Saturday, February 09, 2013

Aweekstweets February 2-9 2013: the week I meditated on maturity

31m Sin Cia Ju Yi to all our family and friends all over.

Please don't give snowstorms names. In fact, don't give any storms names. Even hurricanes. Makes 'em seem like malicious evildoers.

"IBM SmartCamp Finals Take NYC By Storm" ( JK--2-day-long events judging best startups in different cities of world.

"A Declaration of Interdependence of Cyberspace" ( JK--If you're like me, declarations & manifestos trigger gag reflex

We've had a heap of heavy wind in the DC area today. I've shoveled 3 feet of the stuff so far with my air shovel.

I trust that the good people of Boston will have it all plowed neatly to the side by the time I make my grand tour of the area in mid-week.

@MadaboutBI You're simply describing another manifestation of the same practice.

Shorthands for my 5 productionizing #bigdata themes to develop next week: stakes stacks scales skills seamlessness

Mindfulness. It's all about tuning your entire being to be an omni-sensor with the agility to absorb & adapt seamlessly to oncoming signals

Personalized medicine. Given how thoroughly the personal is habituated within communities, shouldn't "communitized medicine" be explored?

Next week I'll focus the blog and the quick-hits for the following week on "productionizing #bigdata"

Studying the newly downloadable slides from #PMWCintl last week in Mountain View. All of these are densely absorbing. Everything -omics!

"Big institution" has been practically synonymous w/"impersonal institution." But w/ #bigdata & finely targetd personalization, it neednt be

#BigData in Cloud: Preparing for Future ( ). Mar 18. Agenda: Register:

"5 Insurance Impacts of the Internet of Things" ( JK--Embedding o risk-mitig sensors, monitors, responders in our lives

Big data in the cloud? Integrating disparate service

"Pig, Hive or Jaql - Take your pick" () JK--Good slideshare from #IBM Toronto

"What Is The Difference Between Infographics & Data Visualization?" ( JK--IMHO, visual narrative vs. visual exploration

"Banks Use #BigData 2 Discovr ‘Nu Silk Roads’" ( JK--"trans data..ID nu trade pttrns,nxt big cities in emrgng mkts"

"Forrester's Top 15 Emerging Technologies To Watch: Now To 2018" ( JK--@practicingEA puts mobility on top

"The data black hole that could suck the life out of internet economy" ( JK--Suddenly everybody's Stephen f-ing Hawking

"Are black holes slowing the evolution of storage technology?" ( JK--Dumb metaphor should be flushed down that vortex

"Mentality." Funny pejorative. Essentially, what you regard as your philosophy, perspective, outlook, or POV others consider crazy/crackers

Hurray! I have one of the top 1% most viewed @LinkedIn profiles for 2012.

"Largest known prime number - 17M digits long - discovered" () JK--There'll be a pop quiz. Have you memorized it yet?

"#IBM mainframe chief eyes mobile, social workloads" ( JK--Operational analytics a big driver of mainframe usage

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Black Jesus by The Game JK--Umm...messiah complex?

"#IBM Completes Acq Of StoredIQ" ( JK-- ILM & gov within our #bigdata portfolio. This wk's blog:

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RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Good Morning, Good Morning by The Beatles frm Sgt. Peppers JK--Lennon mentions seeing wife (Cyn) & other woman (Yoko)

I've evangelized one precisely one topic this week. #bigdata maturity

#BigData maturity? As soon as users crystallize clear best practices ( Friday's #IBM quick-hit

Big-data maturity? As soon as users crystallize clear best

Friday conference calls with my NY & New England colleagues are being rescheduled by them for next week. No explanation needed.

I'm all pumped up. Today's I'm a-gonna evangelize the dickens outa everything that ain't nailed down.

Big data in the cloud? Aligning approaches:

Big data in the cloud? Identifying priority applications:

@Tudorscribe You are a great novelist, Nancy. I enjoyed "The Crown" from beginning to end. You crafted it exquisitely

@Tudorscribe You are a great novelist, Nancy. I enjoyed "The Crown" from beginning to end. You crafted it exquisitely.

New #IBM jk blogpost: "The Maturing of #BigData: From Herding Cats to Taming Tigers" ( Thanks Angela 4 the gr8 grafik

Read "The Crown" by Nancy Bilyeau ( aka@Tudorscribe . Superb historical novel. Fuller review soon on my Facebook.

I recommend shortening the Nation's Capital's football team name officially to "Skins." That's inoffensive & what we already call it.

