Friday, June 14, 2013

Aweekstweets June 8-14 2013: the week fed intelligence found I had a disturbing infatuation for something called “big data”

Whenever anybody freaks out about government surveillance they always cite the year I was married & the Tigers won the World Series. Why?

Tuning into #bigdatabytes  to follow videochat discussion on the day's issues.  Christian: Right. Nobody has ever claimed that data virtualization/federation is the high-performance option....

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp This Heart Is A Stone by Acid House Kings from Sing Along w/ Acid House Kings JK--Pretty. Feels like a June afternoon

"A #BigData view of the Internet of Things" ( ) JK--Good discussion of where to put distributed intelligence in IoT net

Interesting to be a vendor responding to analyst request for information. Interesting because I'm using same skills as when I was analyst

"A New Framework for Customer Segmentation" ( ) JK--Focuses on sorting customers by outcomes they wish to achieve

Catch me #IBM & other industry panelists in person, NYC, "The #BigData Explosion" Wed June 26, 630-8pm ET. Register: 

"What would #bigdata think of Einstein?" ( ) JK--Fuck Einstein. I wanna know big data's personal opinion of yours truly

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Black Jesus by The Game JK--Would ya say this dude's gotta bit of an ego situation going on there?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp School's Out by Alice Cooper frm School's Out JK--This classic song alone would've secured his place in rock history.

New CSCC report: "Convergence of Social, Mobile & Cloud" I wrote chaptr/step 5: "Leverage Analytics 2 Gain Insight" ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before by The Smiths JK--Bicycle song. Crotch-imperiling crossbar. Arggh!

Flag Day. Nat'l holiday Americans observe by wondering why Memorial Day (2 weeks previous) & Independence Day (3 weeks hence) dont suffice

Instant messaging. I loathe it more than any other "productivity" technology. I don't appreciate it when people literally pop into my face.

Typical morning. Everybody wants a piece of my time. I want peace of mind. Oftentimes, those are in conflict.

"#BigData is like punk rock"? ( ) JK--Most cretinous analogy I've ever heard on this topic, & that's saying something

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp You by Bibio from Silver Wlkinson JK--Romantic soul music seemingly performed by randy robots on repeat.

Advanced visualization? Tuned thru machine learning shaped by real-time behavior of SMEs ( ) Friday #IBM q-h

Advanced visualization? Tuned through machine learning shaped by real-time behavior of subject-matter experts: 

The one bright spot in never-ending Middle East turmoil is that North America on path to energy self-sufficiency

"When All Science Becomes Data Science" ( ) JK--Happening, says Bill Howe of Univ of Washington's eScience Institute.

"Smartphones, #bigdata, storage & you" ( ) JK--"Each smartphone user will generate about 60 gigabytes o data each year"

@imjustinkern I don't treat "falutin" as a gerund. I regard it as a noun, like "gluten," or malevolent presence, like "Putin."

"How to Use BI to Measure Social Media Activity" ( ) JK--Good detailed comprehensive discussion.

"High-falutin." Is that an excessive or a bitchin'/awesome degree of falutin? Is falutin optimization even feasible with modern technology?

Finished all 5 #IBM quick-hits for next week. Some of them are shells of larger perspectives that I'll probably develop further later-on

I don't see no damn derecho!

Paul told Colbert that all 4 Beatles had veto over any song they might record + made sure not to repeat same sonic approach from song 2 song

When some1 sez an org "saves all data," I do quick mental calc o what it'd cost in storage. Usually exceeds IT budget by wide margin. BS

New #IBM jk blog: "Monetizing Your #BigData: A Grand Dream, A Constrained Reality" ( )

Complex tech topics suddenly topic #1 in political, media & watercooler conversation: emotion, confusion, & conspiracy theories rule the day

Hey @loserboy , I'm in Alexandria VA and the "derecho" (duh-RAY-cho) threat this morning passed. Nothing major. It's sunny now.

Crowdsourcing #BigData creativity? Top-notch data scientists gravitate toward challenges: ( ) Thursday #IBM quick-hit

Crowdsourcing Big Data creativity? Top-notch data scientists gravitate toward challenges: 

Lewis Black, showing Glass used in aquarium, on Google ban of porn from device: "You've underestimated my ability 2 masturbate to jellyfish"

My fitness club is unpleasant environment for solitary yoga most of the time. No quiet spaces. Must calm my nerves amid din. Concentration

Going to catch ODCA's Forecast 2013 next Mon-Tues in San Francisco. I may also pop into GigaOm Structure. Let's see. My head's in cloud.

Spam tonight is inviting me to grow my public presence on Twitter. Also inviting me to grow my private present to the female of the species

Drafted next #IBM #Dataversity blog: "Internet of Things May Disrupt Predictive Analytics in Big-Data Clouds"

Whew! Wrote 3 o next week's 5 #IBM quick-hits. All o them substantial essays. Feel like my head's gonna explode. Will write other 2 tomorrow

Hot and cold. In my prof life, many want to engage me & are all enthusiastic up front. I test 'em by requesting simple follow-up. 90% vanish

"I&AM + rise of bring yr own identity" ( ) JK--Great Freudian slip: "social indemnities." How indemnify trust re FB id?

