Friday, January 04, 2013

Aweekstweets Dec 15 2012 to Jan 4 2013: the week that trebled with devilish glee ho ho ho hee hee hee

Just started streaming season 2 of "Portlandia" on Netflix and have stopped laughing only long enough to type this tweet.

Dude, what yer sayin' isn't germane to the issue. It isn't even tito, marlon, or randy to the issue.

Absolutely no truth 2 rumor Fred & Carrie'll spinoff Seattle series called "Potlandia." Whoever's spreading that needs 2 stuff a bird in it

Battle of the Washingtons looms. I predict the Skins'll thoroughly skin the Hawks.

Caught Bob Seger "Night Moves" on car radio. I never grow tired of it.

OMG/CSCC Cloud #BigData industry working group. I'm co-chairing. Reston VA. March 18. More details soon. Many industries. Best practices.

@Gagan_S Huh? You wanted me to devote the entire list of predictions to one subset of the broader picture?

"#BigData Predictions For 2013" ( JK--#forrester@mgualtieri key prediction consistent with my "cross-scale" "hybrid"

@Gagan_S "#DecisionMgt seems muted"? What do you mean?

Listening to Morcheeba "Undress Me Now" ( JK--Fun fact: Skye is not a data scientist. But if she were....

Hey @thetroynelson on "Show Me" they're singing "sha-boom sha-boom sha-boom sha-boom tra la la la la lee"...or I'm singing that...whatever

Another blog title I probably won't use: "Data scientists: are they mods or rockers?"

"Big Space: There are at least 100 billion planets in our galaxy alone" ( JK--Yeah but they're all losers. Earth rules!

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Outlaw Blues by Bob Dylan from Bringing It All Back Home JK--Good jittery-jump blues tune from mid-60s.

"'Information Superiority' " ( JK--DoD doctrine: "develop & use info [to max] while denying adversary the same capab"

Wrote all 5 #IBM LinkedIn quick-hits for next week. Took me 2 hours. Repurposed/tweaked some older stuff. Wrote some substantially new stuff

Thank you for the kind words, Joanna!

WSJ has interesting discussion by Steve Cropper & Booker T Jones of composition & recording of Otis Redding "Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay"

Next time you evaluate actual or potential "friends" on social networks, ask yourself how many truly have your back. Clarifies it all nicely

When your online experiences are being changed constantly & everywhere without your say-so, your primary experience is bewilderment.

Facebook suggests I may know Barbra Streisand and to friend her. Is Facebook paying attention to the musicians I mention? Never once Barbra

I still have no idea who or what "Honey Boo Boo" is. Is it what Yogi Bear's little buddy had smeared all over his face? cute!

New #IBM jk blogpost: "Koby’s #BigData Predictions for 2013" ( ...happy new year!!!!

"Historians versus Futurists – Who is More Valuable?" ( JK--Why choose? Need valid view of past to ground valid future

"MIT research shows new magnetic state that could aid quantum computing" ( JK--Quantum spin liquid 4 longrange entnglmt

Nice to know #IBM social-media team has lots of plans to use me this year. Yes, please use me.

Drafted my first #IBM blog of the new year: "Koby's #BigDataPredictions for 2013"

"#BigData analytics: putting the puzzle together" ( JK--UK IT publication. I'm quoted 25 paragraphs into it.

I'm a bit tired of people citing a combination of 2-3 words and calling that a "buzzword." How about "catchphrase"?

Heard Macklemore & Ryan Lewis "Thrift Shop" on DC local radio for 1st time yesterday. #KEXP plays gr8 songs 6-9 months before rest of radio

Avis acquires Zipcar. The strategic synergies are undeniable. Avis peak usage during work week, Zipcar on weekend.

RIP Ernesto Farago. Hungarian concert violinist. My son took private viola lessons from him as a kid. Very nice man. Good sense of humor.

Al Gore undoubtedly pocketing a pretty penny from sale of Current TV to Al-Jazeera. Losing the presidency hasn't turned out too shabby 4 him

Tysons' chief liability is horrendous traffic. It is northern Virginia's best argument for telecommuting. Locals like myself avoid it.

Tysons Corner VA trying to reengineer itself from a soulless sprawl into an organic city. I suggest putting a park at its core. Raze a mall

RT @coopeydoop BBC News - Gerard Depardieu 'granted Russian citizenship' ( JK--My Zen moment of the morning.

