Friday, September 13, 2013

Aweekstweets September 7-13 2013: the week it was revealed that Mrs. Brown’s lovely daughter’d had some work done

Charging my Zune in prep for our little Poconos excursion this weekend. Gotta have my music in the car.

It's obvious that @loserboy didn't actually suffer the 8-track format like we olders. Crappy audio, mangled tape, songs split between tracks

"Emotions Analytics to Transform Human-Machine Interaction" ( ) JK--Cool. Senses emotion-evident sentiment/intention.

Wrote 3 quick-hits for next week. Taking Monday and Tuesday off for a long weekend. No quick-hits on those days.

RIP Ray Dolby. His noise-reduction tech produced crystalline sharpness of recordings that best distinguishes post-1970 music from all prior.

"#IBM Launches Digital Mktg Network in Cloud...." ( ) JK--100+ partners. Syndicate real-time analytics to any mktg svc

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Submission by Sex Pistols from Spunk JK--Alternate debut LP. Good but not "Bollocks" snotty/abrasive/distinctive.

Open data? ( ) Friday #IBM quick-hit

"Tackling Enterprise Threats From The Internet Of Things" ( ) JK--Every thing a threat on-ramp?

"Bad Data Needs Your Discipline" ( ) JK--Please reword the headline to remove the S&M overtones.

"As #BigData Explodes, You Ready For Yottabytes?" ( ) JK--That's nothing new. Seinfeld had YadaYadaYadaBytes in the 90s

#Bigdata #DataScientists have discovered the largest data volume in the universe. Have dubbed it "wottalottabytes."

"10 “R” Packages Every Data Scientist & Analyst Should Be Aware Of" ( ) JK--Open source is pushing deep into analytics.

R: the language of choice for "Program Like a Pirate Day."

"How Patient Generated Data Changes Healthcare" ( ) JK--PGD. A new abbreviation to link (data & semantically) with EHR.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Coconut by Nilsson from Nilsson Schmilsson JK--I'd love to see a video of Ernie Kovacs "Nairobi Trio" performing this

I never know how to tell well-meaning fans that I don't have bandwidth to be career/guidance counselor in their #bigdata #datascience dreams

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Sing by Travis from Th Invisible Band JK--2001. "Sing SING sing sing! Th luv U bring wont mean a thing unless U sing"

@monkchips You did sensational job provoking interesting discussion on today's #IBMPureChat. Always a pleasure to tangle minds w/ JGovernor

Engaging consumers with a more social, collaborative approach  #IBMsmb

New #IBM jk blog: "Data Scientists: Key Programmers in Convergence o #BigData #Cloud #Streaming & Intrnet o Things" ( )

"Dear James Kobielus: How shall I distract thee today? Warmest regards, your best frenemy, The Internet."

New #IBM #DigitalMedia whitepaper: "Big data and analytics for a holistic customer journey" ( ). I wrote foreword.

Stream computing? ( ) Thursday #IBM quick-hit

I agree with UVa proposal to cut financial ties with state. Cuccinelli's ideological assault on academic free inquiry sends a chill.

Totally loving DJ Greg Vandy's song choices tonight on #KEXP The Roadhouse. Thanks Mr. Vandy.

What Shakespeare Sounded Like to Shakespeare -- Early Modern English phonology … (Clip from a couple of years ago.)
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Ever notice that "Internet" said fast sounds like "infinite"? The symbol for the Internet should be ∞ with embedded @ in each loop

New #IBM #PureSystems jk blog: "#Hadoop Appliances: Key Building Blocks of the #BigData Cloud" ( )

"The Most Common Purpose of #BigData Is to Produce Small Data" ( ) JK--Focused samples/subsets for deep exploration.

"50+ Open Source Tools for #BigData" ( ) JK--Wow. Comprehensive BTW, I speak here ( ) re openness

"Avoiding a #Hadoop hangover" ( ) JK--Good one. See also new #IBM whitepaper I authored: 

This new "SMAC" acronym (social mobile analytics cloud). There a way to fit #bigdata in there? Got it! "SMAC DAB" (DAta Big). Eureka!

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Hand In Mine by Jonathan Rado from Law and Order JK--2013. C'mon. This is Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra, right? No?

"#BigData – Lessons from Genetics and Bio-Statistics" ( ) JK--At-scale computational challenges of genomics etc are big

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Your One and Only Man by Otis Redding from Definitive Otis Redding JK--Nice tight punchy horn arrangement on this one

"The Man Who Tortures Databases" ( ) JK--Interesting discussion of challenges of testing distributed NoSQL databases.

"Data analytics 'nerds' now mainstay in U.S. politics" ( ) JK--Governance by stat analysis? Not sure it's all 4 th best

@jackvaughanattt "Mrs. Brown..." is cool. I've always dug it.

