Saturday, March 30, 2013

Aweekstweets March 24-30 2013: the week I noticed a severe Honus deficit in major league baseball

Has there ever been another major league baseball player named "Honus"? And if not, why not?

Today's Dilbert reminds me of place I once worked at where they thought we'd be inspired by wallet cards with company mission printed on 'em

Listening to Neko Case "That's Who I Am." Excellent new country song from the redheaded American classic ( )

@TheRobWaller @andyo Love the Django Django album. Superb from beginning to end. I just listened to the whole thing again, coincidentally.

I'm at weird point in middle-age when grizzled old men mention their age, thinking I'm much younger than them, and they're younger than me

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Black Math by The White Stripes from Under Great White Northern Lights JK--F-ing wow! J.White totally ripped it live!

"Internet Topology - Massive and Amazing Graphs" ( ) JK--More, please! Blow my freakin' mind on a Friday afternoon.

Feels like a Spring day again. Finally. Last work day of March. I can just feel those green fields filling up with lambs a-gamboling.

"Contrarian." Feels like massive self-justifying euphemism. Does that simply mean you're a disagreeable and argumentative person?

New #IBM jk blog: "Recap of IBM Twitterchat: How In-Memory Technology is Transforming #BigData" ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp East Coast Girl by Cayucas from Bigfoot JK--Good one. Reverb-heavy recording. Song's good enough to not need it.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp She Lit A Fire by Lord Huron from Lonesome Dreams JK--Nice one. Reminds a bit of Band of Horses.

Drafted new #IBM AnalyzingMedia post: "Don't Force-March All of Your Customers to a New, Improved Experience"

Wrote all 5 of next week's quick-hits. Took different stylistic approach. First person. Anecdotal. Five diff essays flowing into each other

"Compuware, #IBM Enter Software Partnership" ( ) JK--Deliver IBM Business Analytics within CPWR PSA/PPM solution

Petabytes in the palm of your hand? Bring your own #bigdata ( ) Friday's #IBM quick-hit

Petabytes in the palm of your hand? Bring your own big data: 

RIP Virgil Trucks. Former Tiger pitched 2 no-hitters in 1952. Alabama native rlated to Allman Bros Band members Derek & Butch Trucks.

"#BigData Lives or Dies Based on Customer Data Management Strategy" ( ) JK--Good one on role in customer experience

"The science behind big data accelerators" ( ) JK--Good discussion from #IBM Christy Maver.

"Are Data Scientists Future CEOs?" ( ) JK--Anybody's a potential CEO. Question is: "effective CEOs?" Answer: perhaps

"As #bigdata explodes, not everyone has wot takes 2 B data artist" ( ) JK--Need algorithmic beret & statistical goatee

"Analytic Imagination and Business Bets" ( ) JK--Don't put data analysis/visualization cart before the modeling horse

"Does #BigData Need Big Storage?" ( ) JK--Storage performnce grows 100% every 12-14 months; capacity grows 60% annually

New #IBM jk blog: "#BigData, Quality of Service, and Telecom 2.0" ( )

I think one of the funniest phrases in the English language is "That's life, dammit!" But it's an acquired taste.

Drafted my latest blog: "Recap of #IBM Twitterchat: How #In-Memory Technology is Transforming #BigData"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Somebody to Love by Jefferson Airplane frm Surealistic Pilow JK--I once met Grace Slick @ Detroit Hotel Pontchartrain

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Add It Up by Violent Femmes from Violent Femmes JK--Guys: don't crib pick-up lines from this song.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf) by Pixies from Pump Up th Volume JK--Best version o best Pixies song. Slowed down spacey

Whatever you do, don't tell the world you "optimize data" for a living. Not if you want to actually engage with flesh-and-blood human beings

"Industry Exposé:Tech Vdrs Skew Analysts/Influencers" ( ) JK--Disagree. I never once saw any o this in my analyst years

I'm not sure which phrase is more stilted: "actionable intelligence" or "impactful insights"? How about "useful analysis"?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Your Life Your Call by Junip from Junip JK--2013. Swedish group has a deeply soulful electronic rock folk groove.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Town Called Malice by The Jam from The Gift JK--Police there have thrown in the towel. "Usual suspects" are everyone

C'mon Spring get here already! I'm tired o shivering from these frigid blasts o Arctic air. Truck out th late-March lamb fer cryin out loud!

What will the next generation of #bigdatamgmt solutions include? Attend 4/30 broadcast and find out! 

All in memory? Speed of business is multidimensional ( ) Thursday's #IBM quick-hit.

All in memory? Speed of business is multidimensional: 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Step by Vampire Weekend from Modern Vampires of the City JK--2013. Terrific song from forthcoming 3rd LP, out in May.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Menagerie by Caitlin Rose from The Stand-In JK--2013. Sounds like classic Kirsty MacColl.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Mental Revenge by Waylon Jennings from Nashville Rebel JK--Cool country with rocking bite & sass.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Cut Across Shorty by Eddie Cochran from The Best of Eddie Cochran JK--Cool tough 50s rock

RT @kexpplaylist: Can't Seem to Make You Mine by The Seeds JK--1966. Mewling voice & weirdly bent guitar jangle. Classic defining acid-rock.