Having been married to an Indonesian for almost 30 years & visited the country several times, I sorta know the pop sounds of the archipelago

"Gadis Extravaganza" ( JK--This one's dedicated to @jasonkobielus . GADIS EXTRAVAGANZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Oh Ya Ya oleh Rajah Ahmad & Dengan Dendang Iram asalnya Pop Yeh Yeh: Psych Rock Singapura+Malaysia 1964-70 JK--Bagus!

Since Obama was re-elected, I've gone back to drinking tea in clear conscience. Don't want to be perceived as partying on toxic potions.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Here I Am by Adam Green & Binki Shapiro JK--New. Very Lee & Nancy. BTW, "Bikini Shapiro" would be good name too.

Four-letter words. Would it be more polite if we screamed multisyllabic synonyms at each other? "Intercourse"? "Excrement"?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Line of Fire by Junip from Junip JK--Time suspends momentarily while you're inside a Junip song.

@ThingsSheSaid Blog about #IBM's entire product/svc portfolio in detail. I write long blogs, but that's encyclopedic:

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Ooh La La by Goldfrapp from Supernature JK--2005. Great song. So was the (different) Faces 1973 song with same name

Mental map of #IBM various/sundry products/svcs that I built up 4 years pre-joining Big Blue is coming in quite handy now. I keep it updated

@timoelliott Yes, indeed, and my brother Copernicus showed the solar system dances around that big Pole in the sky!

@TonyBaer Will "data science" become a checklist buzzword. Answer is "no." Cuz it's 2 words, actually. Got ya on technicality there, Tony-o!

"Unlimited Messages in #BigData Inbox" ( JK--"Small slow sure" data consumption. Aesop fable? (

"5 develpmts we need in data storage mkt in 2013" ( JK--Stds, classification, better dedupe/compress, virtzn, RAID alts

"#Hadoop Emerging as Dominant #BigData Analytics Platform: 10 Reasons Why" ( JK--Excellent slide-based discussion

"Health Info Exchange Debate Gets Fiery" ( JK--Federation, interop, data, privacy, metrics, etc. Many unresolved issues

"Defining Data Analytics Svcs in Support of Biz Process Optimization" ( JK--@DavidLinthicum on svc-oriented analytics

"Is The Medical Device Industry Ready for #BigData" ( JK--New era of implanted vital-signs sensors/sources

"Mobile Couponing: All about Location Location Location" ( JK--GDeshpande on need for CSP subscr granular geo opt-in

"#BigData, Little Data" ( JK--Travel agency has successful portal-bsd intent-centric banner-ad-promo-optzn bigdata app

"#BigData latest beneficiary of solar innovation" ( JK--US DOE allocated $9M 4 bigdata studies re solar energy deploymt

"Monster blizzard could slam Northeast" ( JK--I definitely sense that #IBM colleagues in NY & New England are bracing

#KEXP has turned into a classic-rock station. DJ @loserboy indulging in an extended block of Clash classics. Fine with me.

"Business Agility: How Does Cloud Computing & #BigData Help?" ( JK--Data/analytics/svcs enable faster decis automation

"Why Innovators Love Constraints" ( JK--Options are defocusing distracting time-wasters. Cut to the freakin' solution!

"Chaotic Nihilists & Semantic Idealists" ( JK--@acroll on need 4 manual semantic tagging + algorithmic semantic mining

"Statistical evidence of global warming ??" ( JK--Umm....all the science that's been & being done on this topic ??

The Polish are supreme. Why do I say that? Well...we Poles have staked out both ends of the Earth. Rebuttal?

Social predictions become self-fulfilling prophecy when they psyche out people who would have been instrumental in invalidating them.

"Cause or Effect? Why I Am Relieved Nate Silver Was Wrong About SuperBowl" ( JK--Enough with the nattering about Nate

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Passenger by Iggy Pop from Lust for Life JK--He better STAY a passenger. I dont trust Iggy at the wheel. Would U?

"Connected car of future" ( JK--Ancient dream. See Network World article I authored 23 yrs ago (

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Holland, 1945 by Neutral Milk Hotel from In the Aeroplane Over the Sea JK--1998. Athens GA. A rollicking indie-rocker

#BigData maturity? Standards will signal when it's approaching ( Thursday's #IBM quick-hit

Big-data maturity? Standards will signal when it's

I like to add a dash of macho authority to every statement by prefacing it with "in this man's army."

