Saturday, June 08, 2013

Aweekstweets June 1-8 2013: the week I stopped paying attention

RT @DavidLinthicum: Above the Cloud with Dave Linthicum JK--Fun fact: title of longtime Network World column.

Kind of fun to watch the predictable pundit feeding frenzy whenever privacy is in peril.

Touchscreens. They remind of us how greasy & disgusting our fingertips truly are. Ever try to use one while eating barbecue chips?

Hey national TV news: can you just report the actual substance of the news without stupid 3-D moving graphics?

Hey cable news: lets agree it's "breaking" news only 4 1st hour. After U've pounded it 4 a day, it's "pulverized"

"Drawbacks o Data-Driven Medicine" ( JK--"More info symptomatic of decreasd levels o [caregiver] comm & understandng"

"Predictive Modeling Mistakes" ( JK--Good hi-level of basics: select right population, variables, & quality metrics

"Pred Analytics Has Future in Educ" ( JK--Deep insight into what impacts student completion rates & learning outcomes

"Data scientists don't scale" ( JK--Calls for self-svc data-sci tools to power business analyst modeling productivity

"Wearable tech 'will be powerful 4 #bigdata analytics" ( JK--Actually, I don't want clothing manu tracking my usage

"How Customer Intimacy Evolv 2 Collective Intimacy Thanks 2 #BigData" ( JK--Good piece. Suggestively orgiastic phrase

Bureaucratic mealy-mouth hedge-speak. I'd like to update the cornpone TV comedy variety show for white-collar hayseeds. Call it "Hem Haw."

A steady soaking rain. The foliage loves it. My house appreciates the fact that the sump pump is working. It's a new pump. It'd better.

"Could #BigData Spur Semantic Web Development?" ( JK--Author thinks Internet of Things will realize Berners-Lee dream

Anna at the party last night asked where I get my "authority" from to evangelize this stuff. I replied: I was hired 2 do it & work very hard

"#Bigdata key 2 self-tailoring security 2 user" ( JK--Disruptive insight. Security-clueless peeps need more stringent

"Wearabl comptg: Who watches th watchmen?" ( JK--More serious question: will wearing them hurt chance o getting laid?

"Futurist's Take on Mng #BigData" ( JK--Futurist should bet own $ on whether specific events'll occur in his lifetime

"#BigData Surveillance Is Real Purpose o Huge NSA Phone Record Sweep" ( JK--It's the overkill means, not the purpose.

"Cloud, Analytics Deployments Fuel Social Biz" ( JK--IDC says data-driven customer experience solution market is hot

Arabic numerals are great if you want ease of computation. But I prefer impractical math. Bring back Roman numerals!

Nobody's just a plain ol' "expert" anymore. Everybody's a "subject-matter expert." Whatever happened 2 omniscient general-purpose brainiacs?

"#IBM & 10gen Collab 2 Bring Mobile 2 Ent" ( JK--Stdize on MongoDB wire prot & query lang in WS eXtreme Scale & DB2

Data virtualization? ( Friday #IBM quick-hit

Data virtualization?:

Hey Google. Anthony Weiner called. He wants a version of Glass to wear as a jockstrap. Will make it easier to tweet from down there.

Hey NSA, I accidentally deleted an important voice mail message. Can you send me your copy, please? Would be ever grateful. Luv, Jim

Driving through District of Columbia this afternoon, it's clear to see the building boom has extended up far into Northwest neighborhoods

Usually, my most retweeted tweets are those where I'm simply gazing into my own navel & weaving the lint into self-indulgent tapestries.

"Researcher cracks the code on what makes a tweet popular" ( JK--Useless intelligence. Says nada about content/style

"More than half o Americans own smartphone. Now what?" ( JK--Well if U must ask now we're all doomed. Have a nice day

My congressman wants to get me drunk and take advantage of me. Invited me to local brewery tour & tasting. I'm not that kind of constituent!

My wife is shy and retiring. Correction: she's not shy in the least. But she is retiring.

RT @setlinger: Great piece on humilty + data science from @jameskobielus JK--I humbly accept your praise. More...

New #IBM jk blog: "Data Scientist: Strike a Balance Between Quantitative & Qualitative Exploration" (

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Mistadobalina by Del th Funky Homosapien frm I Wish My Brother George Was Here JK--Get off Dobalina's back. He's cool

Whew! Good morning. Finished all 5 quick-hits. Wrote a limerick. Not a bad haul.

Posthumous kudos to Jim Morrison on having a species of lizard named for him. Let's hope we find a new ape species to name after Keith Moon.

