Friday, November 15, 2013

Aweekstweets November 9-15 2013: the week Jimmy grew a year younger

Doing a 2-day NYC trip next week. I always get a little thrill from Manhattan. Especially Midtown. Feels so iconically big city.

Glowing WSJ review for "Nebraska." We saw AARP-sponsored sneak preview a week ago. Film's flat grainy Great Plains texture remains with me.

Not a bad week. Different rhythm than most. Away from my home office but not my home. I prefer my bed to hotel beds. Don't stub toe in dark

@HeathDHavlick Thanks. My blog is essentially an executive summary of the #IBM IBV study.

It's warming up. That's good. Been freezing for the past few weeks. Wonderful time to go without HVAC. Replacement due tomorrow.

RT @merv: @jameskobielus better for you to be on your rear end than for someone else to be!

"W/ #bigdata comes big responsblty" ( ) JK--#IBM GBooch "Even th most benign things can hav implic8ns when made public"

"Fast Combinatorial Feature Selection w/New Definition of Predictive Power" ( ) JK--Cool approach. Worth further study

Last week I was mostly on my feet. This week, mostly on my rear end. But pivoting constantly on both platforms. 360-degree interactions.

"#IBM Builds Private, Hybrid Clouds in Diverse Industries: 12 Examples ( ) JK--Good slideshow preso of case studies

"Hidden decision trees revisited" ( ) JK--Another stat analysis technique I need to explore further.

Reacharound "Big Chair" ( ) JK--1996. Gr8 song. Bugged me that I didn't know who did this. Till moment-ago YouTube srch

"Where Does Your Chief Data Officer Work? 3 Organizational Models" ( ) JK--Fourth model is "cushy chair at Starbucks"

"Managing Complexity Is Epic Battle Between Emergence & Entropy" ( ) JK--Ancient Greek epic. Homer wrote screenplay.

"Chordalysis: new method 2 discovr structure o data" ( ) JK--Chordal graphs: log-linear analysis method 4 high-dim data

"Twtr intros Custom Timelines, Storify takes deep breath" ( ) JK--I shrug. Keeping aweekstweets. Wkly scrape 2 JK blog

"Moving ahead with #Hadoop #YARN" ( ) JK--Good #IBM developerWorks reference doc.

"11 Core #Bi Data Workload Design Patterns" ( ) JK--Hmm...good outline....must explore further.

"Echos of Eco: Making Infinity Comprehensible with #BigData Analytics" ( ) JK--Italian semiotician Umberto, that is.

"Preserving Context Is A Must-Have For Business Intelligence" ( ) JK--All content should carry context & drive outcome

@FredAyala Re "rock stars of #bigdata", Carly Simon's "Legend in Your Own Time" ( ) plays in my mind. Dunno why.

"How To Build An Analytics A-Team" ( ) JK--The role discussions are interesting in this piece.

@JaxiJozi My UMich econ honors thesis (1980) was stat study 2 predict impact o cable TV on program quality throughout industry. Fresh topic

@JaxiJozi That's WAY TOO VAGUE 4 college student thesis. Focus on impact of one app of #bigdata in one overlooked/unsexy sector. Dig 4 data

"Who is Hiring the Nerdy Rock Stars a.k.a Data Scientists?" ( ) JK--Can we actually STOP using these idiotic phrases?

"Adversarial Bandits and the Exp3 Algorithm" ( ) JK--Heavy-duty statistical theory & data science. Need careful read.

"Facebook Exec: Databases, #Hadoop Belong Together" ( ) JK--Excellent. Scroll down to bullet list of complementarities

"Is #NoSQL less disruptive than we thought & just, well, useful?" ( ) JK--I never thought it disruptiv. Just innovative

Good 100-year text-dense #IBM timeline on #bigdata ( ). Looks @ "big data" in broadest sense. Zoom browser 2 max 2 read

Big shout-out to Rich Nutinsky/Pragmatic Marketing ( ). Best professional training I've ever received. Prod mgt/mktg

"Open data: Unlocking innovation and performance with liquid information" ( ) JK--Interesting McKinsey study.

"#IBM #Watson’s Next Venture: Fueling New Era o Cognitive Apps Built in Cloud by Developers" ( ) JK--Watson as dev plat

Ah, that's nothing! I turned down my first $3 billion offer before the age of 20.

JMayer sings "one day our generation's gonna rule the population." Mine's in power now. All bow down before we, your 50-something overlords!

Halloween candy is better 2 weeks after the fact. Gives it time to ferment inside its wrappers.

I've changed my Twitter profile to "I'm into all kinds of stuff." Gives me plenty of room to move.

#IBMWatson opens API to support an ecosystem of software app providers; fuel new era of cognitive apps 

"Want to Work With #IBM #Watson? Now’s Your Chance" ( ) JK--IBM Watson Developer Cloud. On-demand development sandbox

RT @Onalytica: @jameskobielus has jumped to second place on latest Big Data influencers ranking. 

