Saturday, June 22, 2013

Aweekstweets June 14-22 2013: the week I tweeted only 99 times

RT @idigdata: So You Want To Be a Decision Analyst? ( ) JK--No thanks. I'm waiting for Dilbert's spoof of this.

Those who can't remember history are condemned to condemn those who can't remember history.

Great Thai meal at Pasara w/Sonya & Dylan 2 celebrate Egidia's retirement. We all ate every last Siamese morsel w/ relish. Not pickle relish

Now that my wife has retired from DCPS, I assume teacher union robocalls'll continue. Their bureaucracy's as braindead as DCPS bureaucracy's

I know I'm old. One comfort default is a radio station o 60s hits. I know I'm not. Another is #kexp. Which plays deepest selection of oldies

Letter 2 WashPost editor sets straight th meaning o "steep learning curve." That's easily mastered task. Hard task 2 learn has shallow curve

Curious if anyone's built stat model re correlation btwn people's ideological alarmist tendencies & grasp of data mining. Probably inverse

Cat Power opens for Billy Idol? I'd stay for Chan, stay for Billy, but wonder what the concert promoter was smoking.

China artist Ai Weiwei releases protest LP w/provocativly named single ( ) JK--"Dumbass"? "I Wee Wee" would be edgier.

Usually, morning is when I'm still feeling nervous tension from dreams I've mostly forgotten. Seizing the day means unseizing the night

Kanye + Kim name their child North. I'm glad they realized Yeezus would have been a little crass. But you can't assume with these two.

Sanity demands having at least one online real-time publishing channel that you have full editorial control over--eg, your Twitter presence
Co-presented today on #IBM strategy briefing on #Forrester #EDW Wave refresh to my 2011 Wave. I discussed our diverse acqs & innovations.
Seems like random-asshole-emulator bot going round posting brainless insult comments on blogs. That's how I interpret "U not sayin nuthin"

Been a damn busy week, half on the road. Waiting for Egidia to come home so we can go out. Today's her last day at DCPS. Retiring. 27 years.

Bernie Sahlins, Second City co-founder. Core principle: play comedy to "top of your intelligence." Exactly! Wit is a disruptive mind at play  What distinguishes science is robust replicability of pred anal across diverse model apprs algos samples scientists.

Bit annoyed by current fad of attaching "big" to every data topic & dropping "NSA" into discussion to sound au courant. Ooh: I spoke French!

"#BigData reveals: we're all terrible at hiring" ( ) JK--I'll bet also applies to proficiency in appraising+promoting

"#BigData Reboots Real-Time Analysis" ( ) JK--Actually, IoT rebooting th r-t/stream/CEP market. #BigData = foot in boot

Data-scientist skillsets? Master the basics, avoid the most common mistakes ( ) Friday #IBM quick-hit

Data-scientist skillsets? Master the basics, avoid the most common mistakes: 

In honor of the summer solstice, here's Caribou "Sun" ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp High School Lover by Cayucas from Bigfoot JK--Every time their songs come on, I'm giddy. Like classic Beach Boys

RIP Bernie Sahlins. Co-founder of Second City. Few behind-the-scenes figures have had a greater impact on shape of American comedic acting.

"Forrester “Rediscovers” Hub & Spoke Data Arch" ( ) JK--Not really. Hub+spoke was my core EDW focus '08-'12 @ Forrester

"#Big Data & Thick Description" ( ) JK--Interesting invoke o CGeertz concept that aligns w/ quant+qual contextualiz'n

"Futurist on Managing #BigData" ( ) JK--Boring. Only interesting thing: "SMAC stack” (social mobile analytics cloud)

"Data is Worthless if You Don't Communicate It" ( ) JK--A bit of the old "publish or perish."