TV news sez Father's Day gifts on average less valuable than Mother's Day gifts. Considering that dads make more $ on avg, that's fitting

Experience optimization? Your operational data is usually enough ( ) Wednesday #IBM quick-hit

Webinar: Join @Gartner_Inc Donald Feinberg for #BigData & the Enterprise: An Analyst's Perspective 

Experience optimization? Your operational data is usually enough: 

"How to detect 3 types of hidden data" ( ) JK--Model stat pattern from available data, identify other needed to confirm

"#BigData: When Cars Can Talk" ( ) JK--My gr8st fear is car malware that'll make 'em cuss each other out in road rage

EFF has an analyst named Dan Auerbach. I assume he's not the guitarist/singer of The Black Keys. But if he were, that would be cool sidegig

Privacy advocates say secret is better content encryption. Hah. Tracking behavior needn't involve snooping on content of what people say

"#BigData's Human Error Problem" ( ) JK--Big data quality abhors typos and people who can't spell.

"Sensor network designs win IoT contest" ( ) JK--Harbingers of IoT coming embedded ubiquity anywhere humans can reach

Word is that Whitey Bulger went into a life of crime after one too many times of being teased as "Tightie Whitey."

I've always wondered about Harry S Truman. Did the buck only stop in the Oval Office? Could he be absolutely irresponsible everywhere else?

Following @hillaryclinton. Gr8 profile:  : Includes "pantsuit aficionado"

You know you're from Livonia when you recognize only 1 out of 1000 Facebookers who say they're from Livonia. Big city. Been gone a long time

@gwenthomasdgi Thanks. Boogers are always the best punchword.

Soylent Green. That twist at the end was really a shocker. I assumed it was made out of soil, lint, & boogers.

Metadata. Suddenly one of the geekiest data management terms is everywhere and nobody's falling asleep.

An exabyte of raw data storage in 2011 cost $70M ( ). Filing that fact mentally for future reference. Tweeting it too

FB should have disclaimer popup when U wanna comment on post that already has dozens. "U really dont want 2 B alerted 2 th next several 100"

Will also expand today's quick-hit, referencing Robert McNamara, into a full blog:  . "Dictatorship of data"?

"Uncloaking Slumlord Conspiracy w/Social Netwrk Analysis" ( ) JK--Excellent preso o graph analysis 4 advanced sleuthing

"Using Metadata to Find Paul Revere" ( ) JK--Too complicated. Just ask some patriot down at ye old publick house

Kind of odd to refer to a call detail record as "metadata." Metadata is data about data. A CDR is data about a call. Call it "meta-call"?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Minnesoter by Th Dandy Warhols from Th Dandy Warhols Come Down. JK--Not freeloaders like those North & South Dakoters

NSA developed NoSQL Accumulo db. It'd be a trip if NSA actually stood for "NoSQL Analytics." Huh? Established under HSTruman? Never mind

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Wired For Light (Live Drum Versn) by School of Seven Bells from Prince of Peace JK--Feels very hippie-spacy. Far out!

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Hurricane by MS MR from Secondhand Rapture JK--2013. New artist. Moody cool. I keep flipping to playlist 4 song name

Morning is all nervous tension. If you play the day as a process of gradually unwinding it, you can get through it in better, calmer shape.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Break It To Me Gently by Camera Obscura from Desire Lines JK--2013. Hmm. This one's tipping me to buy. 4th LP in row

Big-data single version of the truth? Business strategies founded on skewed data can backfire badly: 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Colours by Donovan from Fairytale JK--As much an homage 2 Dylan as Dylan's early work was to Woody. Stands alone, tho

Tonight my smartphone startled me. It suddenly buzzed loud and harsh. I looked at the text: flood alert. I've never seen that alert before

"10 scary facts about Bitcoin" ( ) JK--Security issues galore.

Just bought & downloaded Vampire Weekend's excellent new LP, "Modern Vampires of the City." I rarely buy 3 straight LPs from same artist.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Natural's Not in It by Gang of Four from Entertainment! JK--Song taught me the English pronounce it "mee-graine."

"Skepticism Moves #BigData Toward Causation" ( ) JK--Data sci builds stories around data 2 demonstrate case 4 causation

"Facebook unveils Presto engine for querying 250 PB DW" ( ) JK--Interesting. I suggest they call ETL engine "Change-O"

Why you should humanize everything yr business says—to all stakeholders, on all social nets  by @jameskobielus

New jk #IBMDataMag article: "Social Business: The Power of #BigData in Agile Engagement" ( ) 

New jk #IBMDataMag article: "Social Business: The Power of #BigData in Agile Engagement" ( )

"Data intelligence complex is real story" ( ) JK--Refs WashPost "Top Secret America" 2010 rsch ( )

RT @ibmbigdata: A2: “Grasping influence = graphing engagement patterns” ~ @jameskobielus #cxo

"#IBM Unveils #BigData Cloud Enhs Thru-out Sys Prtflio" ( ) JK--New #IBM FlashSystem family, StorWize enh, Sys 4 HANA

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp If You Didnt See Me (Then U Werent On Dancefloor) by Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr JK--True: considrd name Counting Crows Pt 2

New #IBM jk WMCommunity blog: "The Power of Big Data to Drive Agile Social Business" ( )

As layered architecture, #Hadoop becoming a bit like OSI reference model: observed in breach. Alternatives 2 HDFS, MapReduce, & Hive abound.