When did we start using "fail" as a noun? Is "failure" too harsh? Too irreversible?

Listening to Grizzly Bear's "Veckatimest" LP from a few yrs back. Very much a headphone LP. Envelopes you in a dramatic, sinuous song cycle.

We are like Wile E f-ing Coyote. Dumbly breathing sigh of relief we haven't plunged over cliff, not noticing we're standing in mid-air.

"Security of #bigdata: Preparing 4 b.d. collection implementation" JK--Excellent discussion frm ex-BurtonGroup analyst

"Is IMS a NoSQL database?" ( JK--Pointless taxonomy. Can jerry-rig NoSQL def'n/scope to suit various purposes.

"#BigData analysis is my new best girlfriend" ( JK--Female bloggr. If she were a he, would have diff meaning altogether

"Advice 2 Start-Ups: Don’t Be Too Data-Driven" ( JK--"Bullshit metrics"? I fail 2 see relevance o male bovine manure!

"#BigData Analytics: Food Genius Extracts Meaning From Menus" ( JK--Culinary taxonomy from analytics on unstructured

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Madder Red by Yeasayer from Odd Blood JK--2010. Great album. These guys sing like they're sailors on the open ocean.

"India aims for world's #bigdata" ( JK--Discusses burgeoning data-science outsourcing industry in the subcontinent.

"Danger of #Big Data" ( JK--#forrester KBodine on need 2 cost-effectvly balance qualitative & quantitative mkt research

"Investing in #bigdata's second act" ( JK--This VC placing bets on vertical decision support/automation app startups.

"#BigData: Rise of the Machines" ( JK--Machine-gen. Machine-to-machine comms. Forgot to mention machine learning.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Pocket Calculator by Kraftwerk from Computer World JK--If these dudes were Swiss, I'd say this an electrocuckoo clock

"Confused by the glut of new databases? Here’s a map for you" ( JK--Map good but incredibly busy

@graemeknows Happy new year, Graeme! I will also NOT use "Big Data: Is It Too Big for Its Britches?"

Toying with various idea for #bigdata blogposts. I cycle thru possible titles. Will not use "Big Data: Where Can I Stick It?"

"What to Do With Unstructured Data" ( JK--"Dark" data? "Ultraviolet" data? Confusing. Just say "undiscovered".

@TonyBaer Hey dude, I is doin' dat wif demonic detoiminayshun!

Yes, I'm playing a serious game of catching up after almost 3 weeks off. #BigData describes the volume of stuff in my inbox right now.

"10 Trends to Define 2013 in Marketing" ( JK--Good list, incl #BigData drives "hyperpersonalization."

#IBM Connect 2013, Orlando, Jan 27-31. Register:

RT @TheOnion: Wrigley Field Supporters Propose Tearing Down Rest Of Chicago #OnionYIR

#IBM #BigData for Healthcare webpage ( JK--Great hub for info on case studies and apps to save lives & boost health.

New #IBM jk #SmarterAnalytics blogpost: "Patient Similarity Analytics for Personalized Healthcare" ( (from dec 18)

"Sure, #BigData Is Great.But So Is Intuition" ( JK-Not either/or. Intuition shapes b.d. model build & decision support

Congrats to @loserboy and the missus on the birth of their baby.
Feels strange but good to be in my office again after almost 3 weeks off. My office is in my home. Deliberately avoided anything worklike

"Rethinking television." The only rethinking I want to do is about changing the channel. But I'm oldschool.

Listening to title track to Camera Obscura "My Maudlin Career" from a few years ago. Still my fave group of past 10 years. Me alone, I guess

Still listening to year-end round-ups of top 10 this or that. 2012 had a bumper crop of top-10 lists. I contributed a few.

The biggest career regrets of the young and the old, the successful and the unsuccessful

The older I get, the more I greet the new year with a groan. "Geez, gonna have to start working on my taxes soon."

New year. Full o fresh opportunities 2 irritate folks w/ my opinions on politics religion tech etc. In my defense: I'm a professional pundit

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Dear Prudence by Siouxsie and the Banshees from The Best of .... JK--Excellent Beatles cover.

RT @amymwilkinson Here's The Deal On The Fiscal Cliff Deal - Forbes JK--Good summary. Deal not totally done.

