Friday, October 19, 2012

Aweekstweets October 6-13 2012: the week I ramped up for IOD2012

"The Shawshank Redemption"? Been almost 20 years. I'm fuzzy on the plot. Shawshank redeemed by accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior?

See you all (hopefully) at #ibmiod !!!!!! On my way tomorrow for an action-packed week.

"How to not be a jerk on the Internet" ( JK--Yes. But defining clear 'Net "etiquette" is like skating on an ice floe.

"Baratunde Thurston Explains 'How 2 B Black'" ( JK--@baratunde with @TheOnion. Great Twtr profile:
@daiclegg Hey Mr. Dai. Billy Bragg is one funny/witty bloke, that's for sure. I love his stuff too. Personal + political...he's cool.

Analytic acceleration in the cloud? It depends on

"Top 1200 Myths About #BigData" ( JK--That's all ya got? We're talkin' Big Data here. Must be at least a billion myths

"#IBM Addresses Security Challenges o Big Data, Mobile & Cloud Computing" ( JK--New IBM InfoSphere Guardium for#Hadoop

"Top 10 sci-fi inspired rock LPs" ( JK--Egregious omission: Kraftwerk "The Man-Machine" (

Funniest Twitter notification message of morning: "Barack Obama & 52 others have tweets for you." Hmm....I wonder what he wants to discuss?

I've been to all of the #ibmiod events since the first, in 2006. Every year I've correlated announcements from outside. Now I do from inside

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp So You Want to Be a Rock and Roll Star by The Byrds from their gr8st JK--Nice quick dissection of rockstar cycle

Among other things, next week's #ibmiod announcements will show deepening synergies among our acqs: Netezza, Unica, Vivisimo, Cognos, etc.

@Brett2point0 I dont have a teapot small enough for this tempest. Actually, I microwave my tea water in cups. No pot either (snickersnicker)

Prebriefed CRN reporter Rick Whiting on #ibmiod announcements we're making on Monday. We have many. Stay tuned.

@timjpowers It works. I just tried it again.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Greetings to the New Brunette by Billy Bragg from Talking with the Taxman About Poetry JK--"When my cement is wet"?


Analytic acceleration in the cloud? It depends on collaboration ( Today's #IBM quick-hit

Analytic acceleration in the cloud? It depends on

Call me a fogey, but Doonesbury is usually funnier when Mike Doonesbury is doing the speaking.

Here's where my residual loyalty to my hometown kicks in. Go get 'em Tigers! On to the World Series!

NYTimes "Can polls exaggerate bounce?" ( JK--Thought-provoking

"NICE to Expand Enterprise Capability to Take Advantage o #BigDataCreated by Customer Interactions" ( JK--#IBM partner

"Facebook to use 'cold storage' to deal with vast amounts of data" ( JK--Users upload 7PB of photos every month.

"#BigData Technology in Digital Marketing: Choosing Stack Tht Works for U" ( JK--Check out @graemeknowsblog+whitepaper

Next week I'll be quick-hitting 5 separate (but overlapping) #bigdatavisions. Stuff I've been saying for a while. Just want it all lined up

The Nails "88 Lines About 44 Women" ( JK--1982. Radio played an edited version. YouTube has the unexpurgated.

"#Hadoop Meets Semantic Technology: Data Scientists Win" ( JK--Discussion of metadata, ontologies, schemas, RDF, SPARQL

"12 Most Annoying Technologies as Chosen by Wired Commenters" ( JK--Snooze buttons are peeve with me. Just wake up!

Numbers speak for themselves, do they? If numeral "7" ever starts vocalizing like Shakespearean actor, I'll either be on Sesame St or insane

"Wozniak calls Apple arrogant: 'I wish iPhone 5 was wider' " ( JK--Damn right, Woz. A humble Apple'd make it 10' across

"#BigData to drive $28B in IT spend" ( JK--This year. Next year: US$34 billion, according to Gartner Actually, I left out a key word in the first sentence of the final paragraph. It should read "No, you DON'T need to...

