Friday, November 08, 2013

Aweekstweets November 1-8 2013: the week I blogged about wanting to use a 3-D printer to clone myself

Cold's setting in. Perfect time for the HVAC to break down. Researching replacements. Wearing layers.

@Sri_few_words The YARN article hasn't posted yet.

New jk #IBM #ITKE column: "Big science thrives on open reference data" ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Break Up by Charlie Rich from The Complete Singles Plus: The Sun Years 1958-1963 JK--Didn't realize he was rockabilly

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Way Out There by The Sons of the Pioneers JK--Vintage. Sounds like riding a wagon train on the Santa Fe Trail

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp All the Time by La Luz from It's Alive JK--These ladies have a cool lite-surf vibe.

"Connectria+Brightlight 2 Provide #IBM #Netezza Cloud Solution" ( ) JK--Monthly pay-as-go IBM PureData powrd by Netezza

Drafted my next #ITKnowledgeExchange #IBM blog: "Big Science Thrives on Open Reference Data"

Drafted latest #InfoWorld #IBM blog: "YARN unwinds #MapReduce's Grip on #Hadoop"

Drafted next week's #IBM blog: "Data Scientists: The Challenge of Managing Stubbornly Autonomous Experts"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Shout Bamalama by Otis Redding from Dreams to Remember JK--Super-high-energy blood-rusher. Like a gone-mad club scene

"#IBM SmartCloud 4 Govt Receives FedRAMP Authorzn frm US Fed Gov" ( ) JK--Achievd all current critical security authzns

"#IBM Unveils New Design Studio 2 Transform Way Clients Interact w/Software & Emerging Techs" ( ) JK--Austin TX.

"OLTP Clearly in #Hadoop Future Cutting Sez" ( ) JK--But waters it down: "possible 2 bring OLTP 2 this style o platfrm"

"#Hadoop as a Data Management Hub" ( ) JK--Good post on Hadoop for data warehouse augmentation.

"How Many Data Scientists Does the World Really Need?" ( ) JK--We could get by with just one. But God's not interested.

"The Changing Dynamics of Data Storage" ( ) JK--Good quantitative market research.

"Silicon Valley Has an Arrogance Problem" ( ) JK--I'll be slightly kinder. Has a not-invented-here-in-the-Valley issue

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp My Sister by The Juliana Hatfield Three from Become What U Are JK--Love this. Emotional complexity of sibling rivalry

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Something's Rattling (Cowpoke) by Benjamin Gibbard from Former Lives JK--2012. Cover/adaptation o c&w song. Very nice

"James Kobielus, IBM Information on Demand 2013, theCUBE" ( ) JK--Video stream interview @ #IBMIOD by Furrier/Vellante

Arrived home from #ibmiod to a fallen-leaf-bestrewn yard. I know what's on my to-do list for the weekend. Good to be home.

Gamified analytics? Tipping disruption equation in your competitive favor p1:  p2:  Fri #IBM q-h

@ReadSoft Thanks! Glad you found them interesting. My way of wrapping my own head around the #ibmiod sprawl.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Missing by Beck from Guero JK--2005. Great samba track from my favorite Beck LP.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Holding On For Life by Broken Bells from After The Disco JK--2013. Nice slice of soul frm James Mercer & Danger Mouse

Saw "Nebraska." Another fine one from Alexander Payne. Bruce Dern's return. Will Forte excellent in dramatic role.

"Predictive Models: A Marketer's Dilemma" ( ) JK--Good one on the art of predictive model selection.

"Computational Science & Recruiting" ( ) JK--Are tomorrow's scientists favoring data sci over subj matter expertise?

"Jobs of the future belong to data scientists & user experience designers" ( ) JK--There's an Internet of Things angle

IBM Evangelist @jameskobielus :"Get ready for lots of digital video that #streams in #realtime".. in vid ( )

New #ibmiod jk blog: "My personal take-aways: Surfing the deeply informative IOD Hub" ( )

@ElyKahn Come to the #NoSQL meetup at 6pm in South Pacific A.

Just wrote all 5 of next week's quick-hits here in the press room at #ibmiod. I used a new strategy I've been mulling for a while.

Brilliant! One of the other people in the #ibmiod press room found the in-room control to turn off that blaring pop-radio music. Hallelujah!

@jakeporway Jake: thanks for contributing to a successful #ibmiod.

Drafted my #ibmiod Day 3 blog: "My personal take-away: surfing the deeply informative on-site IOD 2013 blogosphere." Will be posted soon.

New #ibmiod jk blog: "#IBM #PureData biz overview & roadmap discussion from Enzee Universe at IOD 2013" ( )

"French DataScale Project 2 Develop Synergies betwn #BigData & HPC" ( ) JK--Started June 2013. Partners incl rsrch labs

Serena Williams being interviewed live on mainstage now at #ibmiod: …

"The Data Scientist at Work" ( ) JK--Excellent detailed discussion of discovery process.

"How behavioural design can overcome dark side o #bigdata" ( ) JK--Refers to uncover cognitive biases of interpretation

"What to Ask Your 'Numbers People'" ( ) JK--Ask about modeling assumptions, data distributions, significant outliers.

