Saturday, September 21, 2013

Aweekstweets September 13-21 2013: the week I noticed pumpkins for sale in Pennsylvania

Poor Charlie Brown. Since Schulz passed, there's been no chance Lucy will hold th ball still 4 him 2 kick. It's "AUUGGHH!!!!" 4 all eternity

@JeffFeinsmith Really? Coffee? The beautiful location is the highlight of my visits to #IBM Silicon Valley Lab. That + smart conversations

"Trusting #BigData" ( ) JK--Good discussion by #IBM Paula Sigmon. Puts into proper context: decision latency/confidence

"Beyond Higgs Boson" ( ) JK--"Reality is combination o all observable possibilities combined into single wave function"

"How to find out what data miners know about you" ( ) JK--Curb yr enthusiasm! It's only Acxiom & other data aggregators

@ingrooveinc As far as tech marketing goes, marketing that hews closest to actual substance o what it can do is best. Smart people eschew BS

@sachin_pro I drafted it and sent it to the editors. It hasn't posted yet.

Coffee snobs. Wine snobs. Beer snobs. Softdrink snobs. Are there schnapps snobs?

Drafted my latest #IBM #Dataversity blog: Data Scientists Need a Professional Code of Conduct

Good ideas well-expressed and widely distributed are the best reputation builders.

@merv Both Starbucks and Peets are fine. I also love Tully's, but that's mostly around Seattle.

Join now today's #BigDataBytes videochat How #OpenSource is Changing Biz.  . Also read my blog: 

Join today's #BigDataBytes videochat w/ @eric_kavanagh @revodavid. How #OpenSource is Changing Biz.  2PM EST

@merv I like the #Peets that they already have at SVL. That's my vote, but I don't work out of that lab very often, so don't listen to me.

New #IBM jk #InfoWorld article: "DevOps can take data science to the next level" ( )

Drafted next #IBM blog: "Living the #BigData Dream: Confidence, Confidentiality, and Continuous Automation in the 21st Century"

"#IBM Acquires Daeja Image Systems Ltd." ( ) JK--Software helps biz/IT pros to better view large documents and images

I think notion of "people skills" is wrongheaded. People are skilled at all kinds of nastiness. Call it "getting-along-with-people skills."

Finding the proverbial needle in a haystack? Even more impressive would be finding hay in a needlestack without pricking yourself.

Recommendation engines? Inherent inscrutability o personal preference pt1 ( ) pt2 ( ) Fri #IBM q-h

Pope got it right. Catholic Church became monomaniacally focused on abortion over past 40 years. Homilies degenerated into nasty lectures.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend by The Ramones from The Ramones JK--Perfect example of their blend of punk & bubblegum

Incandescent light. Edison's invention is the most obvious human artifact visible from space. At night. Our species' photonic footprint.

Wrote all 5 of next week's quick-hits in a single day. There were no distractions. I bless these days when they come. Which isn't often.

Engage. Enrage. Estrange. The on/off hot/cold lifecycle of a fatiguing relationship: B2C or otherwise.

"How in-store location analytics ...impact on retail customer loyalty" ( ) JK--Cool visual-enriched data sci discussion

"#BigData From Talking Turbines Signal Productivity Boom" ( ) JK--Era o continuous optimizd global IoThings approacheth

"Ten Reasons for the Data Science Mania" ( ) JK--Good discussion by Robin Bloor.

"NSA Data Mining: How It Works" ( ) JK--Interesting discussion in, what?, "Popular Mechanics"?

"How Twitter monitors millions of time-series" ( ) JK--Interesting discussion of something called "Observability Stack"

Today is "talk like a pirate day." Do software pirates say "arrr me buccos" and all that? Not in a post-ironic slacker way? Didn't think so.

These ridiculous "connect with yr college classmate" svcs. I went to Big Ten universities. Have no interest in meeting random stranger alums

@macadamianlabs Thanks. Please note that on the same evening I tweeted that "I'm so fit" brag I also tweeted about eating chocolate cupcake.

"Updating our #Hadoop Vocabulary" ( ) JK--Gartner @merv recommends replace FUD-bait "proprietary" w/ "distro-specific."

