Saturday, February 02, 2013

Aweekstweets January 25 to February 2 2013: the week I sequenced my own genome just for the hell of it

Groundhog sees shadow and says we'll have 6 more weeks of what feels like extended November here in northern Virginia

VH-1 decade lookbacks. Passing parade of coulda-beens & never-weres commenting on has-beens.

#BigData in Cloud: Preparing for Future (  ). Mar 18. Agenda:  Register: 

Big data in the cloud? Aligning approaches: 

Big data in the cloud? Identifying priority applications: 

20h"Obama Awards #IBM Scientists w/ Nati Medal of Tech+Innov 4 Invent Underlying Tech in LASIK Surgery" ( ) JK--30 yrs ago

It's amazing to see how many people still think I'm industry analyst who dishes advice on various vendor strategies. Check my profile please

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Bang Bang Bang (feat. Q-Tip & MNDR) by Mark Ronson & The Business Intl JK--2010. Great song. Why'd I never heard b4?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp This Boy Is Exhausted by The Wrens from The Meadowlands JK--My roadtrip theme song. Good to be back home.

New programming language called F#. Be cool to see tool for recursive programming of self-referential statements. Call it "Go F# Yourself"

"Ten True Confessions of Telecommuters" ( ) JK--I'm curious what percentage work in the nude.

I had a good time in Silicon Valley. I paid more attention to the geographic valley this time. The Almaden lab overlooks it. Quite a vantage

OK. Here's the tally. In the past 48 hours, I wrote 8 blogs (if you count the quick-hits as blogs, which they essentially are). On the road

21hDrafted new #IBM blog: "The Maturing of #BigData: From Herding Cats to Taming Tigers"

New #IBM jk AnalyzingMedia post: "Koby Asks: What Keeps the Chief Marketing Officer Up At Night?" ( )

RIP Ed Koch. Only NYC mayor since La Guardia that I personally would have chosen from central casting to play NYC mayor.

"#IBM Announces Breakthru w/ Combo o Security Intel & #BigData" ( ) JK--Integ IBM QRadar Secur Intel Plat w/ #Hadoop

"Stop Hyping #BigData & Start Paying Attention to ‘Long Data’" ( ) JK--Even BIGGER data: from beginning of time to now

New #IBM jk blog: "Healthcare Personalization in the Age of Ubiquitous 'Omics'" ( )

Drafted my latest AnalyzingMedia post: "What Keeps the CMO Up at Night?"


Small data? The backlash against #bigdata ( ) Friday's#IBM quick-hit

Small data? The backlash against big data: 

@DSSocha Glad we could blue-wash you to our way of thinking. Please let us know if we can help you with future reprogramming needs!

"Big BI? #Hadoop in your operational decision-support environment" ( ) Thursday's #IBM quick-hit

Big BI? Hadoop in your operational decision-support environment: 

Exhausted, but wrote two of my #IBM quick-hits for next week. Have mapped out rough thoughts to bang into the remainder tomorrow.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I Like It Like That by The Miracles from 45 JK--I suspect the artists just knocked off this song on the fly in studio

30 Jan @freebalance Right. Sometimes gut feel is sufficient.

Best not to follow a McDonald's lunch with a Johnny Rockets dinner. Trust me on this.

"When You're Driven, It's Normal For People Not To Like You" ( ) JK--Only if they're insecure & you're an asshole.

"6 Types Analyses Evry Data Scientst Shud Know" ( ) JK--descriptive exploratory inferential predictive causal mechanistic

"#BigData Profile: Ford Motor Co's Michael Cavaretta" ( ) JK--Fun fact: Livonia MI native. Bentley alum. I forgive him

One of things I've noticed at #IBM research centers I've been to, Watson & Almaden, is how they're architected to spawn hallway encounters

"Google News as an Analytic Database" ( ) JK--Cool discussion. It's a short step from "actor lists" to drug-cartel-graphs

"Network planning should be part of #BigData" ( ) JK--You bet! WAN/intranet/data-ctr capacity sizing critically important

"Are Your Databases Audit-Ready?" ( ) JK--If your OLTP databases aren't, your #bigdata analytic DBs are questionable

Professor Irwin Corey, the World's Foremost Authority ( ). Nowadays he'd be World's Foremost Subject Matter Expert

One of the researchers at #IBM Almaden Labs says ranchers graze cattle on the hillsides around the lab. No building allowed there. No bull

"Cremesource"? That's "crowdsourcing" from the creme de la creme. Too elitist? Whatever.

"Crowdsource." At what point does "crowd" become demeaning epithet when you're sourcing from expert individuals such as domain specialists?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Keys to My Heart by The 101ers from The Indie Scene 77: The Story of JK--Joe Strummer pre-Clash. Good one.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Thrift Shop by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis JK--"I wear yr granddad's clothes. I look incredible...This is f-ing awesome!"

