Saturday, January 19, 2013

Aweekstweets January 12-19 2013: the week I socialized the sociogrammaticon

The cooler, terser term for "social graph" is "sociogram."

Drafted my next #IBMdatamagazine article: "Graph Analysis Powers the Social and Semantic Spheres of #BigData". Have a good weekend

"Want to Cheat In Japan? There's a Phone for That" ( JK--Haiku. Origami. Bonsai. Japanese do everything with style

Killer app 4 Facebook Graph Search: search for ghost of a shred of a clue that Manti Te'o really luvd that fictionally real ghost of a girl

"Q&A: the technology behind ‘#bigdata’ analytics" ( JK--#IBM Rod Smith: retail and finance most advanced in adoption

#BigData in the Cloud: Preparing for the Future ( ). Agenda: Register:

Drafting an #IBMdatamanagement article on graph analysis.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Under Pressure by Queen & David Bowie from Hot Space JK--Stunningly perfect collaboration: Freddie & David Yes, the historical context determines relevance to current and future circumstances and decisions. The relevance...

18 Jan
Topological data analysis ( algos 4 blind analysis show patterns in data, rather than correl8ns btwn pre-selectd vars

"Will #BigData DNA analyss herald new era in medicine?" ( JK--Caveat:100% DNA readout doesnt perfectly predict illness

"Facebook Open Compute Project Shapes #BigData Hardware" ( JK--Design themes "commonality" and "disaggregation"

"Analytic Imagination and Business Bets" ( JK--Good SMiller piece focuses on hypothesis testing of spurious patterns

"#BigData Will Play Key Role In Security's Future, Study Says" ( JK--Very good whitepaper from RSA.

#BigData in the Cloud: Preparing for the Future: Save the Date: 3-18-13. Register: . I co-chair CSSC Big Data Cloud WG

"I don't do drugs. I am drugs." ~ Salvador Dalí
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@jeffcaruso I wouldn't worry about that. Google programs its robot cars to only hit robot animals.

"Under the Hood: Building Graph Search Beta" ( JK--Facebook engineering director provides greater depth into approach

WSJ "Incubator For Velvet Underground" ( JK--John Cale writes about NYC tenement where he Lou & others forged sound

"Google Denies Killing Donkey on Street View Expedition" ( ) JK--Kind of "tech" story they run on a slow news day.

#BigData in the cloud? Governing a sprawling business resource ( Friday's #IBM quick-hit

Big data in the cloud? Governing a sprawling business

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp To Love Somebody by Nina Simone from Bittersweet: The Very Best of Nina JK--Excellent Bee Gees cover

"Vint Cerf Envisions Interoperable Clouds Driving Collaborative Computing, Analytics" ( JK--Good summary of his talk

Lance Armstrong. Gotta hand it to him. At least the man had the ball to admit he doped.

Yes, I own a trenchcoat. If we ever need to refight World War I, I'm as ready as any pathetic aging Yankee can be for frontline action.

Mind is the membrane mediating the messy mambo of meat and milieu.

If I ever write my memoirs, I think I'll call it "Lumbar Support, or How I Learned to Love Sitting on my Ass All the Livelong Day."

Some of the quick-hits I wrote this week are foundational to other stuff I'm going to need to develop soon. Gotta get the foundation tight.

Finished all 5 of next week's #IBM quick-hits. Now, I'm going to cool down by staring stupidly out the window for a little while.

New #IBM jk blogpost: "Data Scientist: Closing the Talent Gap" (

I'd like a public directory sign that displays a real-time video of you and captions it "you are here, dumbass."

Just overhead a wonderful new saying that I'm going to attribute to Yogi Berra: "I'm getting old from aging." At least thatswotIthinkIheard

You can tell in a split-second if someone has an analytical mind by how succinctly they outline a topic & get to the freakin' point.

@JFPuget Dramatist? I'll give it to you.

"Eight questions to ask before using cloud storage" ( JK--Good guidance.

"Ask This & Kiss Yr Data Strategy Goodbye" ( JK--Good one @FORR_Mgoetz but dont put "kiss" & "ask" together. Tempts me

"Top 3 Analytics Trends for 2013" ( JK--Good one from@hsmalltree , someone I've rambled with in several occasions

"Is Your Brand More Human? Reveal With Social Media Analytics" ( JK--Humor important. BTW, I wisecrack 4 a reason

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Ohm by Yo La Tengo from Fade JK--New. Note to self: another gr8 one. Get this upcoming LP?