Keeping our Secrets Secret: Protecting Against Insider Threats & Security Breaches. #IBM Webinar. Tues 9-17. Register 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Be-in by The Dandy Warhols from Th Dandy Warhols Come Down JK--For this, I installed "11" setting on my laptop volume

Report: U.S. Exported 6 Billion Tons Of Crude Web Content Last Year  #NSFW

Drafted next week's #IBM blog: "Openness: Bringing Greater Transparency and Agility to the Smarter Planet"

RT @ibmanalytics: Video demo: Example of how #bigdata & #analytics can improve customer experience in #banking 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Stars of Track and Field by Belle and Sebastian JK--They should cover "Mrs Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter"

Always have fun toying with other alliterative strings in lieu of #bigdata 3 Vs. 3 S's? Scale speed scope. 3 H's? Huge hasty heterogeneous

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Ash Wednesday by Elvis Perkins from Ash Wednesday JK--Artist's mother died in plane that crashed into WTC on 9-11-01

"Long-Distance Quantum Cryptography" ( ) JK--Research at Battelle. BTW, 2002 paper on topic ( )

"Any1 who can contemplate quantum mechanics w/out getting dizzy doesnt understand it." -Bohr. "Nobody understands quantum mechanix" -Feynman

"OSI: The Internet That Wasn’t" ( ) JK--Dang, I'm old. I remember when you every IT industry commentator talked 7-layer

Privacy and #bigdata? No protocol can pre-empt smart inferences from limited data ( ) Wednesday #IBM quick-hit

Privacy and #bigdata? No protocol can pre-empt smart inferences from limited data ( )

"#IBM Introduces NeXtScale System" ( ) JK--Flexible x86 cmptg plat provids 3x as many cores as current 1-unit rack svrs

"Continental & #IBM Enter Connectd Vehicle Collab" ( ) JK--Devel scalabl cloud plat 4 manufs 2 deliv mobile in-car svcs

Redefining the problem. That's often the solution. Dissolving it all into a solution. Every solid object is soluble. In time's fluidity.

9-11-13. 12 since. Flip "01" you get 10 (bits). Fills in the unit progression. Nothing numerologically significant. Everyone's a bit number.

I am not going to vote in this year's Virginia gubernatorial race. Too disgusted by the relentless attack ads by both candidates.

Somebody finally made KXEN an offer they found acceptable. Bravo for the acquired and the acquiring. BTW, #IBM acquired SPSS 4 years ago.

Fun fact: Michigan's 1st millionaire was John Jacob Astor. Surname a transcription error at Ellis Island. Originally Jingelheimer Schmidt.

You can tell your leaders have a plan when an offhand joke from John Kerry, mockingly raised by Russia, becomes the actual Syria strategy.
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3 Reasons to believe that #BigData is [are] just hype: 1. Someone's blog said so. 2. 3. I guess there was only one reason. Q.E.D.
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Report: U.S. Exported 6 Billion Tons Of Crude Web Content Last Year  #NSFW
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Sept. 18: Combating the New Generation of Threats -- an analyst webinar featuring @Forrester -  #ITsecurity
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Fresh blog: 5 Things To Know About IBM NeXtScale System …
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IBM introduces NeXtScale System: High Performance Computing Experience and Technology Move f...  #SocialMedia #SNA

IBM has 9 Flash centers of competency around the world, 3 more opening in 4q13. #stgai
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New #IBM whitepaper: "#Hadoop appliances: the key to simplicity, speed, scalability, and stability in big data" ( )

Drafted next #IBM blog: "Data Scientists: Key Programmers in the Convergence of #BigData, Cloud, Streaming, and Internet of Things"

"The Cognitive Net is Coming" ( ) JK--Thought-provoking article on "biologically inspired routing" approaches.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Bright Yellow Gun by Throwing Muses from University JK--One o those propulsive rock songs you want in continuous loop

When it's a DC-area event that'll attract primarily local attendees, I state the actual city/state. Arlington NOT Washington. It's Virginia.

Catch me #BigData & EA 2013 on speaking on "BigData Analytics: Exploding Univ o App Data." Nov 22. Arlington VA. Reg: 

#IBM Sports: capturing the intersection of sports & tech ( ). Good Instagram page.

Are you Ms/Mr Confident when it comes to #BigData? Maybe Not-so-Sure? Let's see:  #BigDataGov

Want to learn more about today's #IBM launch for #BigData and #BigDataGov? Join us here 

Part of todays #IBM #InfoSphere launch themes for #BigDataGov - Visual context  #BigData #infogov #DataGovernance

#BigData thought leader @jameskobielus on need for automated integration in #BigDataGov  #infogov #DataGovernance

See what partners are saying about the #IBM launch bringing together #BigData and #infogov  #BigDataGov

Partner @StreamIntgrtn weighs in on #IBM launch of Building Confidence in #BigData  #BigDataGov

"New Form of Plastic Gets Stronger Under Stress" ( ) JK--The toughest human spirits also have this plasticity property.

