Saturday, February 16, 2013

Aweekstweets February 10-16 2013: the week we graphed the Chelyabinsk meteor’s trajectory

Good not to be an analyst. No PR flacks trying to influence me to say nice things about their clients. That shit got old.

I try not to stress the order of execution of work tasks. Stuff gets done or not done in various orders, some of it slapdash hook-or-crook.

My tactic is to refuse no reasonable requests. Best to try practically anything. No telling what I'll go for.

Relaxing day at home. Egidia's the mixmaster. Acai iced tea with some bitters and liquor from the cabinet we rarely open. Good tang.

When some peeps see me accessing Facebook in business setting, they assume it's goofing off. Dont assume. I evangelize 4 #IBM on all socials

I'm on my 4th consecutive listenthru of the entire new Yo La Tengo LP. A perfect record to have on while you're doing almost anything

Huge-ass meteors seem 2 B attracted 2 Russia 4 some reason. That landmass is like broadside of a barn that even a wild pitcher can strike

The Vatican Bank's ATM offers transactions in Latin. No joke.

Why would they eliminate wrestling from the Olympics? One of the most purely aboriginal & athletic forms of human competition. Stupid move.

Felt good to work out at the club tonight. I'm finding a feel for loosening my knees, which tend to lock up. I can spring more in my walk

Married people wealthier on average than single people? Really? Two incomes produce higher household net worth than one? Show me the math!

Bought and downloaded Yo La Tengo's excellent new LP "Fade." Veteran indie group just stays in a cool deep fertile groove, year after year

Why social graph analysis requires low-latency database architecture to power apps like anti-fraud by@jameskobielus

Why graph analysis demands an end-to-end, low-latency database architecture by @jameskobielus

Why predictive modeling of human behavior demands an end-to-end, low-latency database architecture by@jameskobielus

New #IBMDataMag jk article: "Graph Analysis Powers the Social and Semantic Spheres of Big Data" (

New #IBMDataMag jk article: "Graph Analysis Powers the Social and Semantic Spheres of #BigData" (

"Scientists push plan 2 ‘evaporate’ asteroids using lasers (4 real)" ( JK--Dr Evil consulted, showd how"frickin'" works

"Scientists invent self-repairing computer that'll never crash" ( JK--Massive fine-graind intrasys redundancy+failover

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Sheena Was a Punk Rocker by The Ramones from Greatest Hits Live JK--I always assumed this was NOT about Sheena Easton

Next week, I'll be drafting a blog and quick-hits all around the topic of stewardship in the era of #bigdata for posting the week after

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Harder They Come by Jimmy Cliff JK--Good WSJ interview with Cliff re song's creation:

"Innumeracy: How Yr Pricing Strategy can take Advantge o Math Ignorance" ( JK--I'd advise against making this yr motto

"Analytics in Healthcare: 5 Initiatives" ( JK--Excellent analysis of the potentially differentiating apps/use case

"Is #BigData th New Black Gold?" ( JK--Or nu Texas tea? Kinfolk say 'Jed get away from there'? Californey th place 2 B?

@jasonantrosio "How Napoleon Chagnon Became Most Controversial Anthropologist" ( JK--Didn't shag any nuns, did he?

Hey @loserboy I hear ya. Having a newborn around house is only time you'll ever take keen interest in another human being's bowel movements

@50mu No, I'm not. Why would think I am?

Uhhh, let's see, somebody somewhere wants me to speak on graph analysis, havent I written on that recently?, when? oh, yesterday, time flies

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Lithium by Nirvana from Nevermind JK--Fun fact: if Cobain had lived, he'd have written a song for every element

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Drown by The Smashing Pumpkins from Singles JK--DJ @loserboy doing 90s grunge nostalgia set this a.m. Gnarly good.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Release by Pearl Jam from Ten JK--Does Eddie Vedder have a great rock n' roll voice, or what?

"That Daily Shower Can Be a Killer" ( JK--Jared Diamond on how we underestimate risks of common events we control

#BigData under control? The challenge of new mandates ( Friday #IBM quick-hit

Big data under control? The challenge of new

Confirmation bias. Every time there's a cruise ship fiasco in the news reminds me of the sorry experience we had on one 20 years ago.

Aging means the sponge in my head has soaked up way too much. I have to wring my noggin occasionally to keep it light and porous.