New #IBM jk blog: "Data Scientists: The Challenge of Managing Stubbornly Autonomous Experts" ( )

I'll bet Marion Barry wishes he were born Canadian.

"Secret Ingredient in Computational Creativity" ( ) JK--#IBM novelty algorithm measures creation originality to experts

Catch me & @thomasdeutsch on #GreaterIBM #IBM Big Data Tweet Chat: Is Data Science Your Next Career? on 12/4/13: 

A happy 58th birthday to Whoopi Goldberg. Just want to rub in the fact that you remain 3 years older than me--FOR ALL ETERNITY!!!!!

Good day of product mgt/mktg training. Gave me solid strategic grasp of value of Thought Leadership Marketing.

Hear how companies are turning to socialytics to improve their market positioning on Nov 14 - 2pm ET  #IBM #SocBiz

Get a deeper understanding of an open source VS #IBM's real-time analytics processing #bigdata technology 

Why #recommendation engines rely on #bigdata and #analytics for tuning actions to run applications  by James Kobielus

#IBMIOD is all about #BigData and #analytics. Hear what some of our guests said about the future of #Data here: 

Some of the biggest names in the #Tech industry are at #IBMIOD. See what they have to say about #BigData & #analytics 

The @IBM news team is at #IBMIOD asking our guests their opinions on #BigData & #tech. See what they have to say: 

#IBM is embarking on a new era of computing where systems can learn, reason, sense and predict  #IBMIOD

It’s time for organizations to use analytics to turn data into an opportunity  #IBMIOD

#IBMWatson and #IBManalytics are transforming the way organizations do business in the #bigdata era  #IBMIOD

In a new era of computing, the approach for taming #bigdata is changing  #IBMIOD #IBManalytics

#IBMBigData is empowering companies to handle the influx of information and make fast-paced decisions  #IBMIOD

Sammy Hagar "I Can't Drive 55" ( ) JK--But I've survived 55.

Back-of-envelope ideation? Much tech ideation is SSCN: slightly soiled cocktail napkin.

"Vested interests"? Must they wear a 3-piece suit to signal their pecuniary motives? What do they do on casual Fridays?

Everybody on Twitter enamored with th power o social media, & enamord with th power o declaring how enamored they are with all things social

Everybody in knowledge-intensive business roles these days complains about not having enough time 2 think. Enough contiguous blocks, that is

@PVAriel I don't post them until next week. That's why they're "next week's quick-hits." In due time.

Already wrote all 5 of next week's quick-hits. In my dreams. No, actually. How'd I do that? I forgot.

Sufjan Stevens "John Wayne Gacy Jr" ( ) JK--Took fair amount of nerve for Stevens to release this. Pulled it off well.

Simon & Garfunkel "So Long Frank Lloyd Wright" ( ) JK--So long, alright. Architect expired decade before song released

Natalie Merchant "River" ( ) JK--Heartbreakingly beautiful elegy to the dead-too-young actor River Phoenix.

10,000 Maniacs "Hey Jack Kerouac" ( ) JK--Love Natalie's lyric on this one. Best telling of the Beat Generation legend.

Woody Guthrie "Jesus Christ" ( ) JK--The life of the Christian messiah interpreted by a socialist folksinger.

Bananarama "Robert De Niro's Waiting" ( ) JK--Good question. Does the Italian-American actor actually speak Italian?

Carol Burnett "I Made A Fool of Myself Over John Foster Dulles" ( ) JK--IBM Herndon office looks out oer Dulles Airport

November 11. I always remember it for earliest blizzard we've ever experienced in the Washington DC area. 1987. Even Metro ground to a halt.

Wince is proper response when some techie adapts famous poem humorously 2 drive home some geeky argumnt. Joke & verse usually plop like turd

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Wildewoman by Lucius from Wildewoman JK--2013. Wow! Who is this artist? I love this on the first hearing.

Egidia totally joneses on her Lifetime Movie Network. One true story of aggrieved women after another. Continuous chick flicks. Leave her be

Good day of #IBM offsite training. Product management. Excellent course & instructor. Quite practical. Better than what I got in my LCC days

Stephen Colbert recites the Gettysburg Address ( ) JK--Best recitation ever. Honest Abe as a Bond villain.

Offsite training in our #IBM Dulles/Herndon office for the next few days. I used to commute to Herndon under previous employer. Long commute

New #IBMDataMag jk article: "Recommendations Galore – Part 1" ( )

11-12-13. Best consecutive day since 10-11-12.

@Natasha_D_G Sorta like defn o tragedy v comedy: Disruptiv innov is when I break yr ricebowl. Creativ innov is me filling mine in th process

Wasn't there an SNL Emily Litella bit about "Veterinarian's Day." No? You sure? Never mind.