"Ad serving optimization" ( ) JK--Good discussion from data scientist perspective.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp It'll Get You There by Rilo Kiley from RKives JK--Cool. Jenny sounds like Karen O & band like Yeah Yeah Yeahs on this

"Best Supercomputers Still Not Best 4 #BigData" ( ) JK--As processing pwr grows, access to memory & storage often slows

"Machine learning & prediction w/out understanding" ( ) JK--Machines better than linguists @ tuning speech recog algos?

"When yr mother-in-law endorsing U on LnkdIn, time 2 question endorsemts" ( ) JK--Or rejoice she doesnt considr U loser

RIP James Gandolfini. Actor best known for lead role in landmark series that pushed premium-cable into go-to 4 hi-qual original programming

New #IBM jk blog: "Single Version of the Truth: Ground it in Data Science, Not Data Faith" ( )

Electronic cigarettes. For all we know, they'll cause virtual addiction & digital cancer. Resist.

Going to recommend that new babies get Twitter accounts at birth. Default first tweet: "Just checked into Earth, w/ 7 billion others"

New #IBM JK #InfoWorld column: "#BigData needs data virtualization" ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones from Sticky Fingers JK--1971. Terrific original.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Wild Horses by The Sundays from Blind JK--1992. Terrific cover.

Healthcare analytics? #BigData can dilute or deepen caregiver-patient engagement ( ) Thursday #IBM quick-hit

Healthcare analytics? Big data can dilute or deepen caregiver-patient engagement: 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Echo or Encore by Eleanor Friedberger from Personal Record JK--Her voice has great character. Her songs very literate

I get a little tired o industry panels on #bigdata that rat-hole on privacy hysteria. It's just longtime rap against data mining, supersized

Pleasant plane ride. Wrote 2 more quick-hits for next week. 4 down, one more to go. When I land.

RIP Slim Whitman. Falsetto-sharp country singer most famous for 70s TV commercial 4 greatest hits LP. Most of his hits remain obscure.

Excellent meal on th Embarcadero. They supersized me th San Francisco treat: Rice-A-Roni. I demanded they shovel it down my throat. Yum yum!

No seismic activity today in San Francisco, but it feels like the ground's trembling from these earthquake-force winds.

The "Tenderloin." SF neighborhood so-named because historically it was where the best steakhouses were located. Huh? Not that type of meat?

The Velvet Underground "All Tomorrow's Parties" ( ). Playing overhead during lunch at ODCA Forecast 2013.

Obama 2012 campaign CTO says #bigdata is "bullshit." He's under bullshit impression it's all a scam to sell more storage.

"Average Joe." I'll bet there are more guys named Jim. But nobody every said a Jim is merely average. Take that, Joe Blow!

Real-world experiments? Building the data-driven case for causation ( ) Wed #IBM quick-hit in advance. Travel tomorrow

Real-world experiments? Building the data-driven case for causation: 

Data of desire? Microsegmentation analytics are shaping the food chain ( ) Tuesday #IBM quick-hit

Data of desire? Microsegmentation analytics are shaping the food chain: 

@jjwenzell Yes. The new Vampire Weekend LP is terrific. I'm listening to it addictively.

"IBM Unveils Industry’s First Cloud Suites for Entire C-Suite" ( ). Incl social biz, marketing, #Watson Engage Advisor

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp June Hymn by The Decemberists from The King Is Dead JK--2011. Very nice acoustic folksong for the month.

Lunched yesterday w/company that builds data centers in Iceland. Place is a natural. Ample geothermal energy. Cool temps minimize A/C reqs

Escuchando El Sonida con DJ Chilly en #KEXP. Las musicas modernas del mundo latino. Bailan mis hermanos!

Always dine Italian in North Beach. Tonight: Coppola's Cafe Zoetrope. Best damn spaghetti pomodoro basilico I've ever had. Super-spicy!

Cock-eyed? Do they even have the sense of sight? I thought they were like little moles down there.

Listening to Vampire Weekend's latest. Browsing the City Lights Bookstore in North Beach. The sky is blue & dimming. Columbus Avenue sedate.