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Kembali Lagi by AHalim & DeFictions frm Pop Yeh Yeh: Psych Rock frm Singapore/Malaysia 1964-70 JK--Means "Come Again"

Friendly advice to servers at Chili's: don't address me with patronizing "my friend" unless U want me to fling hot sauce in yr stupid face.

End of Saturday mail deliveries by USPS starting in August. That means we'll have to wait till Monday for fresh junk mail. Bummer!

If you wish to be thought a #rockstar, don't always be tooting your own horn with your amps ramped to "11."

Wrote all 5 #IBM quick-hits for next week. All on "#bigdata under control?" heading. Core discussion from the blog, extended and tweaked.

Drafted my next #IBM blog: "Controlled Explosion: Keeping #BigDataContained with Security, Governance, & Information Lifecycle Management"

"Virginia coin moves closer to reality" ( JK--I'm a Virginian & think this insane. Let's recall the idiots in Richmond

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Shrine/An Argument by Fleet Foxes frm Helplessness Blues JK--Exceptionally gorgeous cinematic rafter ringer song

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Regiment by Brian Eno & David Byrne from My Life in the Bush of Ghosts JK--1981. Landmark LP. Sounds like today

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Santa Fe by Beirut from The Rip Tide JK--Leader Zach Condon is not from Lebanon. He's from Santa Fe NM USA

"Optimizing In-Building Coverage" ( JK--3-1-98. Written by me a few months B4 enterd analyst biz. Wireless covrage maps

"Can #IBM make Social Business connection with SMBs - and does it need to?" ( JK--Agreed. It is a complex msg/strategy

Back in the day, used to drive me nuts when people obsessed over scores/rankings of my Waves. The underlying model & data WAY more important

"Gartner releases 2013 DW MQ' ( JK--IMHO as ex-analyst, more useful 2 examine analyst assumptions/data than rankings

"#BigData Helps Build Better Wireless Coverage Maps" ( JK--Crowdsourced smartphone-as-sensor/source app. Cool.

I'm always delighted to work the word "whence" into anything I write. Makes me feel so precious and erudite.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Remains by Young Fathers from Tape One JK--Hm, where've I heard that programd rhythm? Young Marble Giants "The Taxi"

"Alicia Keys: Next Steve Jobs?" ( ) JK--Fun facts: Jobs slovenly, didnt shower or flush toilet, cried to get way, mean

"Alicia Keys joins BlackBerry as global creative director" ( JK--Wow. Y the sudden career shift? Just played Super Bowl

"Twitter acquires TV analytics firm Bluefin Labs" ( JK--Uses comments on soc nets 2 measure comercial/prog effectivness

"What the Intelligence Community Is Doing With #BigData" ( JK--If you think they're leveling with you, you're naive

"The Philosophy of Data" ( JK--Hey, David Brooks, it's the philosophy of science ( & it's not new

#BigData maturity? Waiting for an innovation plateau that may take years ( Wednesday's #IBM quick-hit

Big-data maturity? Waiting for an innovation plateau that may take years:

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Bombs Away by Eels from Wonderful, Glorious JK--New. Good. Mark Everett has a cool natural desperado voice.

Legality of drones targeting US citizens fighting for Al Qaeda overseas? Targeting treasonous turncoat enemy combatants? There's a case.

Next week quickhits: #bigdata under control? New platforms, domains, scales, stakes, mandates.

Interviewed by Bert Latamore of ServicesANGLE re #IBM #bigdatastrategy and offerings.

Next #IBM blog will be called: "Controlled Explosion: Securing and Governing Your #BigData"

Conference I'll speak at asked presenters to say something "noteworthy" about self. All I had was "I'm deeply into yoga." Boring!

At 11:30am (EST), live from the #IBM PureSystems Executive Summit watch new PureSystems announcements (

"Infographic: periodic table of smartphones" ( JK--Not joke. Shows rare-earth elements in iPhone. Most mined in China

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Dead Sound by The Raveonettes from Lust Lust Lust JK--I automatically crank this to "11" on my best speakers

"#IBM Simplifies... #Cloud..w/New PureSys Offerings" ( JK4--MSP editions4 PureFlex & Flex Sys. SmartCloud desktop infra

"#IBM Simplifies... #Cloud..w/New PureSys Offerings" ( JK3--Smaller PureApp, PureApp on PWR7+, expand sw pttrns catalog

"#IBM Simplifies #Big Data...w/New PureSystems Offerings" ( JK2--New PureData for Analytics powered by #Netezzatech

"#IBM Forges New Routes 2 Market w/Power & Storage Systems Tuned 4 #BigData Cloud " ( JK--POWER7+ for midrange/entry

"Is data mining still sin against norms o econometrcs?" ( JK--Interesting. What 2 do 1st? Build model or explor data?