"#IBM #PureData System for #Hadoop H1001" ( ) JK--Today's the launch of our Hadoop appliance. GA on Friday.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Seven Seas by Echo & The Bunnymen from Ocean Rain JK--1984. I wish I hadn't ignored them back in the day. Superb.

Traditional media getting daring and/or desperate. Saw WashPost commercial last night: 99 cents for one month of only-online access.

#BigData development? ( ) Tuesday #IBM quick-hit

Johnny & June "Jackson" ( ) JK--Song about couple getting "fever" back? Him cheating flagrantly? MS capital = Sin City?

Fake-art insurance? Should sellers of, say, purported Picassos be required to put fake-art bond in escrow pending 3rd-party authent verif?

WSJ article about spouses embarrassing each other. Many couples have different thresholds of embarrassment. Mine is higher than my wife's.

Graham Nash. WSJ profile. Speed & fluidity at which he shifted entire context frm England 2 California in 1968 impressive. Joni was catalyst

Dilbert's exploring the comic potential of anti-terrorism this week. Edgier than Adams' usual. I'm enjoying.

I normally don't stay up terribly late, but made an exception to catch Martin Short on Leno. Blessedly promoting nothing. Just goofing.

Self-driving vehicles must pass Touring Test: threaten to turn car around on backseat brats at same instant a parental human driver would

RT @IBM: A detailed history of @IBMWatson, and a look at where it's going next  #longreads

Finished first full draft of my #IBM #iod13 preso: "The Emergence of Big Media: Evolving & Dwarfing Today’s Big Data Platforms"

A8: #cxo: Most fundamental way to improve cross-sell & increase advocacy is make incredibly great products that people love & talk about

A8: #cxo: Increasing customer advocacy means incentivize influentials to make your mktg case--w/out compromising their integrity. Fine line

A8: #cxo: Best practices for increasing customer advocacy: one of which is social network analysis: find the influentials: incentivize them

A8: #cxo: Best practices for improve cross-selling focus on market basket/affinity analysis. The "would they like fries with that?" approach

RT @TheSocialPitt: I like @jameskobielus recent post on "tweets are fruitflies of consumer data science"  #cxo

A7: #cxo: My next #IBMDataMag article is on exactly this topic. Written, but not yet published. Darn: with I could tweet it now.

A7: #cxo When defining customer needs & offers, social media analytics should not be taken as only sentiment source--but it's valuable input

A7: #cxo: Keep in mind that many people don't share all of their deepest desires on social networks. It's often a skewed self-portrait.

A7: #cxo FYI, social network analysis (behavioral/influence graphs) not same as social media analytics (which usually involves dashboarding)

A7: #cxo Social network analysis--aka graph analysis--is useful when segmenting customers behaviorally, to differentiate engage strategies

A6: #cxo: Shift to customer insight analysis by conducting model-driven real-world experiments on customer response/satis across channels

A6: #cxo: Shift to analyzing customer insight by empowering all #CRM business analysts with tools like #IBM SPSS & Cognos Consumer Insight

A6: #cxo: Shift from customer insight data collection to synthesis by staffing up with data scientists & #CEM SMEs, & giving powerful tools

A5: #cxo Banks can retain customers better by analyzing signs o customer frustration w/online banking, via click analysis, complaints, etc.

A5: #cxo Retention is founded on looking for behavioral signs of satisfaction & dissatis. Clickthrus, tweets, etc can feed those models

A4: #cxo: Biz can predict the scenarios & circumstances where specific offers most likely 2 B accepted. That's usually sufficient confidence

A4: #cxo: Obviously, there's the established art of market basket analysis to guide the offer generation process around cross-selling.

A4: #cxo: Impulse buying &window shopping are customer journeys that drive plenty of offer acceptances the customer didn't "know" in advance

A4: #cxo: The customer themselves don't always "know" what offer they might accept at the present time. Make them an offer to mull over.

A4 #cxo: Can't "know" right time to generate relevant offers--but can predict it. Customer journey mapping key to that. So is B2C convo

A3 #cxo: Can ensure offer relevancy if customer/agent conversations provide intelligence to feed back into 360-deg view & acceptance models

A3: #cxo Can ensure offer relevancy by allowing agents to guide "next best offer" conversations attuned to probing for customer needs

A3: #cxo Can ensure offer relevancy by tracking prior offers they DIDN'T accept--and not RE-OFFERING unless something important has changed

A3: #cxo Can ensure offer relevancy if have current 360-degree customer view historical data & valid propensity models re acceptance factors

A2 #cxo: Orgs should listen for "threshold"-relevant customer tweets/etc that might indicate, e.g, an existing customer angry over something

A2 #cxo: Businesses should listen to groups and individuals in order to segment, target, & serve. Don't "monitor." Listen & engage.