Had a wonderful gin-and-tonic dialogue with Mike Gualtieri, the very agile analyst who backfilled several of my areas at Forrester.

Kudos to fellow #IBM-er Harriet Fryman for being, like me, a fast walker and sharp talker. Excellent urban co-pedestrian conversationalist

Crazy windy late afternoon in San Francisco. Needing a haircut & walking downtown, I look like a flyaway balding madman.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Flowers by The Psychedelic Furs from The Psychedelic Furs JK--1980. 1st time I've heard since then. Still sounds good

Busy blur of a day of meetings with people in & around the ODCA event here in the Westin St. Francis. I've had how much caffeine? Stop Jim!

"People Analytics: How Ethically Use Social Sensors 2 Trak Workers" ( ) JK--Proposes new rules 4 sociometric badge data

"What's the big deal about Big SQL?" ( ) JK--Good discussion of #IBM SQL tech for #Hadoop

"ETL Design Patterns – The Foundation" ( ) JK--This architectural discussion is a definite keeper.

"How you & I could become nodes in Internet o things" ( ) JK--Leaving yourself wide-open to remote surveillance.

"Ugly" needs an adverb. "Uglily" works well. It's even more ugly than the root word.

"Smart Phones and Tablets are Redefining Retail" ( ) JK--Good discussion o staff use as brick/mrtr in-store POS devices

JHammerbacher: ""Best minds o my gener8n think how 2 make peeps click ads. That sux" JKobielus: "How dat suck worse than write beat poetry?"

"How #BigData Analytics Reveal Your Most Intimate Secrets" ( ) JK--What if U neurotically click you "like" everything?

SF Bay Area. It's not uncommon to find that the next person over on the bar stool knows something about #Hadoop. My experience last night

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Don't Shoot (I'm a Man) by Devo from Something for Everybody JK--2010. I thought that sounded suspiciously like Devo

Got my cardio workout this morning. In business casual dress. Walking up Powell to the Fairmont, & back down again. Thank you San Francisco!

Drafted latest #IBM blog: "Single Version of the Truth: Ground it in Data Science, Not Data Faith"

Graph analysis? Scalability requirements will push #bigdata evolution ( ) Monday #IBM quick-hit

Graph analysis? Scalability requirements will push big-data evolution: 

You know you're from Livonia when you're not exactly sure why it matters.

San Fran. Been here many times in summer & always have to remind self to bring jacket. Was 54 & shivering last night. I'm still 54 this a.m.

@keepingitheel Not so! I've been using HootSuite since early May, on several machines & handhelds, &it performs quite well. Adios TweetDeck!

Family got me a nice necktie for Father's Day. Can't have enough neckties. Not being facetious. Just wish I had more occasions to wear them

Cheech & Chong got interested in #bigdata briefly. Heard someone say it's powered by #Hadoop. Thought they heard huge doobies

Toying with idea of writing a blog on how #bigdata can help your sex life. That'll probably get me more followers. Of the wrong kind.

A Boy Named Sue. Did Sue have grounds to sue the son of a bitch that named his son Sue?

DCA. Connecting to SFO thru my hometown DTW. Arlington to Romulus to Millbrae, actually

Metadata's all the rage, it seems. Here's a "meaty metadata" quick-hit from 8 months ago: 

"Data-driven"? Not always good. Data can drive U in any crazy direction. U should be driving toward right destination & fuel it w/right data

"Obama, the ‘#bigdata’ president" ( ) JK--"Faith in data"? See my recent q-h: 

Father's Day. Best gift is always this. An hour or two of quiet time in the morning before the girls wake up.

Somebody has put out a coffee table book of "Bazooka Joe" comics. Pulitzer candidate, I'm sure. I always found his eyepatch disturbing.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Ouch! by The Rutles JK--I was vaguely overhearing this playing, thinking that's the lamest Beatles ripoff imaginable