguing cases with analytic rigor.

@EFGoodness That was good. He rarely flubs an impression. What I like about his Obama is the staccato oratorical rhythm.Fred's a drummer.

Saw Jay Pharaoh's Obama impression on that SNL special last Thursday. Not as funny as Armisen's. Put the biracial Mr. Armisen back in it.

Workload-optimized systems? Patterns of expertise for built-in solution best practices ( Today's #IBM quick-hit

Workload-optimized systems? Patterns of expertise for built-in solution best practices:

Almost feels inevitable there'll be Weird Al Yankovic parody, "Gangland Style," where he plays PSY orchestrating Valentine's Day Massacre.

My one-word career advice to everyone is "plasticity": capacity 4 continuous alteration of neural pathways in response to experience. Flex.

Busy week ahead. One speech, one web-tv panel, 5 quick-hits, 6 blogs, at least 1,000 emails to process, plus phone calls, meals, etc.

@data_nerd @freebalance There was never a one-word piece of advice from anybody, other than "money." And I don't actually groove on money.

How I got to where I am in my career now is a bit of a mystery to me. None of this has had any master plan. I simply stayed stubbornly me.

Actually, I found myself continually having to backtalk or simply resist lots of career advice that I felt was not in my best interest.

Besides, none of my elders ever gave me a shred of useful career advice at any point in my schooling or afterward. I simply persisted

I apologize to every college student now & in future who wants my career advice in detailed email. Don't want to be cold. But why should I?

Cat Stevens "Oh Very Young" ( JK--Dedicated to all the college students who ask my graybeard career advice

One thing I noticed in my years as industry analyst is that you don't need 2 B physically present at every event to get all relevant details

@dahowlett #oow I'm sure they'll have all the relevant details up on their website within 24 hours. The world can wait.

@dahowlett We have several people on the floor there. I'm happy to let them brief us to whatever he/they said. Don't need this in real-time.

@marksmithvr I say email us the details of whatever it is he's asserting. Thanks.

@dahowlett We're prepping for #IOD2012. Which specific Ellison cost claims are you referring to?

@MoJoe Please be specific. What are these data discovery "activity 'modes'"? Can you tweet a link to a doc discussing them?

Cool time-lapse animation of changes to Europe's political map from AD 1000 to the present day (

TweetDeck browser view is better than TweetDeck dedicated Windows client view. And doesnt crash. Windows client stalls for no seeming reason

Black turtlenecks. Actually, turtlenecks in general. I've never liked them, for the same reason I've never liked neckties. Choking feeling

@MoJoe You lost me there. How do you distinguish between exploring and discovering?

@KevinSpacey puts out his first tweet in almost 3 weeks. Best is his profile: "Former shoe salesman now making a go at film and theater."

Google Earth has cool seafloor topographic view of world's oceans. Network of ridges supporting South Pacific archipelagoes jump out at you

"Schwarzenegger kept many secrets from wife Maria" ( JK--BTW, honey, I'm running for gov & screwed the housekeeper

"F-Commerce: Business Boom or Bust?" ( JK--Not sure if I should target my suggestive crack to the "F" or the "bust"?

Eleanor Friedberger "My Mistakes" ( JK--2011. Sing-speaks in a deep tough smart voice. Multi-layered person

Dum Dum Girls "He Gets Me High" ( JK--Their vibrancy tends to carry you along on soaring wavelengths.

Sleater-Kinney "Dig Me Out" ( JK--Carrie Brownstein, Corin Tucker and Janet Weiss vibrated with fiendish glee

Throwing Muses "Bright Yellow Gun" ( JK--1995. Kristin Hersh & Tanya Donelly had really sharp rock attack.