WSJ article "Who's Yr Office Mom?" Provides intangible supportive value. But watch out for scolding "marm" type. I've endured far too many

Comes that awkward moment when Facebook informs me that today is the birthday of someone whom I know recently died.

RT @BigDataAlex: A8: let's keep this going and get a community going through  #bigdatamgmt

RT @cristianmolaro: A8 I like concept of multi-temp storage: hottest data stored on faster (and more expensive) storage device #bigdatamgmt

RT @IBMbigdata: RT @Dmattcarter: For more on this topic, IBM is hosting free virtual event April 30:  #bigdatamgmt

@IBMbigdata #bigdatamgmt A8: Key role 4 in-mem in #bigdata is "velocity with a vengeance," per my recent #IBM blog ( )

@BTRG_MikeMartin @bigdataalex A7: #IBM InfoSphere Streams brings in-mem persistence into end-to-end event processing w/out landing to disk

RT @katsnelson: @IBMbigdata many of in-memory databases were clustered. SolidDB is a good example #bigdatamgmt

@IBMbigdata #datamgmt A7: Yes. In-mem can be applied 2 any data structure 2 accelerate. To date, industry mostly applies to columnar

@johncrupi #bigdatamgmt A6: in a year we'll be discussing in-mem as key data persistence & execution option in a real-time analytic infra

@tomjkunkel @IBMbigdata #bigdatamgmt A6: You can do both. Potentially, In-mem can be virtualized across server cluster. Memory pooling

@rkeshavmurthy @Natasha_D_G @IBMbigdata #bigdatamgmt A6: In-mem in front-end means less roundtripping 2 DW in back-end. Save CPU & bandwidth

@IBMbigdata #bigdatamgmt A6; In-mem is optimal for front-end in 3-tier DW architecture. RDBMS is hub tier. Hadoop/NoSQL is staging tier.

@IBMbigdata #bigdatamgmt A6: In-memory is for fast front-end data access, query, mart, exploration. DW hub can leverage HDD for storage.

RT @jeffreyfkelly: A5 hybrid approach - in-memory/disk - often needed to make economics work #bigdatamgmt

RT @InfoMgmtExec: #bigdatamgmt A4 - In-Mem allows DS to create "Memory Palace" 4 Models, A/B Tests, Algorithms in devel etc. All real-time.

@IBMbigdata #bigdatamgmt A5: Yes, in-mem more expensive acq than HDD, but coming down rapidly. Cost per IOPS, though, in-mem cost-effective

@IBMbigdata #bigdatamgmt A4: Yes but right now we're talking apps in data scientist productivity, not specific scaling approaches 4 in-mem.

@IBMbigdata #bigdatamgmt A4: Yes, but right now we're talking apps in data scientist productivity, not specific scaling approaches 4 in-mem.

@IBMbigdata #bigdatamgmt A4: ask more questions more rapidly against more of data, in-mem, helps data scientists drill deeply to patterns

@IBMbigdata #bigdatamgmt A4: data scientists can refine models far more rapidly if they hold all or most o relevant working data in fast RAM

@IBMbigdata #bigdatamgmt A4: data scientist can ingest, regress, visualize, explore, model, score, iterate & deploy stat models more rapidly

@IBMbigdata #bigdatamgmt A3: transactions are C (create), U (update), & delete (D) intensive...all can go faster if in-mem & no disk access

@IBMbigdata #bigdatamgmt A3: next best action, bridging analytics & transactions, could benefit from in-mem 4 low-latency data & execution

@IBMbigdata #bigdatamgmt A3: faster transactions that result from caching more frequently used data in RAM at the server and/or client

@IBMbigdata A3: See answer to previous "Any transactional app that demands split-second response benefits from in-memory."

@InfoMgmtExec #bigdatamgmt A2: Yes. Any transactional app that demands split-second response benefits from in-memory.

@Natasha_D_G @jeffreyfkelly #bigdatamgmt A2 Killer app of in-mem is ability to rapidly evaluate, iterate, & refine statistical models

@IBMbigdata #bigdatamgmt A2 Killer apps of in-mem $ visual exploration, modeling & scenario exploration. Data science, "sprdsht on steroids"

@IBMbigdata #bigdatmgmt A2 Killer apps of in-memory include fast discovery, fast exploration, & fast transactions on data of any magnitude

#bigdatamgmt A1: Speed of thought is any tech that doesnt have any architectural bottlenecks that arbitrarily slow people's explorations

@IBMbigdata A1: In-memory puts data into RAM 2 enable interactive visualization exploration o patterns & real-time transactions #bigdatamgmt

Did it again. Almost muted all devices in my office 4 tweetchat. It's a tweetchat, dummy! No one can hear you! Not phone call. It's Twitter!