"Quantified pup:... world’s largest DB on dog behavior" ( JK--Oh, no. You're not going to quantify their poop, are U?

REGRESS//Statistics are sexy they say./Deviation's expected. OK./Error's no sin./It's within the margins/of what we call normal today.

RT @olivergfca: "Are U sure theyre not crickets? @jameskobielus " JK--Yes. Birds chirp. Crickets crick. Chirp chirp chirp. Crick crick crick

I feel the summer lull coming in. The email, social & news volumes have been noticeably lower since Memorial Day. I'm hearing birds chirping

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Listen to Me by Buddy Holly JK--Gr8: "Those same bright stars in heaven above know now how sweet sweethearts can be"

Interesting article in yesterday re Panera Cares, their experiment in customers paying what feel meal is worth. Most pay recommended price

I felt super Canadian today when I paid for a $1.80 coffee with a debit card.
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101 Video over IP companies in Kanata, and I can't find one that will rent me a TelePresence room for an hour.
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Canada has a city named Kanata. I propose we have a city named "Yoonighted Staitz uv Uhmairika."

I tend not to follow anybody who only tweets about their "daily" being "out." Put it back in the closet where it belongs.

My personal favorite LinkedIn discussion group thread is simply "What do you think?" I love it because I can take it in many directions.

#Bigdata-driven TV experience? ( Thursday #IBM quick-hit

Big-data-driven TV experience?:

IBM announces Big SQL standard ANSI SQL access to BigInsights> but what does that mean? SQL for Hadoop #BDA13
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IBM announces GA of SPSS Analytic Catalyst – Statistician in the software, automated modeling, no data scientist required #bda13
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IBM and 10Gen team up to dominate the database market
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Caught some PBS show about Jewish influence on Broadway. Non-Jew Cole Porter started having hit shows when he started writing Jewish melody

Switched off one of those annoying religious radio stations that plays fundamentalist gospel junk masquerading as album-oriented rock.

Just completed the second of my 5 quick-hits for next week. Taking a breather now. Both were intense brainstorms.

I think Google Chrome is losing its mind. It just asked if I want to translate a page of Vietnamese into English. The page was all English.

"Google+ isn't a social network; it's The Matrix" ( JK--Good point. Interactions are awkward like Keanu Reeves acting

"Vint Cerf proposes 'digital vellum' 2 preserve Internet data" ( JK--I propose carve it all on marble slabs in desert

"How Bill Gates’s ResearchGate invstmt might change world 4 better" ( JK--Science learns from long litany of failures

"How #bigdata can help get you pregnant" ( JK--No, not some freaky sci-fi scenario. Fertility analytics & decis sppt

"Go right to the source and ask the horse, he'll give you the answer that you endorse, he's always on a steady course, talk to Mr. Ed!"

"NYC Turns to #BigData to Solve Big Tree Problem" ( JK--City-park pruning analytics. Next job: Big Apple optimization

@hanandrewp Here are Facebook photos of your Mom and me ( & Egidia ( when she visited in April

Drafted latest #InfoWorld #IBM blog: "Virtualized #BigData Clouds: A Tall Order"

"#BigData magic act" ( JK--Causal ambiguity: rivals can't ID cause o your mkt perfrmnc or reverse-engineer yr success

Causal relations. I prefer 2 think o randomness as casual relations. Spurious correlations R human dyslexia rgrding God's order o "u" & "s"

Pop-up ads. They're the gnats o the e-commerce world. Annoying fixture of the ecosystem that you swat & curse away & wish werent so gnats-y.

"To reduce or dedupe, that's #bigdata question" ( JK--I thought latter subset o former. He equ8s reduce w/journal upd

"When sources can go direct, do we need journo less or more than ever?" ( JK--Latter. Direct enables unfiltered lies

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Obvious Bicycle by Vampire Weekend frm Mdrn Vmprs o City JK-- Rarely buy 3 LPs in row frm artist. This'll B exception

Data-scientist skillsets? Coalescing into a substantial profession ( Wednesday #IBM quick-hit

Data-scientist skillsets? Coalescing into a substantial profession:

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Lights Out by Santigold from Santogold JK--2008. Wicked line-end vocal hook (sharp scale-up) on the "-ight" sound.

Patent trolls. In this industry allegory, are software vendors who prefer to write rather than license code the Three Billy Goats Gruff?

RT @jameb75 Filosofías del #BigData más prctcas de lo K podrías pnsr por @jameskobielus Fantástico Blog JK--Gracias!