World's become a blur of virtual online communities that are abstracted from our physical existence. Connectivity is civil enfranchisement

Carson Daly's Times Sq New Years broadcast on NBC was dud. Only bright spot was Angela Kinsey from "The Office." Cuter than her character.

I've actually been scanning the tech headlines o the past few weeks while vacationing. Staying roughly abreast helps me resume work smoothly

Wife and I are going to workout as soon as she gets up. Resolutions, schmesolutions! It's simple habit. And it anchors our heads.

I don't get hangovers, because I don't overdo the drink. I feel higher when I'm sober. I also prefer to eat light.

Last day of my time off. I have a big virtual stack of work stuff to return to tomorrow morning. Prepare for resumption of tech tweeting

It used to be rare for a US household to not subscribe to a local newspaper. Now it's common. I expect TV ownership to decline as well.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp This Time Next Year by Damien Jurado from Maraqopa JK--Album was one of my faves of 2012. Deep, soulful, meditative

New year begins with a "cliff" deal that sounds tentative, hasn't been put to a floor vote, & is being spun uncertainly by both parties.

Listening to U2 "New Year's Day" ( . No explanation necessary.

"Fiscal Cliff Deal Reached: White House, Hill Leaders Agree To Delay Sequester By 2 Months" ( JK--Pop the corks!

Listening to Blonde Redhead "23" ( JK--From the 2000s. They remind me a lot of Cocteau Twins.

Listening 2 Cocteau Twins "Know Who You Are At Every Age" frm "Four Calendar Cafe" ( JK--Exquisite electronic wash

RT @marcusborba: Happy New Year JK--And a prosperous one to you too, Marcus. Thanks for following. Hope to wow you some more in 2013.

At this point, I'd like to dangle them all over a physical cliff.

Celibates dictating sexual morality to breeders. That about sums up the Catholic ethos. What's wrong with this picture? I was raised RC.

"Real people, not actors"? Actors are real people. Just say "unpaid unscripted candid actual customers." Not true? Then your ad is deceptive

Progressive Insurance commercial indicates fake testimonials by "paid actors." Really? I thought these people starved for a living.

2013. First year since 1987 with no repeat digits. Next one with repeat digits? 2020. No, you're not seeing double.

Kanye & Kim expecting bambino in 2013. Tabloids beside themselves with ravenous glee. They'd already grown tired of UK royal one in the oven

Ricki topic du jour: "Virgin 2.0." Middle-aged celibate women on-camera testimonials. Suspiciously attractive, as if that bolsters bonafides

This past year we collectively hammered #bigdata from every conceivable angle. Trend will continue in 2013. But with growing cloud focus.

Auld lang syne. Should old acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind? Then get off Facebook, where they're constantly brought to mind

Redskins win their division. DC area feels that old glimmer of Gibbs-era pigskin glory starting to return.

2012. A good year. I could breathe again.

Listening 2 Tin Huey "Robert Takes the Road to Lieber Nawash" ( JK--GPS can't find. Zoned-out space below the waterline

RT @merv: Sentences that begin “it can’t be proved, but…” generally contain untenable opinion, speculative fantasy, and cynical demagoguery.

"Does Photographic Memory Exist?" ( JK--People ask about my memory. Far from photo. I've cultivated associative skills.

30 Dec
Listening 2 #KEXP DJ Cheryl Waters' year-end "Music That Matters" podcast. Cool picks: artists/songs I'd nvr heard B4 (

College courses to teach companies collective gut feel? What would be the tuition for an institute for instituting institutional intuition?

Almost any episode of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" shows what a classic comedy this was. Example:

I'm totally cool with instant coffee. You drink for the buzz.

It almost doesn't matter what's on TV anymore. I just tune into the Web. Always something stimulating going on somewhere, everywhere.

Steve Martin @SteveMartinToGo Just wondering. Women are different from men, right? But are their bodies different too?
 Retweeted by jameskobielus

Even though we've had to cancel all the shows due to the storm, in an unprecedented move, we are going to keep all the ticket money.
 Retweeted by jameskobielus

Congrats to @ABFalecbaldwin on purchasing 1 million Twitter followers.
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People in Anchorage were so friendly! Fellow at airport changed all my US dollars for Alaskan currency so I wouldn't have to wait in line.
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"Using Your Most Powerful Sexual Energy 2 Manifest Yr Desires" ( JK--Fine, but do we need a philosophy of jerking off?