"DW arch takes logical turn in #bigdata era" ( JK--"co-exist btwn EDW...anlytx DBs..Hdp..NoSQL.[is] DW game going fwd"

"Driverless car is wireless star at MIT" ( JK--Ah, yes, think of engineering-boy frat-prank potential of this invention

Moving past hype: How are 1,100 orgs building #bigdata capabilities#IBMIBV study #SmarterAnalytics

Decision scientists? They're the ones mining the minds of the customers ( Today's #IBM quick-hit

Decision scientists? They're the ones mining the minds of the customers:

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Downtown Train by Tom Waits from Rain Dogs JK--Lovely one. Got a bit of the Springsteen vibe, with Tom all gravelly

New #IBM jk blog: "Takeaways from Recent #ZDNet TechLines Broadcast Panel on BigData" (

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Birthday by The Sugarcubes from The Great Crossover Potential JK--"They are smoking see-gars." Smoke it, Bjork!

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Why People Disappear by His Name is Alive from Home is in Your Head JK--Group named one LP "Livonia"

Iranian cyberterrorists targeting two banks I use. Must remember to scrutinize monthly statements twice over. After wife does.

Was checking out one of my mentees' seniors honors thesis in econ at Carnegie-Mellon. Great work. Wish I'd had laptop in Ann Arbor for mine

Neither presidential candidate has real plan for pumping up the economy. Both of them have outsourced the heavy lifting on that to Bernanke

Ever had strange music spontaneously start playing in one of ten zillion browser windows you have open? When you already have music playing?

@timjpowers #bigdata Actually, I have triple-haiku on analytics: CRUNCHY ANALYTIC ( Written in my head near Seattle

@WwDAdA @OperaSolutions @BigDataBorat Whoa! Does that mean I have to work on my abs?

@timjpowers @ajbowles That's a power I didn't know I had. Apparently, women swooning look like women yawning.

@ajbowles Yes. The free entertainment at #ibmiod is me reciting poetry from mainstage. The free food is Snickers bars I'll toss to the crowd

"#IBM Study Spotlights #BigData as Top Reason 2 Deploy Cloud “Platform as Svc”" ( JK--From IBM Ctr 4 Applied Insights

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Born on a Day the Sun Didn't Rise by Black Moth Super Rainbow from Eating Us JK--Deeply insinuating electrogroove.

I'm looking over list of industry analysts joining us next week at#ibmiod. Can't wait to engage. Will be a great event. Thanks for coming

Whew! Caught up on my LinkedIn #bigdata & data science discussion group engagement backlog. I'm crazy enough to keep a strict log of to-dos

RT @jameskobielus: The Web's most fundamental feature is much broader than "user interaction." I think it's... Thanks Scott. Actually, the Web's most fundamental feature is much broader than "user interaction." I think it's... I agree. I'm dismayed that my actual post wasn't here. Here's the actual post: " Big-data initiatives are often...

"Matrix Algebra Review" ( JK--Teacher, will this be on the final exam?

"Your Next Doctor Might Be Your Car" ( JK--Drivable sensor-fed healthcare analytics? Fine. Just keep stick non-invasive

After a sustained session of browsing the #bigdata marketing hype-o-sphere, it all starts to blur into "big data is NOW..big data is WOW!" Exactly. Whole-population analytics enables micro-niche targeting. Whole-population analytics is the most...

"#BigData: shifting bell curve to long tail" ( JK--Exactly. Whole-population analytics enables micro-niche targeting

"Age-Period-Cohort models & decline o violence" ( JK--Chilling: "In countries w/reliab stats..most women killed by men"

Is anybody doing sentiment analysis in the online dating service market? If so, have they perfected the "they're just not into U" algorithm?

"NASA #BigData Challenge" ( JK--Federal inter-agency cross-silo sharing, analysis, & insight.

"#BigData Tackles Patients Who Don't Take Meds" ( JK--Actually, proactive nagging is key. Humans forget and/or resist You can break the rigid predict/act/predict loop by introducing human engagement, with its spontaneity and...

"Looper teaches us the future of customer experience" ( JK--Break self-fulfilling predictive loop. Human engagement?

"One Algorithm Made Up 4% of All Trading Last Wk & No One Knows Where It Came From" ( ) JK--How we know was just one?

As someone who's worn corrective lenses since age 8, I totally understand the need for advanced visualization tech. Naked eyes are imperfect

"New Study Details How Real-World Enterprises Are Using #BigData" ( JK--#IBM Jim Hare blog on IBV/Univ of Oxford study

"dW Interviews: Crowdsource #BigData creativity at #ibmIODUnconference" ( JK--Excerpt transcript of me &@sogrady

Does Mitt Romney keep his male job candidates in binders, or in those accordion-like organizers? Regardless, are these people Lilliputians?