"Programming savvy is the new digital divide, Berners-Lee says" ( JK--I dunno. Feels like Dream of the 90s

"Media consumption: Lean Forward, Lean Back & 'Curl-up Computing' experiences" ( JK--Insightful. Suggest ergonomic reqs

"#BigData projects signal change in documenting" ( JK--Good discussion of need for new breed of tech writers

#BigData maturity? Reinventing the production-readiness wheel for new platforms ( Tuesday's #IBM quick-hit

Big-data maturity? Reinventing the production-readiness wheel for new platforms:

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Wired for Light by School of Seven Bells from Alpinisms JK--Good MidEast-inflected one from their first LP

"The 4 most likely reasons you were hacked" ( JK--Forgot to add "there are bad people in the world" & "you sinned."

For me, best Super Bowl commercial was Amy Poehler as customer in retail store obsessing over cloud everything. "Are we in the cloud now?"

"#IBM brings Watson techs to new Power servers for SMBs" ( JK--Power Express svrs integr8 BigInsights/Hdp & other sw/hw

What the...? Social network asking if I want to friend myself? We're already friends. In fact, he's got my back. Literally.

This just in: new evidence supports theory that Richard III was slain by Lee Harvey Oswald acting alone.

"Lotus position: #IBM kills name, but software and founders live on" ( JK--Don't worry. We didnt put a hit out on Mitch

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Enola Gay by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark JK--Ah, nostalgia. Nothing says dance like airplanes that drop A-bombs

Staple of my morning routine is checking the latest #IBM news releases at If not public yet, I don't evangelize it

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Chain (Demo) by Fleetwood Mac from Rumours (Super Deluxe) JK--Very nice. Just Stevie on acoustic guitar.

RIP Reg Presley. Leader of 60s rock band the Troggs. Who were the Troggs, you ask? "Wild Thing" (

Considering that the late Sen Kennedy was the one pushing for it year after year, "Obamacare" is dumb nickname for law. Call it "Teddycare"

"Trump threatens to sue Bill Maher over joke" ( JK--The joke is funny in classically pugnacious Maher style. Read it

Confirmation of 500+ year-old mortal remains of leader of system of govt we repudiated 200+ years ago. Reassessing his legacy is priority #1

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp That's When I Reach For My Revolver by Mission of Burma JK--In those moments, I reach for my Magical Mystery Tour.

Well, now we know where they parked Richard III's carcass.

New #IBM jk blogpost: "Recap of Tweetchat on #BigData in the Cloud" (

"Internet of Things – The Tipping Point" ( JK--Great detailed discussion of spread of smart products optzn automation

"What MapReduce can't do" ( JK--Detailed illustration of data-science use cases where MR suboptimal.

"Why Big Testing Will Be Bigger Than #BigData" ( JK--Wrong phrase. Actually: "real-world experiments" using big data

"Scientists capture video o thought being formd in brain" ( JK--Not so fast. Thought? Those R fishbrain neural firings

"Data Monetization: A Road Paved On Top Of Data Sets" ( JK--Hey data scientists: awesome list of sources.

"Open data economy: Eight business models for open data and insight" ( JK--Thought-provoker from Deloitte UK

"An Internet for Manufacturing" ( JK--Industrial Internet is where every "thing" remembers its full provenance.

"When do support vector machines trump other classification methods" ( JK--Excellent overview if you're a true quant

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Odessa by Caribou from Swim JK--When I'm on a roll, my inner thought processes sound like this song.

A lot of these too-general "how-to" article on high-level tech topics should be replaced w/cookbooks showing your mom how to make apple pie

"How two scientists using New York Times archives to predict the future" ( JK--I predict: if it bleeds, it will lead

"Increasingly blurry line btwn #BigData & Big Brother" ( JK--Peeps w/dystopic mental models seek Orwellian confirmation

"Realities of the Enterprise Data Scientist" ( JK--Anand Rao PwC discusses setting up enterprise data-sci ctr of excel

"Data Laboratory: Is It For You?" ( JK--#BigData explor sandboxes, data-scientist skills/tools, & institutional context

"Context: Customer Data's Secret Sauce" ( JK--Without context guiding engagement, yr longtime customer remains stranger

"#BigData Security Discussion" ( JK--Good high-level architectural planning discussion.