Intuition. I'm still not sure when I should use that term to dignify the proverbial wild-ass guess.

Hey quasi-spam in my inbox, I don't want to be anti-socials, but my friend who joined what?

"Which type of dinosaur meat would be the tastiest?" ( JK--Dunno. Which one of them evolved into the chicken?

RT @TheOnion: New Study Finds Majority Of Bullshit Calls Go To Other Team #OnionYIR

RT @birdiablo #IBM @JamesKobielus discuss patient similarity#analytics 4 personalized HC #smarteranalytics#bigdata

Listening to 15-60-75 (The Numbers Band) "Here In the Life" ( JK--1979. Hearthan Records 45. Luv the odd time signature

Listening to The Girls "Jeffrey I Hear You" ( JK--1979. Hearthan Records single. Just a rave. No idea what it means.

@NeilRaden Cool. Can't wait to see you again Neil. I'll be co-presenting that with Jianying Hu in our healthcare analytics solutions team.

Fiscal cliffhanger. US public needs government that doesn't mistake brinkmanship for statesmanship.

Which is funnier: to be dumbstruck, flummoxed, hornswoggled, or gobsmacked? Cast your votes now. Tabulate it yourself. Let me know. Thanks.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I Got Nothing by Dum Dum Girls from End of Daze JK--2012. Got the same great soulful rock vibe as classic Pretenders.

RT @TheOnion: After Obama Victory, Shrieking White-Hot Sphere Of Pure Rage Early GOP Front-Runner For 2016

RT @kexpplaylist: Money Trees by Kendrick Lamar from good kid, m.A.A.d city JK--A lyric you notice: "Halle Berry....or hallelujah."

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Narrow Way by Bob Dylan from Tempest JK--2012. Good bouncy electro-blues from the old master.

"Where's My Autonomous Car?" ( JK--Need work out issues re fail-safes, inter-car comms, manual override, liability.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Origins by Tennis from Young and Old JK--2012. Great romantic pop sound from this Denver duo on their second LP.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Jack of All Trades by Bruce Springsteen from Wrecking Ball JK--2012. The Boss, like Dylan & Young, an aging evergreen

RT @NeilRaden: Arming teachers? What if teacher goes apeshit? What's next, librarians? The guy who takes your ticket at the movie?

"Six Tips for Avoiding an Office Affair" ( JK--These are dumb. Just adopt single rule: no whoopee with co-workers.

"10 types of startup that had breakthrough 2012" ( JK--Excellent detailed overview. Tweeting this as bookmark 2 self

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Harbour Boys by Joel Plaskett Emergency from Scrappy Happiness JK--2012. Very nice. Warms the heart.

As the old year ends, I give thanks that we're not bracing for a President Romney. I hear he shares that sentiment.

"Generations differ in perception of tech events" ( JK--Public cares about tech people's personal lives. I don't care

RIP Norman Schwarzkopf. General served country with distinction, most notably in first Gulf War. Helped boot Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait

"Kate Winslet Weds Ned RocknRoll" ( JK--And The Onion staff throws up hands in defeat. They can't top this.

Westchester (NY) Journal News interactive map of gun ownership in that area ( JK--Visual serves clear public interest

It's not often that I have a really deep nap. But that was one. Driving a few hundred miles on a cold windy day can do that to you.

Vegetatin in south Joisey at home o friends Caroline & Stuart. Cold fierce winds on the drive up. Toasty indoors. I'm defrogging my giblets

The Russians, stung by foreign criticism o their appalling human rights record, retaliate against true culprits: their own orphaned children

May drive up to Philly to hang with friends. Wife tends to freak over hint of snow. I'm from Michigan. I don't freak.

Daughter calls me a weirdo without a beard-o. Yes. That fits. Thanks, girl.

"Data Scientist: Sexy Is as Sexy Does" ( JK--I'm flattered when somebody else creates discussion around my thoughts

One of the nice things about the year-end holiday season is that it puts everybody in a temporary communal trance. Even if you don't worship

Watching the episode of "Louie" where his mom visits out of the blue to inform him she's a lesbian. I'm melting down, it's so funny.

Oh, the weather outside is frightful. I'll just leave it at that.