"Experimentation as a Corporate Strategy for #BigData" ( JK--@thomasdeutsch sketches approach often known as "agile"

"#BigData: The Management Revolution" ( JK--Harvard Business Review article cites deep case study research

"Does #bigdata really need custom hardware?" ( JK--It needs pre-optimized integrated systems for scale, speed, etc.

"Are Data Scientists All Rounders or Specialists?" ( JK--I prefer 2 think of it as "mods" or "rockers." We're "mockers"

RT @sogrady thoughts on NoSQL #Big Data...@monkchips shoutout as @jameskobielus & i interviewed ahead o

"Association Analysis Simplified" ( JK--Data-sci practice key 2 mkt bskt analysis, hence next best offer, hence e-comm

"The CIA and Jeff Bezos Bet on Quantum Computing" ( JK--CIA's investment arm In-Q-Tel funds many DC-area IT startups

"15th Century #BigData - What Can We Learn from it?" ( JK--It automated monks out of the illluminated manuscript biz

developerWorks Interviews podcast: "Crowdsourcing #BigDataCreativity & #ibmiod Unconference" ( Me &@sogrady

"#BigData: A Short History" ( JK--Article traces term "big data" to NASA 1997 paper.

Massive scale? Didn't Tyrannosaurus Rex have massive scales? Yeah, that's the fearsome monster that we call #bigdata. Watch out! He's hungry

"The true story behind #BigData" ( JK--"It's run by big Eastern syndicate, Charlie Brown." No, just Kraftwerk parody

"How #BigData Can Help Developing Nations" ( JK--NGOs integrate agricultural, environmental & public health data My advice is to ask Donald Feinberg and colleagues at Gartner if they've done the primary research (surveys, or...

"Reverse data science: a viable business?" ( JK--Depends. When does reverse engineering algorithms become IP theft?

"Illegal analytic activities?" ( JK--Most of these are scam activities. Don't stigmatize the analytics that power them

Prediction markets? They're where data scientists will attain superstar status:

Africa transforming cell phones into "mini" banks Doug: None of these prediction markets just magically springs up through spontaneous discovery, sourcing,...

"#IBM and Oxford Survey: Getting Closer 2 Customers Tops#BigData Agenda" ( JK--Most aimed at improving cust experience

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp A Zillion Tambourines (feat. Kamau Daaood) by AmmonContact from With Voices JK--2006. Cool jazzy-rap a la Scott-Heron

@doug_laney Wisdom of "crowd" that is anchored by "crowd" of data scientists with domain expertise in areas where predictions are generated.

Cool. Getting a higher hit rate of cool followers on Twitter who are themselves worthy of being followed. They tweet interesting stuff.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) by Arcade Fire frm Th Suburbs JK-"Dead shoppng malls rise like mtns bynd mtns"

Prediction markets? They're where data scientists will attain superstar status ( Today's #IBM quick-hit

Prediction markets? They're where data scientists will attain superstar status:

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Everything in its Right Place by Radiohead from Kid A JK--My morning song. Thanks for playing.

@kexpplaylist #kexp With a Slow Burn by Levek from Look a Little Closer JK--2012. Nice. Sounds a bit like Grizzly Bear. Definitely dreamy.

Plastics "Copy" ( JK--Early 80s Japanese electro-new-wave group. Played Harpo's Detroit the night I was mugged

Enya "Flora's Secret" ( JK--Her best recordings have an oceanic grandeur to them. You roll on her waves of joy.

Patsy Cline "Sweet Dreams" ( JK--Elegant stately heartbreak. Patsy makes you feel her despair deep down.

Judy Collins "Someday Soon" ( JK--Why does nobody play this doe-eyed honey-voiced chanteuse on oldies radio? I luv this

Laura Nyro "Wedding Bell Blues" ( JK--So lusciously romantic. Absolutely meant to be sung w/full-throated soul

Killdozer (hardcore band) interviewed in 1990 ( Michael Gerald & I washed dishes together at UW-Madison (83-84)

"NASA exoskeleton suit is half way to Iron Man" ( JK--Programmable 2 resist or accelerate wearer's movement, as needed

I think the last time I need to know about a cosine was when I needed a bank loan. Wazzat? "Co-sign." Never mind. I've never used trig.