"Can #BigData Change Who You Are?" ( JK--"Quantified self" discussion. It changed me (my career, that is).

"How Often Should U Update Predictive Models?" ( JK--Good guidance. Model decay is #bigdata vulnerability. This mitig8s

"Thumbtack Releases YCSB Benchmark Analysis of Ultra-High Performance NoSQL DBs" ( JK--Looks like interesting study

"What's Next In Tech? Computers That 'Sense' Experiences" ( JK--Sensor-rich world can augment the 5 that God gave us

"How #BigData Keeps Cable TV Watchers Hooked" ( JK--Predictive analytics for QoS/online bandwidth alloc & ad opt'zn

Likeness. Ya wanna, like, search who you like is likely to like stuff like you like that stuff or stuff sorta like that stuff. Like, cool!

 17 Jan
"Finding structure for unstructured data" ( JK--BAH uses "Cloud Analytics Reference Architecture." Very interesting

I'd like to see improv called "Technically Fiction" where all performers play characters with their actual 1st name. Dirty secrets spill out

@JFPuget What performing art did the original Renaissance Man engage in?

I think the US Bureau of Engraving & Printing should change name to Bureau of Printing Dollars & Other Stuff.

Magruder's. Founded in 1875, tiny DC-area supermarket chain seems to be nearing end of the line. Honestly, I have always found them shabby

Hedy Lamarr. For gender equity, we need to single out some devastatingly handsome male inventors who also engaged in the performing arts.

RIP Conrad Bain. "Diff Strokes" & conservative neighbor foil on "Maude." "Nixon's the One, Maudie!" "Yes Arthur, and you're the other one"

"First Impressions of FB New Graph Search. It's Your Personal "#BigData"" ( JK--Yr personal social-embedded graph db

Promoted tweets? Promote them to what? From minor to major nuisance?

Obama's second inauguration coming up. Birthers retrenching? I'll bet they're going to claim wasn't inaugurated the 1st time.

@JoCalloway Well, Peter is living in Fairfax Station VA and teaching at American University in Washington DC. That much I know.

RT @karashemin: Thanks to @jameskobielus I've got ice cream sundaes on the brain. It's Wed so I'll treat myself to a little something...

Video+blog: Boosting email #marketing effectiveness ttp:// How @ConstantContact improved performance 25%
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"#IBM Software Targts 'Omni-Channel' Cust Exper" ( JK--Prtnr w/Toshiba: TCxGravity is POS app linkd 2 IBM order mgt tek

Sundaes. Why do they call them that? Were they sacramental confection in some now-defunct sect? If so, what felled them? Ice cream headache?

Speaker discussing NSF/NIH #bigdata initiative. Management, integ, & analysis of large biomedical datasets.

Cerf notes an advantage of self-driving cars: "they don't have road rage."

Cerf anecdote of GGL hosting chair of Joint Chiefs o Staff in self-driving car at general's request, w/ human in driver seat "just in case"

Vint Cerf is quite out front with his hearing impairment. He jumped off stage to stand close to the questioner.

Cerf: "Tech that's tickled me...memristor at MIT...process & store data in fixed way...avoid boot-up problem...integr8 proc & mem together"

Cerf: "[In semiconductor design" can't push data into and out of multicore chips fast enough to keep all the processors busy."

Cerf: "Pearl's diagrams remind me of Feynman diagrams. Force you to [visually] go thru all cases in doing your Bayesian analysis."

Cerf: "We are about to experience Bayesian analysis more deeply...fundamental to what we [Google] do." Recommends Judah Pearl books.

Cerf: "Software is an endless frontier. You can go anywhere you want as long as you can figure out how to program it."

Cerf: "It's not enough to just move data from one cloud to 2 move metadata & have it interpreted correctly on other side?"

Cerf: "Intercloud communications is in the same state of infancy that Internet computing was in 1970s."

LIve webcast of NIST #bigdata #cloud working group

In retrospect, it was significant that I first met Vint Cerf, by happenstance, on the occasion I saw my first Web browser. 1995. ComNet. DC

Vint Cerf speaking without slides. I love his motto: "Power corrupts, but PowerPoint corrupts absolutely."