A1 #cxo: Brand loyalty comes when your company knows the customer's needs as well as they do...but doesn't get cocky or complacent abot it.

A1 #cxo:Brand loyalty is the customer knowing you provide reliable value but don't take them for granted. Delighting them with innovations

A1 #cxo: The key factors leading to brand loyalty are superior customer service, excellent products, & deep listening to customers' needs.

@IBMbigdata #cxo Happy to be tweeting on this chat today!

@rwang0 Can't wait to see you. Please attend my preso on Big Media. Mon Nov 4 1015-1115am.

@rwang0 Hey Ray, I have a different circuit now. Less road warrioring. More producing thought leadership. All is good. You coming to IOD?

10 minutes to #IBM #CXO tweetchat on "Optimizing Offers & Cross Sell to Retain Customers." I've done my finger yoga. I'm optimized!

"Sowing wild oats." Oxymoron. If you sow them, they're thereby cultivated oats, unless you scatter them hither and yon.

Looking forward to being on #CXO chat today at noon ET to share thoughts on using #bigdata #analytics to optimize offers & cross-sell opps.
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"New approach enhances quantum-based secure comm" ( ) JK--Addresses vulnerability that threatens key distrib security

"How Google Applies #BigData To Know You" ( ) JK--Interesting infographic.

Whenever I read something where somebody claims "#bigdata" powers a solution, but doesn't say how big, I mentally substitute "lotsa data."

"4 Ways Quantum Technology Could Transform Health Care" ( ) JK--Improved screening, injection, DNA sequencing, security

"Will the Internet of Things transform hardware design?" ( ) JK--Distributed sensors require continuous low-power flows

"Enabling the Third Platform" ( ) JK--IDC name for what others call "SMAC" (social, mobile, analytics/bigdata, cloud)

The ancient Greek "Achilles' heel" myth strains credulity. Thetis' grip on his heel would have slipped when dipping him in the River Styx

Marketing attribution? Complex customer engagement is the enemy of clear attribution ( ) Monday #IBM quick-hit

At what point do you graduate from horse whisperer to neighsayer?

"Think World Is Crowded? You Could Fit Entire Human Race In New Zealand" ( ) JK--Gr8. Let's breed like rabbits then

Incredibly casual/cool/romantic ending to 2004's "Before Sunset" ( ). One of my fave films o all-time. Not exaggerating

RT @georgereese "I should B able to take my 10 year old daughter into tech conf" JK--I once tried 2 take my 12-yr-old son 2 one.They refused

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp My Sister by The Juliana Hatfield Three from My Sister JK--Great love-hate sibling rivalry/jealousy song.

Listening to #KEXP DJ Quilty 3000. I love how John Doe of X thought she called self "Cruelty 3000." That's an awesome/unused band/porn name!

My advice to the young'uns is hold onto 16 as long as you can, 'specially if yer 2 American kids growin' up in the heartland. -- Mark Twain

Wife & I rate Trader Joe visit by demeanor of sample-dishing employees. "Nice guy over at the wine." "What's the deal with tater-tot lady?"

RIP Ronald Coase. Nobel economist used transaction costs as powerful analytical focus for elucidating shifting boundaries of firms & markets

WashPost column calls Microsoft Zune an "embarrassment." No it's not. It's a nicely engineered, user-friendly media player. I use mine often

WashPost piece re UK movement defending native tuberculosis-spreading badgers targeted 4 cull. Wisconsin alum solidarity

Yahoo's new logo. Rumour is that the project was going nowhere till Mayer brought the telecommuters to HQ & chained them to desks.

RT @MiaFarrow: Judy Garland 'Over The Rainbow'- on live TV ( …) JK--1955. Faux dramatic. Oddly attired & bearded as...

TV ad asks if we guys know our testosterone levels. Most of us don't. But whatever it is, it could always benefit from an extra 2-4 inches.

People often said to see "life flashing before their eyes" in their last moments. They're just binging on the Almighty's on-demand video.

RT @nprmusic: Watch Tuareg guitarist Bombino perform a fierce hypnotic set at NPR Tiny Desk

"The next Steve Jobs." I hear this as often now as used to hear "the next Bob Dylan." Jobs would gloat. But it's a dumb expectation.

@bcmstrategy Really? I hadn't noticed greater optimism, creativity & collab in people aged 30-42 than rest of us (turned 18 btwn '89 & '01)