"Is social media making us overconfident or oversensitive?" ( JK--Both. Everybody's got fingers on hair triggers

"Should High Schools Teach #BigData?" ( JK--Should teach analytics. Most of us would use that more than trig in careers

Romney's dad built strong US auto industry by a) personally weakening a second-tier automaker, b) making shitty cars, & c) leaving industry

Voting for Tim Kaine for US Senator from Virginia. George Allen is a racist Confederate-lover ideologue who would be bad for America.

Have they done clinical trials 2 assess impact of attractive female nurse on men's blood pressure? Had my best reading yet. Same pretty lady

"What is the golden rule of analytics?" ( JK--Never EVER abbreviate it as simply "anal."

"Facial Analytics Take on New Expressions" ( JK--Produces descriptive metadata on facial features. Doesn't ID the faces

If Mitt Romney wants to de-fund smelly nasty Oscar the Grouch, I'd understand. But sweet lovable Big Bird? Have U no sense of decency, sir?

"Data Markets: The Emerging Data Economy" ( JK--Outsourcers specialize in assemble/curate datasets and/or data science

New #IBM blog: "Data Scientist: Chart The Customer Journey" (

"#BigData's Biggest Obstacles" ( JK--Correlation/causation. Understanding/intuition. Provenance/discovery. Privacy.

"The deceptive seduction of #BigData" ( JK--Photo implies they're putting lipstick on Pig, or perhaps Hive. They're not Automation is an enabler for speed, efficiency, scalability, productivity, control, structure, and consistency. In...

"Predictive Analytics on the Rise in Insurance Industry" ( JK--For obvious reasons. Hedge against future risk exposure

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp (We Dont Need This) Fascist Groove Thang by Heaven Seventeen JK--Named 4 fictional group in film "A Clockwork Orange"

A four-year-old has requested a Dr. John song on #KEXP. "You Lie." That is one hoodoo-voodoo child.

"For #bigdata, does cloud beat business-class fabric?" ( JK--Equinix CTO discusses advantages of private#Hadoop cloud.

"#Hadoop isn't just for web companies anymore" ( JK--This headline would have been more newsworthy a year ago.

Drafted new #IBM blog: "Takeaways from Recent ZDNet TechLines Broadcast Panel on #BigData"

"Linus Torvalds Compares Hard Disks to Satan" ( JK--Of course. All those microscopic grooves are Dante's circles o Hell

"#IBM Appoints Chief Privacy Officer" ( JK--Christina Peters oversees worldwide team responsibl 4 privacy/data security

"International Business Machines: Solid Value" ( JK--Solid financial/competitive analysis. Go Blue! (IBM & Wolverines)

Mike Nesmith "I Looked Away" ( JK--Terrific cover of song composed & originally performed by Eric Clapton

I love it. Somebody sent email touting their "physical conference." You never used to need that qualifier. "Postal mail" "Acoustic guitar"

"#BigData, big problems?" ( JK--Definitely, must revisit role of storage professionals. Fast, efficient, cost-effective

Advanced visualization? It's immersive ( Today's #IBMquick-hit

Advanced visualization? It's immersive:

Economics has Nobel Prize, but other social sciences don't. Apparently, studies of society, culture, politics, & the mind have no value.

Somebody put out "7 reasons no one is reading your blog." Must be at least 7 you should blog anyway.

Ricky Nelson "Lonesome Town" ( JK--He actually didn't need to be this handsome/talented. Hollywood TV brat/idol

The Cramps "Lonesome Town" ( JK--1977. Sensational re-interpretation o Ricky Nelson hit. Chris Isaak musta heard

The Cramps "Human Fly" ( JK--1977. Great monster-chiller-horror-theatre-meets-psychobilly/punk.

Neon Boys "That's All I Know Right Now". I found this single at Ann Arbor's Schoolkids Records & proceeded to play the hell out of it.