The Bangles "Hero Takes a Fall" ( JK--Always loved arrangement of their voices within tight rock arrangements

Stopped subscribing 2 Village Voice in early 80s after enduring 1 issue after anothr o Robert Christgau's petty axe-grinding music criticism

But the "meet bands" part of it quickly grew old when I actually met them and found that many were desperate smartass condescending fools

The "Almost Famous" clip I facebooked reminds me of reason I did the "rock critic" thing in college years: free records/shows, meet bands

The only good thing Lester Bangs ever did was have Philip Seymour Hoffman play him, posthumously, in "Almost Famous."

Lester Bangs. I never understood the veneration some give to this lamebrained late rock critic. His stuff stunk (

Thing about sports fans: They want refs back on job making tough calls then, depending how they call them, want 'em strung up by their heels

RT @Matthewahaskell: "Is #BigData supposed to support conversational marketing?" JK--Yes. It's a complex conversation. It never ends.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Blank Generation by Richard Hell & The Voidoids from Spurts: Richard Hell Story JK--Still active poet. Grew hair out

Interesting. Trojan has put "orgasmic pleasure" into the actual name of one model of their product. Good idea. Sell the sizzle.

Associated Press poll gives Obama/Biden lock on 271 electoral votes. Chief challenge for Romney/Ryan will be keep brave face during debates

Bob Dole says any regrets being Viagra pitchman put to rest by couple of wives in airport saying simply "Thank you, Senator."

Steppenwolf "The Pusher" ( JK--1968. Brutally direct Hoyt Axton song. John Kay screams "Goddamn the pusher man"

Tommy James & the Shondells "Crimson & Clover" ( JK--1968. Blissed-out hippified pop with odd studio effects.

Herb Alpert "This Guy's in Love with You" ( JK--Just puttin' it into an easy-listening mood, 1968-style.

Notice how vivid videotape is from 1968. Feels like it's happening now. Tigers locker room when won AL pennant (

My conflicted-dream World Series is Washington (NL) plays Detroit (AL). Go get 'em Nats! Soc et tuum Tigers! (

Only notable thing in "Damsels in Distress" is Aubrey Plaza. She cuts thru script bullshit to do distress (

Vampire Weekend "Oxford Comma" ( JK--Columbia grads dont give fuck about. They've seen those English traumas too

Rented & stopped watching midway thru the stupefyingly boring/talky Ivy-League-y "Damsels in Distress" by writer/director Whit Stillman.

Stuart & Melody Moxham 'Take It Back & Make It Alright' ( JK--Recent one, live, small club.

Know-nothings. From their point of view, anybody with a clue is a know-it-all.

Can't wait to be on CBSinteractive's TechLines live from NYC this Wednesday. I love any excuse to do Manhattan, even briefly.

Wuz tellin the missus that Facebooking random photos from the Internet (but curated thru my impish impulses) is how I'm getting my "jollies"

Arizona man commits suicide on live TV ( With newsman apology for technical screw-up right afterward

Yes, Justin Timberlake, I too want my sexy back. I've totally given up hope on my front.

Homosociality: tendency to hire & promote others who look & act like you. Per WSJ. Excellent new word. Who hasn't experienced this?

People who think that other people are bragging by posting about their lives on socials tend to be insecure, cynical people.

Sandra Day O'Connor's story of overcoming gender discrimination in early 50s to start law career is worth reading. She's strong, determined

Washington Examiner. Not a bad free daily if you surgically rip out the obnoxiously rightwing-biased first 2 pages. Predictable, ham-handed

Netanyahu & his cartoon bomb at the UN. Who is he now: Boris Badenov?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Blue Eye Shadow by Arto Lindsay from Noon Chill JK--Becoming clairvoyant. Thought about Lindsay 10 minutes ago.

Kiplinger says worst majors 4 your career are those focusing on communication, creativity, critical thinking, society, & culture. Fuck them

Iron & Wine "Resurrection Fern" ( JK--2007 from "The Shepherd's Dog." Sam Beam's exquisite hushed-folk signature sound.

The Fleetwoods "Mr. Blue" on "Midnight Special" ( JK--He's older, balder, & bearded. Where's the sailor outfit?