Keynote @ NIST #cloud #bigdata workshop is none other than Vint Cerf, Internet pioneer, TCP/IP co-devel & Google VP. Cerf's a gr8 visionary

I'm @ NIST in Gaithersburg MD all today & tomorrow #cloud #bigdata standards/practices conference. It'll be packed

The pattern is nauseatingly predictable. When hi-profile athlete emphatically denies doping, they usually turn out emphatically guilty.

That Coldplay video where Chris is nose2nose with Rihanna. Gwyneth cool with all that?

Nose rings seem to be a sort of metallic booger. They always look nasty on faces, even marring the looks of otherwise attractive people

Univision. El Gordo y La Flaca. Hoy hay dos flacas calientes. Me gustan. Mas flacas, por favor.

Today was so busy that I'm crazy & dizzy.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Charmer by Aimee Mann from Charmer JK--Luv Laura Linney on this music video. Well, I just luv her generally.

Unsolicited postal mailings from Scientology present an ecological problem. I don't have a recycling bin for hazardous waste.

Have written two-fifths of next week's #IBM quick-hits. Will multitask my brain cells over next few days for the rest, while at NIST event

"#BigData: Stop Focusing On Size" ( JK--#IBM Rich Rodt: big data-driven engagement can "endear" consumers to brands

"#IBM, Universities Team Up To Build Data Scientists" ( JK--No, not like Frankenstein. Partnerships w/many schools.

The importance of patents to help SMBs drive #IBMsmb @GOOD

Ever hear odd sound in yr environment & you're not sure if it's the music or your system(s)? I just did. I turned down volume. Was the music

Yeah, it's overcast, cool, and damp. But, as January days go, I'll take it.

"Reboot #Hadoop?" ( JK--Article doesn't actually really critique Hadoop. It just calls for all-scale analytics focus

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp He's Frank (Slight Return) (feat. Iggy Pop) by Brighton Port Authority JK--Luv Iggy's voice. Gravelly manly tenor

Sitting here whacking my #bigdata quick-hit themes over the head to see if friction produces fresh sparks & electro-bolts, as in cartoons

A bit cold out there. LA weather, for sure. Wait, whoa, I'm still in northern Virginia, right?

 15 Jan
Doonesbury the other day had a gr8 line, voiced by writer Rick Redfern. When a professional writer has nothing to say "he says it anyway"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Where Are We Now? by David Bowie from The Next Day JK--New. Nice. Romantic. Sounds a bit Lambchop

@freebalance Peta-rd? Is that 1000x the size of a tera-rd? Yes, I'm rockin & rollin on the peta-rd front. I've scaled up my peta-rd hoister!

 15 Jan
"#IBM Svy: Shoppers Poised 2 Dramatcly Expand Purch Power Beyond Store" ( JK--Showrooming drives >50% of online sales

"#IBM Helps Retailers Deliver Consistent Brand Exper Across Expanding Consumer Buying Channels" ( JK--#SmarterCommerce

"Images & videos: really #bigdata" ( JK--Image/video analytics. Key to Big Media (

Spent a wonderful half-hour on the phone with Jane Ashley, aka "Jane Aire" of JA & the Belvederes.Legitimate biz reason, which was supercool

How many performers managed that tricky transition from precocious child actor to precious & childish adult actor?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Rise by Public Image Ltd. from The Greatest Hits, So Far JK--So Mr. Lydon are you working thru your anger mgt issues?

#BigData in cloud? Establishing agile dev prctcs ( Thurs #IBM qh in advance. I'm at this Wed-Thurs

Big data in the cloud? Establishing agile development

#BigData in cloud? Integr8ng disparate svc layrs ( Wed#IBM qh in advance. I'm @ this Wed-Thurs

Big data in the cloud? Integrating disparate service

#Bigdata in the cloud? Aligning approaches ( Tuesday's #IBM quick-hit

Big data in the cloud? Aligning approaches:

"5 places your data goes to hide" ( JK--Big dark dispersed undiscovered data can be a big security vulnerability.

I've stopped following me on Twitter. I can't keep up.

Twitter sucks. It send me a list of suggestions similar to @brittaphillips& there wasnt a beautiful indie-rock woman guitarist in the bunch

@metabrown312 I cover my cough by coughing into the crook of my arm. If somebody wants to shake my elbow, that's their problem.