All 5 of next week's #IBM quick-hits will be on the topic of "#bigdatamaturity." That's the easy part. Hard part is making them good.

Now, I'm not going to say that downtown San Jose is largely devoid of places where a business traveler can grab a quick breakfast. I'm not.

Big shout-out to Susan D'Elia for reaching out and engaging me in conversation at #pmwcintl yesterday. That's why I emerge from my dungeon

Getting ready for a day at the lab. #IBM Almaden Research Center. San Jose. Going to speak with several project leaders. #bigdataanalytics

"#BigData pitfall: Answers clear compelling, & wrong" ( ) JK--Why fixate on "big"? Data & model quality key at all scales

"8 Ways #BigData Will Change Our Lives" ( ) JK--Why'd they put "spot-on sports analysis" before "advanced healthcare"?

"First Data Scientist on Evol of Data Science & Ever-Chngng American Voter" ( ) JK--Norman Nie founded SPSS+Revolution

NoSQL? From herding cats to taming tigers ( ) Wednesday #IBM quick-hit

NoSQL? From herding cats to taming tigers: 

Are interrogatives overused? You ever wondered that? You have an opinion, don't you? Is there any reason you're not responding? What's that?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp On Fire by Sebadoh from Harmacy JK--1996. A burning hurt. A great moody indie-rock song.

One of the cool takeaways from #pmwcintl is a lot of published research on human genomics. Highly technical read. I'm geek enough to try.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Sweet Life by Frank Ocean from channel ORANGE JK--Tingly beautiful soul stylings.

Human gene connectome. Among other things, it has shown that "Caucasians" like me & east Asians like my wife are both part Neanderthal

Human gene connectome ( ). Fundamentally important science for telling true historical gospel o human migration & mating

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Every Little Word by Sera Cahoone from Deer Creek Canyon JK--2012. Yearning loveliness. All of her stuff.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexpReservoir Park by The Dutchess & the Duke from She's the Dutchess, He's the Duke JK--2008. Cool Seattle folk-rockers

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp San Francisco by Foxygen from We Are 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic JK--2013. Most song-inspiring US city

Jianying Hu & I did our preso on patient similarity analytics at#pmwcintl. Now, head clear to listen to other presenters. Whew.

Drafted latest #IBM blog: "Healthcare Personalization in the Age of Ubiquitous Omics"

Flu prevention requires not habitually touching your face with your hands. Can doctors prescribe a hygenic nosepicking appliance?

"#IBM Delivers New Services to Help Clients Move Enterprise Applications to the Cloud" ( ) JK--SmartCloud Enterprise

"DARPA wants electronics that can dissolve or burst apart after use" ( ) JK--I know some operating systems that do that

"Of course America had often been discovered before Columbus but it had always been hushed up." - Oscar Wilde

Quote of the day: "You can quote me on that." --Anonymous

Big data in the cloud? Identifying priority applications: 

Graph analysis? Glimpsing the shape of engagement ( ) Tuesday's #IBM quick-hit

Graph analysis? Glimpsing the shape of engagement: 

I always make a beeline for Palo Alto to dine. Mellows me. Anchored in old northern California.

Not going to stick around for the MongoDB workshop. Gettin' all mangy. Gonna mangia-mangia on some blancmange

I love how a hopeful startup cites an #IBM published study in the same breath as an analyst study as third-party support for its biz case

When someone truly knows how to pitch a startup in a way that makes you pay attention, you ask more, tougher questions. Cuz they're warm.

Here's where that sleep deprivation kicks in. Which if any of these#bigdata startups can inject some crazy adrenalin into my jaded skull?

I took pitches from some of these startups in my analyst days. Curious how their pitches have evolved. Been round so many blocks, I'm dizzy

A big shout-out to Ming Zhu. Nice to know I have a fond fan in Silicon Valley. Just follow the "graph," Ming.

At Global #BigData Conference, Santa Clara Convention Ctr, waiting for several startups to pitch to several VCs. Where's the strike zone?

@Jakewk Silicon Valley doesn't feel like a valley. I don't perceive it being tucked into any specific geographic niche. It's all sprawl

"Your body isn't a temple, it's a data factory emitting digital exhaust" ( ) JK--What? Are we farting ones & zeros now?

