Saturday, January 12, 2013

Aweekstweets January 4-12 2013: the week Google Earth invaded my personal space

#IBM has ESPN commercials. When in locker room at club & they come on, I loudly vocally echo "building a #smarterplanet". Stealth marketing
Washed the cars. By myself. By hand. Outdoors. Short pants. January. Warm out there. Why not.

Beetle Bailey. Sarge is constantly knocking the teeth out of his mouth and dislocating all of his joints. But he snaps it all back. How?

A quick shout-out to Peter G.W. Keen. He got me going long long ago.

RT @TheOnion: [American Voices] “The flu! It’s perfect! I’ll tell Terry I have the flu!”

Sleater-Kinney "Jumpers" ( JK--Corin Tucker, Carrie Brownstein, & Janet Weiss were righteous rockers

Religion & science in alignment now. Astronomers have promoted Sun to deity, demoted Pluto/beyond to hell, & recognize planets as paradise

"2013 Predictions for NoSQL" ( JK--Kudos to@johnlmyers44 for the astute tech forecasts & clever musical pun-ditry!

"National Institutes of Health 2 appoint chief data official" ( JK--Assoc dir 4 data science key 2 govt agency mission

"#BigData Storage Costs Require Info Monetization:Gartner" ( JK--@doug_laney sez monet'zn key 2 justify big data projex

"Analyst Randy Kerns discusses the state of file-based storage" ( JK--Fundamental to storage & analysis of #bigdata

"The Soft Skill that Drives Your Analytics Team" ( JK--Suggestions for "nailing down curious, creative analytic talent"

"Cloud, #BigData, Mobile: Not a Question of 'When' But 'How'" ( JK--Good discussion by @joemckendrick

"Netflix shows off how it does #Hadoop in the cloud" ( JK--ETL, storage, in-database analytics, data science, test/dev

"Mobility and #BigData: Why They Need Each Other to Thrive" ( JK--Analytic-driven mobile decision-support guidance

"Computer, Electrical Engineers Working to Help Biologists Cope With#BigData" ( JK--Partnering with #IBM

#IBM #BigData Developer Day with @AnjulBhambhri . Agenda and register:

"#BigData & Thought Crime" ( JK--Interesting interview by chief privacy officer on potential abuse o sentiment analysis

"On becoming a data scientist – part 1 – the destination" ( JK--Munging, mining, & meaning from massive mounds of data

Yeah, I'm "addicted" to social media in roughly the same way I'm addicted to earning a paycheck.

"Seattle flag flies over Wilson Building" ( DC surrenders 2 the cloudy ones, who rule from their own Capitol Hill

Ah....the "Internet of things" is so last year....I'm focusing now on the Internet of stuff, doodads, bric-a-brac, and thingamabobs.

Big Data in the Cloud: Preparing for the Future:

I can't believe @thetroynelson scrapes his icy windshield with an empty CD jewelcase....dude, those stupid things are fragile as all get-out

Security of big data? ( Friday's #IBM quick-hit

Security of big data?:

Just saw the phrase "#big data talent cliff." Oh, brother. Reminds me of 1970s, when everything got escalated to a f***ing "crisis."

Updated "Actionable #Analytics: It's Coming Out of .... ( ). I noticed sentence I had right after cartoon oddly missing

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Gloria by Patti Smith from Horses JK--Patti took a big plunge doing this. She's heterosexual but did from male POV

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Gloria by Patti Smith from Horses JK--Patti took a big plunge doing this. She's heterosexual but did it from male POV

My only comment on the Oscar nominations is that I'm rooting for Tommy Lee Jones for best supporting actor in "Lincoln."

Eric Schmidt back from North Korea. Fact-finding mission. Google needed first-hand report on evil for clearer sense of what not to be.

Big Data in the Cloud: Preparing for the Future:

New #IBM jk BA blogpost "Actionable Analytics: It's Coming Out o Dilbert Boss' Mouth--Is it Useless Industry Jargon?" (

Drafted new #IBM Biz Analytics blog: "Actionable Analytics: It's Coming Out o Dilbert's Boss' Mouth..Is it Useless Industry Jargon?" Up soon

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp If I Only Had Tomorrow (Second Chances) by West End Motel JK--One o th singers sounds like DThomas/Pere Ubu. He's not

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp He Gets Me High by Dum Dum Girls from He Gets Me High JK--Thank U muchly @thetroynelson . U is gettin me (legal) high

"#IBM Helps Growing Businesses Expand Global Technology Support" ( JK--Managed Vendor Support Services addresses SMB

Thing I hate re VPN clients re email access is, when VPN down, it doesnt scream it's down. U simply see no new email. You relax like a dummy

@or_1_eq_1 Maybe by plugging musician-DJ @thetroynelsonexcellent band the Young Evils I can get him to move it up on his track list.