RT @Dmattcarter: Check out @jameskobielus blog on #inmemory to warm up for the twitter chat at 12ET:  #bigdatamgmt

"Dirty smartphones: Devices keep traces of files sent to the cloud" ( ) JK--The proverbial "digital breadcrumbs"

"Is Yahoo building an 'interest graph'?" ( ) JK--CEO should use it to gauge employee interest in not working from home

"How #BigData Helps NYC Run the Metropolis" ( ) JK--Article is more about Open Data than Big Data. But interesting

"Why collision of #bigdata & privacy will require new realpolitik" ( ) JK--Each of us has a unique movement footprint

Pink equals sign on saturated blood-red field? Symbol is repulsive, makes me ill to look @ it. But, yeah, same-sex marriage should be legal.

Evangelists shoot themselves in the foot if they declare stuff "insanely great" or what have you. That's "televangelist" territory. Glory be

My "evangelization" of #bigdata is often as simple as connecting conceptual dots between platforms, tools, apps, practices, & biz outcomes

Dear tech newsletter publishers: Do us a favor. Don't have heads that simply link to links within nwslttr that must clik again 2 see article

"A teachable moment." Patronizing educator speak for "let that be a lesson to you."

Structured situations, unstructured situations. I'm reasonably agile at working within whatever constraints or lack thereof I encounter.

Drafted next #IBM blog: "#BigData, Quality of Service, and Telecom 2.0." Thanks to fellow ex-LCC'er Doug Stewart for the inspiration.

Today at NOON ET: Join the #bigdatamgmt chat on in-memory data & infrastructure w/ @jameskobielus @ibmbigdata & more 
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In the world of tech synonyms for "environment," I'm tending toward "substrate." Feels more tangible.

Kansas City has a spacey quiet sort of downtown. Everybody seems to be hard at work indoors.

Ambient analytics? ( ) Wednesday's #IBM quick-hit

Ambient analytics?: 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Mama's Little Baby by Lonnie Holley frm Just Before Music JK--Bizarre. Like tuneless drunk holding single organ chord

Enough with the debunking already! The world was a better place when our most cherished myths, heroes, & institutions were all full of bunk.

Best way to overcome writer's block is, paradoxically, to NOT WRITE. Just read. In process of reading others, you're writing subconsciously

Spam shpam. I'd like my email systems to analyze what legit emails I delete & how fast in order to automate my routine bullshit-detection

"Time to put '#BigData' on a forced diet" ( ) JK--Need intelligent, optimized storage strategies.

"CIA Chief Tech Officer: #BigData Is The Future & We Own It" ( ) JK--What he actually said is only slightly less scary

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Wordy Rappinghood by Tom Tom Club from Tom Tom Club JK--Tina Weymouth & Chris Frantz did this classic nerd-rap song.

My Kansas City morning begins w/ me & Pentangle "Travelling Song" ( ) & Panera near my hotel. Coffee & WiFi are better

When the topic turns to text analytics algorithms, my ear hears "stochastic" as "sarcastic." NLP on sarcasm's a piece o' cake! Yeah, right.

Here at #OADC Rosslyn/Arlington VA. I speak at 1pm: "The Power of Graph Analysis: Grasping the Shape of Business Influence." Local for me.

Catch yr humble #IBM #bigdata evnglst duke w/ @dmenningeremc "Big Data Debate: Will #Hadoop Become Dominant Pltfrm? ( )

New jk #ITKE article:"Small data and #bigdata are joined at the hip" ( )

I liked HBO Mamet/Pacino/Mirren "Phil Spector" movie. My primary beef is that Pacino's gruff voice is polar opposite of Spector's wimpy one

Largely snow-free winter in the Washington DC metro area. But Mother Nature decides to dump one on us on a day I'm speaking in Rosslyn.

Gamified analytics? ( ) Tuesday's #IBM quick-hit in advance. I'm on travel then.

Gamified analytics?: 

#Hadoop uber-alles? It's more like "hybrid" uber-alles ( ) Monday #IBM quick-hit in advance. I'm at conference tomorrow

Hadoop uber-alles? It's more like "hybrid" uber-alles: 

@TonyBaer Huh? I die inside whenever someone wastes even a fraction of my life calling attention to the gee-duh obvious. Ya, big data is hot

Every time somebody posts a LinkedIn #bigdata discussion topic on "Big Data is A Big Deal Now," I die a little inside.

I'm embarrassed for my people when the only Polish-American pop stars I can name are Bobby Vinton & Liberace.

"Can Big Data Be Poisoned by Botnets?" ( ) JK--Hey editor, you don't need "big" in this headline. Answer is "yes."

RT @ITKE: Why #bigdata and "small data" are not mutually exclusive  (by @jameskobielus)

Led Zeppelin should reunite simply 2 record th Neil Sedaka song "Stairway to Heaven." Neil himself should take up th skins 2 fill in 4 Bonzo

You become, say, a Californian by moving to California. Why do you not become a "southerner" by moving to the south? It's the same country.

When the stix nixed the hix pix, did they also object to their portrayal in that headline?