"When affairs save marriages" ( ) JK--New lame excuse for philandering sleazebag husbands everywhere?

Sitting here in the blogger rows waiting for #ibmiod day 3 keynote. One of those Williams sisters. Serena, I think. I get them mixed up.

Some of the biggest names in the #Tech industry are at #IBMIOD. See what they have to say about #BigData & #analytics 

#IBM is embarking on a new era of computing where systems can learn, reason, sense and predict  #IBMIOD

#BigData under control? The mathematical challenges o extreme scale (  ) Thurs #IBM q-h in advance. Travel day tomorrow

Data-scientist skillsets? Challnge o managing stubbornly autonomous experts p1  p2  Wed #IBM q-h

McAuliffe wins Virginia gubernatorial race. BTW, Old Dominion's political center of gravity has shifted northward. That's all for the best.

New #ibmiod jk blog: "My personal passion: IBM IOD 2013 and the big buzz for data science" ( )

Great video interview by the Wikibon guys: John & Dave. Great video interview by Mark Brunelli of searchdatamanagement dot com. #ibmiod

"Next gen NoSQL: The demise of eventual consistency?" ( ) JK--Can #NoSQL eventually pass the crucial ACID test?

"Data Science Project: Captcha Attack" ( ) JK--Will CAPTCHA survive coming era o ubiquitous inline image/OCR analytics?

"16 Reasons Data Scientists are Difficult to Manage" ( ) JK--Ignore this nonsense. Those are 16 stereotypes.

"Risk o Putting Knowledg in Hands o Machines" ( ) JK--Dont worry. U can burst in thru emrgncy airlock & disable his CPU

Drafted another #ibmiod blog: "#IBM PureData Business Overview and Roadmap Discussion from Enzee Universe at IOD 2013" Posts soon

"Made in #IBM Labs: New Data Discovery & Visualization Capabilities Help..." ( ) JK--Day 2 #ibmiod prod announcements

Drafted my next #ibmiod day 2 blog: "My personal passion: IBM IOD 2013 and the big buzz for data science". Up soon.

Jake Porway announces that, starting 2014, #IBM Information on Demand will be called "IBM Insight." Oct 26-31 2014 is next year's.

Speaker at #ibmiod on #bigdata 4 voter regis. Mentions that today's election day in many states. I voted absentee ballot in Virginia.

"Mining Data in High-Performance Sandbox" ( ) JK--Good overvu o data-sci sandboxing on #IBM PureData System 4 Analytics

Mike Rhodin discussing coming Concert & Project Neo at #ibmiod. Cloud services for collab analytics & data discovery. #SmartCloud. Very cool

Jake Porway is a good #ibmiod emcee. He explains #bigdata #analytics #datascience apps & value concretely. I met him 2 nights ago. Nice guy

"#IBM Expands #BigData Portfolio w/New Predictive Intel Software" ( ) JK--Product announcements from Day 1 #ibmiod

Sitting in blogger row (with wired Ethernet) for #ibmiod keynote. Still a sizeable crowd here on Day 2. Not too shabby.

#IBM BLU Acceleration for Cloud Early Access Preview ( ). Join the preview.

$4+ for a freakin black venti Starbucks? Gimme a break! Grabbing free breakfast Bayside at #ibmiod. All inclusive.

Analytic acceleration in th cloud? Social sentiment prediction drives #bigdata marketing applications ( ) Tues #IBM q-h

@MadaboutBI Good question. Actually, discussions of Kaggle during Q&A began to address that. I had a long list of Qs that we had no time for

New #ibmiod jk blog: "My personal cheatsheet: #IBM IOD 2013 day one announcements" ( )

Was an intensely busy day at #ibmiod. I delivered preso, moderated panel, recorded 2 video interviews, wrote blog, engaged lots of #IBM-ers.

Annual #IBMIOD analyst dinner at Fleur is weirdly intensely satisfying. My former colleagues & competitors re-meet me in my #IBM context.

I ref'd this @TheOnion headline in my #IBMIOD preso re streaming vid web ads: "Violently Loud Ad Could Be Blasting From Any Of 35 Open Tabs"

Picciano announcing our new products now at #IBMIOD. Catch my rollup blog on these later today. Writing it now on the expo floor.

MyPOV:: Constellation sees IT budgets down 5 to 10% but tech spending is up 25% on the business side. #ibmiod.
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@graemeknows @jakeporway I don't think "tunnel" when I think #bigdata. I think "vortex" of 1s and 0s. Why? The letter "V," natch!