Waiting for #kexp DJ @thetroynelson to play my request (via FB): Dum Dum Girls "He Gets Me High" from 2011.....c'mon c'mon

"Google #BigData Tools Vs. The Flu Bug" ( JK--Aggreg search data 2 track near real-time & compare by geog historic info

"How To Fill #BigData Talent Gaps Fast" ( JK--Ramp up training, recruitment, & higher-ed degree programs.

"A Marketing Department Data Uproar Like Never Before" ( JK--IDC says half of new mktg hires will have tech background

@LoraineLawson I find it highly meta, fittlng, and funny that "three-letter acronym" has its own three-letter acronym.

"#BigData Warehouses and the Intelligent Enterprise" ( JK--@williammcknight calls for data virtualization.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Default by Atoms For Peace from Default 12" JK--This outfit is essentially Radioheaad. Thom Yorke. Same warped groove

"Futuristic marriage of machine translation & speech recognition" ( JK--What's R2D2 saying to C3PO? Translate 4 us, pls

@LoraineLawson Hey Loraine: Not a new trend. "MDM" has been schizoid acronym for a long time, torn btwn master data mgt & mobile device mgt

"Rise of Quantum Age of IT" ( JK--What the f***?! Generic agile IT consultantspeak that has nothing to do w/quantum

@baerjamin Actually, to appease baseball purists, Cooperstown should have adjacent Hall of Infamy for Shoeless Joe, Pete Rose, etc.

Patient similarity analytics?:

Ten years ago (SOA mania) when I saw new acronym w/ "ML" I assumed "markup language." Today (#BigData mania), I assume "machine learning."

My fave "Leave It To Beaver" was when Ward & boys wore suits 2 baseball game. Fave "Munsters" was when Herman mentioned "Leave It To Beaver"

"Portlandia" recycling service spoof--"Sanitation Twins"--is perfect. They have dozens of color-coded bins for every micro-category of trash

@graemeknows U bet. Gonna bust some serious #bigdata myths with ya. I'll be the smartass geek if you play the taciturn bereted facial-haired

We need asterisk-shaped wing to the Baseball Hall of Fame for all players who played after the season was lengthened to 162 games.

Drafted all 5 of next week's #IBM quick-hits on #bigdata in the #cloud. Now shifting focus elsewhere.

#BigData discussions are often a temptation for everybody to let their attentions wander everywhere. Always must keep one's own focus stable

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Can't Buy Me Love by The Beatles frm A Hard Day's Night JK--1964. The most explosively infectious of their early hits

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Destroy Rock & Roll (Tom Neville's clean edit) by Mylo JK--Exactly the feeling that FM rockjock overkill inspires.

@SethGrimes I agree with you Seth. The quote is BS. People often forget or distort the memory of their experiences.

"Numbers Are Never Enough (especially when dealing w/ #BigData)" ( JK--Also need subject-matter & modeling experts. Duh

"Where #BigData fails" ( JK--No...YOU have failed Big Data. Just kidding: good discussion of data-selection bias

"Analytics Vendors Must Make Prediction Easier" ( JK--#forrester @mgualtieri updates/evolves my PA/DM Wave from 2010

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Bloodbuzz Ohio by The National from High Violet JK--Hey Matt, OH dont remember U cuz those nasty bees freakd em out.

"Library o Congress can index all 170 billion tweets ever postd ( JK--I wont rest til create Kobielus wing 2 house mine

"#BigData Analytics Masters Degrees: 20 Top Programs" ( JK--In the US and Canada.

Data of desire? ( Wednesday's #IBM quick-hit.

Data of desire?:

If the disgraced ex-cycling champ confesses to doping, will he stripped of "strong" and just go by "Lance Arm"?

"F*** MongoDB, F*** Node.js, and F*** You" ( JK--Best tech headline of morningl

8 Jan Neko Case @NekoCase "I am Paul Newman riding you on the handlebars and I am also Ali Macgraw in the basket"- Sufi poetry me.
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What's the deal with Diane Sawyer's downfacing slump of perpetual dismay? What's bugging this woman?