People often ask me where all that #bigdata comes from. I say it spews from superheated thermal vents on ocean floor. Exotic microbes abound

I want to get to the point in my life where I can intone everything in the smarmiest possible voice, like Greg Marmalard from "Animal House"

A8: #cxo Market intel has been enriched by an ever-widening sources of data & analytics. Older approaches are beiing supplemented by newer.

RT @marcteerlink: A8: #BigData allows 4 capability 2 have larger grps to receive surveys, thus more frequent capturing the custs voice #CxO
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RT @clearaction: A8 Need combo for success: analytics, empathy, real-time & primary research, integrated data sources #cxo
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A8: #cxo Focus groups and other traditional mkt rsch will remain useful for building deeper portrait of customer psychographics.

A8: #cxo Social & mobile have made our lives a continuing self-documented saga of experiences etc. That's rich customer #analytics fodder

A8: #cxo Customer #analytics already begun to replace trad'l mkt rsch 4 surveys, etc. Social media analytics drive #CMO #bigdata projects

A7: #cxo Customer analytics just a tool. What spawns disruptive products & exper strategies R creative people who derive insights from them

A6: #cxo Churn reduction is the most fundamental customer data analytics outcome. Depends on securing "love." Keeps "money" from vanishing

A6 Analytics teams must also be change agents: make it easy for stakeholders to act on insights #cxo
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#cxo Q6: #CLV can be augmented w/ #CEM & #CIM to create 360 degree Customer View. Use for Offers & Direct Engagement w/Opt-ins.
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@jameskobielus #cxo B4 needs (they may not need/want anything from u at the moment), it's abt points of rapport 4conversation.
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RT @marcteerlink: A6: Let´s start easy, think of Examples like Next Best Action, #NPS Score Delta. Needs Anticipation #Analytics etc #CxO
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A6: #cxo Boosting "money" (sales, revenues, profits) is also through 1:1 personalized, proactive engagement via analytics. "Love" = "money"

A6: #cxo Boosting "love" (satisfaction, experience, loyalty) is through 1:1 personalized, proactive engagement via analytics.

A6: #cxo Customer lifetime value is one part "love" (satisfaction), one part "money" (ROI). Analytics drives both: engagement & revenues.

A5: #cxo Customer needs change moment to moment within an engagement. Use diff real-time customer intelligence to listen better.

A5: #CxO #bigdata #analytics can show us patterns, sentiments and trends; it can predict needs for experiences
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RT @marcteerlink: A5: #CxO owe our custr to listen to what they want, to tell them what we've heard them & how we will improve #analytics
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#cxo A5: Customer Insights & Experience #Analytics combined w/Sentiment & Predictive Analysis can anticipate needs in advance of "the ask"
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A5: #cxo Orgs can improve proactive response to changing customer needs by using targeted offers & experiences to shape those needs

A5: #cxo Orgs can use #analytics to improve proactive response by leveraging predictive analytics on 360-degree customer view.

A5: #cxo Orgs can use #analytics to understand changing customer needs by keeping deep historical data on transactions, interactions, etc

A4: #cxo Customer analytics bottom-line alignment needs a clear strategic focus: boost engagement, maximize bottom line, etc.

A4: #cxo Customer analytics speed benefits from #bigdata platform with in-mem, scale-out, & solution accelerators.

A4: #cxo Customer analytics accuracy needs life-cycle data & model governance with data stewardship responsibilities clearly defined.

A4: #cxo Customer #analytics accuracy improved via data quality, speed via agile devel, bottom-line alignment via strong biz case & metrics.

A3: #cxo Collab happens when everybody--analytics & biz--is incentivized 2 work together on common projs. Bonuses, promotions,& recognition

A3: #cxo Cross-training biz people on analytics & analytics pros on the biz is key to collab. Common perspective, language, & skills.

A3: #cxo Improving collab among biz units & cust #analytics teams reqs devels who blend subj-domain expertise w/data science skills

A3: #cxo Customer analytics teams must be integral component of biz units (sales, marketing, service). Same C-level exec & funding

A2: #cxo Customer insight-based decisions must have clear documented ROI-boosting outcomes. That gets exec attention & commitment.

A2: Present high-profile case studies, get executive sponsorship for pilot, focus on small wins w/indicators of larger down the road #CXO
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A2: #cxo Execs must realize they themselves can lose touch w/customers. They're not on front line. Insights from data keep them grounded.

A2: #cxo What's key to exec commitment to customer insight-bsed decisions? Humility. Knowing how easy it is to lose customers.

A1: #cxo Even if you have extremely loyal customer who's likely not to churn, analytics is no luxury. They sense when you take em 4 granted

A1: #cxo Customer analytics is a must-have. You can't engage someone adequately if you treat them like a stranger on every encounter.