Now that blogpost works. A blog about visualization that lacks visualization is ridiculous.

Graph-o-mania: The Flowering of a New Visual Paradigm in Biz Analytics New #SmarterAnalytics post from@jameskobielus

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Stoned And Starving by Parquet Courts from Light Up Gold JK--Love the jumpy/pushy/nervous beat & vocal on this.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Another Nail for My Heart by Squeeze from Singles: 45's and Under JK--Cool/unusual tight/echo harmony on chorus.

Purpose-built #bigdata means fit for a particular enterprise application. Productionized big data means fit for robust enterprise service.

"And the eagle flies with the dove"? Hey Stephen Stills, predator zeroing in on an easy mark not gr8 example of "loving the one you're with"

@LoraineLawson You definitely don't want to love your data unconditionally. If it hasn't done anything for you lately, dump it (in archive)

I can breathe again. I've written most of the articles & blogs I was on the hook for in February & this week.

Multitasking professional man is one who, on Feb 13, remembers to buy Valentine's Day cards for wife & daughter before hopping on plane home

New #IBM jk blog: "Controlled Explosion: Keeping #BigDataContained with Security, Governance and Info Lifecycle Mgt" (

New #IBM jk #SmarterAnalytics blogpost: "Graph-o-mania: The Flowering of a New Visual Paradigm in Business Analytics" (

Drafted next ITKnowledgeExchange article: "Building #BigData Skills: Closing the Talent Gap"

#IBM briefing #Gartner on #NextBestAction in banking, insurance, and financial services.

Drafted my next #IBMDataMag article: "Gauging the Maturity of Your#BigData Initiative"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Valentine by Bobby Bare Jr.'s Young Criminals' from From The End Of Your Leash JK--He killed his valentine.

There. Whew! Wrote next week's quick-hits. Now for other stuff.

I feel a pang of guilt when a message says another person is following me on a social that I don't post to. But I let it pass.

Wrote my next #IBM blog: "Productionizing Your #BigData: A Checklist of Key Considerations." Now for the quick-hits

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Laid by James from Laid JK--On Valentine's Day, it's good to meditate on benefits only a special friend can provide

Asteroid. That's sorta what it looks like when hemorrhoids are out of control.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp No Children by The Mountain Goats from Tallahassee JK--Oddly refreshing 2 balance luv songs with exquisite hate song

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Jackson (with June Carter) by Johnny Cash from At Folsom Prison JK--Their real couplehood gives this delicious zing

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Home by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zero from Up From Below JK--Mock love dialogue on this makes me laff every time

"Re-identifying anonymous people with #bigdata" ( JK--The "Lone Ranger" challenge: who was/is that masked man/woman?

#BigData under control? The challenge of new stakes ( Thursday's #IBM quick-hit

Big data under control? The challenge of new stakes:

"TDWI Big Data Analytics Maturity Model" ( JK--@fhalper joins TDWI as the Research Director for Advanced Analytics

"Evolution of Data Masking" ( JK--De-identification key to privacy protection in data sets modeled by data scientists

@CharlieDataMine @CharlieDataMine Gone? I'm anything but gone. Fave industry analysts in PA/DM? My successor at Forr: @mgualteri is good

"Taming #BigData: 12 Best Practices 4 Analysts" ( JK--BTW #IBM didnt number or rank-order the practices.All R importnt

"Taming #BigData: 12 Best Practices for Analysts" ( JK--Cites #IBM infographic

Another IBM-er recognized me at breakfast in the hotel. I'm always embarrassed when I don't recognize right back. Fame is asymmetrical

@schoutene I think "core" is data science (out-of-box thinking + biz subj matter expertise + data modeling & exploration). All else context

"Language 'time machine' a Rosetta stone for lost tongues" ( JK--Deep discussion is here:

"“Riot” – Big Brother’s data mining tool" ( JK--Note that this opinion from "Israel's Homeland Security Home."

"If I havent heard of it its probably NoSQL" ( JK--PHoward coins phrase for the ages! I can't keep them straight either

Quiet morning in the Boston exurbs. Actually, that would be a good word for a ghost town. An "ex-urb." Lexicographers: gimme credit.

#BigData under control? The challenge of new scales ( Wednesday's #IBM quick-hit

Big data under control? The challenge of new scales:

Banner ad promises yet another weird testosterone trick that works. I know two: 1) be born male & 2) go thru puberty. Work like a charm!