"#BigData & death of the theorist" ( ) JK--Doubtful. B.D immerses in empirical patterns. Doesn't establish causation

"Literary History Seen Thru #BigData" ( ) JK--Sez analytics, JAusten & WScott most influential on other writers' styles

"The Emergence of Data Science: Data Management’s New Pioneers" ( ) JK--Takes long historical perspective on discipline

Going to a healthcare conference, nobody knows me. Going to a#bigdata conference, it's like I'm on "Cheers." Everybody knows my face too

"Do You Need #BigData Governance? Maybe." ( ) JK--@SunilSoares1 discusses governance of sensor data & other new types.

"Role of Ethics in Data Governance" ( ) JK--@FORR_Mgoetz counsels stewardship sensitive to data-owner/subject interests

"Cloud object storage: Making 'big data' a smaller challenge" ( ) JK--Can integrate metadata into unstructured data.

"Molecular Layers of Data: the Next Frontier of Storage?" ( ) JK--MIT work. Expands storage density by 1000x

"IEEE TSC Processes meet #BigData" ( ) JK--Call for manuscripts on process monitoring, mining, & analysis over big data

"Founding Father of Quants Was Revolutionary Marxist" ( ) JK--Interesting. Any other irrelevant biographical details?

Genome sequencing will be so automated, cost-effective & ubiquitous in our lifetimes that you won't think twice about it. #pmwcintl

Catch #IBM Dr. Jianying Hu & me tomorrow 10:45am co-present on patient similarity analytics 4 personalized medicine at #pmwcintl Mtn View CA

I've never noticed before that "prenatal" & "parental" are anagrams. Wow. Profound!

Silicon "Valley"? Driving up from San Jose 2 Mtn View this a.m., I noticed one range o low mountains 2 east, anothr 2 west. OK it's a valley

Computer History Museum Hall of Fellows wall portraits. I've met 2 of these people: Vinton Cerf & Whitfield Diffie.

"Tech experts in public and private sector convene for first ‘Data Innovation Day’" ( ) JK--Events in several cities

"Big medical data" ( ) JK--Discussed healthcare applications of graph analysis.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Firewater by Django Django from Django Django JK--New group put out cool debut LP last year.

"Is Google pondering experimental HetNet?" ( ) JK--Buzzword stands for "heterogeneous network" (disparate wireless nets)

San Jose before dawn. As usual, my east-coast body clock has decided that I'll get my requisite 4 hours of west-coast sleep, and that's that

All in memory? Speed of next best actions ( ) Monday's#IBM quick-hit

All in memory? Speed of next best actions: 

"The personalized medicine revolution is almost here" ( ) JK--Catch me today/tomorrow at PMWC2013 Mtn View CA.

Snowy Minneapolis. Dwarfed by twin city Maxxeapolis.

Just missed getting upgrade to first class

From now on I will only use really big words to speak of #bigdata aka Humungositudinous Informatigrammaticamatidinimia.

Vi Vi is the new yoga instructor's name. She's good, complements what prior instructors showed us. Quite verbal. Slow controlled mindful.

LA Fitness reinstated Sunday 11am yoga class. New instructor: Vee from Vietnam. Meditative

Michael Bolton. CBS Sunday Morning doing profile of singer. Back in day, his very name was a punchline of sorts. "Office Space."

If you're doing all the fundamentals, listening to more financial advice feels like dentists reminding you to keep on flossing. Yeah, got it

WashPost has best financial advice I've seen in a long time: "Avoid the Noise...dramatically pare down yr consumption news."

@Saudamini_D Au contraire. I'm still still.

"Obama’s daring liberal agenda is neither daring nor liberal. Discuss" ( ) JK--Middle-of-the-road, like the Clintons

Nice Sunday morning. A certain stillness.

After almost 40 years, I still have no idea what Steely Dan meant by Josie "prays like a Roman with her eyes on fire." FM mystery.

Pet peeve: macho pinheads at the club who think obnoxious grunting & letting weights drop with a jarring clang signifies strenuous workout.

Reince Priebus elected to 2nd term as RNC chair. Still trying to fit a snarky anagram to that name. Suggestions?

Buster Keaton had the most rocknroll face of any silent film star. Looks like should have pierced nose & play bass for Red Hot Chili Peppers

"Locavore." Sounds like something I need to call the exterminator to eradicate.

A naive optimist is someone who, when told they're "getting laid off," only hears they're "getting laid."

DC coming out of 5-day sub-freezing spell, longest in 6 years. In my distorted memory of Michigan youth, was constantly subfreezing Dec-Feb

Facebook Graph Search informs me that my daughter is my daughter and my son is my son. Thanks for the intrusive DNA graph analysis, Zuck!

Having Wash Post as my local paper means ample in-depth discussions of legislative & executive branch goings-on. But I'm no politics geek

Useless trivia dept: US pres whose midl initial most Americans knew: JQAdams WHHarrison USGrant WHTaft FDR HSTruman DDEisen JFK LBJ GHWB GWB