A1: #cxo Knowing your customer doesn't mean knowing everything about them. Just knowing them well enough to serve their needs ongoing.

A1: #cxo Customer analytics is all about knowing yr customer deeply: full history, full current context, full portrait of their propensities

A1: #cxo Knowing your customer is never a luxury. Not knowing them is tantamount to losing them.

If you want to view an expanded set of blogs with my reponses to the past several #CXO tweetchats, start here: 

Ready for #CXO chat on Smarter Customer Analytics. Starts now, I presume.

Sad fact. Very few marketing infographics are worth a second glance.

Premise: global net tracking macroecon & human development trends in real time ( ) Thanks to Scott Curry

Jeff Bezos bails out the US Postal Service. Next step: Jeff bails out the federal govt & entire NATO alliance.

"What's happened to th word nerd?" ( ) JK--Yeah, & while we're on the topic, what's happened to dork, dweeb, & skeezix?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Cheerleader by Grizzly Bear from Veckatimest JK--2009. Terrific album. Slightly-irregular sinuous song flow.

All just a matter of constantly focusing on what's doable--and just doing it. Don't agonize about departing from one's normal practice.

Stylistically, I did something different with q-hs this week: rewrote my responses to 5 tweetchats around common theme. Low-hanging content

Offsite for training most of this week. Better not only to write the q-hs in advance (like always) but to post all right up front.

Experience optimization? Creating intelligent customer experience p1:  p2:  Fri #IBM q-h in adv

Experience optimization? Optimizing ofrs & cross sell 2 retain.. p1:  p2:  Thurs #IBM q-h in adv

Experience optimization? Watson as a customer experienc game chngr p1:  p2:  Wed #IBM q-h in adv

Experience optimization? Marketing, analytics, and cust experienc p1:  p2:  Tues #IBM q-h in adv

Experience optimization? Idiosyncrasies novelties degrees o cust intimacy p1:  p2:  Mon #IBM q-h

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp New York Is Killing Me by Gil Scott-Heron from I'm New Here JK--2010. One of this late poet's very best.

Being asked to "like," "+1," or retweet something is like flashing "applause" sign at studio audience. You expect us to be unpaid clappers?

Neko Case "If You Knew" ( ) JK--I want her to return to this big brassy voice. Her latest LP doesn't move me.

MS MR "Salty Sweet" ( ) JK--"Crave affection. Dream dream dream of perfection."

Django Django "Love's Dart" ( ) JK--"The end's inside but your aim takes you wide of the mark."

Elvis Costello "Green Shirt" ( ) JK--"Sumwhere in th quisling clinic there's a shorttime typist takin 2nds oer minutes"

Delaney & Bonnie "Never Ending Song of Love" ( ) JK--These musicians picked a fight in a bar with Elvis Costello

Brewer & Shipley "One Toke Over the Line" ( ) JK--In most jurisdictions, one toke is still one toke over the legal line

Sammy Johns "Chevy Van" ( ) JK--Forgotten great 70s radio hit. Making out in van? So 70s! Johns died earlier this year

Ozark Mtn Daredevils "Jackie Blue" ( ) JK--I didn't actually know who recorded this till now. Bandname sounds country.

Virginia attorney general race deadlocked. 3200 absentee ballots from Fairfax County remain uncounted. Probably including mine. Dems got it.

Maroon 7 wants to "move like Jagger"? Does that mean decamping to the French Riviera to avoid the taxman?

Deeply disappointing that Haddaway never learns what luv is & we never learn whether Baby hurts him some more. Does she know? Can she stop?

Katy Perry keeps having one hit after another. But they're progressively less memorable. She should take a hiatus. Make a gospel album.

Nightmare scenario for anti-gov paranoiacs is wearable computers implanted in fillings. Do U trust your dentist? Need tinfoil-hat wearables

Letting the wife have her last few minutes of deep sleep before I rudely awaken her to go to Sunday morning yoga.

French court demands Google rid search results o images o businessman's orgy. Good luck. Everyone who wants them has already downloaded them

Blissful post-election lack of political ads. They build and break like a bad sinus infection.

I actually don't recall where the ACA specifically forbid health insurers from canceling policies. I guess I didn't read closely enough.

One of my fave lazy weekend activities: horizontal on sofa reading the newspapers that piled up over my business trip. My low energy state.

I'm weak all over from all the strenuous yardwork. Nothing like a spicy Thai chicken soup to bring back my vigor.

Birthday coming up. I work. I always work on my birthday if it's on a weekday. Not a holiday to me. Just a day.

Star Trek tricorder. What were the three things it recorded? Did it record anything at all? Or was it just a push2talk cellphone minus data?

WashPost Saturday letters to the editor. Usual load of fools bitching about split infinitives.