Glad to spend a few hours by myself in the "mobile cubicle" in Marlborough. I wrote 3 articles/blogs. Meetings tomorrow.

"Map Math: The United States of Ratios" ( JK--Every fresh data visualization of the USA feels like spectrometry. Cool

I'd say about 90% of the #BigData & #DataScience discussions in the press that I read say nothing new. I glance to confirm their redundancy

Resisting the urge to photograph and facebook the large piles of snow everywhere in the Boston area. They plowed it quite well and fast.

Smart entrepreneurs are using Big Data analytics to glean insight from mobile data #IBMsmb

#BigData under control? The challenge of new domains ( Tuesday's #IBM quick-hit

Big data under control? The challenge of new

New #IBM jk article in "Integrated Systems Unlock True Potential of Big Data" (

Listening to Matisyahu "King Without a Crown" ( Dedicated to @Tudorscribe

Listening to Phillip Phillips "Home" on local FM radio ( My wife seems to have it stuck in her head. It's good

@Tudorscribe Nancy: I re-tried the original tinyURL from Twitter. It works. Here it is again: ....Jim

"#IBM & #BigData: Acquisitions Drive Big Blue's Strategy" ( JK--Many finely focused acqs, comprehensive portfolio

"How To Beat The #BigData Disconnect" ( JK--How to connect business imperatives with technical enablers? Big data as a paradigm refers to the unstoppable business need to keep scaling your your data management...

"Noam Chomsky on Where AI Went Wrong" ( JK--Stat learning tech unlikely to yield genl principles re intel/cognition.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Emotional Rescue by The Rolling Stones from Rewind JK--Sounds better than I remember. Holds up. Good one, Mick.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Marquee Moon by Television from Marquee Moon JK--Tom Verlaine is a strangely uncelebrated guitar hero from the 70s

Try wrapping your head around #BigData. Try wrapping your head around Big Blue. Now trying wrapping yr head around them both. That's my job

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I Got Nothing by Dum Dum Girls from End of Daze JK--These girls have a great Pretenders-like vibe

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Making Plans for Nigel by XTC from Drums & Wires JK--Sounds like they're only planning to put Nigel in a straitjacket

I'm reasonably good at discussing the relevant #IBM solution within particular use cases and customer scenarios. We have a vast portfolio.
My review of @Tudorscribe Nancy Bilyeau "The Crown" ( Excellent historical novel.

Interviewed by Cynthia Clark of 1to1 Magazine on "Customer Analytics on Qualitative Research." Discussed customer scenarios &#IBM solutions

Let's see if they choose a non-European and/or non-white pope this time around. I give it 50:50 odds.

"What #BigData Can Teach Us About Language" ( JK--How individuals acquire, use, and interpret language over time Big data "mentality"? I'd take issue with "mentality," which is a pejorative word. "Perspective" is more neutral....

#BigData under control? The challenge of new platforms ( Monday's #IBM quick-hit

"#IBM Watson..New Breakthrus Transform Quality Care 4 Patients" ( JK--Interactive Care Insights 4 Oncology ...

Remember: no matter how puny your actual accomplishments, if you can sell your inflated self-conceit as an accomplishment, you're full of it

Is there an ethics of email, as opposed to an etiquette? What I mean is, an ethics other than don't lie, manipulate, or threaten via email?

This year's Grammies coincided more with my music purchases over the past years than recent Grammies. I bought winners Black Keys & Gotye

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Your Arms Around Me by Jens Lekman from Night Falls Over Kortedala JK--This guy should score romantic comedies.

Pope resigns, citing health reasons. Apparently, he had no desire to die in office.

Big data in the cloud? Integrating disparate service

Big data in the cloud? Integrating disparate service

Plan to see Jewel in concert with my daughter in March. Bob Dylan compared her voice to Joan Baez. Must play some Baez for my girl.

This just in: archaeologists in Leicester, England unearth horse Richard III gave up kingdom for. Most romantic abdication till Edward VIII

It is weird when you see acquaintances you thought had guts shrink & wilt & withdraw under pressure. Your respect for them diminishes.

My sense is that the friends portraits displayed in my Facebook page are simply those who most recently clikd on it (

"Why Can Some Kids Handle Pressure While Others Fall Apart?" ( JK--Same applies to adults. Smarts & guts: not the same