"Staggering Revelations About #BigData" ( JK--Article spoonfeeds you some tsunami-sized gulp numbers.

"Ovum Study: #BigData Retains Popularity" ( JK--Crossed the key threshold from IT buzz to business buzzword of day.

"Build a Strategy: Attend an #IBM #BigData, Integration & Governance Forum" ( Many cities. #forrester analysts

Everybody's endorsing me for stuff on LinkedIn. My exit strategy is some zillionaire endorsing blank check made out to "James Kobielus"

"Eight Secrets All Masters Know" ( JK--@RitaJKingsays masters made through determination, discipline, practice.

"#IBM Smarter Computing: What's Next. Ready Now. Join the Feb 5 webcast" (

Following @trevorbass on Twitter because he calls himself a "quantrepreneur." Great coinage!

Just remembered gr8 character name from classic TV: "Dash Riprock." A movie star from "Beverly Hillbillies." Why suddenly popped into head?

"#Big Data challenge: DONT be objective," Prof RCarraway, Darden School of Biz ( JK--Profs say the dardenest things

I don't have a bucket list. But I have a mental list of buckets to pour streams of stuff into. Helps me avoid drowning in the everstream.

"The Office Fax Machine Is Alive and Well" ( JK--Boring as it is, fax refuses to die.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp O... Saya by M.I.A. & A.R. Rahman from Slumdog Millionaire JK--M.I.A hopes to live to 50. Lady, it's no big deal.

I have daring new theory. Actress Anne Hathaway is Shakespeare's actual wife Anne Hathaway, come to us through a time warp. DNA test needed

"#IBM to Acquire Star Analytics, Inc" ( JK--Speeds/orchestr8s business analytics app access to specialized data sources

Do we have to wait 500 years for them to positively identify Jimmy Hoffa under some future parking lot? Can we speed this up?

"How 2 scientists R using New York Times archives 2 predict future" ( JK--New motto: all the news that's fit to predict

#BigData maturity? Paradigm's far from played out ( Monday's #IBM quick-hit

Big-data maturity? Paradigm's far from played out:

Richard III remains confirmed thru DNA. The mystery endures. Why did they fight the Battle of Bosworth in a parking lot?

Watching the Super Bowl in spite of the wife's usual dumb comments. She can't stand sports.

The Onion @TheOnion Phil Simms Spends Super Bowl Broadcast Talking Up New Orleans Sex Trade
 Retweeted by jameskobielus

"Genomic Analysis, Office Edition" ( JK--In recent years, cost of sequence one person genome dropped from $250K to $6K

Early on, caught The Flaming Lips on a Hyundai commercial. That was my fave so far on the Super Bowl.

What I love most about Beyonce is not her looks or music, but the muscularity and agility of her on-stage movements. Like a figure skater

Peering into the skeleton that once was Springfield Mall. Can't wait to see how they redevelop this prime commercial location.

"The End of the Web, Search, and Computer as We Know It" ( JK--Gelernter touts searchable browsable stream computing

Al Gore. Interviewed by Fareed Zakaria. Former VP is one the greatest Americans.

Robert De Niro. Interviewed on CBS Sunday Morning. Retains a watchably intense cool and warm face into old age. Wry eyes.

Super Bowl coverage from NOLA. CBS Sunday Morning on Tabasco: the notsohot sauce Americans mistake 4 hot. Gimme any superspicy salsa instead

I am a terrible terrible man. I'm cool. Whew!

"NRA Scoffs At Obama Skeet Shooting Photo" ( JK--Sez strong leader would mow down inanimate objects w/ assault rifle

"When we cheer for our team, do we have 2 cheer 4 America, too?" ( JK--We should demilitarize displays of athleticism

Boy Scouts of America considering rescinding its ban on gays. They'd better. The military did. BSA models self on military. "Troops"

@augieray That's saying a lot, Augie. IMHO, dumbest controversy ever was that birther insanity.

Look to the left of your tweet or Facebook status update--did you see this pic of you? lol

Nice little layer of snow overnight. Nothing wheel-stopping or treacherous. Thanks.

Big data in the cloud? Aligning approaches:

"The Origins of ‘Big Data’: An Etymological Detective Story" ( JK--Whatever. Came into industry currency in fall 2010

Wanda Sykes made us laugh on Leno last night. She's torn between rooting for Baltimore (cuz she's from MD) vs. San Francisco (cuz she's gay)

Always feel torn between whether I should stay online vs. read hardcopy newspapers/mags/books vs. watch TV/listen to radio vs. cold turkey