Elton John never truly clarified why they call it the blues. His guess just isn't good enough.

The thick client of TweetDeck has begun to freeze too much. I am primarily using the browser client these days. It's fine.

Spent about 30 seconds this morning mapping out how I'll approach doing my #IBM blog in coming year. Continuity & blurring with quick-hits.

Plowed thru months worth of unread back issues of The Economist. Campaign of 2012 now a fading nuisance.

Announcer referred to RG3's dad as "RG2." Isn't it actually "RGJ"?

Does Suzanne Malveaux have some issues with her neck bones/muscles? Why can't she keep her head from tilting left while speaking to camera?

Vampires. Zombies. Occult stuff I've always thought stupid. Their vogue these past few years? Not even ironically hip. Still stupid.

Now northern Virginia simply dealing with cold dreary rain. God smiled on Xmas day with warm dry sunny day. Was nice.

We also need to know which homes have firearms and also have children. Clear potential for community-endangering mischief.

Nothing wrong with newspapers publishing identities of gun owners. Communities have clear need to know who in their midst is armed.

@batess Exostar is indeed in Herndon. That's a commute I couldn't stand.

Reading about "One Pound Fish" Pakistani guy in WashPost. YouTube (

Oh. Yesterday's Amazon outage originated here in good ol' Fairfax County. Didn't realize they have a Herndon data center.

Boxing Day. In the spirit of the season, I'm going to set up a little home shrine to the venerable Marquess of Queensbury.

First snow of the season in Fairfax County. Started as crunchy sleet crystals. Now lazy flakes. Thin accumulation so far.

Newsweek's last print issue. I read most mags mostly online now, updated continuously, blurring concept of "periodical"

Girl & I are counting down the minutes to midnight, when all the Christmas carols will vanish, POOF!, from the radio for another 11 months.

Bought & downloaded Bat for Lashes' excellent 2012 LP "The Haunted Man." Artist, real name Natasha Khan, crafts dramatic songscapes.

The wife and I are going to gussy ourselves up this Christmas morning and attend the Indonesian mass west of Springfield. Always a good one.

Merry Christmas everyone. We're having a peaceful morning. Didn't get any real snow in Fairfax County. Just vagrant flakes.

RIP Jack Klugman. Obit says he got into acting after fleeing Philly loan shark. Perfectly Oscar Madison-like career move.

The wife made some really good homemade cranberry sauce. She got the recipe from my brother's wife. Some special blend of spices & juices.

Listening to Everything But the Girl "The Only Living Boy in New York" ( JK--When Tracey & Ben blend voices, it's sweet

Listening to Royal Guardsmen "Snoopy's Christmas" ( JK--1967. I had this 45 as a kid.

In the spirit of the season, watching "Mission Impossible III" with my girl.

Listening to Bob Dylan "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" ( JK--Surreal, you think? You are right.
Listening to Sinead O'Connor "Make Me a Channel of Your Peace" ( JK--Author: St. Francis.

Listening to Pretenders "2000 Miles" ( JK--Bittersweet Xmas song no one plays. Chrissie's yearning is poignant.

Tonight we're eating ham and yam. Our girl's working seasonal at Honey Baked Ham & got good discount. Egidia made fried sweet potatoes

Only reason not sick of "Frosty the Snowman" version from 1969 Xmas special is luv voice of Jimmy Durante. Wish he'd added "hot-cha-cha-cha"

OK, I've had it. The pets of the world should start their own social network. Let's only have human faces on Facebook.

Suggest Nicki Minaj reboot career with stylistic reversal. Rebrand herself as nihilistic gangsta rapper called Janim Ikci N.

Rockettes. Absolutely no truth to myth that they started as athletes in defunct Olympic sport of synchronized buttkicking.

Airwaves filled with inspiring human-interest stories today. This human is interested in news and music. Mostly just music.

Lovely new holiday tradition. They're going to drop the Times Square new year's ball over the fiscal cliff.

Every time that Andy Williams Xmas song comes on where he sings "well whoop-di-doo," I have to remind myself he's not being sarcastic.

Barry Manilow has released his 4th Xmas LP. I have yet to hear a Manilow yule tune that has any authentic spark. No more, please.