Listening 2 Ramones "Chinese Rock" frm "End of the Century." Perfect example o how they wouldnt let nutcase Phil Spector fuck up their sound

Listening to Ramones "I Wanna Be Sedated" from "Road to Ruin." Perfect example of how they openly joked in song about doing copious drugs

Listening to Ramones "I Don't Wanna Go Down To The Basement" from "Ramones." Perfect example o how they'd powerdrill 3 chords 2 kingdom come

Listening to Ramones "We're a Happy Family" from "Rocket to Russia." Perfect example o how Joey dropped gr8 punchlines & Johnny punched beat

Listening to Ramones "Swallow My Pride" from "Leave Home." Perfect example of their compressive brilliance. Joey's mea culpa Wants girl back

Making a point of surfing through my FB friends' friends to see how many are cool and might conceivably become mine. Just cuz.

Donovan’s tribute to Guthrie runs deep ( JK--Love Woody's "yummy yumm yum" drawing and verse. Cartoon eros.

Dust-up on the #Hype of #BigData featuring@NeilRaden and @jameskobielus JK--Dust-up? A handful of casual tweets?

"Ain't no doubt about it, we were doubly blessed: we were barely 17 and we were barely dressed." --M.Loaf

"The goal is to live w/godlike composure on th full rush o energy like Dionysius riding th leopard without being torn to pieces" --JCampbell

Something tells me space-tourism entrepreneurs will start offering near-space free-fall daredevil premium tours of low-earth-orbit

"Social media surveillance helps the government read your mind" ( JK--Headline written by someone w/ideological agenda

Drafted my next #IBM blog: "Next Best Action Rides the Best-Fit Model."

@delindesign I plan to do the Strata in the spring. Hope to see you there. I've put in a speaking proposal. Let's see.

RT @johnkwaters: "We've crossed a #bigdata threshhold," says IBM's @jameskobielus. More @Campus_Tech story

@silverdata No idea what the donkey was doing in the Them "Gloria" video. One of those eternal mysteries, I guess.

@delindesign Eric: Unfortunately, not. Strata directly conflicts with#ibmiod, at which I'm speaking etc on every day

"Why becoming data scientist might be easier than you think" ( JK--Online courses + cloud + self-study + machine learn

"How To Bridge #BigData's Information Gap" ( JK--Trick is deliver right intelligence 2 people who make actual decisions

"Time has come 4 chief analytics officers" ( JK--Not bad idea. Analytics/data is key competitive resource in own right

Enterprise content warehouse? It's a searchable sphere of commercial content ( Today's #IBM quick-hit.

Enterprise content warehouse? It's a searchable sphere of commercial content:

@augieray Wisconsin hospitality? "Eat cheese or die." or "We want no peons to escape to Wisconsin."

@paulmadsen Geez, Baumgartner fell even further than Facebook stock since IPO
Felix Baumgartner breaks the speed of sound on his 24-mile plunge to Earth. Faster than sound meant he arrived before we heard the news.

It took Facebook reminding us of everybody's birthdays to take all the specialness out of birthdays & make them the moral equivalent of spam

Fools who want Sec'y of State removed for that Libyan terrorist killing of diplomats. Same logic says Bush shoulda been impeached for 9/11

Famous Sex Pistols egged-on cursing-on-air BBC interview ( Funny: black-out music is to Association "Windy"

Famous Buckley/Vidal TV spat where Vidal calls Buckley "crypto-Nazi" & WFBJr calls Vidal "queer" ( Both correct

Stress relief. Once in a while, a nice cold beer does the trick. Heineken, or whatever's handy. Yes!

Hmm. Stress management. Life balance. Spirituality. Why does so much religion feel so unbalanced? Or promise stress relief only after death?

Politics is in fact rhetorical aggression in contest to see who gets 2 wield monopoly powers of military, police, legal & penal aggression

Cold clear blue-sky morning. Sunday is our quietest. I don't usually do much thinking of the week ahead. Let it sort itself out.

Paul McCartney "The Monkees Theme" ( JK--2009. Impromptu backstage. Please release this, Sir Paul!

The Monkees "She" ( JK--I always loved Micky Dolenz' voice. High enough pitch to rise to top of any mix.

Terry Jacks "Seasons in the Sun" ( JK--1974. Maudlin-pop. POV: dying guy. Fun fact: Jacks still alive,McKuen too

Talking pictures (found photos with writing on them) ( JK--People in love/lust from days of yore

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Thrift Shop by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis from The Heist JK--A cool party-groove hiphop