 15 Jan
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Twenty Miles by Deer Tick from The Black Dirt Sessions JK--Luv the lonesome yearning road warrior feel of this

Toughest anti-flu/cold tip to implement effectively: "keep your face hands-free." Involves unnatural level of self-awareness/restraint

"Forbes: #IBM's 20th Year Of Record US Patents Leads w/ Cognitive Computing" ( JK--IBM invests $6B/yr on research

"Slashdot: Rise and Fall of Black Box Analytics" ( JK--Quotes #IBM Advani re need for "analytics factory" & IP reuse

"Motley Fool: Is #IBM a Buy on #BigData?" ( JK--Dumb def'n: "analyzing impossibly large data sets." Far from impossible

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Games Without Frontiers by Peter Gabriel from So JK--"Adolf builds a bonfire & Rico plays w/it." WW2/Axis reference?

@IBMurphyatDI JK--Um, ok,.amend that 2 say "more of a steerer ignition-turnr & brakr & parkr & navigatr & avoidr o hittin stuff than a ...."

Romanticizing about the 1995-era World Wide Web is a bit like a longtime driver getting teary-eyed about how cool it was to work a stick.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp See a Little Light by Bob Mould from Poison Years JK--1994. I love Bob Mould's voice. Metallic timbre suits his sound

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I'm Free by The Rolling Stones from Out of Our Heads JK--Love this early Stones rocknroll. Feels like raw demo tape.

@CurtMonash Yes I have. In my dreams.

WSJ article on Missy Franklin enjoying her normal adolescence with a vengeance, winning every single Colorado highschool girls swim meet

WSJ article on finding perfect sleep position. IMHO, there is no "perfect." However you lie, U unbalance some muscles & compress some nerves

CBS puts screws on its CNET division plans to honor ad-zapping device that broadcasters fear. Sad story for tech news integrity.

Read article that noted that stock market doesn't necessarily move in tandem with GDP. Former buoys the rich. Latter the poor.

China choking on own toxic air pollution. Long ago my grandma on east side o Detroit had 2 wash her windows wkly. People breathed that shit

Whatcha wanna bet Cuba becomes the go-to vacation spot for Americans when these idiotic restrictions are lifted & it develops normally?

I've got it! I've got it! One of those short-term rental places, but 4 floor coverings. Daily rates! I've got just the name. "Carpet Diem"!

Smart cars should come equipped with nag-cancellation technology in case of backseat drivers.

Social media have made the planet a village. And we all get to play the village idiot.

"The Internet Of Pointless, Perilous Things" ( JK--Internet of unnecessary gadgets?

"2013: The Year Of Engagement" ( JK--Dumb "year" theme. Implies in past all humans have been living separate lives.

"How To Scare Off Your Best IT People" ( JK--4th paragraph reports one of cruelest lines I've ever heard from recruiter

"#IBM: Big Blue's Century Of Growth" ( JK--Good SWOT analysis by Derek Barrett

"On The Importance of Design at #IBM: Love and Margins" ( JK--Very good analysis by @monkchips aka James Governor

"How Steampunk Inspired #IBM Trend Tracking 4 Brands" ( JK--1800s: birth era o telecom photography rail incandescence

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Mama Said Knock You Out by LL Cool J JK--Tell Mama 2 put on the gloves & step into the ring herself if she's so smart

I'm attending @strataconf in Santa Clara on Feb 27-28 & #IBM#BigData Developer Day in Foster City Mar 1. Hope to see you at it all.

"DARPA wants to dot ocean floor w/ntwk of robotic pods that can spy, explore" ( JK--Sounds like deep-sea depth charges

Drafted new #IBM blog: "Recap of Tweetchat on #BigData in the#Cloud"

Drafting a blog that curates/extends my own responses on a #bigdata#cloud tweetchat from Dec 13...just before I took my year-end break.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Space by The Beta Band from Heroes to Zeros JK--Luv this line: "do you seem to control your rage? more or less"

"Four Business Insights from the Universe" ( JK--Great post from one of my fave outside-the-box thinkers: @RitaJKing

OMG. I love #KEXP @djcherylwaters . All my prayers go to her. Great lady. I met/chatted with her on the street in Seattle a few years ago.

A morning of frustrating glitchy administrivia. It's straightening itself out, but it's trying my patience.