WSJ says Italian students study Norwegian cuz dig Nordic heavy metal. Ironic reversal of many years of Norse opera lovers learning Italian

WSJ describes Panera Bread as a "suburban brand," but that's not true. I've eaten at Paneras in downtown San Diego, Boston, and Seattle

Type A personalities. Where are all the Type O personalities? I heard they transfuse well with all personality types. I'm a Type B+.

"Meet Yr Digital Doppelgänger" ( JK--I hear ya. I often get email for the 10 million other James Kobieluses out there

New jk #IBM #ITKE blogpost:"Data science should be free of intrusive regulation" (

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I Found the One by Wilson Pickett from The Sound of Wilson Pickett JK--1967. Excellent dose of gospel-inflected soul.

Let's see who's hot and cold on which social at this moment. I notice people's streaks and absences. Some dabble in some, never to return.

Horse whisperers. When do they graduate to neighsayers?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Fresh Blood by Eels from Hombre Lobo: 12 Songs of Desire JK--2009. Shades of Screamin' Jay Hawkins. Ow-OOOOOOOOOOO!

"Competing for solutions is Kaggle way" ( JK--Competing & paying 4 focused results from online adhoc data sci teams

Humidity blessedly under control today.Seems like the air is a placid pond.

"IBM to Acq SoftLayer to Accel Adoption o Cloud Cmptg in Enterprise" ( JK--Combine w/SmartCloud in new Cloud Svcs div

Drafted new #ITKE blog "Data Science Should Be Free of Intrusive Regulation"

"Bob Dylan Nominated for French Legion d'Honneur" ( JK--Opponents' reasons make it sound like Bob was Wavy Gravy.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Two Dots by Lusine from A Certain Distance JK--Repeating-figure song is literally hypnotic. Video accentuates that.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) by Kishi Bashi frm Bright Whites JK--Cool light-classical cover o Talking Heads

Internet of Things? ( Tuesday #IBM quick-hit

Internet of Things?:

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Gepetto by Belly from Star JK--1993. Excellent vintage slice of indie-girl rock.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Sunday Girl by She & Him from Volume 3 JK--Wow! The New Girl does a fine turn as the Blondie Girl on this cover.

"From Bitcoin to Amazon Coins: A Guide to Virtual Currencies" ( JK--Didn't realize there are so many.

New #IBM #SmarterAnalytics blog: "#BigData Driving Converged Digital Telecommunications & Media" (

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Cant Get You Out of My Head by Th Flaming Lips frm Fight Test JK--Wayne Coyne channeling Kylie Minogue makes me laugh

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Candy (feat Kate Pierson) by Iggy Pop frm Brick by Brick JK--Stooge & B-52 voices duet beautifully. Who'd a thought?

June. Start of the 4-month season when I can comfortably work all day with my barefeet on my basement floor without frostbite.

Drafted latest #IBM blog: "Data Scientist: Strike a Balance Between Quantitative & Qualitative Exploration"

Hyper-distracting circumstances induce absent-mindedness. That's why I organize my physical workspace w/constant reminders o important stuff

"Your Quantified Self data would be goldmine 4 scientific researchers" ( JK--Aggregating IoT/wearable data sources

"Dictatorship of Data" ( JK--Dumb title. McNamara trafficked in skewed data & used it to justify screwed strategies

"4 Steps to Decode Data Analytcs" ( JK--"Companies make mistake o retrofitting scattergun findings back 2 biz issues"

"Rise & Fall o Charm in American Men" ( JK--You're romanticizing old Hollywood gloss on patronizing male-domin8d past

"Is Silicon Valley echo chamber or does it just lose perspective?" ( JK--Is & does. Industry towns. I'm from Detroit

Microsoft reinstating the "start button." Click it all you want, Steve, it's not going to restart the PC market.

People whose only tweets are retweets. Sort of like mynah bird cooped up with canaries, constantly mimicking the other birds' songs.

If I have to scroll down thru 2-3 pages of someone's recent tweets before even a single one jumps out as interesting, I don't follow them.

Just doing quick browse of socials to see whose making what extravagant claim for #bigdata today, and who's waxing paranoiac about it all.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Pink Moon by Nick Drake from Pink Moon JK--Song induces a soft dreamy trance state similar to intoxication.

Data monetization? ( Monday #IBM quick-hit

Data monetization?:

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Lion's Mouth by Arthur & Yu from In Camera JK--2007. One of my very favorite seduction songs. Seattle duo. Only LP

"How to Find — and Keep — World’s Best Data Scientists" ( JK--Excellent guidance: collaborative challenging culture

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The High Road by Broken Bells from Broken Bells JK--2010. James Mercer's excellent collaboration with Danger Mouse.