Christmas easily th most divisive holiday in Christian liturgical calendar. People rarely get so hot & bothered about true meaning of Easter

People often say loser is "hapless." But I've never heard winner called "hapful." Regardlss, to paraphrase Gen Patton, Americans are happers

#BigData as paradigm isnt subject to the saturation end of the hype curve, cuz it has diverse segments. Old ones saturate, new pick up slack

Andy Griffith Show. Opie. Why was he called that? He wasn't on opium, was he?

"Eisenhower Farewell Address" ( JK--Tune to 8:30 mark for "military-industrial complex." US economic imbalance.

"Douglas MacArthur Farewell Speech to Congress" ( JK--Listen from 5:00 mark. Prophesies Asian prosperity

Patton real voice ( As scriptd by Francis Ford Coppola & voiced by George C Scott (

NRA exists to promote guns, gun culture, gun extremism, and gun fetishism. Why exactly are we listening to their opinions?

I have never heard a single human say the word "disingenuous," but I frequently see it in print. Did some ancient printers guild invent it?

Safari on iPad has plenty of issues. Just not a good browser. Behaves oddly.

Our daughter's been hard at work all day at seasonal job at Honey-Baked Ham. Franconia cops provide unnecessary traffic & crowd control

Turns out Mitt Romney didn't want to be president. Finally! Something we both agree on.

The Huffington Post: Patricia Leavy, PhD: Top 10 Sexist-Media Moments of 2012.

Ancient maps. We only see ones drawn by Europeans & Mediterraneans. How did ancient Asians, Africans, & Americans depict Earth's surface?

"Christmas Story". Daisy airgun co founding Plymouth MI 1800s. I often biked there as kid.

Wouldn't be surprised if all the socials start offering people digital self-curated vanity-press online publishing of their own posts.

Wouldn't be surprised if Facebook tries 2 make money by selling people aggreg download cloud access to their own history of status updates

Expecting the industry #bigdata emphasis in the new year to shift toward consumer applications. Cloud petabytes silently serving commerce

RT @TheOnion Economically Healthy 'Daily Planet' Now Most Unrealistic Part Of Superman Universe #OnionYIR

Geronimo. Absolutely no truth to the myth that the Apache warrior liked to take running leaps off high cliffs shouting his own name.

Gerard Depardieu. His cantankerous principled grandstanding tax-dodging self-exile gambit is so exquisitely French.

Watching "Glengarry Glen Ross" on streaming. Alec Baldwin character says his name is Fuck You. Curious: what nationality is that?

How do you stay rooted, anchored, & balanced in a topsy world? I distrust answers that assume religion is the only answer.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Christmas Song by The Raveonettes from Maybe This Christmas Tree JK--Their song, not the Mel Torme/Nat King Cole.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Not a Young Man Anymore by Dean & Britta from 13 Most Beautiful: Songs For Andy JK--Velvet Underground cover

Led Zeppelin had 1st untitled LP. Sigur Ros had LP with all untitled tracks. No group's taken radical step of no band name or musician names

So glad 2 C they're redesigning WashDC's Southwest Waterfront. Loved walking it lunchtimes during my early 90s EPA years. That + nearby Mall

After the Mayan false scare, this fiscal cliff bullshit seems quaint.

Sitting in Panera in West Springfield on a bustling pre-Xmas Saturday. This the very heart of suburban northern Virginia. Gr8 community vibe

I'll bet the Mayans were right. Some world might ending today. We need to scan all the exoplanets. One of them might be croaking as we speak

Thinking of changing profile to "father of 2, husband of 1, brother of 3, cousin of 11, in-law of zillions."

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Twelve Days of Christmas by Bob & Doug McKenzie JK--True love always gives them beer on the first day.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Hey Guys! It's Christmas Time! by Sufjan Stevens from Songs for Christmas Sampler JK--Cool shoegazer-y carol.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Santa Claus Go Straight to the Ghetto by James Brown from Funky Christmas JK--Hardest working man in the toy business

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Wonderful Christmastime by The Shins from Holidays Rule JK--Mercer & mates improve on McCartney's original. BIG BEAT

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Sometimes You Have to Work on Christmas (Sometimes by Harvey Danger JK--Excellent indie take on Christmas song.

Looking forward to a new year of thought leadership activities for#IBM. I have no specific agenda. Life presents fresh fodder. Have faith.

Sitting here sorting through several years' worth of my publications and citations. I print out every one. Must tidy the archives.