@alyswoodward Hi Alys. Zettabytes galore in my 10:15 #ibmiod preso on Big Media: streaming taking Big Data to an even bigger plateau

Backstage at #ibmiod - realtime translation in progress.
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RT @tunvall: Lots of bass in the AM seems to be popular amongst vendors #ibmiod -- LOL!
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Enjoying #ibmiod MC @jakeporway. Good to see IBM & crew focus on how data is personal rather than on how it can drive server sales.
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Broadcasting #ibmiod keynotes live at  - we go live w/guests on #theCUBE at 10AM PT
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#IBMIOD "Big" means expansive and touches everyone
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Interesting graph on how twitter can track flu activity #ibmiod
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Some of the things that are so easy for people in this room are transformative for people w/o those skills. - @jakeporway #ibmiod
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Fitting that #ibmiod keynote is stats-heavy, great graphics and new insights. Examples of good in data (Big? it doesn’t matter. It’s data.)
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Please turn the volume down in the Mandalay Bay Event center at #IBMIOD. WE'RE GOING DEAF!!!!!!!

RT @graemeknows: Having way too much fun watching @jameskobielus get green screened here in the #ibmiod Cnnctd Lounge

"Understanding the Difference Between 'Human Smart' and 'Computer Smart'" ( ) JK--Interesting discussion of cognition

"#BigData's Little Details" ( ) JK--Companies who havent managed structured data well may flounder w/unstructrd as well

"Predictive Analytics: Man v. Machine Competition" ( ) JK--Need Turing test of cognitive computing? Brain v. bot?

"Data Mining: The Fear Factor" ( ) JK--The fear of failing to use it effectively in business--and of rivals not failing

"NSA Accumulo data store has strict limits on who can see data" ( ) JK--Role-bsd acc control integral 2 its architcture

Workload-optimzd systems? Tuning apps across distrib hybrid #bigdata envs p1:  p2:  Mon #IBM q-h

Cool to be approached by fans at #IBMIOD who read my daily thought leadership quickhits. I'd do it all even if nobody read. I speak to me

"The Next #BigData Frontier: Your Every Cursor Move" ( ) JK--Behavioral interest analytics bsd on web browsing behavior

"New IDC Research shows Impact of #BigData on #HPC Systems" ( ) JK--Proportion employing co-proc in HPC tripled 2011-13

@dmedri I don't know. I'll write it up from memory.

@adamson I'll write a blog recapping the Data Scientist panel I'm moderating at #IBMIOD

Afternoon #Enzee at #IBMIOD. IBM's @nancykoppdw, Phil Francisco, Adam Ronthal, Janice Shinesman to speak. #PureData #Netezza business update

#IBMIOD #BigData Analytics Edcon. Dr. Jeff Pittges, Assoc Prof, Radford U. "Teaching BD Mgt & Anlytx w/ Serious Games." Excellent exercises!

Attending #BigData & Analytics EdCon at #IBMIOD. Higher ed focus. Defining curricula for future data scientists. "Rethinking Data Education"

Paul McCartney "Alligator" ( ) JK--2013. "New" song. Would have been a stand-out on any of his 70s blockbuster solo LPs

Brainstorming can be useful. But it's better to nurture an active weather system for idea creation. A steady drip-drip o creative thinking

Expert Panel Debate: Data Scientist: New Role or Relabeled Title? I moderate tomorrow #ibmiod #datascientist #bigdata 

#KEXP DJs still playing Lou Reed songs almost a week after his death. Longer than after most rockstar deaths. As befits his huge influence

Going out for a walk. And a bite. It's Vegas. Mostly, just going out to gawk. Walk and gawk.

I'm going to #ibmiod are YOU? Be there or be square!
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Airlines connecting me to Las Vegas via LAX. Weird to be here a day after yesterday. Calm now. Sad.

Rewatched "2001: A Space Odyssey" on flight. Time dilation, visual composition, soundtrak intensification. Kubrick masterpiece mesmerizes

RT @Thomas_L_Hughes: IBM's Hybrid Renewable Energy Forecasting uses #bigdata analytics 2 predict avail o rnwbl energy 

Ledges. Did old urban zoning ordinances require suicide platforms on buildings over a certain height?

WashPost now duly disclaiming in articles that its owner founded Amazon. Waiting 4 day errant copyeditor indicates Bezos founded rainforest

Every time a hi-profile violent crime occurs, Twitter news establishment becomes Rumor Central & Twitter news followers become Omigod Squad.

1st time I became aware of Cuccinelli was when as Atty Genl he tried 2 deny UVa prof tenure cuz did global warming rsrch. Made up mind then

I love Lou Reed's answer to Australian interviewers in 1974 who asked what he does with money from album sales. "I buy drugs."

RT @VanessaAlvarez1: “@Mad: This boy is 22 years old. If you know who he is then you are officially old”<#Nirvana

"Cracklin' Rose you're a store-bought woman"? Neil Diamond either has the worst pickup lines or wrote that in a brothel.

Every caller into Delilah's radio show describes beloved as "best in world." I propose an Olympic loveydovey competition to settle th matter

It's about time! I do my best computing during takeoff & landing. The old regulation put a major crimp in my productivity.

I'm just a cog in a cognitive machine.

At #IBMIOD, I'll do a preso, a panel, a meetup, at least 3 blogs, several analyst 1:1s, several press interviews, and plenty of coffee.

RT @Leslie_Annie: If her avi is most gorgeous woman you've ever seen, yet she has no other pics of herself, she's probably a large dude.