"Is NoSQL the future of data storage?" ( ) JK--No. Just a facet in hybridized DB kaleidoscope of "polyglot persistence"

"Google taps #bigdata for universal translator" ( ) JK--Parallel stat analysis on massive comparative textual corpora

New #IBM jk AnalyzingMedia post: "Whitepaper: #BigData Analytics For A Holistic Customer Journey" ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Friction by Television from Marquee Moon JK--Band was anomaly in day. Indie pioneers. Verlaine played rockstar guitar

"Building better search tools: problems and solutions" ( ) JK--Interesting dissection of Google search algorithm

"#Hadoop vs. #NoSql vs. Sql vs. NewSql By Example" ( ) JK--Article makes mistake of equating Hadoop with HDFS

"'Small Data' Analysis Next Big Thing, Advocates Assert" ( ) JK--Please don't wimp down "next big" to mean "same old"

Starbucks' new policy against firearms in their stores makes perfect sense. You don't want trigger fingers to get caffeine jitters.

Conversation optimization? ( ) Thursday #IBM quick-hit

New #IBM jk blog: "Openness: Bringing Greater Transparency and Agility to the Smarter Planet" ( )

@WwDAdA I don't understand the question. All No SQL dbs are alternatives.

How did they know kryptonite had all these deadly & disabling effects on Kryptonians if there was only one of th species left & he was fine?

September 2013 marks 10 years since Egidia & I started regular workouts. Quality-of-life benefits immeasurable. Comfort & pride in own skin

NoSQL market like looking thru kaleidoscope. Multicolored facets of myriad DB approaches create dazzling but sometimes bewildering patterns

Has there ever been a Tropical Storm Eliot? I'd like to see headlines about TS Eliot leaving a wasteland in its precious poetic wake.

Colder seasonal weather. I like it. I love being able to wear jackets again. One word: pockets.

If they ever make a biopic about Woodrow Wilson, I nominate Edward Norton to play him. Essentially, the same face. Norton is Ivy League too.

Busy day. It's all a blur now. Tonight. Dinner over. Eating a chocolate cupcake. Reading Monday's dried-out-crisp formerly soaked WSJ.

Thinking about "desired outcomes." If U have to explicitly think about "desired" vs merely "desirable," you point your predictives at former

Thinking about "assurance." If you have to explicitly think about assurance, you ponder the ones you absolutely need for trust & confidence.

Thinking about "trust." If you have to explicitly think about trust, your focus spans the entire enforcement & verification machinery.

Thinking about "confidence." If you have to explicitly think about confidence, you're not taking it for granted. It's not unconditional.

A8: #ibmblu What's next for workload mgt is prioritizing data-analytic workloads & media-analytic workloads in streams in Big Media cloud

A8: #ibmblu What's next for workload mgt is dynamic allocation of analytic/txn workloads among peer-to-peer edge nodes in Internet of Things

A7: #ibmblu If you have OLTP system-of-record on data platform, record-level update & delete workloads usually take priority over reads.

A7: #ibmblu If merge OLTP & OLAP, data platform must meet the most stringent "bet the business" SLAs. Business downsize of downtime is acute

A7: #ibmblu If merge OLTP & OLAP, need data platform with both transactional guarantees & lightning-fast data ingest, analysis, & query

A6: #ibmblu In #bigdata envts, often best to do OLAP on in-mem/columnar, #EDW on RDBMS, staging on #Hadoop. Each optimized 4 specific wklds

A6: #Ibmblu Typically, most real-world #EDW aggregate feeds from two or more #OLTP source systems.

A6: #ibmblu Most companies start from merger of OTLP & analytic workloads, then migrate toward optimized platforms for each of these wklds

A5: #ibmblu If client and server in-mem and connected by fast broadband, the wkld mgt must ensure high-throughput end-to-end flow.