12-21-12. Kind of a beautiful sequence of numbers. Not sure why. Just is.

Listening to Fleetwood Mac "Bare Trees" ( to celebrate the first day of winter

Listening to Gordon Lightfoot "Song For A Winter's Night" ( to celebrate the first day of winter.

Listening to Fleet Foxes "White Winter Hymnal" ( to celebrate the first day of winter

Listening to Fountains of Wayne "Valley Winter Song" ( to celebrate the first day of winter.

21 Dec
Actually, @loserboy it's technically "ixnay to the oomsday-day". U forgot to "-ay" the initial consonant of "doomsday" & slap it on the rear

#BigData progress? Well, we've surmounted Hill of Difficulty, trudged thru Slough of Despond, & endured Valley of Humiliation. Whither 2013?

"Astronomers find potentially habitable planet nearby" ( JK--Dont get yr hopes up. Mayans said it goes KABOOM next year

Hey Kevin McCarthy, film critic for WTTG-TV WashDC. Stop breathlessly calling every movie you love "incredible." Makes me NOT want to see

Putin may ban orphan adoptions by Americans but has not declared his position on Internet trafficking in Russian mail-order brides.

Happy solstice. Gonna do my Saturnalia shopping today. I'll bet Stonehenge is madness today. Always a bitch finding parking spot 4 my oxcart

Franconia Road. One of the original roads of colonial Fairfax County, Virginia. Tobacco & slaves were transported to/fro Alexandria's port.

We became an organic national culture in the 19th century when our people defaulted to "the United States is" over "the United States are"

Maybe I'm missing something blindingly obvious, but I've never seen anything even remotely multi-culti @ the International House of Pancakes

Congrats to Randy Newman for induction into Rock "N' Roll Hall o Fame. Misanthropes get+give no love. Sall away!

RT @MikeGreen67: Scaling from the macro to nano levels is the key to powerful performance by @jameskobielus #bigdata

Hey spammers: old classmates trying to reach can use something called "Google." Do I look like I'm playing hard to get?

Jane Aire & the Belvederes "When I Was Young" ( JK--Name is Jane Ashley. She's in Baltimore. We connected on FB

Apparently, the NRA thinks equipping all schoolrooms with pistols will not tempt disturbed, mischievous students to find & play with them.

I was kinda disappointed when the world didn't end on Y2K. Don't tell us this'll be another false alarm.

@eric_kavanagh Hey dude, the 4th "6" means the angels are on my side.

Saying there are no Mayans anymore is like saying there are no Egyptians. They've simply stopped building pyramids. They're a modern people

19 Dec
Listening to aging Rod Stewart singing "My Favorite Things." Liked him more when was singing lines like "My body stunk but I kept my funk"

Listenng to Nick Lowe "And So It Goes" ( JK--Contractually obligated to mention Nick in all Elvis C. contexts.

Listening to Elvis Costello & The Attractions "Pump It Up" ( JK--Must always Elvis whenever Graham mentioned.

Listening to Graham Parker & the Rumour "Local Girls" ( JK--Rumour has it Graham squeezed 'em for a few sparks.

Listening to Siouxsie & the Banshees "Arabian Knights" ( JK--"I heard a rumor. What have you done to her?"

Bananarama "I Heard a Rumour" ( JK--Dedicated to @Tudorscribe , who, rumor has it, unleashed all evils on Earth

One of great things about online culture is that gives us neverending supply o new stuff 2 get pissed off about. The glue that binds society

Raked up the residual leaves from the front and back yards before the formal beginning of winter and the formal end of the Mayan calendar.

My cousin, who was once an aspiring nun, has convertd 2 Episcopalianism. I told her we all still luv her in spite o fact she'll burn in hell

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp My Sweet Lord by George Harrison from All Things Must Pass JK--Reminds:Hare Krishnas chanting @ Livonia Mall. 1970ish

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp America by First Aid Kit from Live on KEXP JK--Nice Simon & Garfunkel cover by Swedish harmonizing sisters.

My rule of thumb is that an LP on everyone's year-end best list is one you dont have to buy. You're either hearing it on radio or can borrow

"Forget Singles: The Albums You Needed to Own This Year" ( JK--It's an OK list, but you don't "need" any of them.

