Saturday, September 07, 2013

Aweekstweets August 31 to September 7 2013: the week I didn’t labor on one of the days

Stage play "Detroit" examines "inner ring" suburbs in 1960s. Watzat? Grosse Pointe? Pontiac was "outer" but felt/feels like Detroit

Character in today's "Barney & Clyde" comic remarks that cube root of 31 "almost exactly pi." Um, pi's irrational. Nothing "exact" about it.

Making great progress on my preso on "Big Media" for #IBM Information on Demand in November. Was totally in flow yesterday. No distractions

Best yoga pose is savasana: perfect stillness, relaxing every muscle, down to the tiniest, letting gravity have its way with you. Ummmmm

A chilly one this morning, but refreshing. Put on a sweater-vest.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Chicago by Sufjan Stevens from Come On Feel The Illinoise! JK--Sold his clothes to Illinois? What'd state do with em?

My favorite idiotic LinkedIn discuss group thread is "please intro yourself to members of this group." Um, name & job title not sufficient?

"...why “right to be forgotten” laws are a bad idea" ( ) JK--For sure. Expunging historical record = rewriting history

Drafted next week's 5 quick-hits. Among them, I established 3 new threads.

Data-scientist skillsets? Spotting a resource-hogging algorithm before it becomes a showstopper ( ) Friday #IBM q-h
Virginia gubernatorial campaign. Just one issue. Both candidates have same position: the other guy is a freakin' sleazeball.

"Deconstructing Recommender Sys" ( ) JK--SVD technique computes indescribable, non-intuitive, abstract taste dimensions

"What comes after NoSQL?" ( ) JK--Good discuss. Better than my lame Q&A response on today's webinar. Wish I could redo

"Why Nokia lost" ( ) JK--Brilliant analysis. In mid-90s, when I was in wireless industry, Nokia could do no wrong.

"Why Flash Storage Is Reaching the Tipping Point Against HDDs" (  ) JK--Proving out performance- & endurance-worthiness

"Apache Cassandra 2.0 brings the old school SQL functionality" ( ) JK--A sleeper in the NoSQL market. Worth examining

My primary stock in trade has always been restless ideation. Nothing's ever changed. My stock in trade is always packaged in published words

Oh my gosh! The late summer cool lo-humidity night breeze thru yonder open window is sinfully sensual. Getting ideas.

I'm waiting for the supergroup of Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Bonnie Raitt, Bon Iver, Bono, & Simon LeBon. C'est si bon!

Millennials and the Power of Social  #IBMsmb

New #ITKE jk article: "#Bigdata’s bigness is its core strength" ( )

I half-expect Elon Musk to launch Teslas via Hyperloop into a SpaceX low earth orbit. I'll bet his team's working on that as we speak.

Early on in dialogue you get a sense for whether the other person wants to argue, or wants to be argumentative. Invite former. Avoid latter.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Night Still Comes by Neko Case from The Worse Things Get.... JK--2013. I especially love Neko's poetic/soulful side.

New #IBM jk blogpost: "Tweets Are The Fruit Flies Of Consumer-Facing Data Science—For Better and Worse" ( )

The Skype spam is starting to come with greater frequency. Considering how little I use Skype, the spam outweighs the legit connect requests

Social sentiment as valuable market intelligence? Without human vetting, U can totally misconstrue it ( ) Thurs #IBM qh

Twitter and texts are cool and hip and all that. But when I truly need to lay out my thoughts, a blog or email is best. I articulate detail

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Fangela by Here We Go Magic from Here We Go Magic JK--2009. A great locomotion roll on this spangly electrorhythm.

Slide rules? What are those? Only one I recall from my school days is helter skelter: when you get to the bottom you go back to the top.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Sugar Hiccup by Cocteau Twins from Head Over Heels JK--On most Cocteau songs, only lyrics you can make out R th title

"#BigData & Yahoo's Quest for Mass Personalization" ( ) JK--Optimizing & scoring everybody's fantasy football team.

"Algorithms R New Content Creators & That’s Bad News 4 Humans" ( ) JK--What's "fair use" when bots scrape/mash it all?

LinkedIn's doing a second stock offering? Better invest proceeds in better text editor in group discussions. Current one reeks almighty.

"How predictive analytics will power internet o things" ( ) JK--Discusses potential role in driving autonomous vehicles

"Raising the bar on M2M telematics through predictive analytics" ( ) JK--Good overview of IoT #bigdata analytics

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I'm Your Man by Richard Hell & The Voidoids from Blank Generation JK--In retrospect, song is more "Nuggets" than punk

If Ariel Castro had hung on a bit longer, he could've dug a tunnel from his cell straight to Hell. As it is, I'm sure Satan fast-tracked him

Sitting here composing my thoughts & my nerves. Before I decompose.