Drafted new #IBM blog: "Monetizing Your #BigData: A Grand Dream, A Constrained Reality"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Man by Neko Case JK--Neko's a "man" in this song in the same sense Joni was a "Free Man in Paris" in that song.

"Boston Marathon bombing expected to boost video surveillance spending" ( ) JK--All that future video can be subpoenaed

Remember how everybody took a keen interest in public video surveillance to catch the Boston Marathon bombers? You don't remember?

"Data scientists dictate what we eat" ( ) JK--Yeah, sure. This week they've decreed we all go gluten-free.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Strawberry Bubblegum by Justin Timberlake from 20/20 Experience JK--2013. Good 70s-flavored smooth soul dance track

"Google Says Can Predict Which Films'll B Huge BoxOffice Hits" ( ) JK--Really? And hasnt acquired Hollywood studio yet?

This just in. Stephen Hawking has discovered a dozen normal forms curled up at subatomic db level of #bigdata clusters. All's a black hole

The wages of sin is death. The flipside is that the salary of virtue are life. The latter has better fringe benefits. Accept that offer.

I'm looking forward to the inevitable Capitol Hill hearings where politicians grill NSA about some dastardly secret tool called " #Hadoop "

Glanced at 2 WashPost biz-section articles on " #bigdata " solutions/vdrs this a.m. neither of which referenced huge data sets. I give up.

Useful metric of other people's personal acquaintance-distance with me is whether call me "James" (far), "Jim" (closer), or "Jimmy" (family)

Internet of Things? Data-streaming wearables can drive personal wellness optimization: ( ) Monday #IBM quick-hit

Internet of Things? Data-streaming wearables can drive personal wellness optimization: 

RT @kdnuggets: Social Network Analysis - why with telephone call metadata you don't need 2 listen to content of calls 

Work week commences. Already read both of my morning papers, which I suppose is some sort of "work." Tweeting this? Hard work!

Top intelligence official describes leaks as "literally gut-wrenching." Are the gory details of his gastrointestinal distress classified?

Edward Snowden. Since when are we supplying state secrets to former members of the British royal family?

Does Schrodinger's Cat have 9 lives and 9 deaths?

RT @jbrodkin: It was always weird that Superman wore tightie whities on the outside of his pants, even if they were red.

RT @brainpicker: Who knew: Nobel laureate Samuel Beckett used to be André the Giant's chauffeur ( ) JK--Sam had truck

RT @kdnuggets: After PRISM, another NSA data mining tool comes to light ( ) JK--Surprise, surprise! They use #Hadoop

Dumb to worry about how much preretirement income you can replace with savings in retirement. Consider preretirement lifestyle instead

Guitar Player mag. Torchbearer for long-extinct rock-guitar showboating hero-worshipping 1970s hoohah. This month: Robin Trower profiled

Vanity Fair cover story. Latest in Brad Pitt saga: live down his good looks & somehow build his movie career against all odds

Cool. Men's Health mag has feature on bacon cuisine. So it must be healthy. Especially if, as illustrated, sexy ladies dig it too.

Curious why Tarzan needed to remind Jane of her own name. Did she suffer from dementia?

Carrie Brownstein. I want to see her expand the range of shows in which she acts. She always makes me smile.

Only posted locker-room rules @ club concern not leave stuff overnite. Always joker member thinks they make rules

Gerstner: "I've led an episodic life." Kobielus: "That's a good summary of my career as well."

Reading long Washington Post interview of ex #IBM chair/CEO Lou Gerstner. Reminds that one individual skipper can turn a huge ship around.

Best thing about Facebook is that, by re-introducing you to people from your past, it re-energizes the memory of them with fresh dimensions

Revised my Twitter profile to read: "The opinions expressed are not those of a rational person."

"NSA, FBI mining data directly from major Internet companies, report says" ( ) JK--Bullshit. Accessing is not "mining."

RT @nacin: “Direct access” is *clearly* dropboxes. If U think FB would let *anyone* connect to actual DB servers, U’ve never met a sysadmin.

"Direct" access to a database doesn't necessarily mean unfettered access to all data 24x7. Query of a narrow database partition is "direct."

@jeroenlatour I didn't say "data scientists are biased." I said various types of biases may creep into their work. All can be addressed.

"How Government Gets Data From FB GGL Etc." ( ) JK--Limited disclosures per govt requests under law, not 24x7 wiretaps