A5: #ibmblu If spd-o-thot requires much server-roundtripping, those lo-latency cli-svr requirements must prioritize over other loads

A5: #ibmblu If speed-of-thought is viz-intensive & can be support on in-mem w/min server roundtrip, wkld mgt req is simple: feed data fast

A4 #ibmblu #Analytics workloads increasing as the volume of data ingested & size/complexity of models executed on it grow by order-of-mag

A4: #ibmblu #Analytic workload demands increasing as all biz apps moving 2 real-time, low-latency data, calculation, & visualization refresh

A4: #ibm #Analytics workload demands are increasing as #BI adopted by all biz functions & predictive business becomes standard everywhere

A3: #ibmblu As data sets grow bigger, if data platf hasnt scaled commensurately, need mixed-wkld mgt to prioritize loads on constraind platf

A3: #ibmblu As data sets grow bigger, svc lvl requirements may stay same, but workloads may grow, so wkld resource contention may intensify

A2: #ibmblu Auto workload mgt has evolved toward balance & prioritize growing range of disparate #bigdata workloads in massive parallel env

A2: #ibmblu Automated workload mgt has evolved toward visually oriented policy admin consoles & dynamic #bigdata query & load optimization

A2: #ibmblu Automated wkld mgt manages mixed loads using policy-based tools to ensure allocation of resources per business priorities

A1: Dynamic workloads and impact of complex analytic queries can be significant to the simple queries #ibmblu
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RT @Keith_Carlsen A1 I’m seeing needs for speed and larger data volumes. Complex SQL generated by tools. #ibmblu
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A1: #ibmblu Mixed-workload mgt is the norm with #bigdata. Concurrency of real-time & batch jobs, low-latency & batch, in-db apps & data mgt

A1: #ibmblu #BigData puts priority on workloads involving in-database execution of advanced analytic models. Real-time or batch.

A1: #ibmblu Low-latency workloads are becoming the norm with #bigdata. Used to be the exception (pre-bigdata).

RT @IBM_DB2: Join us today, 1 PM ET for #ibmblu chat  Workload Management for Growing Data

"Hecticity." My dictionary doesn't show it as a word. It needs to be a word. Me, here, now.

Meaty metadata? #BigData, semantic search, and the decline of closed-ended intentionality ( ) Wednesday #IBM quick-hit

Drafted latest #IBM #AnalyzingMedia post: "#BigData Analytics for a Holistic Customer Journey"

Caught some comedian in the Poconos doing his dirty nightclub act to a mostly indifferent audience. Wish I'd recalled his name. Filthy funny

@bigdata_paulz Well, thankee kindly Big Paulz!!!!!!

Little Jimmy Dickens "May Th Bird Of Paradise Fly Up Yer Nose" ( ) JK--Odd craving 2 hear this. Not sure why. Up yours!

Seeing "Showgirls" (1995). Doesn't quite work as a Hollywood entertainment or softcorn porn. Too long. Dialogue stinks to high heaven.

It's official! LinkedIn informs me that I'm now connected to everybody who is anybody in Big Data. My life's crowning achievement!

Hanging with Sonya & Dylan in Harrisburg. Brought her warmer wear & lots of provisions. Wilderness on the Susquehanna.

Loyalty marketing. You never hear about "disloyalty" in this context. It's called "churn," & there's no stigma to the customer who dumps you

It's a cold one this morning. Mid-40s. Less than a week to the autumnal equinox.

RT @LisaOrrJohnston: IBM #Watson has moved on to solutions that can power searches from smartphones;  #PowerSystems

RT @JeffSheehan: "The greatest oak was once a little nut who held its ground." #quote RT @ptrakkonen

Definition o perseverance is doing samething over&over expecting diff results. Def'n o insanity is repeating phrase disconnectd from reality

Caught Elia Kazan's "Splendor in the Grass" (1961) on PBS. Excellent drama. Natalie Wood & Warren Beatty both put in fine performances.

Beautiful day. And beautiful day to air out the house. Opened all the windows. Braced the doors. Nice breezes, blue sky, placid, lo-humid

Thank U Yahoo keyword newsclipping service 4 alerting me to posting of one of my articles several months ago. Mayer turning the place around

Enjoying Al Jazeera. A far more informative cable news channel than any of the US-based networks. Very much like BBC News.

@ajbowles Better to get the most use out of it. A fine and friendly little pocket media player. It's mine.