Today's it's all a bit much. I'll leave it at that. All a bit much.

#ibmblu That's all I have in my memory. Been a pleasure. Now to decelerate and take a breather.

A8: #ibmblu: All-in-memory is the culmination of the Von Neumann architecture in computing. Scaling & accelerating as fast as RAM improves

A8: #ibmblu: Quantum techs in analytics will deliver optimizations so fast they'll feel faster than lightspeed--because they probably are

#ibmblu A8. More data, more applications, more analysis, more users. Interpolation, projection. Speed is power to do more of all of these.
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A8: #ibmblu: No such thing as fast enough. Every biz locked in never-ending race with competitors & always trying to eliminate bottlenecks

A8: #ibmblu Fast enough for business? Every business always wants faster-than-fast: predict future with confidence & be there yesterday

We have had 20 years of row-based caching. That has evolved. Now columnar-based that brings so much more in with DB2. I heart #ibmblu
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A7: #ibmblu: In-memory will become integral to many #bigdata tiers: integration, hub, query/mart, sandbox, apps.

A7: #ibmblu: Principal app of in-memory in #bigdata architectures is to go extreme on V=Velocity. Low-latency ingest, execution, exploration

A6: #ibmblu In-memory in streaming--e.g.., InfoSphere Streams--is fast cache. Can integrate streaming w/Hadoop. Visualize Hdp with in-mem BI

A6: #ibmblu In-memory in #Hadoop are not usually Hdp platform itself. They might be used in the modeling & visualization platforms, though

A6: #ibmblu In-memory techs can be applied to any DB tech: but you can't necessarily put "all" in memory if the DB holds petabytes

#ibmblu A5 DB2 BLU is optimized for in-memory processing of DW queries, reducing the variance in response times to DW queries
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A5: #ibmblu In-memory is the fast-data persistence/query approach of choice for data marts, physical or logical, in an EDW architecture

A5: #ibmblu In-memory supplements DW by offloading/accelerating queries from DW hub, allowing latter to handle storage, aggreg, governance

A3 in-memory analytics of OLTP should actually be abstracted from the OLTP system so that the rules can be applied in many places #ibmblu
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#ibmblu at $40,000/TB Actionable compression makes in-memory processing affordable where others cannot. They must de-compress.
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A4 #ibmblu: Economics of in-memory are improved if you compress the data in memory and don't need to decompress in order to query it.

A4 #ibmblu: Economics of in-memory tech are also in its ability to off-load fast query from other, older, disk-bound DB platforms

A4 #ibmblu: Economics of in-memory tech are a) its improving price-performance and b) its contribution to knowledge worker productivity

A4 #ibmblu: In-memory economics improving as RAM grows inexorably cheaper and faster--better & better price-performance.

A3 #ibmblu: In-memory analytics on OLTP supports fast optimization of whatever transaction (e.g., order taking) that you're performing

A3: #ibmblu: In-memory's applications in OLTP are in extremely fast queries and analyses inline to transactional scenarios.

A2 #ibmblu: In-memory tech ensures that all or most of the working data set is in the fastest path closest to its consumer.

A2 #ibmblu: In-memory tech takes disk I/O out of the latency equation, moves data at RAM speeds, supports faster and more frequent queries

A2 #ibmblu: In-memory technologies ensure that the relevant data/analytics are always instantaneously available to all decision makers

A2 #ibmblu: In-memory technologies support speed-of-thought analytics by radically reducing data, modeling, and visualization latencies.

A1: #ibmblu: Speed of thought's value to business is ensuring that knowledge workers can do their jobs at maximum efficiency/effectiveness

A1: #ibmblu: Speed of thought is not perceiving any data latencies that impede effective analysis or decision making.

A1: #ibmblu: Speed of thought is always having all the relevant data/visualizations available at a glance, without having to think of it

RT @IBMbigdata: Just a half hour until #ibmblu chat Speeding Up Transactions & Analytics w/In-Memory Processing 

Join me et al for #ibmblu chat at the top of the hour: "How Fast Can You Go? In-Memory Processing."

Join me today, 1 PM ET for #ibmblu chat  Speeding Up Transactions & #Analytics with In-Memory Processing

VIDEO: Acquire, Grow, Retain: Enhancing the 360 View of the Customer  w/ @jameskobielus via @IBMbigdata #CMO

Moderating panel on #bigdata cloud standards. EuroCloud/ICS Luxembourg. 15 October. Interested in being on it? DM me.