"NoSQL, huh, what is it good for?…" ( JK--Excellent market overview with detailed tech & use-case/patterns discussion

My rule of thumb is, the more clickthrus to get to the content, the worse the content itself usually is.

It takes me about one second (not exaggerating) to glance at an article & determine whether anything of substance therein. If not, adios.

Many LinkedIn posts, when you follow the clickthrus to the content, turn out to be disappointing uninformative motherhood/applepie write-ups

Lots of LinkedIn discussion group posts are simply links to stuff, some of it interesting, but many requiring clickthru mktg junk to view

"Interview with Rayid Ghani, Chief Scientist Obama 2012 Campaign" ( JK--Interesting detailed tech discussion.

#BigData in the Cloud: Preparing for the Future ( Agenda: Register:

Al Qaeda Disbands; says job of destroying US Economy now in capable hands of US Congress
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"#IBM SocialSentIndx Predicts Nu Retail Trend in Making" ( JK--"'Steampunk." This

Let's see. Golden Globes. Big story: Jodie Foster pretty much "comes out." Old news. Anybody who saw her on TV as child actress knew already

#BigData in the cloud? Identifying priority applications ( Monday's #IBM quick-hit

Big data in the cloud? Identifying priority applications:

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Stupid Things by Yo La Tengo from Fade JK--Indie group's classic low-key, lo-fi, lo-volume shoegazer guitar sound

Growing up near Detroit, my impression of US auto industry was clouded watching them resist sensible pollution controls.

Growing up near Detroit, my support for pollution controls was reinforced by dramatic improvements in Motown air quality after Clean Air Act

Saw "Beasts of the Southern Wild" on DVD. An OK fabulist tale of the Louisiana swamps with a global warming overtone to it.

Listening to Lady Gaga "Paparazzi." Only one of her mega-hits that I'm not thoroughly tired of.

Megan Fox Goes Silent on Twitter, Asks ‘What is the Point?’
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Megan Fox. I was hoping to follow her on Twitter simply to see her pretty face every now and then. Same role movie producers use her for.

Tackiest celeb profile I ever read quoted Rita Hayworth saying she'd "never forget" something then writer noted Alzheimer's robbd her memory

That Ugly American myth is so untrue. We stopped traveling the world in plaid and horn-rimmed attire ages ago.

@WilliamShatner? I loved him as Cap'n Crunch! What's he been doing lately?

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell blasts GOP's "dark vein of intolerance"
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Cold snap in Los Angeles. @andydick has been downgraded to dwarf.

Laughter and yoga serve that exact same purpose for me, oddly. The part about relieving nervous tension. At least I don't abuse substances.

The older I get, the more I realize that I have make myself laugh constantly. Simply to relieve nervous tension. And unnerve others.

Redbox has that Oscar-nominated flick with the Oscar-nominated little girl with the strange Q name. We rented it. Will watch it later.

Fun fact: Moody Blues started as an evil cult: the Knights of White Satan.

People don't wear dungarees while reclining on the davenport and listening to the hi-fi anymore. Our lives are immeasurably poorer for it.

Trick 2 effectively tweeting complex thoughts is compositional focus on syntax cadence wordchoice sense impact. All other rules secondary.

Jimmy Fallon was the Harvey Korman of SNL. Gifted sketch comedian who often cracked up at what fellow performers were doing.

Stress origin8s from (in descending order) 1) your body, 2) yr social environmt, & 3) world at large. U control all that in same rough order

Felow club membr took initiative to change TV channel in men's locker room, saying "no one should hav2listen2 Fox." Sez I "thankUeversomuch"

Thick fog. Driving 2 club. Turn on car radio. Catch end of Moody Blues "Nights in White Satin." "Breathe deep the gathering gloom." Perfect!

Facebook gives you access to largest audience of all social media & ability to craft richest continuing story of words, pictures, & media

Would be kind of humorous if Putin takes issue with one or more of Depardieu's movies and claps him in a gulag. Just saying.

People are so keen on Talk like A Pirate Day. But nobody ever advocates for Talk Like A Horny Sailor On Shore Leave Day.

"5 Best Day Trips from Jakarta" ( JK--Glad they put Bogor (proximity, agreeabl temps, botanic gardn) 1st. I been there

Now for a quick-hit...of Riesling.

Watched all o season 2 of "Portlandia" & totally blown away. Even better than the first. Special shout-out 2 regular Kyle McLachlan as mayor