Optimist is someone who, viewing a graveyard, notes that everything's coming up roses.

"Personal digital assistants." That phrase is almost as antiquated in today's gadget-rich world as, say, calling car a "horseless carriage"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Casimir Pulaski Day by Sufjan Stevens from Come On Feel The Illinoise! JK--Masterpiece ballad. Classic album

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Casimir Pulaski Day by Sufjan Stevens from Come On Feel The Illinoise! JK--Masterpiece ballad. Classic album.

Working on next-week's #IBM quick-hits. The theme all week will be#bigdata in the cloud.

"Snow expected in Jerusalem on Wed" ( JK--Oddly unmentioned in Bible. Let he who is without sin lob the first slushball

Seattle high-rise residential developmt brands self aspirationally as "vertical community." Good luck inspiring multi-floor neighborliness

@JayIBMPureData Thank you Jay! The fact that you're an IBM-er on my team does not in any way bias your assessment of my tweetitude, I'm sure

RT @kexpplaylist AM/FM by !!! from Strange Weather, Isn't It? JK--Worth noting that #kexp rarely "talks too much." Their DJs aren't egotists

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Word by The Beatles from Rubber Soul JK--1965. Hippie/preacher-ish POV foreshadows "All You Need is Love"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Only Good For Conversation by Rodriguez from Cold Fact JK--Wow! This sounds sorta "Smoke On the Water"-y

Drafted my next #IBM blog: "Data Scientist: Closing the Talent Gap"

I don't wish the dead happy b-day, but I'll note Elvis was born on this date. Here's a fave: "Little Sister" (

Anybody who commences a "friend" connection by specifying constraints re messaging over that connection is asking for immediate unfriending.

Happy 66th birthday David Bowie. Here's my personal fave Bowie recording: "Young Americans" (

Hey @thetroynelson "Cute as the dickens" essentially means "cute as hell." The noun "dickens" refers to the devil. Scrooge was the dickens

New #IBMdatamag jk article: "The Role of Stream Computing in#BigData Architectures" (

#Big Data in the Cloud: Preparing for the Future: Save the Date: 3-18-13. Register: I co-chair CSSC Big Data Cloud WG

@spinnakr The "jk" mean it's coming from Jimmy Kobielus who's just kidding and just a kid.

"#IBM, STMicroelectronics and Shaspa Advance Smarter Home Initiative" ( JK--Cloud drives home-based internet of things

"#BigData in Demand for Intelligence Community" ( JK--NSA is top-secret front-line of convergence of big data & cloud

"Data Scientists Will Unlock #BigData Promise" ( JK--Ex-IBM-er Irving W-B focuses on interdisciplinary data science

"#BigData 101: Use Web Data 2 Understand Customer Intent" ( JK--I prefer to think of what'll make the customer CONtent

"#Bigdata analytics, CloudStack top hot cloud computing trends in 2013" ( JK--Stacks & standards still emerging. Slowly

"#BigData 101: New Vendor-Neutral Guide" ( JK--Open Data Center Alliance. Guide downloadable here:

Ten years ago, while an industry analyst, I took phone briefing from Thomas Dolby Robertson. I had to restrain myself not 2 shout "SCIENCE!"

I laugh when somebody asks permission over the phone to friend me on a social. Just friend me, for pete's sake. I'm not the King of Siam.

RT @HuffingtonPost: Police chase runaway kangaroo ( JK--Disappointed. I thought Aussie cops chase 'em on pogo sticks.

A big shout-out to Sonya Kobielus for the impromptu preparation of an egg-on-bagel breakfast sandwich for her dear old dad. Thank you girl!

"Customer intent." Phrase implies customer has crisp objective. Sometimes they do. Often, though, they simply have propensities & sentiments

#Hadoop uber-alles? Capacity limitations have yet to be reached ( Tuesday's #IBM quick-hit

Hadoop uber-alles? Capacity limitations have yet to be

Wow. Yet another study says you'll be healthier if you exercise, eat & drink sensibly, and don't smoke. Maybe people will heed this one.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I Dig Everything by David Bowie from Early On (1964-1966) JK--Love it. That's undeniably him.

Astronomers estimate 17 billion Earth-size planets in Milky Way. We're just a tiny polyp hidden inside a massive coral reef.

What I love about today's fucked-up Washington politics is that even when Obama nominates a Republican the GOP gives him hell.