RT @graemeknows: New video coming out today featuring @jameskobielus & me talking about Enhancing the 360° profile of customer. #staytuned

Customer segmentation? Shifting affinities in an online culture make segmentation trickier ( ) Wednesday #IBM quick-hit

Virginia GOP LT Gov candidate links Planned Parenthood to Klan and yoga to Satan. Hey Virginians, let's vote Democratic & fund mental health

Becoming increasingly disenchanted with analyst pontification. And trying not to do so much of it myself - although this tweet doesn't help.
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Came across coinage "mansplain." Feels too opaque in etymology. I would coin that nuance of BS thusly: "glibgloss." More transparent deriv8n

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Star Machine by Bob Mould from Silver Age JK--Dude's sings with organic grit. Perfect hardrock vocalization timbre

Drafted latest ITKnowledgeExchange #IBM blog: "BigData's Bigness is its Core Strength"

Drafted latest #InfoWorld #IBM blog: "DevOps and Data Science: Assessing the Performance Impacts of Modeling Alternatives"

New #IBM jk #SmarterAnalytics blogpost: "Perception Science Should Drive Advanced Visualization Designs" ( )

Drafted my next #IBM jk #BigData Hub blog: "Tweets Are The Fruit Flies Of Consumer-Facing Data Science--For Better and Worse"

Enough with the myths of #bigdata, already! Joseph Campbell wouldn't recognize any of them as "myths," except the Cult of Doopy the Elephant

Avoid tech-biz stories w/headlines alluding 2 lists (e.g., "10 best this-or-that"). Almost always lures 2 timewasting/clickmaxing slideshows

Always enlarge browser view of Facebook to push th unessential rightmost 2 columns (ads/birthdays & who-follows-who-now) outside the visible

Experience optimization? Complex algorithms effectively randomize the social experience ( ) Tuesday #IBM quick-hit

Experience optimization? Complex algorithms effectively randomize the social experience: 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Mad Park Beach Bums (feat TDavid) by Brothers Frm Another JK--Gr8 lyric: "Spend all day chasing tail like Elmer Fudd"

RT @jhammond: Guessing someone should be looking at adding an SEA-HEL direct polar route flight.

So long to another yoga instructor. Oh well. Attachment to any guru is the root of all suffering. The practice persists.

"Boffins confirm quantum crypto can keep a secret" ( ) JK--Yeah but not official till hobbits & smurfs give benediction

Listening 2 Devine & Statton "Like a Blind Man" from "The Prince of Wales." A sad song. A friend's suicide. Exquisitely beautiful & poignant

Some audiphiles swear by vinyl. I was always more inclined to swear at it: breaks, skips, scratches, & tics. Good riddance.

My brother brought over his latest load of recent mags he & his wife have already read. We'll read them eventually, after the library books

Reading history of Elizabethan England. Good overview of Spanish Armada & logistical difficulty o long naval sieges pre modern refrigeration

A personal archive sort becomes a meditation on impermanence. Defunct companies & publications. People who seem to have vanished. Dead fads

Such a relief 2 sift thru & organize my personal archive. I've pumped out tons of stuff over the past 2+ decades. Now I know where it all is

Great TED talk from Jeopardy contestant who went up against #IBM #Watson - amusing and thought-provoking: 
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The fall season essentially begins now. I know roughly what I'll be doing thru December. Locked and loaded.

Reading "The Portrait of Durian Gray." He stays young and handsome, but his picture decays into a moldy, stinky tropical fruit.

Wanna thank the ladies at the party next to me for the nickname I dare not share.

Going to barbecue at Howard & Sylvia's in PG County MD. Same fun couple we did Dominican Republic with a few years ago. Always easygoing.

My Facebook newsfeed viewing has become fast & structured. At any time I review updates only as far back as my last update. Takes 10-15 secs

Telecommuting. Wrong term. These are one-person home-based branch offices.

"Limited attention span." Suggests someone whose eyes dart around constantly like a channel-surfing speed freak. Most people not like that.

WashPost article refers 2 young adult demographic as "so-called young invincibles." So-called by whom? Potheads addictd 2 sci-fi/videogames?

RIP David Frost. A couple o Pythons wrote 4 him. Python's hilarious "Timmy Williams" sketch obviously based on him ( )

Obama delaying any Syria action till after Congress puts it to a vote. What's the point of the vote if he plans to do it anyway? Does he?

WSJ refers to "Tesla-mania." Way too premature a proclamation. I have yet to see a single one of them on the streets.

Good day. Dropped off stuff for our girl in Harrisburg. Had dinner with her & Dylan at Romano's. Egidia bought nice shoes. Home not too late

Was a good week. An excellent #IBM #BigData Developers Day in NYC. Plenty of interesting discussions with customers and partners.

Celebrating Labor Day weekend by doing as little of it as humanly possible.

RIP Seamus Heaney. Nobel Prize winning poet. His work was deep, beautiful, accessible.