"Gov. Bob McDonnell opens door to arming Va. teachers, principals" ( JK--Will all due respect to my governor: ASSHOLE!

"7 Technologies Poised for Failure in 2013" ( JK--PBX demise will be bittersweet. First tech I was hired to cover. 1985

I feel better now about my personal decision, a while back, to Instagram only my most worthless cameraphone images.

"By 2014, the Internet will be the death of us all" ( JK--Thanks Robert X. Cringely. And Merry Xmas to you too!

Email. It's where people send the lowest-priority messages to you. Hence, it's increasingly the last one you check and/or respond to.

"Look-alike portraits capture pictures of strangers who look like twins" ( JK--Cool. Same-sex & opposite-sex lookalikes

RT @IBMAnalytics @JamesKobielus discusses patient similarity#analytics 4 personalized HC ( #smarteranalytics#bigdata

"TSA: All yr travel are belong to us?" ( JK--Most popular foreign-botch-English-grammar phrase since "long time no see"

Best LPs of 2012? Hard to decide. I bought the releases by Shearwater, Gotye, Father John Misty, The Tallest Man on Earth, & Damien Jurado

"NASA crashes two orbiters into moon mountain" ( JK--At some point we need mission to clean up previous missions' trash

Saw DVD of "Hope Springs" with Tommy Lee Jones & Meryl Streep. Good quiet small study of aging couple's sexual & emotional estrangement

Those online CircuitCity solicitations depress me. They just remind me of the empty blighted Big Boxes the failed retailer left everywhere

RT @schoutene: Recap of last weeks #cloudchat with analysts@JHurwitz @sogrady & @hyounpark & #IBMer

Nice sunny warm morning in northern Virginia. Mornings like this make you forget how long the preceding night was. Diurnal amnesia.

"Twitter Starts Rolling Out Option 2 Request Every Tweet You Ever Made" ( JK--I'm building PB cluster 2 receive mine

Bought+downld Shearwater "Animal Joy" LP. Cuz #kexp@djcherylwaters put it up top on her year-end list. Been meaning to get a Shearwater LP

Perhaps she's had work, but it's sinful for Jane Fonda to be this hot at age 75 (

@Hypatia_LeslieA No. Just a guy who likes Christmas lights.

Friday is winter solstice. Hope to see the sun this week, just to notice its decline.

Overcast again today. I'm keeping the Christmas tree lights on in the darkened living room. Illumination is my favorite ornamentation.

Wife & I went to our fave Korean food emporium, Super H Mart, in Fairfax today. You could eat a full lunch from their medley of hot samples

One of my peculiarities is that I don't like anybody pushing religion on me. Not even the one I was raised in. I'm not a joiner.

Listened to religious station for a few hours because they had mostly classic Christmas hymns. Stopped listening when preachy stuff started

Was a day of constant motion from mid-morning through mid-evening. Now relaxing in our garlic-scented house. I chopped it. Egidia cooked it.

Philosophy behind Myers-Briggs consistent with pushy New Age cults that say you must use leader-concocted jargon in place of common talk

Here's how useless Myers-Briggs is: nobody who is subjected to it speaks about those idiotic abstract 4-letter combinations ever again

WashPost article: "Zombie ideas: why don't bad notions ever die?" Next to Myers-Briggs article. Rich irony.

WashPost article on Myers-Briggs tests. Psychologists not big on it. Neither am I. Meaningless arrogant typecasting. Corporate HR bullshit.

Watching one episode of "Louie" after another. Addictively awkward.

Wife & I are having a very late dinner at home. Nice thing about being at home on weekends, just us, is we only eat when hungry. No schedule

I favor a constitutional right to arm bears. Especially grizzlies. I've heard they're endangered. Give 'em a fighting chance.

I delete any email that has heart symbols in the subject line. On principle.

Listening to Vampire Weekend "Horchata" from "Contra." It's December but I'm drinking iced tea. OK? Don't look psychotic in my balaclava?

Tim Conway. I have yet to see him in anything where he wasn't the funniest person on screen. Just a remarkably durable funnybone tickler.

Tomorrow's "Peanuts" flashback has Snoopy referring to owner as "Charlie Brown." Schulz violated his own "round-headed kid" rule. Fell flat

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Losing You by Solange from True JK--New. So good you'll stop thinking of her as Beyonce's little sister.