"Gamification: What If the Game Is Over?" ( ) JK--Maybe I'm a fuddy-duddy, but I like interfaces that don't play games

Plan to call my next #IBM blog "Data Scientists: Closing the Talent Gap"

Facebook. The most powerful name-dropping technology ever invented. Just by "friending" someone, it implies you're close personal friends

@doug_laney @neilraden Geez. Talk about tempest in a teapot. Let this one rest, please.

#BigData is a noun phrase. Won't be mature part o speech till derive verb adjective & adverb phrases from it. Bigdatify.Bigdateous.Bigdataly

"Data scientists matter because data science is future of IT" ( JK--IT system & interaction optzn thru decis automation

"Data-driven science is failure of imagination" ( JK--Bad headline but good point: science is tango btwn data & theory

"#BigData Lambda Architecture" ( JK--"Batch, serving, & speed layers"? Correspond to staging, hub, and access layers.

"Creating effective analytical processes: Tips from analytics leaders" ( JK--Good discussion by @weckerson

"Storage tech trends 2 veer off course in '13?" ( JK--I've read this several times & still dont see "course" veered off

"Why You'll Need A #BigData Ethicist" ( JK--No point in constraining it to "big data." Ethics apply regardless of tech

RT @alfamale156: Wolves raid east Russia villages #bbc( JK--False alarm: just an unshaven Depardieu & entourage

"Are We All Being Fooled by #BigData?" ( JK--Inflammatory, misleading headline. Predictive models are NOT perfect.

"Does Big Data Always Require Big Money?" ( JK--Huh? You realize open-source software powers much of this?

"Using Algorithms to Predict Elections: A Chat w/ Drew Linzer" ( JK--Let's not overpredict this stuff. Self-fulfillling

"Amusement park analytics: increasing both fun & ROI" ( JK--If you want 2 complicate the experience. Or just go 2 beach

"Hot data stor tech 4 '13" ( JK--All-flash arrays, cloud DR, snpsht bkp, svr flsh cach, stor 4 virt , cld file shr/sync

"Voice o Customer: Analyzing What People Say & How They Say It" ( JK--Voice analytics 2 help overwhelmd call ctr agents

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp No Cars Go by Arcade Fire from Neon Bible JK--Quiz? Is the place no transport goes the center of the earth?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The National Anthem by Radiohead from Kid A JK--Good but doesnt inspire me to pledge allegiance to Thom Yorke & mates

We're still in the early stage of the year when, by mindless default, I record today as being in January of the previous year.

#BigData single version of the truth? ( Monday's#IBM quick-hit

Big-data single version of the truth?:

CES this week. I've never been involved in consumer tech industry, so I follow it only with moderate interest. Gadgets etc.

"Portlandia" lampoons liberals more devastatingly than any conservative could do. Perfect caricatures, not mean-spirited distortion.

I turned off the Skins game with 5 minutes left. Too depressing.

Haven't seen diddley-squat about biofuels in media since fracking unlocked more fossil fuels. Humanity sucking the crust ever drier.

Good WashPost/Slate piece about how too-busy people let coping strategies lock themselves into an endlessly viciously busy hamster-wheel

I have not yet watched this series that everybody's talking about, about business-district hooker named Downtown Abby. Must get around 2 it

Nivea says Rihanna too sexy for its commercials. But consistently gorgeous run-of-the-mill aspiring actresses who usually do them aren't?

Absolutely no truth to rumor they'll convert the roads of the DC area into bowling alleys for duration of today's playoff game at FedEx.

For a change of pace, I'd like to see pharmaceutical commercials where doctors portray actors, rather than vice versa.

CBS Sunday Morning. What I like most about it are Charles Osgood's calm genteel bow-tied words of weekly avuncularity.

Extent to which "Oscar buzz" performers historically out-earn/review peers is metric of substance beneath entertnmt indstry hype noise floor

I'd like to see analytics looking at extent 2 which "Oscar buzz" performers of past 20 years have out-earned or out-reviewed avg prfrmr.

Oscar buzz. The phrase just reeks of obnoxious publicists feeding deadline-desperate reviewers with transparently client-serving hype-ola.

Finally! They're tearing down those ugly-ass Navy Annex buildings on Columbia Pike to expand Arlington Cemetery. Highly visible eyesore!

Is liking your boss' Facebook post sucking up? Discuss amongst.

Watching "Portlandia" season 2's "allergy pride parade." My fondest memory of a biz trip to Portland in 2003 was getting skin rash on hands