Given th distances, travel times, radiation hazard, & other obstacles, it's clear that space will be colonized by our robots, not our selves

"What would it take to print out the Internet?" ( JK--It would take massive deforestation to produce the paper alone

"Michael Douglas: oral sex caused my cancer" ( JK--From field research 4 Liberace role? Oh, hetero variety. Nevermind

Disney permanently altered th ecosystem o central Florida. Even native alligators now wear white gloves & sing dumb songs in hi-pitch voices

Earlier today, I predicted that when the thunderstorm came, it'd come at 7pm. It came at 7pm sharp. A cooling summer rain. Wish I'd wagered

Google Earth. Perfect companion when reading Lewis & Clark's diary. Minute topographic details of North America still evident.

Tiptoeing thru Rupert Sheldrake "Science Set Free." Ambitious scntfc iconoclasm against intric8 lattice o strawmen & academic scoresettling

Substitute yoga teacher. Never stopped talking. Never started announcing moves properly. Wish she'd never come. We bugged out early.

Thinking o asking LA Fitness 2 schedule regular music-free periods. Nothing overhead. Sick of having my workouts Rihannafied into submission

"Sorry, this command is no longer supported." When that message starts referring generally to "wage war," era of world peace will commence

Fox News reporting on the Obama administration. Sort of like depending on late Steve Jobs for useful analysis of Bill Gates accomplishments

This morning on "Washington Business Report," host Rebecca Cooper apparently interviewng 2 women also named Rebecca Cooper. Production error

Joe Biden. Efforts to depict him as a buffoon fall flat. Intelligent veteran politician whom I generally agree with.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Behind Blue Eyes by The Who frm Who's Next JK--1971. Their best LP & one o greatest in rock history. Ranks w/Sgt Pepr

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Hey Hey What Can I Do by Led Zeppelin from Immigrant Song JK--1970. Flipside of single. Best Zep song not incl on LP

If William of Ockham had applied his razor to his name, he'd be "Okm." Actually, who needs stinkin' vowels? Semitics don't. "Km"'s enough.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Somebody's Sins by Tricky from False Idols JK--Very cool. Essentially appropriation o Patti Smith opening to "Gloria"

Colo. Part of my brain wants to believe that all of these outsourced data centers are on the outskirts of Denver.

Instructing your followers to retweet what you put out is like leading stadium full of people in game of "Simon Says," without birthday cake

Saying someone "tweets about tech" is about as informative as saying they post Facebook pictures of their cat. It's knuckle-cracking content

On this day in 1953, Queen Elizabeth's coronation, the first time a monarch was crowned with TV cameras rolling
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Silent tweet claims to be laughing out loud. Sort of like an eardrum-shattering roar with the only visual the words "nuclear explosion."

I've never watched "Arrested Development." As with many theatrical movies, my philosophy is I'll get around to it eventually. No rush.

RIP Jean Stapleton. She never let Archie Bunker stifle Edith's sweetness. She often delivered the funniest comebacks to the bigoted dude

@HanAndrewP @sciam Excellent article, Andy. You may or may not remember me. My wife Egidia and I are friends of your mom.

A nonagenarian puts aging research into perspective | Guest Blog, Scientific American Blog Network via @sciam
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Is matter unconscious? Does consciousness matter? Are you conscious of this matter? What's the matter with you? Are you still conscious?

Occam's Razor: entities must not be multiplied beyond necessity. Really? What if necessity calls for infinite entities? God needs no razor.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Take It In by Hot Chip from One Life Stand JK--2010. Why don't I remember it from then? Good one.

Ironic the article ( highlightd my influence on Twtr. My best #IBM thought leadershp on blog (

Home schooling. I suspect that it lets the snootier parents rightfully claim that their child is "in a class all by him/herself."

I'm proposing that novels can only qualify as "beach reading" if they were also written on the beach. Sunburn is the author's badge of honor

Hot one in NoVa.'s June. Normal one for NoVa in summer. It's still Spring? Let's end this fiction that the climate obeys astronomy

WSJ week in words has "bajaj" (pronouncd "bah-jigh"): Indonesian auto-rickshaw used as taxi 4 short-distance intra-urban trips. Rattletraps!

WSJ article about sporty Schwinn Sting-Ray bikes of 1960s. Mine was cherry red. Sad day when some bastard stole it from bike rack @ Westland

WSJ arrticle on DC area vibrant, diversified economy thriving in spite of sequester. It's been many years since I did work for feds.